Warhawk Command Center Goes Live in PlayStation Home Today!

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A couple days ago I visited with Incognito studio director Dylan Jobe (you know him well) about the Warhawk space that launches today in PlayStation Home. Dylan was nice enough to walk us through the Warhawk Command Center, and specifically through the Sand Table where you can lay out strategies for all Warhawk maps. It’s all really slick, and Dylan goes into some great detail about how it all works.

Also, starting today you can purchase Warhawk for $19.99 on the PlayStation Store (that’s $10 off!) for two weeks, ending on March 11. Individual Warhawk Booster packs are dropping down to $4.99, and the Booster Combo (all three individual Booster packs) drops to $9.99. But remember, the special Warhawk pricing ends on March 11, so be quick about it!

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  • Awesome!! I love that there are so many [soon to be] developers making awsome game spaces and lots of involvement with home! I hope there will some contests like the ninja one for us CANADIANS in the future! Thankz

  • Good support from developers, i like!

  • Sweet price drop!

  • Nice. Is there any other new thing for Warhawk

  • That looks pretty nice, might go back and play some warhawk.

  • Can give us all an official word on whether or not any new expansions or patches are being planned for Warhawk?

  • THAT is impressive. I don’t really play Warhawk all that much, but I’m definitely going to check out that area anyway. My thanks to the developers. :)

  • Can you tell us what your next work of genius is going to be dylan :)

  • lol it went live a few hours ago :P

  • Also I’d like to point out that Warhawk was one of the first to get a platinum, was the first PSN game with a platinum, was the first game with in-game music, and now its the first with ACTUAL use in home. Kudos Dylan, Kudos :D

  • This looks realy cool. Can’t wait to check it out later today. Thanks for the continued support of Warhawk. I have a question for Dylan. It was mentioned back a while ago from one of the R2 developers that there is a new firmware coming up that wil allow multiple PSN logins on a single PS3 for when your playing split screen multiplayer online. Just hoping you guys are going to implement that into Warhawk. I like to play 4 player split screen with friends when they come over. They all have PSN accounts but only one of us can login at a time so we all share the trophies/badges and share the stats/rankings under the one Login. I would love the ability to have each of us login to our own accounts and play split screen. That would be cool.

  • So, part of Incognito’s team has still being working on Warhawk (fixes, booster packs, updates, Home related stuff), but what else has Incognito being doing? Any new games coming soon?

    Incognito and Insomniac are the kings of PSN, the only games that lasted long like a Halo game on PSN are Warhawk and Resistance!

  • ARGH! I just bought Warhawk used for my brother’s birthday LAST WEEK for $20 plus shipping!


  • cool beans. Where are the trophy rooms that were shown when this was first shown?

  • I was one of the first to log in to the new space this morning and it looks nice. Some ideas… Leader Boards, I don’t just want to know whos on top, I would like to know where I rank with my friends. Clan rankings. It would be cool if every one in a given clan combined their scores towords their clan, then see where their clan ranks on the boards. Sand Map. Elevation would be nice. When using a 2d drawing its hard to explain to someone to take a hill or lay mines in a tunnel. Im not saying the maps should be 3d (although it would be cool) but perhaps some little bumps and hills. It would be nice while in the warhawk space to have something to wear that tells others my rank in warhawk. Thank You. I LOVE THIS GAME! More add ons please.

  • Well this is nice and all but what good will the planning do if ANYONE walking by can see it??

    wouldnt it make MORE sense to have a “War Room” attached to your house??? that way only invited people could see it

  • Sounds great, and I haven’t bought Warhawk but you know Killzone 2 is coming out today and tomorrow (depends where you live at). Sorry I’ll be too busy with Killzone 2.

  • How many inches TV is that? 32″?

  • This looks so slick. I’ve been holding off getting the booster packs, will probably get those today.

    Wishlist: Able to install the retail (BluRay) version to harddrive so I can play without the disc. I think I would play Warhawk more if I could just jump into games without disc swapping. I would even pay $5-10 to exchange/upgrade my retail copy for the DLC version!

  • I think he should sit a little farther away from the TV, bad for the eyes!

  • very cool , that 10 dollar booster deal is tempting, we’ll see i guess, great job on the room

  • EPIC!
    This will rock can’t wait to check it out!

  • YOU GUYS ROCK AND SET THE BAR HIGH FOR EVERYONE ELSE. Oh Dylan you have set the standard for developers keeping a game going and listening to fans. Thank You for being TRUE!

  • I’m amazed how your the only ones to really support Home! ::: cough, cough, Killzone 2 ::: Keep up the great work guys!

  • I have to ask a question.

    If you are on the virtual map with 5 of your friends and you want to launch Warwawk from you PDA.

    Is there an option for team up in the actual game with the fiends you was in the virtual map?

  • Great update, thanks!
    I have two requests though:
    1. Please improve Home servers – too many disconnections and problems logging in.
    2. More game spaces! Killzone 2, Resistance 2 etc. Keep ’em coming, with a goal of having a game space at its launch date.

