MLB 09 The Show Online Season Leagues and Improvements

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Hey there, Jason here again, this time to relay some information on new features and improvements to the Online/SportsConnect area of MLB 09 The Show. Along with improving the league system and layout, this year we focused on two major components of the Online League System…A) Draft System; B) Flex Schedules (with new Schedule screen). We truly believe that the additions of these two components are what the Online Leagues needed. The goal is to allow users to customize as much as possible and to ensure that these league games get played!

Online League Draft System:
While online leagues are fun, there’s nothing like hand picking the team of your team. And taking it one step further than Fantasy Sports, you can actually take your team on the field and play with them yourself.

The draft system rivals that of any fantasy sports system. It allows from 6-30 players to hold a FULL LIVE Draft, with the ability to set your draft day/time, pick timer/length, chat (and harass), view the Player Card/stats of available players, view the Player Card stats of other users in your league drafting. Another integral part of the draft system is the ability to set you draft queue. No matter how much planning you do, there’s always a chance you can’t physically be at your draft, or you may not be able to stay for the entire draft. That’s when the Draft Queue becomes essential. Simply queue up all the players you’d like to be on your team, place them in order of preference, turn off your PS3 system and walk away. The server will handle the rest. Not only will it put priority on the picks you have queued, but it will make certain you have a logical team…25 players, equally balanced between starters, relievers, infielders and outfielders.

Once the draft is over, set your lineup, have the commissioner activate the league and start playing your league games!

MLB 09 The Show League Draft

Online League Flex Schedule:
Finding opponents and playing games should be much easier this year. We’ve incorporated a Flex Schedule for all leagues (Draft or non-Draft leagues). No longer do you only get one series and opponent to play when you log into your league. Depending on the size and length of your league you can play ahead in the schedule. The Flex schedule is never smaller than 3 series/opponents, or never larger than 15 series/opponents (that’s right, 15!).

Not only are we offering the Flex Schedule, but we’re also offering a far easier Schedule Screen. The new online Season League Schedule screen has the same look and feel of the offline season schedule screen. We’ve added a Series countdown in schedule screen. This lets the league know when the current series expires and how much time they have before the Commissioner can resolve games. Get those games played!

MLB 09 The Show League Schedule

We’ve also added a true League Lobby. Upon entering the League Office, you will automatically be given a seat in the League Lobby of that particular league. It’s called a persistent Lobby, and we’re very excited about it. Now you can hold a seat in a lobby, but navigate around the lobby. You’ll see a new Lobby Icon in the hot bar this year. It’s the text bubble with three dots. Once you see that blink, you know that chat is taking place in the lobby/game room you have a seat in.

MLB 09 The Show League Lobby

There is also now the Draft Day and Time in My Leagues and League Office, which helps ensure league members won’t miss the draft.

Online Improvements:
Along with the major changes to The Show League system, we’ve made a number of general online improvements. Each year we listen to community feedback and do our best to address every issue. Since most of these are relatively self-explanatory, I figured the best thing to do would be to create a bullet point list:

  • SportsCast Live now with Live Play-by-play audio while viewing a game (fka View Game Status)
  • Set Lineups in Online Season Leagues (vs. RHP, LHP)
  • Ping indicator in Team Select screen, before entering an online game
  • New Legend skill level, requiring a user to reach 4500 points
  • 4 options for Guess Pitch settings (Default, Classic 1/4, Classic 1/6, No Feedback)
  • Addition of 30 sec for each extra inning
  • Square to forfeit opponent instead of X (not allowing accidental forfeit)
  • Ability to select a jersey in an online game
  • Ability to mound visit
  • Access to Quick menu (up on D-pad)
  • Online steals addressed
  • Quick pitch exploit addressed with a delay
  • Allow both players to view the replay when one player enters replay mode via pause menu
  • No pausing when ball is hit in play
  • Persistent Chat – ability to maintain a seat and interaction in a game room, even after leaving. This is perfect for League Chat rooms
  • Online Player Options in far more areas in the SportConnect Lobby. This is the pop-up that allows for a Challenge, Send IM, Invite to Buddy, SportCast Live, etc.

