New BUZZ! DLC Today Should Please King James

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Hi BUZZ! fans –

We were all very excited recently to read on that LeBron James is currently playing BUZZ! on PLAYSTATION 3. We think he will answer the question below correctly; it’s from the new Quiz Pack for BUZZ! Quiz TV that we’re releasing today with the PlayStation Store update. Check it out:


BUZZ! TV Quiz Of The Year thumbnail

You can keep your BUZZ! battles going with the new Quiz of the Year Quiz Pack. We’ve pulled together questions on all of the juicy stuff that happened in 2008, so if you’re feeling nostalgic over last year, this Pack’s for you. Challenge your friends with poor short-term memory and guarantee a win.

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  • Nice addition.

    Are the servers ever going to update stats again?

  • looks like a neat add on

  • Good DLC, but how about fixing all of the problems with unlocking trophies in this game? (i.e. I’ve played 43+ times online and still haven’t gotten the Gold trophy for playing online 40 times…) How about some statistics to tell us how far we’re ACTUALLY away from trophies since the leaderboard information isn’t always accurate or updated?

  • I thought this was a BUZZ! Bible Pack when I saw the headline in the feed reader.. Bah.

  • Great to see all the extra content for the game. Keep up the great work. One thing that would be nice though is to see the online format to be more like the offline multiplayer.

  • This is a fun game. My gf and I play it often.

  • man…i love buzz. i bought two games so we could have 8 wireless buzzers and everytime we have people over it turns into buzz quiz time. after super bowl, nba playoffs, memorial day whatever lol.

    keep the add on packs coming. but there are some things i’m sure all Buzz players would love to see:

    1. new Buzz character pack (contestants to choose when playing). perhaps some of the ones from PS2 Buzz? or even cooler would be a Sony iconic character pack feat. Sackboy, Jak and/or Daxter (Daxter sitting on top of the buzzer would be hilarious), Kratos, Motorstorm Driver, etc.

    2. more modes and mix them up so it’s not the same rounds in the same order every game when you play with 4 vs playing with 4 or fewer.

    other than that keep the updates coming and keep up the great work. Buzz is THE $#!T! lol.

  • great game, love the updates… new characters though?

  • Love Buzz! and all DLC for it! More info about LBP Buzz?

  • This woulda been timely to release around New Year’s eve, when people often play 2008 trivia. This doesn’t seem like this has much staying power as it will just become a random year down the road. But yeah, I’ll probably pick it up anyway.

  • Too expensive, would love to buy these if these were cheaper…but you know we’re in a recession IT HAPPENED IN 2008.

  • I want to get a few of these packs but I honestly find them a bit pricey.
    Are there any sales planned or maybe a price cut on them?
    I think 4.99 would be more reasonable and you’d see a lot more people grabbing them.

  • @3:

    Um dude the Trophy is WIN over 20 games (Silver) and win over 50 games (Gold) in Sofa vs Sofa (online).

    There is no such Trophy as “play online 40 times”. :/

  • LeBron,
    What is your PSN ID? haha fat chance (someone insert a made-up PSN… NOW!)

  • Great update. We played this with friends a few weeks ago and the party literally got out of control. My friends went ballistic for this game. New SONY specific characters or just new characters would be great too!

  • Lovely_Biscuit_Eater

    Yup, I bet that is LeBron’s PSN ID HAHAHAHAH–no, I know practiacally nothing about the dude (I am not into sports) so it isn’t referencing anything about except most sports guys are so uber masculinated that they wouldn’t be caught dead with ‘Lovely’ in their PSN ID—and Biscuit Eater is something I just pulled out of nowhere because it sounds random as all get out.

    With the pack: I will prolly pick it up, especially since it covers the 2008 Presedential Election, you know you guys should get Obama to dedicate a room of the White House to Buzz and PS3 like he did a Wii room!

  • Any questions about Jack Thompson’s disbarment in there?

