Killzone 2 out today! Guerrilla Games thanks you.

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Hey Everyone,

Here at Guerrilla headquarters we have been eagerly anticipating the launch of the Killzone 2. Today is that day. It is a fantastic occasion where we finally put the game in the hands of the people who have been so very supportive and vocal about the game all this time. Thank you for your support! We really hope you will enjoy your time with the game and are looking forward to joining you in online matches. If you see anyone with a ‘GG’ in front of their names, go easy. It’s us.

Hermen Hulst
Managing Director Guerrilla


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  • Thanks a lot to guerrilla games for a great game, I’ll be getting it til monday I think…thanks a lot ebgames -_-

  • One little question: I ordered off of Amazon in order to get the Home costumes- when should I expect to receive those codes…?

  • No thank you Guerilla Games for giving us this magnificent game! I hope you make Killzone 3 or Killzone Liberation 2 in the future! Good job for your hard works in delivering this masterpiece! Yaaayy!!!

  • No. No. Thank You!

  • Hvaing LOTs of fun playing it–good job team!

  • I pre-ordered mine, but didn’t want to wait for Amazon to ship it out, so I picked up my copy during lunch :)

  • waiting for my shipment to arrive . . . can’t get here soon enough!

  • Best FPS ever! But Sony you have to solve the ERROR troubles in multiplayer.

    Score: 101% ;-) Good job Guerrilla!

  • I just got back from Best Buy with my copy. Putting disc in right now

  • I picked up my copy 1st thing this morning as soon as GameStop opened, and I couldn’t be happier. Haven’t even touched the multi-player yet, but I’m sure it plays as well as it did in the beta (which was awesome btw). The single player is great so far. I’d have to say, Killzone 2 definitely lived up to the hype IMHO. Fantastic job Guerrilla Games!!!!!

  • i cant get the game right now… but i will in a couple of weeks, can’t wait >.<

  • Killzone 2 is the best game i have ever played really!

    I love it thanks for bringing out such a great game Sony!

  • Can’t wait.

  • The single player campaign of this game imo is amazing, it’s so intense. It’s more war like than any FPS I’ve ever played.

    War. Prefected. was pretty much spot on.

  • I finally got my game, it’s awesome, great job guys.

  • My copy is being delivered on Monday by Gamestop. That Suxx!!

  • Thank You GG!! I got the game a few hours ago and I just started playing and it is absolutely amazing!

  • hell yea i picked it up at midnight…and it was great,oh btw thanks for the free goodies(psp bag with a hat and some keychains :))

  • Guerrilla Games: Great work! No, FANTASTIC work.

    There are, however, some issues with the multiplayer. And I’m not talking about the servers.

    Now, as a lot of you know the ‘Easy XP by playing easy bots and only one human player’-issue is pretty… unfortunate. Kinda ruins the fun. But that’s not really what I wanted to talk about.

    It’s about the communication-features in the game. I mean, it’s all about fun and a lot of people want to play multiplayer with their friends. Unfortunately, this is NOT easy to do. I mean, there is the ‘join friend’ option, but usually I end up being on the wrong side, so I still can’t play with my friend(s). Or: I’ve asked them to join me by messaging them (messaging 6 people is a pain in the ass by the way, with the slow in-game XMB) and when they do, the game is FULL.

    Come on guys! I’m in love with the multiplayer, I really am. But that’s just the gameplay and the way ranks/abbilities work. I’m really dissapointed in the rest. I thought this game would blow COD4 and 5 away. This will never happen though if these things doesn’t get sorted out.

    [See next comment]

  • Got it this morning. It’s terrific! Good job guys.

  • [Follow-up comment]

    Things that, I think, we need to make sure that people keep playing the game (especially the ‘non-hardcore’ gamers, who have no idea what to do to play with their friends):
    – A party(-like) system.
    – Invite Friends (when in the menu’s, to form a party/squad or when you’re already in the game)
    – Accept invites in the menu’s AND while you’re in-game (Multiplayer AND singleplayer, please)
    – The abbility to form bigger squads (6, perhaps?), because proximity chat doesn’t work when you want to play with 5 or more Friends
    – Also: Please improve the VoIP-quality (voicechat)! Like most of my Friends, I bought the Official Headset. It supports HQ (hint). Check out Soul Calibur IV, or LittleBigPlanet. Voicechat is awesome in those games. Mainly because you can actually hear what people are saying.

    That’s it. Well, that’s all. I know that’s a lot of work right there. But you’ve already did such a great job on, all the stats, the in-game Clan system (wow!) etc… And those top-view replays – Impressive! But please, please fix the above. It would really help and improve upon the community and communication-features.

    [See next comment]

  • [Follow-up comment]

    I’m from Amsterdam by the way and I have no problems with the connection whatsoever.. Great servers!