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  • MLB 09 the show needs to take a page from Madden! Players should be able to play a season or franchise & have the ability to play with any team scheduled to play on that calender date, even if its not there user team. or just allow for you to pick all 32 teams as your users…I’m a Braves fan but i like to play with different MLB teams through out the season, like the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008…not a fan but i would have loved to be able to play with them because they were exciting! Or the 2008 LA dodgers after they picked up Manny…Just something i believe all games should allow the video game player to do.

  • Uh, I’m pretty sure you already could do that. I know you can choose which team to play as during season mode for your games, either you or the opponent. And there’s also a way (right analog stick I think) to cycle through the calendars for different teams. I’m pretty sure you can play as any team during a season.

  • Jason Villa

    Thank you for answering my questions!

  • Question regarding gameplay in RTTS mode if that’s ok.

    The training points earned were horrible for CP’s, while SP’s and other position players had no issues earning enough points. Was this addressed in ’09? I love the CP RTTS, but can’t stand to play on in ’08 because I am not earning enough points to barely meant the in game goals, much less put points anywhere else.

  • I doubt this gets answered as Ive been ignored every blog post… but

    I appreciate all of the little bells and whistles added, but the core gameplay feels exactly the same as last year.

    After playing games like Tiger Woods and NHL 09, I cant help but think pressing a button to simulate a swing of the bat is really outdated and should be done with right analog stick.

    Have you guys considered the option of mapping batting, and possibly pitching controls to analog stick? Im convinced it work really well and make the game a lot more fun.

    Please answer this.

  • Yes, I did post a poll On OS about the online league 14 day restrictions. Vote if you want. I thought of 4 choices. However I think Russell should come up with a poll and have us vote on it

    I did create a poll though. feel free to vote for the options I laid out

  • I received your response from earlier regarding “game play” and was disappointed to see that they were movies that have been around the web fro about a month now.

    the reason why you are receiving so many requests for straight game play, not clips of game play is because we’re going to sites like operation sports and gamespot, where they are bombarding us with 2k9 game clips, while the show has nothing (excuse the pun) to show for.

    sorry, playing the demo alone is tedious, i’m ready to see the progressive lighting transition in camden yards, nationals park, petco, pnc, etc…

    i know the game comes out in seven days, but i need something to wet my palette.

    • We\’ve actually been distributing videos for a month at this point. Between the blog videos, the trailers and the demo – we thought we were quenching your palate for some \’09 hors d\’oeuvres. Apparently you guys were hungrier than we\’d thought. That said, check out the most recent trailer \”Sacrifice Fly\” at Op Sports:

      But wait… there\’s more… you\’ll also find straight gameplay trailers for each platform posted today, tomorrow and Friday.

      Will that get you through the weekend?

  • What about support for the playstation EYE for ps3?

    • Always looking at ways to incorporate the use of all PlayStation peripherals. There is just so much that our guys want to do that it\’s a matter or prioritizing what delivers the best experience possible for the current season. While much of the things we discuss here are on the dev list – it\’s always nice to hear the suggestions from fans of the franchise. Keep them coming.

  • Hey MLB fans, I need some help. I’ve gotten several emails from this site about the MLB 09 PSP Demo being available, but I can’t seem to find it. Can anyone out there help me.? I’m jonesing for this, please help me …..

    • Those emails pertain to the PS3 demo. Unfortunately there is not a PSP downloadable demo this year. But there are a few trailers and as I indicated above, some great straight gameplay trailers that hit thte net today and throughout the week.

  • Please stop complaining about the lack of mlb 09 videos. 2k9 is just throwing a quantity of videos out what suck.

    Mlb 09 the show doesnt need to releases these vids because they have quality in thier product unlike 2k

  • Will King of the Diamond be making a return? I enjoyed the arcade style of it, but hasn’t been back since MLB ’06.

    • Regretably, the King has left the building. The unfortunate demise was the result of needing additional space for all of the RTTS and Franchise Mode enhancements. Hopefully you\’ll agree the sacrifice was worth it.

  • Sorry it’s a little late but Im going to say my opinion, I love MLB the show games I was a 2k7 fan until I saw what you made in 2008 the best baseball game ever, and now MLB 09 but when I played MLB 08 the show the franshise games where too much I barely finished one year because I played online too. Here are two features you should add . First you should be able too pick how many games you want in your franshise each year just like in season mode you could pick if you want 162 or something like that or 62 , so that you could pick how many games each year, and secound one is when your playing online games, when your pitching you could only pitch from the catchers camara , I say add this feature so you can pitch from the pitchers camara . Thanks and the question is… can you add these features?

