Resistance: Retribution – See Multiplayer in Action

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Pretty good week for the PSP, huh?

But before you’ll get your hands on LittleBigPlanet for PSP, or Assassin’s Creed, or MotorStorm: Arctic Edge… this is one of the games that’s going to be keeping you busy – Resistance: Retribution.

We’ve talked about PSP Connect, Infected Mode, and the storyline of R:R – but multiplayer is the mode you’ll be coming back to time and again. On Monday night, SCEA and Bend Studios invited gaming media to go hands-on with R:R’s multiplayer modes for the first time, and I chatted with Lead Multiplayer Engineer Darren Chisum. Lots of gameplay video inside:

Here’s a bit more info on the various multiplayer modes:

  • Team Deathmatch: Eliminate the players on the opposing team. The team with the highest score wins.
  • Capture The Flag: Grab the opposing team’s flag and deliver it to your base to score the capture. You flag is required at your base to score.
  • Containment: Capture coolant nodes to overheat and destroy the opposing teams reactor. Controlling both coolant nodes increases the overheat time
  • Assimilation: The Cloven must eliminate the Maquis forces and assimilate them to their team. The last Maquis to be eliminated ends the round. The player with the highest individual score wins.
  • Free For All: All players are out for themselves. Eliminate the opposition and the player with the highest score wins.

Also, check out IGN’s coverage of the event here. Note: Greg Miller never played me head to head, or he’d not be so smug!

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  • thanx 4 the new stuff i have been waiting for some new content for my psp if u need someone to try things o
    ut for u guys im your man peace

  • ok listen, i want to put the demo on my psp and i sold my ps3, can somebody plz tell me how to put the demo on my psp through my computer

  • I want to know how long is the single player I am more of a fan of that over multi-player. It just is never as fun for me as a great single player.

    Also with the R:R being able to use the PS3 controller will this mean going forward more PSP games will use this feature or is it just this game only. I hope not because I could see it being a huge hit if Sony was to allow more developers to use the PS3 controller with the PSP.

    Also the other days news was great.

    Also my other question any chance of bringing out the PSP’s in different colors by them self’s. I would gladly buy another PSP if I could get the blue one by it self.
    Also the one from yesterday too my sister is not a fan of Hannah Montana and would love to get that PSP but does not want the other stuff just the pink/purple PSP.

  • Hey, SCE, I know this is way off topic but,

    I have been sitting on the computer for one hour waiting for my class to start, and I been looking through the entire PSBlog archive… I lol’ed at the times when we were all like “where is 2.4!?!” Hahaha great times :)

  • I think I’d get a psp if they bundled this game with it.

  • Finally a return of containment from Resistance 1. Can’t tell you how much I miss those matches where you capture nodes to make the opposing teams core explode!

  • Yay hehehehehehe–more fun games *goes back to trying to beat Prinny*

  • Wow this looks awesome. I’ve been planning on getting this game and I think this just reinforced that plan.

  • I love the Demo, which I got from my preorder, needless to say this game is on the menu!!! :D

  • I’m gettin it the day it comes out. I’ll see ya’ll online

  • im 100% getting this, but how many players is it online…?

  • This game is gunna kick Asterisk! Cant wait to play it online.

  • Will this game support Mic Chat?

    Unlike Socom Ftb2 i have to press a button to talk, will R:R Have Mic Support And Are you going to be able to just talk without pressing buttons?

    Thanks In Advance.

  • OMG!
    That so sweet!
    Can,t wait for this to come out!
    I preorder two copies!
    One for me and the other for my son!

  • HAHA!!!

    greg miller pwnd all of you guys!!

  • i think it is cool but i can’t wait till rr comes out in march

  • and watch out all you people ill be online kicking butt with my guns so im getting this the day it comes out

  • woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  • i wonder what are the controls like

  • Oh man, best PSP title of the year in my book. Unless LittleBigPlanet turns out to kick arse!

  • Couldn’t you have just left the option up to people making the rooms to allow DS3 or not?Please patch this ability in the future!

  • And please get Sony to patch the Dualshock support into the firmwares of both systems!

  • And until Sony adds trophies to PSP, couldn’t you guys add them via the PS3 game, and just resynch whenever you connect to the 2 games together?

  • PSN INTEGRATION??? integration?

  • hey hey hey im gonna so love this game

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