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We are just under a month from Resistance: Retribution hitting store shelves which means – we went gold last week! The Bend Studio is really excited to be able to share the final game with you PlayStation.Blog readers. We’ve been out on the road the past few months hitting shows like CES, and most recently New York Comic Con where we ran into the writer and artist for the Resistance Comic Books. Someone found a camera and I asked them a few questions. Check out the video below.

In other video news. For the past week, IGN has been running a series of Behind the Scenes videos for Resistance: Retribution with topics that focus on the storyline, the motion capture sessions, the music, and voices behind the characters. Head over there and see how much work we’ve been putting into this game.

Don’t forget, Resistance: Retribution is coming exclusively to PSP on March 17th!

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  • Aawww SWEET!
    They join God of War!For greatest hit!
    Just SWEET!
    Just can,t wait for the day it here!

  • Man I lucked out this time! I got a big pay check in the mail for this Wednesday so I will spend it on a PSN card to buy No Gravity and No Gravity on PSN as well as for my other console!

    BTW: Please do some Resistance paper back books! I would love to read those! I like the idea of comics how about a few paper back books to read as well? Also please keep this game alive on the PSP! We need more Resistance love! Same goes for the PS3! More Resistance!

  • i remember hearing something about the full game being released on the PSN as well…is there any truth to that?

  • WHY!!! I preordered this awesome game a week before my PSP was stolen.

  • cant wait

  • What? u are not doing anything about piracy? lol retards everyone is going to download it not me but everyone..

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