    • We don\’t allow you to set a season length in Franchise mode because it is a mode that relies on a full 162 game season. Having less than 81 home games would cause the organization to not generate enough revenue to offset player salaries and other expenses. The only way to balance a shortened season would be to increase the cost of tickets, parking, vendor items, etc… at price that would be unrealistic. Because we strive for realism, supporting that option in Franchise mode isn\’t in our best interest.

  • What about changeable camera views online? Custom setting quick match? Custom Music working online? Are you going to see the other player pitching meter?

    • Custom music can be played during online games. Only you can hear your custom music, for obvious reason :-).

      Both users should see the Pitching meter for all pitches, except for pitches guessed correctly.

      User specific Cameras and custom/different Play Now settings are being looked at. Not this year, but next.

  • Online team playing in the works ?
    Hey Mlb the show team When it team play like 3 vs 3 6 vs 6 or the ultimate 9 vs 9 coming to online play ?

    3vs 3 would be a good way to start as each human player could control 3 batters in the lineup and 3 fielders the rest would be control by CPU Ai

    Most all sports games are adding this feature with great success and as we improve online lag this should be where all sports games should go .

    Its 2009 1 vs 1 is okay but it gets boring because players really have no penality they strike out horrible they control the next batter where in team play like real life you have to watch the game pickup on tendencies or have a mandoza line batting avg of 200 or so

    any plans for team play

    • One of the key factors to your suggestion is leveraging the issue of latency. Baseball is a very delicate sport online which can see significant impact from latency. If you stretch that to 3v3, 6v6 or 9v9 – you open up the potential for exponential impact from lag. In the example of playing 9s – you then have 18 guys who all need to have pretty solid connections to avoid bogging any of the others down. But hey – nothing\’s impossible. Just not for this season.

  • Hi Troy, Jason or Aaron. I was hoping one of you could comment on my post. I am new to The Show, just got a PS3 recently and have played The Show ’09 demo for the past week or so. I think it’s a great game, love the graphics, game play, animations, everything. But I did notice one thing that bothered me in a demo game. I hit a line drive down the third base line and it rolled all the way to the wall. I went for two and was thrown out pretty easily at second base by the LF. I felt this should have been an easy double in the corner and was concerned about this sort of thing. So far, I’ve hit mainly singles and home runs and want to make sure the game is realistic as far as gappers going for extra bases. Any comments on this? Thanks very much! Can’t wait for the game next week!

    • Pretty sure you were just a victim of circumstance on that particular situation. There are many factors that come into play for extra base hits; gappers, down the line, speed of the runner, throwing arm of the particular outfielder, etc. And those are just a few of the statistical parameters involved. Then there is also the potential for human error – not that this is necessarily your situation – but if there was any hesitation in advancing the runner, that could\’ve gotten him gunned. But with regard to the prior, if factors of the runner, arm strength and accuracy of the throw aligned – the guy could get hosed on occassion.

  • Troy,

    Thanks for your follow up response as far as the “plate quenching”. VERY Pleased to hear about the upcoming postings, and I did see the “Sacrifice Fly” clip.

    For this year’s version of The Show, I’m satisfied but since I have your attention a few suggestions for next year:

    1. More players in the dugout and pitchers sitting in the bullpen – they don’t need to be active, and it’s the ONLY feature I like in 2K.

    2. Add ball boys/girls and bat boys (I guess that’s another thing).

    3. Created players should not be rookies by default. I’m tired of winning “rookie of the year” every year.

    You guys got me back into playing baseball games so keep up the GREAT work!

  • I love the series but I have just one little request slash suggestion thingy. I guess it’s not strictly something which the developers could answer but then again the distributors don’t have any blog I know about anyway.

    I live in Ireland and I’ve bought the game for the last three years and intend to get this years installment aswell. Unfortunately though, I have to order over the internet every year. I was just wondering if you might follow in the footsteps of NFL, NHL, and NBA titles in releasing the game over this side of the Atlantic? Aside from making things a whole lot easier for me I think that there would be a fair amount of interest (if you release it, they will come), and it could also raise the profile of the sport here. I know that friends of mine who try the game love it, even if they know very little about baseball.

