Catch inFamous on Spike TV Tonight

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Hi all,

More exclusive new inFamous info is on the way…tune in to Spike tonight at 1 a.m. PT/ET for inside access to inFamous with GameTrailers TV as host Geoff Keighley goes on-site at Sucker Punch’s studio in Bellevue, WA.


A new trailer will be revealed and for the first time, meet Cole’s female nemesis while experiencing the first boss battle. If you miss the show tonight, check it out online this weekend at or on the PlayStation Network video store.

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  • Nice this game looks sick!

  • What if we don’t have satellite or cable :(

  • It will be on the PlayStation Video Store or at as it says lol.

  • Why would you put it on the PlayStation Video Store?!

    Put it on the normal PlayStation Store so people outside the US can watch it too…


  • @2, haha you must read the article!

    On topic, I’m looking forward to more info about the game. Trying to understand the hype based on what I’ve see. Seems like I’m missing something, which is great, as it means there are major surprises still to be announced!

  • @4 I think the new trailer will make it’s way to the regular store. They mean the FULL EPISODE of GameTrailersTV will be available for download on the video store, offered by Spike.

  • Thank you katie

    this i going to be awesome i love info about infamous

    also katie keep up the good work and post more things like this ill thank you for it and there will be free cookies in it for you

  • I need a Spike HD channel

    Thanks for the heads up

  • Yeah same for me I have Spike, but its in SD.

    *Sadpanda face*

  • @6

    You may be totally right. It needs clarification.

    Either way, watching trailers on TV doesn’t do HD games any justice. Watching them on Gametrailers isnt much better.. compressed all to hell.

  • well all i need is a released date sony, sucker punch has my money already

  • LOL, GameTrailers doesn’t like the Playstation 3.

  • We need a release date dammit :(

  • OK thanks for the heads up, @2 blkant and 4 korbei83 I think is time that you guys pull your head out of your butts and read the article completely before you start crying like girl, instead of posting so quick just cause you want to be on the top 20 comments,
    “What if we don’t have satellite or cable :(”
    well go to PlayStation video store “Why would you put it on the PlayStation Video Store?!Put it on the normal PlayStation Store so people outside the US can watch it too…THINK!” well go to the website believe me is world wide think

  • Cool “Hopefully” they reveal some new powers,

    Play the force unleashed too see how boring using electricity Is.

  • WTF, why so late, who watches Spike tv on a friday night

  • Can’t wait!

    Also, Jeff on BEYOND!?!?!?! Is this a precursor to a PS Blog podcast?

  • ill be honest man i dont really like this jeff guy


  • Hmmm…. Watch Gametrailers TV for free and in high definition on the PC or pay $1.99 to watch in standard definition only. Seems like an easy choice for me. Too bad Sony can’t seem to understand this. But then again with how fast they’re losing install base and money, I guess they need any way they can to try and survive.

  • This show comes on really late so hopefully I can wait up. There better be a release date revealed…OR ELSE…I’ll have to wait some more.

  • All I ASK for…….
    All I PRAY for……..
    All I HOPE for………
    is one thing……….
    That they game LIVES UP TO THE HYPE

    Christ, look how many games have come out,they looked sick, graphically amazing and so forth, yet SUCK.

    Lair: oooh nice graphics, 6 axis usage..SUCKED

    Kane n Lynch: Graphics nice, Controller, gameplay, up horrible.

    HAZE: Enough said.nightmare
    Soldier of Fortune: Payback
    and on and on and on…


  • Heh.. Woah.

    -Lair wasn’t too bad, great graphics indeed.

    -Kane and Lynch wasn’t great but it had a great art direction.

    -Soldier of Fortune, the devs went to a lot of hard work on gore sites for that.

    -Haze, Free Radical are pretty awesome, they had a great idea, and it wasn’t executed perfectly. It also wasn’t THAT awful.

    Yeah, those games had their fair share of problems but bringing a group of 50+ people together to work in unison, is almost as much of a nightmare as you playing these games you hate. So there’s no need for the hyperbole, I have nothing wrong with criticising games but do it sensibly.

  • @Haskell….

    Um…listing 1 year old non first party titles isn’t really helping your argument….and Kane & Lynch or Soldier of Fortune had hype? Really?

    Have you ever played a Sucker Punch game? Their pedigree alone should calm your own ‘hype’ about things.

