Warhawk Command Center Goes Live in PlayStation Home Today!

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A couple days ago I visited with Incognito studio director Dylan Jobe (you know him well) about the Warhawk space that launches today in PlayStation Home. Dylan was nice enough to walk us through the Warhawk Command Center, and specifically through the Sand Table where you can lay out strategies for all Warhawk maps. It’s all really slick, and Dylan goes into some great detail about how it all works.

Also, starting today you can purchase Warhawk for $19.99 on the PlayStation Store (that’s $10 off!) for two weeks, ending on March 11. Individual Warhawk Booster packs are dropping down to $4.99, and the Booster Combo (all three individual Booster packs) drops to $9.99. But remember, the special Warhawk pricing ends on March 11, so be quick about it!

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  • I like the idea. But I really don’t see how the sandbox will truly be used like that. All the Warhawk games I would play would be just jump in and go crazy. I do like the idea though and the integration.

    Bad timing though (KZ2). I might revisit warhawk. It’s really been a long time since i’ve played..Perhaps I will get a booster pack with the 5 bucks i have sitting in my PSN wallet. Just don’t think i’ll devote much time to it between SFIV and KZ2…

  • Good update.

    Dylan / Chris, is there any chance that in the future – Warhawk may get in game invites using the PSN / XMB messaging system using the same implementation as Street Fighter 4 and Ridge Racer 7?

    It would be great if whilst playing a game of Warhawk you saw a friend sign in to the PSN and could then do a quick template friend invite message which your friend could then ‘accept’ once he’s started the game and join the same server / map.

    I appreciate that there’s already a “join friend” facility (i.e. when you sign in to PSN, you might see one of your friends is already playing Warhawk), but I was thinking more about the reverse idea of reaching out to a friend to invite them to join!

    Many thanks!

  • 1) Great TV, have it and love it
    2) Not to sound weird, but impressed with how well-spoke you were Dylan. Seemed relaxed and it made the information more interesting – thanks for keeping it light.
    3) I will be in the command center today checking it out
    4) Is there a teabag/face-sitting icon so we know where it is appropriate when planning in the sandbox?

  • Awesome, I haven’t played Warhawk in a while, but I’m getting those booster packs and getting back into the game :)

  • Looks great, I’ll be there.
    If I could make a suggestion, yall really need to make Home Spaces required like Trophies.

  • Home is complete boredom…


  • damn… I’m gonna buy Warhawk now (although I just bought Valkyria Chronicles and UT3 and getting KZ2 tonight). My wallet is crying!

  • I just want to play the game!? Why is this needed in any way? Lets not distract from the idea of gaming here.

  • Great price and great job on the Home content!

  • AWESOME! Thanks guys for your continued support! :)

  • That looked pretty awesome.

  • please lauch another expansion after RE5 release… like in April

  • Dylan, the ranking system is too damn hard. I’ve put in 230 hours and still only a First Letuinant.
    I have a few suggestions to get more people playing this game again. ADD A DOUBLE XP DAY. Say every Wednesday (or any day) is Double XP day, and you’ll get more players that way.

    Also, I have 500 wins, yet only about 170 “Winning Team” badges, is there anyway to retro-award us badges for won games? That would really help us out who want to rank up faster.

  • also on the subject of ranks…if you guys do make a Warhawk 2, PLEASE retain our stats from the first game.

  • Awesome. Thank you incognito for supporting this terrific game as much as possible. I love everything you’re doing and i’m excited for future announcements.

    One suggestion is to possibly have the option to choose what weapons are available on certain servers? Of course have official and maybe even ranked servers with the full set only but unranked would be cool to see what would happen with snipers, pistols and knifes only.

    At least the option would be great. I hope it’s half price in Europe aswell so i can convince all my friends to get it.

    Great job.

  • Sidenote: Dylan’s twitter is absolutely hilarious

  • Nice!!! As soon as the servers get right [D5027 :(] I can’t wait to try it out.

    WoW every time you use this towel!

  • Any new expansion packs coming to Warhawk? It has been a long time since we heard anything :( Or maybe Dylan and his team are to busy working on Warhawk 2 lol :)

  • Second the Double XP days idea. Shouldn’t be so hard to implement, right? I need it.

    On the Command Center, I think one thing that’s lacking, as with most of the spaces, is a human touch. The occasional sound of Warhawks and combat is really cool, but I think there needs to be speech over a PA system or something intermitently as well to make the place feel more alive.

    I keep going back to the idea that I think Home will be really cool as this virtual video game theme park. You know Star Tours at MGM, or whatever it’s called these days? When you get ready to go on that ride, they have constructed that entire experience to make it feel like your getting on a shuttle in a space station. You get this rich experience all while waiting it line.

    Entering the Command Center, you get that feeling at first, with the gas sound from the vents, but once you get into the main room, the ambience is not as great. PA’s calling pilots to their planes or something would really enhance it.

    Keep it up, people!

  • Oh, also: while the tips, actualy helpful, and sand table are cool, they’re still somewhat seperated from the actual game, Warhawk. Really tying the two, Warhawk and Home, together more will do wonders for both. Maybe add unlockable Home items from Warhawk like SFIV, or be able to launch games from the sand table, like someone suggested above.

    Well, I guess what I’m most interested in is, is stuff like that even feasible? Would it be like patching in trophy support?

  • this is cool but…come on guys KILLZONE 2 its been like 5 years we been waiting

  • Great now tell the guys at Insomniac we want support for this in Resistance 2 lol.

  • OMG icognito didnt die!!


  • Thank you so much! The Warhawk devs are always showing us love! They’re great! I hope we get some Warhawk unlockable clothes. :o)

  • I presumed Europe would get it today, Icognito have always been great with worldwide releases.