    Thanks, keep up the good work.

  • Can you have 6 human teams and 24 computer controlled teams in a league or do they all have to be humans?

    If so, is the PS2 version the same?

    • For online leagues, you create your league for humans. If you create a 6 man league, that\’s who you will play against.

      Otherwise, what will happen when you match up against the CPU controlled teams? Would it be an auto adjusted game? will it be simulated? Will you play the CPU, which opens up exploits within those games that will no be reported? I\’m just not sure I see the benefit of this.

      I\’m open to suggestions on why this would be a good idea though!

  • Will there be some kind of cross-platform feature between the PS3 and PSP versions of MLB ’09? If so, I think I’ll be buying two versions of this bad boy next week. :-)

    • One of the first thing being looked at for next year\’s game is cross functionality. They are on a collision course.

  • I own last years game & I am curious to know if a certain bug it has, has been fixed. There is almost nothing worse (in my opinion) than when I make a diving stop on a ground ball with my second baseman (using the R2 button) & then pressing the circle button to throw the ball to first, the game thinks I want to throw to home. It seems that diving for the ball with the R2 button activates a throw to home. (sorry for posting this here but it seems that Jason has been consistently answering questions on this blog & I figured it’s my best chance of actually receiving an answer)

    • I\’ll try to help. I think we\’ve addressed this, but the only reason I can see this is happening to you is that you may have thrown the X pitch prior to the ball being hit. The button may have been held a bit too long and caused the button press to be queued up.

      I believe we\’ve made that more intelligent, so hitting circle should be able to overwrite any potential of this problem.

  • “For online leagues, you create your league for humans. If you create a 6 man league, that’s who you will play against.

    Otherwise, what will happen when you match up against the CPU controlled teams? Would it be an auto adjusted game? will it be simulated? Will you play the CPU, which opens up exploits within those games that will no be reported? I’m just not sure I see the benefit of this.

    I’m open to suggestions on why this would be a good idea though!”

    For an example of how this is done, look to NCAA Football ’09. I’m not entirely sure how it works, but it looks like you play the game offline against the computer and the results get uploaded to your online league. Reason why myself and everyone who I play with wants this is that its similar to what you’re able to do on your own console. I don’t want to play against people I don’t know. I now live far away from my college buddies, but I’d like to do a franchise mode with them that includes computer controlled teams.

    • That makes sense. I think the idea lends itself a bit better for a franchise season mode. We\’ll take a look at it for sure.

  • Troy Mack

    For those of you guys that have been requesting some gameplay vids for the show:


  • Hey Troy, Do you think you can make a Gameplay video of the Braves at Turner Field. I’d really like to see that. Please Reply

  • yeah the franshise mode makes sense , thanks for answering, oh and why don’t you put a bat boy and the persons that pick up the foulballs …can you add this feature?

  • You should add the feature of collapsing, like the players collapse when the hit themself like at home. Can you add it?

  • sorry for asking but im a noob….is there a Fantasy Draft option in the offline franchise mode?

    hopefully someone can give me the answer, and i want to thank everyone working on MLB 09 the show, you are the reason i am going to buy a ps3, JUST FOR THIS GAME

  • sorry to post this again but i was hoping for an answer please???

    1) w/ all of those additions to Fran. mode (ie 40-man roster, waiver trans, sal. arbit., and sept call-ups) will those also be available in the Career Mode or just Fran mode? it’s prob a dumb question i just wanted to make sure

    2) i can’t remember what you said but if classic stadiums aren’t in this game, what are the possiblities of you guys ever coming out w/ a map-pack type thing like i’ve seen done w/ other games where all u’d have on it would be those additional classic stadiums and maybe even HR derby? i don’t really know how those map-packs work so i don’t know if that would work for this type of game (since i’ve yet to buy a map-pack, just liked the idea)

    thanks! very, very excited for the release

    • 1. Yes. Basically the Franchise Mode functions you\’ve mentioned will act very similarly with regard to Career Mode.
      2. Unfortunately not. The development team for the show will take a time out, re-energize and hit the ground running for the next installment.