  • is this free?

  • Jeff you were great on podcast BEYOND!Hope to hear more from you.

    Infamous is looking great.My one complaint would be the shooting of electricity looking very repetitive.Hopefully that’s not the case

  • I dont have Spkie TV and theres no video store in canada… looks like im missing this, thats too bad

    it just goes to show…

  • @ 19

    Thats kind of depressing :( I like jeff.

    Unless you mean Geoff the guy from spike, cause I don’t care for him at all -_

    But if its blog Jeff then long live blog jeff! :P

  • I think he meant Geoff because everybody likes Jeff even wen he does not respond to your questions he still Jeff from the blog :>

  • Never liked Gametrailers one of the most biased site. They dont like the PS3. Notice their comparison videos, game icons even if its multiplatform you see the 360 icon instead. etc.. etc..

  • SO when will the video be posted on the PSN store?

  • @30 IronMan
    I do agree they are major xbox360 lovers. I use to watch bonus round on gametrailers, but then stopped, because it became lets talk about how great the 360 is and how much ps3 sucks.

    I can tell you what Geoff Keighley first question to sucker punch will be “When is it coming to the xbox360?” LOL

    He makes Canada look bad.

  • im gonna try and stay up for this one! any new footage on inFamous has me. this is another exclusive that i’ll be buying this year.


  • why’s this on at midnight? Does it have foul language and nudity lol

  • I don’t know why it’s 2 dollars to download a show that you can watch free on gametrailers, but it is also charged on XBL, so it’s understandable I guess. I guess it’s a decision from Spike TV.

  • Geoff K is a tool

    Jeff R is the man!

  • ill be honest man i dont really like this jeff guy


    RE: OMG I was about to say the same thing when I read this blog post. I was at my gf’s house so I didnt bother logging in. But yeah I really do not like Jeff.

    They over use him, I just seriously got so sick of the guy

  • Guess I’ll actually watch this show tonight.

  • man this is totally awesome! ppl who dont have cable dont worry it will be online

  • This is all part of the hype train behind the release of Killzone 2. :)

    7 days!!!

  • Why would someone pay $1.99 to purchase this from the playstation video store. When they can just go to the PS3’s web browser and go to and watch it for free???

  • CAN’T WAIT!!!! thanks for announcing this!

  • i AGREE WITH 41 ,

  • wth 2$ for something that’s free on the web. thats not cool :/

  • Yeah, this is so mind boggling! Why on earth pay for something that’s 1. free on their website, 2. free on tv, 3. and free watching online on your tv through the ps3 browser?

  • I saw it. It was good.

  • First time I watched this show. It will be the last time know matter what is on it. It’s format is terrible. I think I saw the host in the men’s bathroom of LAX paying for a BJ.

    Sicko, know wonder why it’s on at 1AM.

  • i saw the show but i wont see anything playstation related on that show again until they get rid of the host , that guy looked like he didnt even wanna do the interview , how nice would it be to see a sonytv channel with sony movies, music and playstation video game shows all day lol … im dreaming too much now

  • I’ve been watching GTTV for a while now, because they give exclusives almost every episode, it’s all in HD, and the show smartly doesn’t try to cram in lots of little items into one ep, but it has one feature title for which the coverage is nicely fleshed out, and you can see lots about it, and then there’s bonus new trailers and maybe a gaming community item, too. It’s definitely good value!

    On inFamous, though:
    I really like the visual style in the game, and cutscenes. The former brings to mind a Marvel comic brought to life! Plausibly dark.

    The trailer with the girl abstractly describing Cole, as if he were a mysterious revered (or reviled) legendary figure in this broken city, really worked well. Hopefully the game will do a good, seamless job of illustrating ho citizens feel about Cole.

    The first boss shown, Sasha, I’m a little unsure about the boss battle they offered a glimpse at, but the character looks like she will have an interesting part to play towards enriching the narrative of the game.
    Just exploring the areas looks like incredibly good fun, with Cole’s exaggerated, enhanced movements and climbing prowess, making travel seem like it will be enjoyable, rather than a chore.

  • I guess that the PlayStation Video Store version of the show doesn’t have ads at the start, and in between some of its chapters…That’s probably the reason that Sony charge to watch it.
    If it’s in SD only on there, though, then that does seem like a bad deal, and, not even the “paying for convenience” argument holds up very well, in that case.

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