Killzone 2 out today! Guerrilla Games thanks you.

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Hey Everyone,

Here at Guerrilla headquarters we have been eagerly anticipating the launch of the Killzone 2. Today is that day. It is a fantastic occasion where we finally put the game in the hands of the people who have been so very supportive and vocal about the game all this time. Thank you for your support! We really hope you will enjoy your time with the game and are looking forward to joining you in online matches. If you see anyone with a ‘GG’ in front of their names, go easy. It’s us.

Hermen Hulst
Managing Director Guerrilla


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  • yaaaaaaaa i love ittttttttttttt

  • 2nd? nice game btw absolutely amazing :)

  • This game is just superb. From the engaging single player experience, to the addicting (really…addicting) multiplayer. I’ve basically been playing since midnight last night, with only a quick two hour power nap. Did I mention the multiplayer was addicting?

  • No, thank you Sir.

    It’s great fun!!

  • Congrats and I can’t wait to play. Waiting for the UPS guy.

  • Thank you for the hard work and game.

    Oh! this guy also wants to say thanks..

  • Awesome Game!

    Game of the Year!

  • Thank you guys for all your hard work & I just got my copy today so I’m so happy. I almost did not have money to buy the game but a the last min I got it. Yes I will be playing with my clan tonight. [MOP] baby you to will know the name kiddies. [MOP][MOP] [MOP][MOP] [MOP][MOP]

  • I wish the actual boxart looked like this. Instead I have “5 out of 5 stars” on the front of it which looks terrible.

  • I got it at midnight and played 6 hours straight even though I had work 8am that same morning. It looks like a great game! Thank you!

    BUT one suggestion can we get a PARTY SYSTEM and smaller 4v4 or 8v8 only games. Give us more ways to customize this please!


  • Why did you guys have to release on a friday? I was off of work tuesday and wenesday, I could have been playing this game on my days off but not I have to work friday and saturday so I won’t have much time to play. Love the game though can’t wait to get the full version, the demo filed a restraining order against me because it said I abusing it. lol


  • FPS’s SUCK.
    Except for Half-Life of course :D

  • Greatest FPS in history.

    The graphics are obviously beyond anything else out there. Better than the original trailer expect for a few things like the smoke.

    The controls are incredible. Never be able to put up stupid Call of Duty weightless gun on a stick aiming.

    The AI is the new standard for FPS games. It is so dynamic that every time you play it acts differently. Feels so alive and not just following the same stupid little patterns over and over again.

    And of course the sound quality is absolutely insane on a giant 7.1 surround system.

    There could be no other games released for the PS3 in all of 2009 and I would be content. Sony and GG scored a flawless victory with Killzone 2.

  • I wish I could buy it but, I have to wait just a bit

  • #8
    I agree. I love that it got a 5 out of 5,but maybe put it on the back. Just picked it up from Gamestop and I’m ready to play..40 mins left till I go home..

  • Why doesn’t this game have a party system? Will you guys release a patch to add a Party system? An online game such as this require a Party system dammit. So please release a party system

  • No, thank YOU Guerrilla for the excellent game.

  • WHAT A FANTASTIC GAME…..i got it early this morning and the first thing i did was jump online…EXCELLENT, it is everything i hoped it would be and much more. I love how dynamic the multiplayer games are. You guys have done an great job, the sales will reflect this masterpeice of gaming. K3 FTW!!!!!!!!!

  • amazing game , just need a party system

  • I am amazed by Killzone 2. It’s the best FPS I ever played and I doubt that will be something close to it.

    I was not very impressed by the smoke and some textures but it’s ok.

    Thanks Sony and GG for bringing this fantastic game to life.

  • Great job. Loving the game. Lucking forward to pre-leaunch support.

  • thanks for u and team at GG for a great game the game is super hot. whats goin on with i cant get in with my ps3 both ways threw the game and my ps3 browser thank see GG online

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on it! :)

  • I Got the and i i have allready beat it and its awesome. well worth the wait great game gg im online and it even better cant wait so see you all out there. PSN-Syrus718 —- Clan S.T.R.A.W.S —— Tag AoW Hit Me Up

  • i definitely will not take it easy on the people with “GG” in front of their name. i expect you to phuck me up! lol

  • i just picked up the game and i have to say Best FPS ever!. :) Thanks Guerrilla Games

  • i really want this game but I don’t have the funds….i want street fighter also..argh!!! I’ll get them eventually =).

    I played the KZ2 demo and I’m impressed with its high pace action. NICE!

  • Thanks GG
    I loved the first Killzone and was awed at the target render and this game simply surpasses all expectations. Thanks again!!!
    Time to shoot some more red eyes!!!

  • When that income tax come in, thats going to the first game 2 get

  • GG thanks for delivering a great game and letting me beta test the game as well it was a great experience :D especially since i get an advantage over some people XD

  • i just picked it up right now IMA B PLAYING IT ALL WEEKEND!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too bad 360 MUHAHAHAHAHA PS3 FTW!!!!

  • Looking forward to it.

  • All hail Guerilla Games!

  • This Is The Best This Is The Real First Next-Gen Game And Shows Other Developers Of How To Make A Next-Gen Game. This Is One Of The Many Reasons I Spent $500 On A PS3 And Not $199 Thats Going To Break Down With RROD Or Scratch My Disks. Also I Have Been Playing This Since Monday 23 Keep Em Coming. Thanks For The Game.

  • EPIC!
    Can’t wait for work to be over 1h 30m more till Killzone 2
    Thank you Sony and GG!

  • Thank you so much for giving us this masterpiece.

  • Thank you GG. Picked up the game this morning while getting into work. I can’t wait to get home and start playing it. Single Player campaign for me first. Then online !

  • you guys did a great job just got my copy after work (at 2pm) and looked up what i thought was “few hours” later and it was 9pm already.
    Good game and great fun, thanks GG

    PS: cant wait to frag one of you online!

  • I got the game yesterday and i can only say:

    The game is amazing and i can only salute you people at guerrilla games for making this beautiful and amusing game.
    I completed it in less than seven hours, still have 50% to complete though.
    The multiplayer is awesome too, it really is the best multiplayer i have ever experienced.

    I love you guerilla for making this epic game.

  • Stupid work, keeping me from Killzone 2!

  • I only wish we Eruopeans got as awesome box-art as you Americans :P

  • by the way. you guys are didn’t one fricken amazing game in Killzone 2.

  • 3 hours of work left…..and what are those beady little red eyes staring at me…..KZ2

    why must time crawl so slowly when you anticipate something?

  • #16 Agree, this is one of the biggest things PS3 is missing imo

  • ugg, now its number 17 that i agree with, PS3 needs a party system imo.

  • I got it yesterday :) It’s amazing it is ;P
    One thing tho, i wish the Game save wasn’t Copy Protected? I like backing up my saves to Memory card but can’t?(Just incase my PS3 dies, and i lose all my PS3 Saves)
    Please change that(MotorStorm 2 had it, and they changed it with a update) :)

  • As soon as I’m off work I”m going to be playing this. It should be waiting for me at home. The killzone site however must be getting hammered because I can barely get in that site today.

  • OMG it’s finally here!!! Thank You, Thank You GG for starting out the year with a BANG and then there’ll be…God of War 3!! Uncharted 2!! M.A.G!! Heavy Rain!! Gran Turismo 5!! Infamous!! White Knight Chronicles!! and so many more exclusives that I didn’t mention.

  • Good job, guys. One day, I’ll get to feel exactly what you guys are feeling right now.

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