  • first ill say i love the show and i will buy it soon but

    1-why does the sound of the bat and ball sound so bad, the psp sound effects sound much better, it very annoying for me, i play baseball with wood and i can def tell, the psp version sounds better.
    2- also the cutt off men dont line up correctly! example if a leadoff man who is relatively fast hits a ball that reaches the wall the cutt off men line up to third base! not second! bc the hitter is guna reach second easily… again this is wrong and extremely annoying
    (i just want to help and keep mlb on top!)

    • 1. Sounds like you\’ve got the crack of the bat down to a science. I\’ll have to do a little research on that for you. In the mean time, can you tell who\’s swingin ash, maple or hickory?
      2. Not sure I\’m understanding your issue on this one. If the runner is fast (i.e. a leadoff type guy) and the gapper reaches the wall – your cutoff men may very well set up for the relay to third considering your own point that second base is a foregone conclusion. Right?


    are u guys guna have the world basball classics teams in the game? i would love to play with the the USA team or the domincan republic team! that would absolutely amazing!

  • suggestion sixaxis

    when ur hitting and believe u got a bad call from the ump u should be able to raise the controller as if ur raising ur hands in disgust and the player would do the same on screen, could work for pitcher too!

  • thanks for responding to my question.

  • please fix the 404 error everytime we post. posting then hit submit give a 404 error everytime.

  • Hi guys,

    Like the game but here’s my feedback…:

    I would like to play online with a friend, a rivalry or something, so we could have stat tracking and all that for only 2 players…I mean if you’re going to give us a 6 six draft and online “season” mode, why not for 2 ??! I know, it is kinda weird for only 2 players to play against each other…but still, I tend to think that A LOT of people would like to see something for 2 players other than only playing head-to-head 1 vs 1 games…

  • One comment, and one question.

    First off, this sounds like it will be the best baseball game anyone has ever seen. I’m really excited for it.

    Here’s a comment/suggestion. I think it would be ridiculously cool if you incorporated mobile phones with this concept. Or the PSP if there is some license problems. I would love being able to go on my Iphone and check trade proposals, and manage my team while on the go and propose and accept trades. That would be awesome. I’m assuming we can trade and such during online leagues correct?

    Second. Is there really no fatigue whatsoever in an online season? Maybe I just heard wrong. That would seem pretty disappointing and kind of hurt the strategy aspect if you could simply pitch your number 1 starter every game. In fact, it doesn’t seem like something like that would be hard to implement. Heck, I’d think a simple patch could fix that. If First person shooters these days can keep track of exp you gain, and different skills, abilities you are in the midst of learning, I would think it would be rather simple for an online season to keep track of games you’ve played in between since using a pitcher. But maybe i’m wrong, and there is online fatigue.

  • I understand that the “flexible” playing method would make it very hard to add online fatigue.

    Such as if you played a game on the 10th of april, then jumped to the 15th of april and used that same pitcher…that would cause a huge problem for games from the 11th to the 14th. (For people who don’t follow, if you return to play a game on the 13th, and pitched that same pitcher…whatever fatigue that was accumulated on the 13th, would never have been presented when you played your game on the 15th)
    So alas, the flexible schedule causes some major problems.

    But…there is a simple fix…one which I think is necessary for a online league/draft.

    I think you need to make a rule that you can’t pitch a starter unless there are at least 3 days in between since the last starter pitched. Therefore if you pitched a starter on the 10th, then jumped to the 15th and pitched that starter…due to the rules, you would’t be able to use that starter during the 11th, 12th, 13th, or 14th as it would break the 3 day rule. Next day you could use that starter would be the 19th.

  • A rule such as this is necessary. It adds strategy. If you know a team is good, you’re going to want to plot out a way to have your good starters going during that series. Additionally…if everyone uses their #1…then come draft time, nobody is going to draft more than one starting pitcher till the very end of the draft. That destroys way too much of the fun. A starting pitcher rule for online season play NEEDS to be implemented.

  • I am a 360 owner so I have only heard about how good the Show is. After reading up about theShow09 I am going to buy a PS3 this weekend so I have it in time for this game. I never though I would buy an entire system for one game but you guys did it. The 2K series puts out the same crap game every year and MLB theShow 09 looks like its gonna be a homerun.

    • Welcome to the show. And you\’ve picked a great time to make the leap. MLB 09 The Show and Killzone 2 right around the same time. Clear your calendar.

  • Will you please offer a roster package for a nominal fee so the previous year games can be updated with the latest rosters?

