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We are just under a month from Resistance: Retribution hitting store shelves which means – we went gold last week! The Bend Studio is really excited to be able to share the final game with you PlayStation.Blog readers. We’ve been out on the road the past few months hitting shows like CES, and most recently New York Comic Con where we ran into the writer and artist for the Resistance Comic Books. Someone found a camera and I asked them a few questions. Check out the video below.

In other video news. For the past week, IGN has been running a series of Behind the Scenes videos for Resistance: Retribution with topics that focus on the storyline, the motion capture sessions, the music, and voices behind the characters. Head over there and see how much work we’ve been putting into this game.

Don’t forget, Resistance: Retribution is coming exclusively to PSP on March 17th!

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  • ^^loser
    can’t wait for this game!

  • Hello, i have heard some time ago that Home will be invaded with Chimera. Is that true? Thanks

  • awesome i cant wait for this :-P i hope a new syphon filter is on the way for ps3…PLZ!

  • getting excited

  • After R2 was such a horrible disappointment to me I was greatly pleased to find that the R:R demo kept the heart of R:FoM going where R2 did not. I only have one game for my PSP, this will be my second on March, 17th. Thank you for keeping the spirit of R:FoM alive guys! :D

  • The demo to this rocked, cant wait to check out the whole game. There is some sort of multiplayer on this right?

  • I loved Resistance 2, so I’m expecting that Retribution will be even greater game( well, for a handheld, of course) than Fall Of Man or R2

  • Great job guys! Unfortunaley my PSP doesn’t function well, so I can’t play it :( Argh! Does anyone here have a PSP they don’t use so I can buy or you can give? ;)

  • … so, are you guys making a new Jak and Daxter game for the PS3???? I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok, I am not new to gaming or anything like that, however, I keep on hearing that games “go gold”. What does it mean for a game to go gold?

  • @11

    Going gold simply means that the game is finished and has been sent away to start making the copies and packaging them to start shipping them out.

  • ok now that this game has gone gold i hope we finally see some DLC for Resistance 2.

  • im actually gonna buy a psp just for this game i hope it rocks


    Problem is I don’t have a PSP soooo…just bundle this with a PSP and it’s good as sold. Now go…make it happen!

  • Played the demo. Really brought back the feeling of Resistance: Fall of Man. Had a very similar presentation.

  • very nice, very raw interview. i liked it.

    so basically the comic ties into the beginning of Retribution. are you guys doing anything for the Resistance 2 story? will we know what happens after Resistance 2 through a comic book issue?

  • looks sooo sick and the psp connect and infected modes are awesome too! i can’t wait to pick up this one guys. i hope this will have an engaging story as the previous two did on the PS3.


  • YEAH!!!!

    i can NOT wait for it!!

    can someone tell me when its coming out?

  • @18 read the entire article. March 17th.

  • Sony really needs to put more into marketing these really good games.

  • WHAT’S in the new 5.05 psp update?????

  • I’m cleaning off my DS3 in prep for this game…

  • Really looking forward to this game since I love the Resistance universe. Day one purchase.

  • I pre-ordered the game a while back and really enjoyed the demo. Thanks for allowing us a glimpse of infected.

  • man this is must buy PSP game!

  • After this Game Im not sure What Great Game will be for PSP.

    I have to get Loco Roco 2 and Resistance: Retribution.

    After that I really dont know what could be great for PSP.. Lets hope something Great :D

  • Great Interview.

    On the PSP, Bend Studio can do no wrong.

    Bring. It. On.

  • I have to say the support from both Sony and Third party developers this year is great news for PSP owners, Phantasy Star Portable, RR, and many more games are exclusive to the PSP this year alone with a huge 8 exclusive titles in total.

  • Great interview! I hope the Price is Right is doing well for you.

  • i already reserve this so i cant wait until it comes out. i have the first and second resistance and i want to try out the infect mode. btw is there going to be DLC ?