    Thanks for listening and keep up the great work! I’m looking forward to the upcoming DLC. O, yeah, one last thing. About the DLC: I have just one request.

    – It’s probably a LOT of work to include co-op in the current singleplayer. That’s why it would ALSO be great if you guys released some sort of ‘challenges’, like in Resistance 2 of Gears of War. Tactical shootouts with 4 people cooperating online to defeat waves of Helghast with increasing difficulty. Well, something like that. It would add tons of fun to the game and it would be awesome to play such challenges with your Friends.

    Would you be so kind to get back to me about this, Hermen? Thanks!!!

  • Going “easy” is not in my vocabulary.

  • Yeah just got it on my lunch break!! WOOT!! Can’t wait to get off work and go play!

  • Got my copy of the game today!!! Can’t wait to get the PS3 back to play the heck out of it.

  • i agreed with 47 i do too back up my save file on to a pro stick ur game rocks like rice and beans

  • Why do Americans get this awsome game cover? Because Europens got the game on 25th? :-)

    Again, great game!

  • Thanks for putting in all that time and effort! It really paid off. I am playing as I type with my third hand…

    Also love the custom soundtracks in multiplayer! Nothing like killing Helghast punks to some old school Dre or NWA!

  • The online on this game is intense. Best game I’ve bought yet, ever.

  • Congrats!!!!

    Lets make this the best selling PS3 EVER!!!

  • I picked it up this morning, it freaking rocks guys, just WOW, great job GG, I wish you much success with the game 100/10!!! :D

  • I just want to say great job to all the guys over at Guerrilla Games! I’ve only completed the first level and part of the 2nd and its amazing so far. I’m looking forward to spending most of the year playing this game.

  • I honestly never heard of the game, 1 or 2, till a few weeks ago from people in my clan that wanted it real bad. Just downloaded the demo last night and will finally get to see what all the hype is about today!

  • wow guerilla as im here sitting waiting for ups, i just read bots were taken out? you could just take away xp for bots. And how am i suppose to get that trophy now that the cheaters have all gotten there ranks up and got all the goodies. this is just cheap i wanted to win that helghast assault rifle so bad to :(

  • I got a Fred Meyer gift card I’m waiting to use on KZ2 but I just got back from Freddy’s and they don’t even know what it is. :/
    I hope the get copies in later today…

  • Really enjoying the game so far. Great job GG!

  • I have only played the single player game so far, but am in love with the game.

    Any word when the Coop Multiplayer patch will be ready? I was under the impression this game would allow players to play through the campaign with a friend online, is that still going to happen?

  • No no no, thank you Guerrilla Games.

  • Thanks Guerilla for pushing the envelope with Sony on this one. As a long time gamer, I fully appreciate the next-generation technologies Guerilla and the PS3 employs. Killzone 2 absolutely delivers. I can’t wait to hear the sales figures on this one as it seems to be one of the games that is receiving a lot of the gaming mindset. And yes, I’ll be on the lookout for ‘GG’ players online!

  • yay, got it as well. :)

  • yes, its an amazing game to see in action.. the sounds and visuals are top notch.. look forward to playing more..

  • just bought the game and love all of what i can play.
    but there is one serious problem.
    it wont save!!!! i get an error saying
    (80030001) error saving so i can never get anywhere with the campaign.
    it makes me sad!!
    am i the only one with this problem?

  • I got the game today, congratulations to GG and SONY.
    I would like to take the opportunity to ask GG to patch a game lobby for squad and friends before entering the game, other than that the game is perfect!

  • Well done GG . It is war perfected.

    I really do hope I’ll stop getting kicked out from the multiplayer tho.

    Thank You again GG.

  • This game is amazing. I didn’t even feel like this about MGS4, and I loved that game.

    It feels like nothing out there can compare to it. Gears 2 looks boring compared to it.

  • Picked up 2 copies from Gamestop today…one for me and one for my buddy who couldn’t get out of work in time. I’ve honestly been crapping my pants all day in sheer and utter excitement when the clock hits 5:30 to head home on the subway and play this bad boy on my 60″ HDTV! We may be in a recession at the moment, but im currently loving life! Thanks in advance GG!!

  • I haven’t put it down…. I hate beating the single player campaign in one sitting… but it’s just so good, I can’t stop!!

    Well done guys!

    Definite GoTY nomination

  • amazon hasn’t even shipped my pre-order yet. ridiculous.

  • No no no. Thank YOU! This game is great. I only have one complaint and that is the dialogue for the US version. These guys sound like a bunch of white trash construction workers instead of highly trained soldiers. But the graphics, gameplay and multiplayer are GREAT! Nice job guys.

  • Hands down, “The best FPS game ever made” ! Great job!

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