    But it’s not there yet when all the other home updates have happened. I guess i’ll have to wait for this along with the uncharted bar.

  • LOL awesome video!

    Dylan: extra points for referencing ShamWoW AND the Slap Chop!!!! I can’t stop laughing every time the Slap Chop commercial comes on because that dude just exclaims at one point, ‘You are gonna love my nuts!’—LOL some commercial writer either needs a raise or needs to be shot LOL!

    Looks fun–honestly though, when I play Warhawk I have a hard time keeping strategy straight–my goal is
    A) shoot the baddies
    B) if we have to go after flags/nodes/bases I go after the nodes/bases people are ignoring or, if a flag, I use the route they are ignoring.

    Kinda hard to imagine what they will and will not ignore on a sandtable, but either way man the 60 bucks I threw down on Warhawk is turing out to be one of the more rewarding purchases just because of the endless support! More booster packs, or dare I say a Warhawk 2, PLEASE!

  • Warhawk booster pack for me, I was just waiting for the price drop on it.

    Does anyone know if the DRM for the booster pack is the same as games? Unlimited downloads on 5 active machines and you can get a download back by inactivating a machine?

  • very nice to see incognito supporting warhawk till this very day, greatest online experience i’ve had on my ps3 thus far

  • yo dylan.. once again u acted a fool! I have been a big warhawk fan, and sold the game to as many as 10 people not hard to do with a 61″ SONY T.V.. I look forward to taking part in any game that has your name attached to it. Too bad i didnt really know that stat padding was illegal.. (new to internet gaming) but its all good yo i have had fun trying to reclaim my crown anyhow! R.I.P. Big_Smoke (‘.’;)

  • $19.99 for Wowhawk and all the expansions = ShamWow !!!!

    It would be nice if there were a few chess tables or warhawk arcade cabinets in the space that will keep people coming back to it. And throw up some Warhawk T-shirts , outfits , and statues for purchase (cheap of course). Or are you guys waiting until the big trophy system update for Home ?

  • Oops !! I meant $29.99 ^

  • Cool space. But the Warhawk space NEEDS private instances. The sandtable is cool, but it’s not so cool that while you’re planning-out a tactic with friends, anyone can wander up and look at it. With the “Go To” feature in Home, someone might head to your public sandtable instance even if you’re trying to do something “secret”.

    Also, how about a promo video in the space? The sandtable makes Warhawk seem a little like a slow-paced, turn-based, RTS game. LOL, which couldn’t be FARTHER from the truth!

  • Impressive. I would like to see more of this for other games.

  • It’s fantastic option. I love warhawk – I’ll be there for sure.
    Thanks for great job in this and for Flower too.

  • Warhawk gives me orgasm!!!!

    keep up the great work guys, we need you guys to stay on point!!

  • I’ve tried game launching twice while setting up my maps and both times the game launched with totally different settings and different maps. I hope you get the bugs worked out.

  • You have got to be kidding me ; ; I just bought the Bundeled packs last night and less than 8 hours it’s price was dropped.. :(

  • so from the looks of it only one group of people can be using the sand table at a time?

    why does sony do this? its like that with arcade machines, bowling, pool, mancala, etc etc

    its not a good practice to encourage more people to use these features you guys worked hard (and for an extremely long time) on

  • Very awesome to hear but when will other game launches be going out? Wahawk is a great title but I think I speak for everyone when I say games like Resistance 2, LBP, ML 09 and even Killzone 2 would make a great addition.

  • Are we going to have to redownload and reinstall the command center everytime HOME gets an update…?

    (That is really lame)

  • Still can’t launch Warhawk from Home either..is it because it is installed on our hard drive and isn’t the blu ray disc???

  • Please lower the amount of points needed for Ranks. 250,000 is way ridiculous for General and I stopped playing because it took way too long to rank up.

  • Aloha Dylan,

    First let me say Warhawk is still my favorite PS3 game so thank you very much! I am not sure how difficult it would be but what I was hoping the sand table would have, in addition to the current functionality, is the ability to see a “live” version of the battlefield with small icons showing troop and aircraft moments (much like the in-game map but with more detailed 3d icons; think star wars). This would allow people in playstation home to observe and act as a central command or “support” to players in the field with voice (or canned text) commands.

  • For example, people in playstation home using the table could click on a icon of a real player to contact them and call out “Tanks approaching PlasmaShark” or “all forces at base 1, move to base 3” etc. Warhawk home space users could then become a valuable “global eye” (think AWACS support)to those in-game.

  • Think of how fantastic and more unified team play could be with a “central command” player who supports the overall war effort from home. Also consider having a faded icon or something in the game HUD or map that would show the player where the sand table icons are indicated to make moving to a designated position easier.

  • Top it all off with some in-game radio chatter giving it that true war room feel and some video streams from players or fixed points in-game on monitors around the battle space and you really have one heck of a usable home space.

  • is der going to be a killzone2 space in home and is killzone2 going to launch with sony bluetooth headset?

  • Right well at the very end of the video you asked for suggestions. Here’s one that I think we all want that maybe hasn’t been discussed yet and that’s stability on Warhawk servers. This is truly not an issue on my end. I’ve got perfect signal first all. I literally check the status and have a 100% signal (my router is right next to my PS3) and every time I’m in-game there are serious lag issues. Whether it’s random people jumping up and down erratically or not getting any warning of a lock while flying. This has got to stop. Even my health bar will often not update properly. These are official servers I’m talking about too. Now I know we’re not paying for any service or anything, but many of us practically do because we pay for booster packs day of. So please, at least make the servers more stable.

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