Resistance: Retribution – See Multiplayer in Action

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Pretty good week for the PSP, huh?

But before you’ll get your hands on LittleBigPlanet for PSP, or Assassin’s Creed, or MotorStorm: Arctic Edge… this is one of the games that’s going to be keeping you busy – Resistance: Retribution.

We’ve talked about PSP Connect, Infected Mode, and the storyline of R:R – but multiplayer is the mode you’ll be coming back to time and again. On Monday night, SCEA and Bend Studios invited gaming media to go hands-on with R:R’s multiplayer modes for the first time, and I chatted with Lead Multiplayer Engineer Darren Chisum. Lots of gameplay video inside:

Here’s a bit more info on the various multiplayer modes:

  • Team Deathmatch: Eliminate the players on the opposing team. The team with the highest score wins.
  • Capture The Flag: Grab the opposing team’s flag and deliver it to your base to score the capture. You flag is required at your base to score.
  • Containment: Capture coolant nodes to overheat and destroy the opposing teams reactor. Controlling both coolant nodes increases the overheat time
  • Assimilation: The Cloven must eliminate the Maquis forces and assimilate them to their team. The last Maquis to be eliminated ends the round. The player with the highest individual score wins.
  • Free For All: All players are out for themselves. Eliminate the opposition and the player with the highest score wins.

Also, check out IGN’s coverage of the event here. Note: Greg Miller never played me head to head, or he’d not be so smug!

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  • i played the demo and was really impressed. definite buy for me!

  • i wonder if u can use the ps3 remote to play R:R online?

    • I asked about that and you can\’t – for good reason. It\’d be really unbalanced for those who aren\’t using a SIXAXIS/DualShock 3 vs those that are.

  • i love the demo i would really love to buy the game and to buy the new psp 3000 but still dont have the money but at least i have psp 1000 and 2000.

  • EARLY POST. Shouldn’t you be asleep?

  • Edit: Not that I’m complaining. Make this a 24/7/365 blog! :P

  • wow this has multiplayer? sounds great! thanks for the info Jeff!

  • i was thinking the same thing, can’t believe your still up posting. i guess that means its gonna be a late start tomorrow morning, or rather this morning. either way, insomnia rules!!! and so does resistance. can’t wait to purchase…
    by the way, jeff, when are we gonna be able to launch games from HOME? sorry to be a little off topic but, since your up anyway, maybe you could find it in your heart to reply to my comment? i could rearrange the question so that it is resistance oriented. like, when will we be able to launch to resistance from HOME or for that matter any game from HOME. I know about the warhawk addition this week but, i think its just strategizing/planning and not game launching, at least not yet. any info…


  • There is still nothing about Resistance 2?

    Did like everyone totally forget about Resistance 2.

  • it got lost in the fall line-up shuffle. awesome game, underrated!!!!

  • Ahahaha! Loved the IGN video. Why did you not play him head to head Jeff? I smell fear.

    Or bacon.

    Either way. Looks awesome. :)

  • im getting it day1 , jeff where is the motorstorm arctic edge debut trailer on the psp???

  • Way to smack that PlayStation logo above the info on the bottom right of the screen! :P

    PS: @ Jeff

    Why can’t we just have special matchmaking for those who are using a DS3/SIXAXIS?

  • How does the game look on a PSP-3000? Any of that dreaded ghosting?

  • Looking Good!!

  • Looks great, PSP is coming back to live, since the PSP doesn’t have a unified trophy system, they should start adding some in game trophies like the ones Uncharted on PS3 had. Also Buddy List on PSP.

  • Excellent feature for this great game! & the PSP line up is really great this year, now the PSP should also get an Uncharted game too!

  • i wish they had the capture the flag online mode in resistance 2.
    online in resistance 2 gets repetetive realy fast, all the modes are almost the same.
    any chance of new modes being added?

  • mmm…. kool. But I don’t use my PSP anymore :(

  • OoOo assimilation sounds like fun to bad they didn’t have a mode like that in the console versions.

    Also maybe we should have a Jeff vs Greg Miller off? You can do it Jeff make us proud!