  • Hey, question to the developers: Was the level in the demo the first level in the game? I’m just asking becuase in the demo they kinda just throw you in there without any tutorial.

  • Sweet Can’t wait for this one!

  • AWESOME!!!!

    I’m definately going to have to pick up the Resistance Comics AND Resistance Retribution! (I’m a big Resistance fan too!) That you for sharing this video! It really is cool seeing all of this stuff!

  • ^^^^ UGH! Above I meant THANK YOU not “that you”

    lol What was I thinking!?!?!?

  • I want to say the team over at Sony Bend is great. I so look forward to
    Resistance: Retribution the game looks great.

    I know you can’t comment on a rumor but I was wondering if you can say a little some thing without saying either way. If that makes sense.

    I heard Bend is making a new PS3 Syphon Filter game for the PS3 that will be like Omega Strain and a new PSP game too. Plus that they would link up for some extra cool play. Some thing like what Resistance:2 and Resistance: Retribution are doing.

    But I was wondering how you could make a new Syphon Filter game after what happens in Logan’s Shadow. So my question is how could Bend continue the Syphon Filter story.

    Also how big is the team at Bend now I know before it was around 40 but after the last two PSP games being so great games and selling well if the team at Bend is more of a small studio or is it a bigger one now.

    Again Resistance: Retribution Looks incredible and I can’t wait to play it. Keep up the good work Bend. You make great games and I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  • Looking forward to this I have the first two games and can’t wait to get this,I know Sony Bend isn’t SCEA but I’d like to know if Sony will be re-releasing a new extended battery for the PSP, they never gave a reason why they discontinued it in the first place.

  • Great Sony Bend didn’t let me down with one of my favorite series (Syphon Filter) so I doubt they will let me down with this title. I only have one problem so far, I wish the infection would of stayed with the PSP and not gone away when we power off.

    If possible can someone answer why you guys chose to go that route? I don’t know anything about creating a game but I imagine it “could” of been simple to do and just save the infection to the game save thus not going away when you power down.

  • Woohoo! Gold! Can’t get this day one but it’s on my list of things to get for sure

  • day one that’s all I have to say

  • ugh must… find… a… job!!!

    cant wait… well i can cuz im broke :(

    wish me luck on getting me this waiter job…
    wish i could be a game tester around nj… grrrr

  • Pre-Bought the Game..and I hate pre-buying games, so I am looking forward to this game. I enjoyed the demo and have played it many times.
    The only real complaints is that the games graphics engine could have been more polished, with all the texture tearing and a more detailed crisp look, yes it can be done even on the PSP. The camera is also horrible, but hey I’ve put up with it forever in the Resident Evil games…Anyway can’t wait and will buy day one.
    My PSP is starving and is thoroughly malnourished, so I know it will gobble this game right up…Now back to Prinny Dood!

  • Japan PSstore has the demo

  • Oh wow…I can hardly wait!
    I have have the money ready for this game since the day it was announced…let me tell you, it has been a looong wait.
    And thank god the wait will finally be over March 17th!

    Speaking about the 17th, will it be released simultaneously on PSN as well on that date?

  • can’t wait, loved rfom, loved r2, really think i’ll enjoy rr

  • i feel that r:r is going to be the real squeal to make us happy for resistance fall of man

  • So… what’s this game about? I’ve seen a trailer for it… I have a psp… but seriously… what is it?

  • Heck yes. I am definitely getting this game.

    So is the demo not coming out for non-preorders?

  • Sony, if firmware 2.7 rumors are true please remember we don’t just want improved chat features, we want party chat and cross game chat. Our friends and only our friends.

  • Any Word on a new PSP firmware?

  • Please let Issue #0 of Resistance come out to normal comic book stores. I have the CE edition but the text is too small on my TV I can’t read it. PLEASE LET US BUY IT IN STORES AS WELL. Oh and make another Resistance Series, it’s good.
    Till Later.

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