Catch inFamous on Spike TV Tonight

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Hi all,

More exclusive new inFamous info is on the way…tune in to Spike tonight at 1 a.m. PT/ET for inside access to inFamous with GameTrailers TV as host Geoff Keighley goes on-site at Sucker Punch’s studio in Bellevue, WA.


A new trailer will be revealed and for the first time, meet Cole’s female nemesis while experiencing the first boss battle. If you miss the show tonight, check it out online this weekend at or on the PlayStation Network video store.

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  • @Katie Reid
    I think you guys are going about this wrong, there is no incentive to buy these episodes when they can be legally had for free.
    We already have QORE which is a much better product and essentially Sony centric, Sony could even be shooting themselves in the foot when GTTV starts showing off titles exclusive to the other platforms.
    People should all know as well that Geoff Keighley;s bias is rampant and he constantly pushes the boundaries of “respectable” journalism for ratings.

  • So…..I can pay $2 for this……or I can just stream it from GT using my PS3 browser…for free.

    Hmm. That’s a tough one. Let me think about that.

  • The new trailer looks great! Check it out here –

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