Noby Noby Boy Coming Tomorrow on PSN

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I recently bought Flower on the PS Store and it’s a lot of fun. It’s the most interesting game I have ever played on the PS3. I love it.

Come to think of it, Noby Noby Boy will be released on Feb 19th, tomorrow! Well, my apologies for the delay to those who have waited the game. Matching the release date with other territories was tougher than we thought, but the good thing is that I could have some interesting experiences in the game.

With Noby Noby Boy, you can send a message to other players while playing without going to the XMB, and the received messages are displayed on the body of Boy. Checking the game spec, I sent a message requesting approval to add a friend and my request was accepted instantly, and I received a message. Below is an image of the message shown on Boy’s body.

Noby Noby Boy screenshot - PS3 message

Surprise! It says, “welcome to paradise.” It’s such a worn-out cliché, but I like it! Exchanging messages with people via online games has become nothing special, while I don’t play games much, let alone online, receiving this message really delighted me. It was even somewhat impressive because I didn’t expect it and of course it proved that the messaging function was working.

Oh, I almost forgot about the game. Yes, the concept is to stretch Boy. But with that said, there are many other ways to enjoy this game and they are totally up to you. Again, that is where the difficulty of describing the game lies. This game may let you run into something totally beyond your imagination or may not at all. You may totally hate the unexpected or you may love it as I did. I hope the players can find those unexpected elements fun. Now, let me show you a video that will help you understand the game a little better, lest you are getting more confused with the ambiguity.

This is Takahashi. Talk to you later.

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  • lol thats was one hella weird trailer but im so getting this

  • Your insane. I just thought you should hear it….

  • I love games off the beaten track. Quirky, artistic, creative games are my favorites. That said NobyNobyBoy might have surpassed even my tastes. I don’t get it. The gameplay is a bit of a mystery but the appeal of the game is even more of a mystery. I guess this one just doesn’t click for me. Ah well, thanks for all the unique games but sadly I may have to pass on this one. I’ve got to go play Flower again.

  • Can’t wait to get this tomorrow:)

  • このゲ=ムは本当におもしろいと思います。


  • I love you, and your games.

  • so do you grow by collecting hearts from people? Like making them happy or something by touching them?

    I am very curious with this game, I am not sure if I will buy it yet.. odds are I will, since I am a compulsive buyer on PSN.. hehehehe

    still, this game is intriguing

  • I’ll admit I’m still a little confused, but I have complete faith in you to produce something unique and wonderful and will be picking this up sight-unseen tomorrow.

    I remember you expressing your want to move on from the series in an interview somewhere, but would you consider bringing a Katamari game to PS3?

    Anyway, always nice to hear from you, Takahashi. Take care, and best of luck with sales for Noby Noby Boy.

  • Looks like the developer is just brainstorming. Not really a game. More like trying to keep busy.

  • Cannot wait. Big fan of his.

  • wierd is all i have too say…really wierd

  • That video cleared it up… wait.. no it didn’t.

  • am i on drugs?

  • Cracks me up. There should be more happy games to balance the graphic violence! :) Thankyou.

  • While I appreciate these lil quirky games even if I don’t enjoy them generally (sorry I found Flower just completely uninteresting) I just wish there were more old fashioned arcade games on PSN. A nice platform shooter in the vein of Turrican II but with co op play would suit me fine. The Wii gets Cave Story which I’m not a big fan of as such but it’s closer to what I’d like to see more of.

  • We need Bomberman!

  • Demo please.

  • The video is the demo.

    This game looks fun, and is going to be my game of choice in between bouts of zombie and Helghast slaying in March.

  • I cannot wait to play your game Mr. Takahashi!!

  • Oh my god.

  • demo? its $4.99, they wont be spending time to make a shrunk version of this game for your demo needs.

    i will be buying this asap tomorrow!

    thanks sony

  • A TELETUBIES ACID TRIP, that is what this game is. Lol you guys musta been smattered.

  • 9/10 from Eurogamer , lol

  • Buying it PERIOD!

  • Thx for taking the “play” literally in your games and really challenge the players to actually “play” Day one purchase and i hope you get enough sales to add as many features as you want in your game. Ohh yeah those green frogs sold the game for me.

  • looks interesting? still don’t fully understand what this game is all about. hopefully i’ll find out tomorrow though.


  • Can’t wait to try this game tomorrow.

  • i might get it, the game looks pretty f up, like they were high but looks good and a 5$ price is GREAT so yea ill most likely to buy this game

  • Hm… very tempted…


  • I hope this sells well and then we see more $5 PSN titles…Yes, Flower is worth $10, but I bet it’d sell even better at the $5 pricepoint.

  • 34 seconds in…

    Look! It’s a Ballchinian!

  • lol looks funny and fun at the same time!!! maybe i will buy it once i go buy a PSN card

  • KD rawks! I’m looking forward to this.

  • IMO this game is stupid. Seriously.

  • Haha that trailer really made me smile. Thanks!

  • This looks to be awesome, but I dunno how long this’ll last me before it gets boring. :/

    Still I’m going to day one purchase it because it seems more interactive than Flower was.

  • we need custom music for this game.

  • I must buy this. Please bring more awesome games like this to PS3!
    Maybe a new Katamari, or a remake.

  • I can’t wait for this game… it’s going to be fun, I know it! :D

  • Can’t wait!

  • Can’t wait to buy it tomorrow! Oh and we all want Beautiful Katamari also PLEASE! We will buy it day 1 if you would kindly port it over. :D We hope your listening to your loyal fans, and Thank You for another great, crazy, fun game!

  • W.T.F.

    This looks like the sorta game Harold and Kumar(who first went to White Castle and then Escaped from Guantanamo Bay) would find utterly irresistable. Looks like the developers were on crack when they made this weirdness. Y’know, you might get more people to buy it if you actually show some gameplay so we can see how the game is supposed to be played(or at least one way it can be played)

  • I have one question… First i wanna say I’ve never Smoked Weed in my life… Do i have to Smoke Weed to be able to play this game and understand the Mission Objectives ?

    I wanna know if i buy this for $19.99 do i have to buy bags of weed to understand the gameplay as well or. not?

  • you did tell us that the objective was to stretch Boy, but the question is, “How do you do that exactly?”

  • mr. Takahashi! can’t wait! thanks again. you’re a real hero!

    *since you mentioned Flower, i’ll have to try it too.

    also, ppl, please be patient. this game is amazing even if it doesn’t ‘reveal’ itself initially.

  • I’m a PSN game nut plus a sucker for original games like this, so first day buy for me!

    Yoku dekimashita Takahashi-san ;)

  • this is one i need a demo for before dropping money. i’ve found some gems on the PSN but 2 or 3 disappointing additions as well.

    then again…2 or 3 not great games out of the 40 or so on there isn’t a bad ERA :lol:

  • Nani? You can write Japanese here? In that case:




  • oops, タイプ”な”ゲーム^v^

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