  • Huh, I thought it’d be a history expansion. Well, 2008 is a year I think I could deal with forgetting so I’ll take a pass on this one.

  • Love this game, everyone always wants to come over for “Dinner and Buzz”. We most of the time have 8 player games but we want the games to last longer. Why is pie face and pass the bomb excluded in games over 5 people? Include longer game options!!!!


  • I agree with other posters that it would be nice to mix up the game modes a bit. I play buzz a lot but usually the group gets board since every game is the same. Also, buzz is pretty damn annoying. There should be more lines for him, a way to mute him, or both. Also, I’d like to know how close I am to trophies as well.

    I hope that future buzz games are compatible with the buzz buzzers, such as the upcoming trivial pursuit.

    Oh, and what about more than 4 players at once? When I have a large group over we are forced to play as teams.

  • Obama on the front of the download…hmm,
    Here’s one…
    What United States President has spent more taxpayer money than any other to date in his first month of office, and says “Kids need to put the video games down!”.

    Herbert Hoover
    George W. Bush
    Barack Obama
    Jimmy Carter

  • My family, friends and I love this game. The DLC Quiz Pack is as good as purchased…thanx!

    PS – I find that it is often difficult to find people to play sofa vs sofa online. If you play regularly (and without the aid of Google), please send me a friend invite.

    PSN – Thwip

  • Answer is vogue. I win!

  • Keep the content coming! But can you please listen to our concerns about stats… Thank you!


    Cry cry. Take the politics to or something.

  • Thanks for the update Jill…love the game, just wish Voice chat could be added.


  • I voted this article a 1 because you put friggin’ Obama’s evil looking face in my video game related materials. What? I don’t have this guys face rammed down my throat enough in the media? Now I have to deal with it in my video games? The video games that I use to escape from all the propaganda and brainwashing in the media? When I saw his ugly, socialist face in my Burnout, I traded in that game and never wanted to play it again. Don’t make me get rid of my PS3 now, ok? It’s my favorite console of all time, the only console that appeals to me this gen, and I don’t want to lose it. But if you start jumping on the Osama bandwagon, and start forcing his horrible, evil looking face upon me………I’m just not going to deal with it. I’m one of PS3’s most staunch supporters, don’t ruin that. Please remove that lying scumbag’s face from MY PSBlog. (How do you become POTUS when you outright refuse to show your original birth certificate? A B.C. that would prove he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii btw, therefore not even eligable to be President.)

  • Hello! I am having trouble signing in on with my psn ID. I’ve made quizzes before but now it will not work… can you please reply with a way I can resolve this issue…thanks!

  • Is this add-on subsidize by our government? Giving this add-on away for free would be the patriotic thing to do. ( I keed, I keed) Ok…seriouosly, share the wealth. Ha!

  • Cmon………whens exactly does the PS Store update?! Ive been waiting 12hrs for it to Update! LOL!

  • Which country invented the automobile?


  • Obama’s face on a trivia pack is funny.

  • Cool! I agree with a previous post though, some Iconic Playstation Characters would be cool! Also, a price drop would be extremely beneficial! I mean, how about 2.99 for each add-on for Buzz! That would likely sell GREATLY!

    Buzz! Is a GREAT party game for the PS3, and every time I have a few people over, we always end up playing this game! (It’s even brought my family a little closer… which is a miracle! lol)

    Anyways, thank you for your continued support for Buzz!

  • I will not purchase only because of picture on Add On graphic. O’Boy America Messed-up Again (OBAMA)!


  • I hope to buy BUZZ! eventually. I definitely should have gotten BUZZ! instead of Jeopardy!. There is no support for Jeopardy! whatsoever. NONE.

  • @Darth-Krayt: “(How do you become POTUS when you outright refuse to show your original birth certificate? A B.C. that would prove he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii btw, therefore not even eligable to be President.)” Before I read that, I thought you were just misguided. After reading that, I see you’re just an idiot.