    Thank you for your great work :)

  • about time, now I have a reason to get in PS HOME… see you soon in WH home or the battlefield

    Great news Dylan, yeah a beard might be nice, the avatar looks almost like you except for a few ….. you know what I mean… what are you and team working on? I asked you a few months ago if you wanted to join my clan, the offer is still up…

  • Dylan, thank you for creating one of the funnest games I have ever played.

  • Killzone 2 apparently confirmed Home support…. nobody quiet knows what yet though..

    But thanks you guys for the great support… wish this came earlier… rather the night that Killzone 2 comes out and right after Street Fighter came out…..

    and please… let us know if your expanding Warhawk more or working on something new ;)

  • Wow pricing limbo – how low can you go.
    In all seriousness, this game is a PS3 staple if you haven’t purchased it. The demo won’t even do it justice as it’s meant to be played online. You are doing yourself a dis-service if you haven’t given it a chance.

  • Crap I wanted to ask, can we have a all combined booster pack game? Sure has been asked before.

  • Oh, one more thing. Dylan, are you Ambient Warfare? Just curious…

  • Also, Chris/Dylan,
    What’s this about a pay-for-membership Warhawk clubhouse that will contain more features including voicechat? Any more detail? [story from Joystiq]

  • sounds good to me. can’t wait to get in there and see how it is.


  • Good to know there adding More content to Playstation Home. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to jump in!

    Now all we need is a Killzone 2 Home Space haha. :)

  • Awesome !! is this coming to the Euro home today also ?
    kudos on the discount, although i already own everything, i have some friends still on the fence (repeated beatings to the head about how amazing warhawk is doesnt seem to cut it, perhaps the price drop will) Is the price drop a US store offer only ?

  • Awesome Dylan……please check out the BEST WARHAWK CLAN SITE EVER !!!!!!!!!


    Its a testament to how much we love WARHAWK…Thanks again for making the BEST GAME EVER……(we want more boosters!) wink

  • Chris what happen to being able to game launch into a game of Warhawk Home.

  • Warhawk is probably the best game of this generation. Glad to see the developers working so closely with Sony to incorporate new features. Even if I don’t ever actually use Home anymore. I might have to reinstall it just for this and what might come of it in the future. Even though there already is Warhawk game-launching, I think the game space would be cool to check out at least once or twice. It would also be cool for people to be like “where are the land mines on ____ map?”, someone could point it out on the sand map.

    My clan and I sometimes have a hard time getting onto the same server due to Warhawk not updating where a player is in the menu list (whether under buddies or clan members) so game launching might actually prove useful.

  • warhawk is my favorite online game ever… i am so addicted to this i was so dissapointed when i couldn’t get into the beta so long ago.. i think if i had i would have bought it day 1 but i got in towards december of that year. i don’t regret it, have all the expansions.. this makes me want to play the game even more.. gonna check it out right now… i really hope maybe one day there will be a warhawk 2 or some sort of single player expansion with a campaign… maybe with some co-op… :)

  • that space looks epic!

    btw i love how he says “internets”… i gotta start using that word lol

  • Absolutely great game, amazing support since launch, now the home space.

    I can’t say how impressed I am with Dylan and Incognito. I cannot wait to hear about any other new information on warhawk or your next game.

  • Just wanted to say, you Dylan Jobe and the guys at Incognito are the best developers this gen in terms of supporting their game even after launch for along time ( criterion games with Burnout Paradise come after you ).

    Thank you for your awesome work and I’ll be buying the PSN version this week even though I have the retailer version just to support your work.

    Jssom from Kuwait

  • I’ve been holding off on buying the booster packs for just such a price drop! Time to smash and grap.

  • Warwawk is awesome, cant wait to see the new Homespace. but I do have a few questions though:

    will we ever see splitscreen multiple login for warhawk in the future so my friends can keep their stats on the PSN? cause that would be awesome! I heard Insomniac is doing it for Resistance 2 soon…

  • Thank you DYLAN and Thank you SONY for making Warhawk the BEST GAME EVER!

    Thank you for the support you give to the game, and thank you for the expansions and servers.

    However, I hope you read this message because there have been some server-side issues with Warhawks, mainly Network Errors and Freezes. If the Sony team is finished with HOME, could you please fix them?

    Thanks again for the fantastic game! I plan on playing it for at least 2 more years.

  • Great Update
    But is that link for Incognito right?

  • Why European Home-users don’t have Warhawk-space at all?
    We will get it only after our Store updated?

    Save the day and tell the only good news for Warhawk-space and when updates coming in Europe.

    Pardon my bad English. :)

  • Even though I don’t play Warhawk at all anymore, I might have to get back into it. The pricing on those booster packs is very tempting to me. 10 bucks is a steal. That and MGS4 for 30 bucks in March are both steals. I will buy a 20 dollar PSN card first since it’s for a limited time only. Thank you Incog, I’m getting back into Warhawk now.

  • BY THE WAY, where is our hint/code Dylan!?

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