    • You\’ve already got that package with a nominal fee of $59.99 – MLB 09 The Show… ;) But wait, there\’s more; aside from the rosters you also get the the new lighting system, new practice mode, customizable soundtracks, walkups, new recordable cheers & jeers, new dynamic leadoff system, live drafts and flex schedules. That is a bargain. Have fun.

  • Wow Cool Feature I No This Is Not The Blog For This But Can’t Wait For This Game 2 Come Out Everything I Wanted Is ALMOST!! In Here The Only Thing I Hope It Has Is That In RTTS They Would Recognize My Career Player More And Highlight His Stats Because With My Career Player Ive Been Rookie Of The Year They Didn’t Highlight It In The Following Year So It Felt Like I Did Nothing Then The Next I Signed With Boston They Paid Me Less Money Than Last Year Then I Finished The Boston Season With The MVP Silver Slugger N Lead In RBI’s N I Thought Teams Were Gonna Be Throwing Big Deal Contracts At Me The Only Team That Gave Me A Deal Was Boston So Hope U Changed some Of That N Will Like To Hear A Response Thank You !!!

  • hey thanks for the update this is goin’ to be the best one by far. i cant wait for it to come out. only thing is i don’t know when it comes i always get different answers. i hope you can answer my question. you guys are doing a great job. also i have ps3 just incase it makes a difference.
    Thank you and please write back.

  • March 3

  • Jason and Troy, for what it is worth, I strongly hope you and your brilliant team seriously consider the “NCAA Football 09” Franchise-ish-type mode for online play mentioned above in 2010. I convinced two buddies to actually go out and buy PS3’s just to buy this game (and others to pre-order the game) on the off-chance that such a mode would be possible.

    Don’t get me wrong, the game looks brilliant, and we are all (of course) still buying it with smiles upon our faces. But I can speak for 6 human beings (and I am willing to bet many many more) and say that a form of this mode, even a primitive one, would be request number 1 for 2010.

  • thank you very much for answering my questions!

    and i’d just like to say that i TOO bought a ps3 JUST for this game (i have a few other games now but def bought it in preperation for mlb 09 the show :)! which i already have preordered)
    also i would just like to let u know how impressed i was w/ the demo. i’ve already come across tons of different hits (over the head, off the wall, bobbled, missed, down the line), i’ve seen the beach ball in the stands once, i’ve seen at least 8 different little intros which is very impressive for a demo, and i was even able to take the 4-inning demo to a 10-inning, 117 pitch win for the rays in my 3rd time playing. so.. to sum it up. i like it a lot and still more of the game to come haha

  • Troy, I meant any team at turner field. I just want to see turner field. So yes, mets at turner would be fine. Great job on the game guys! Best sports game ever!

  • Can I get my questions answered please.

    1) Is there a timer between picks for online fantasy draft?

    2) When will I be able to start another league after I request to disband my existing league?


  • I don’t want to come off like an a$$ with my earlier comment, you guys are unbelievable, I hope you can keep that genius team together and pump out these types of games for years to come.

  • I love this game but all these features do not mean ANYTHING to me if the game is unplayable online like last year. YOU ALL HAVE TO FIX THE FRAMERATE/LAG ISSUES online. THAT IS THE ONLY SELLING POINT FOR ME. Skipping is Crucial to timing and Timing is crucial to success in this game.

  • If fatigue during season mode is such an issue, then just make a rule like stated above. Or even simpler, starters only start one game per series.
    My question(s) 1) Online in 08 when i tried to hit the cut-off man my throwing meter was only one small ring and could never throw it hard. Is that fixed?
    2) I want to vote on not making me wait 14 days and get a 3* rating to start league play, where do i go for that? And people will give you a 1* rating for simply winning a tight one, so i hate that rule.
    3) This is my first blog/post response ever! would love an answer! love the game, love the sport.
    I will say, NCAA saved their game making the online dynasty mode. If yall are already at the top, imagine the possibilities of adding something similiar.

  • Me and one of my buddies buy your game every year. It is hands down the best sports game on the market. I saw where you commented about including an online Franchise mode in the future. This is something that my friend and I have been LONGING for. The leagues are great but most of the time we just play each other online and occasionally play a stranger so the inclusion of an online franchise mode would be stellar. Any hints on if this is coming as an add on for this years game or will it be next year or when?


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