    @Scodo_Thope: I believe that acronym applies to when you idiots elected Dubya to a second term.

  • I am debating about creating a group for those who play Buzz: Quiz TV. I would like to create a group for those who play the game without outside influence (i.e.. Google searching) and would like to play with an average age group so that the playing field a bit more fair. I would like at least 8 players to play “Sofa vs.. Sofa” regularly. Particularly, I would like to get the “family game night” feel to it. So I would like to ask the forum how they feel on the subject. If you would like to join my group PM my PSN the following information; 1. Your Age 2. If you would be playing with the family / friends 3. Availability to play. If you so choose to PM me, feel free to post your suggestions here.

  • OMG people get a life Obama is the US president if you don’t like it then please shut up! I know that some of you hate his guts but please keep it to your selfs.

    It’s a car nice picture of him BTW. I just hope you got the right info from ESPN and not the right wing GOP crap that claimed Obama was a Muslim/ Not a real US citizen, and other junk that the GOP floated about him 24/7.

    BTW: Obama has the highest approval rating post election of any US president to date: 68%!

  • Voice Chat patch for Buzz Quiz TV PLEASE. That would guarantee 2 extra buys from me as I would be playing them with my girlfriend and my parents. Please add voice chat.

  • My BIGGEST gripes with Buzz Quiz Tv, is that you cant play the game on SPANISH language track. which sucks because a lot of my family members really want to play it, but cant because its all on English.

    My second GRIPE is that after playing BUZZ QUIZ TV with the family and friends it gets very tiring to always play the game secessions with the same type of game modes.

    How about new game modes for multi-player and Spanish language tracks, that would make this game perfect for quality family time.


  • Uhh, I can’t stand Obama! D:

  • Cool add-on!

  • Cue a flood of idiots complaining about the choice of picture. Good times.

  • I agree with some of the Buzz! related comments here. Our family owns the game, but we quickly grew tired/frustrated with the same old tired characters, the same old predictable format, and especially the fact that we can’t pick our own categories (i.e. we felt ripped off after we purchased an add-on pack, and then realized we couldn’t just play that category). Suffice to say, we’re not purchasing any more add-on packs until some of these issues get addressed.

  • Me and my girl loves this game ! We also have bought all the add ons for this game . The only thing I wish they had online is for me and my girl to be able to play against other people online at the same time . Another thing they should do is not cut the game short when you play with 5 players or more . other than that game is great …

    ????- yeah all the buzz add on question where are the characters ? The original buzz characters

  • @37

    No, you’re the idiot. It clearly states in the Constitution of the United States, whch the founders of this country worded JUST right to keep this country prosperous, that to be POTUS you have to have been born in the U.S. I don’t have the space in the PSBlog to explain to an idiot like you why that is, in 1250 characters, but it’s VERY important so we can’t be taken over by rogues from the inside. Everybody knows this, yet Obama is the only man in US history to be President without ever showing his official birth certificate. It was demanded of him, and he refused, and when it went to the supreme court thay just gave the Kenyan a pass because people on the bench were his democratic buddies that now rule everything.

    Think Bush made a mess with the deficate over 8 years? Well Obamas going to double it within 6 months. You know absolutely nothing about anything to comment on what I said. Obama is going to kill America, guaranteed. Enjoy.

  • Oh, and both Obama’s grandmother, and the Kenyan foreign minister say he was born in Kenya. Everyone’s just so brainwashed they don’t care. There are now even military groups that are saying they won’t follow his orders because of this issue. It’s no joke.

  • @Darth-Krayt
    No, I’m pretty sure GoldenGotGame is right. You are an idiot. It takes about five seconds to find a bunch of credible websites that have seen Obama’s birth certificate and say it’s real. While you’ve never seen it but are claiming it’s fake, but then again can’t expect much intelligence from a right winger these days. Oh and as for “Obama destroying America” Bush already took care of that.

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