New BUZZ! DLC Today Should Please King James

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Hi BUZZ! fans –

We were all very excited recently to read on that LeBron James is currently playing BUZZ! on PLAYSTATION 3. We think he will answer the question below correctly; it’s from the new Quiz Pack for BUZZ! Quiz TV that we’re releasing today with the PlayStation Store update. Check it out:


BUZZ! TV Quiz Of The Year thumbnail

You can keep your BUZZ! battles going with the new Quiz of the Year Quiz Pack. We’ve pulled together questions on all of the juicy stuff that happened in 2008, so if you’re feeling nostalgic over last year, this Pack’s for you. Challenge your friends with poor short-term memory and guarantee a win.

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  • @ Darth-Krayt

    Where do you get off coming to a game blog and whining about the US President? He was born in the US and the proof was all over the news during the election. It’s your GOP party that is now placing polls on their sites for “What kind of revolution they would like” And the choices are vary bad! Military Cup?! Armed War!? Thats not only against the law to even talk about but it’s also not protected by the freedom of speech laws in the US!

    I agree with Koeing and GoldenGotGame your are a total idiot! Go back to school and get a real education and start thinking for your self!

  • @Darth_Krayt: I got a hearty chuckle out of your “rebuttal” thanks for making my morning. Nothing else really needs to be said :)

  • I really hope we have an accessory pack coming soon with additional 4 Bluetooth Buzzers and Bluetooth dongle. I love the game, but I know for parties and family gatherings that 8 controllers would make the game that much greater. I don’t understand why the game manual can say it supports 8 controllers (4 controllers per dongle) yet no means of actually getting 4 additional controllers or at least a mention of when this will be available. I went through circles with Sony Technical support on if this is possible and eventually they have led me to the actual software developer for the game, Relentless Software. Have emailed them multiple times on this very issue and still no response. Horrible…horrible customer service…

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