  • lol was that a little cameo from Greg Miller of IGN.

  • Will trophies ever be available for PSP? It would be cool to see this in the new Resistance:Retribution game.

  • R:R multiplayer, icing on the cake baby, icing on the cake!

  • This game just does not get me excited at all. Resistance was a fun shooter, but not really all that great.

  • @ Jeff

    Then please do something about those custom “mouse controllers” on the PS3. Those guys are really ruining the online First Person Shooters. I’m talking about that FragFX controller, it’s really lame.

  • Looks and sounds great Sony! I hope you guys give other developers on the PSP full Access to Sony Bends new PSP Engine so all PSP games can look this good, and play this good online! ST:RS was a game that had and still dose have online stats, and rewards for both SP and MP it’s nice to see other PSP games picking up the idea.

    Also we need more info on Rock Band Unplugged and MotoStorm Arctic Edge!

  • Do you feel the love, Jeff? Everyone’s worried about your sleeping habits. I’ll add to that: are you eating all of your vegetables and getting 30 minutes of outdoor-time everyday? Don’t roll your eyes young man! :P

  • Slant 6 desperately needs help. They are gasping for air

  • this is a day one buy for me! the entire resistance series holds a special place in my heart and i cannot wait to play this one. there is just sooo many features to pass this one up. on a side note i think more developers should follow suit and do this with more PSP games. any games that have a big brother on the PS3 should offer some kind of connectivity, and i think games would only benefit from being playable with the dualshock 3. make it happen guys!


  • It’s pretty funny how R:R has better and more game modes then R2. Assimilation in R2 would be so much fun

  • hey Jeff, any info on when the US will get the ad-hoc party feature?

    Phantasy Star will be here soon…It would be nice to have it by then.

  • Jeff can you do some kind of rumor control or tell us what’s up about the PSP2 not having a UMD drive, honestly I know the UMD format isn’t widely supported but would SOny actually screw over everyone who’s bought a umd game? link

    Honestly I know I can still play on a slim if it were to ever happen but for those of use who would want to upgrade would be pretty much [DELETED].

  • Awesome
    Already got it pre-ordered from Amazon.
    Didnt get the code for my demo though =(
    Oh well….

  • I have a question. Since there will be stat tracking on the website, does this mean R:R will use your PSN I.D. to play online?

  • I love Resistance. Too bad that I can’t play Resistance Retribution because of my malfunctioned PSP :(

    Anyone want to donate to me? Haha

  • the multiplayer is going to be awesome since its simillar to Syphon Filter : Combat Ops =]

  • Will this game be made available for download ?

  • buy for me!
    I loved syphon filter
    I would enjoy this a lot!

  • Hmm… I might consider buying a PSP again, after my first one finally gave up and destroyed it’s Power-Button… I still haven’t finished MGS:PO, or played God of War: CoO… And now this and LBP? … *sigh* Wish I wasn’t going to Roskilde Festival, so I could justify a PSP-3000 buy…

  • Looking good!

  • Another game I have pre-ordered!

    Great interview BTW

  • Certainly hope there are more big games being announced this year. While I am getting R:R I have to say I’m not looking forward to the others.

    Anyway good to hear Bend is really pushing to make this game a real console game on the go with all the integration and online play.

    I’m assuming this supports infrastructure mode and headset support? I hope thats the case may finally have a reason to get a headset. Infrastructure is a must.

  • PSP trophies?

  • Awesome thanks for bringing this info! I preordered R:R last week. Can’t wait to finally play it.

  • Sounds good but you forgot to ask if they’ll be any medals and ribbons to unlock while playing.

  • Hey–

    Jeff couldn’t beat me on my worst Retribution day. Anytime, Rubenstein.


  • dat 1 purchase…lol get som sleep jeff…or drink coffee or energy drinks and get cafienated

  • This game looks great! Count me for a day 1 purchase!


  • This looks great. I’ve already exhausted my gaming budget for the next month, but it looks like I’ll have to make an exception for this…

    Now if I could only pry my PSP away from my wife!

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