Noby Noby Boy Coming Tomorrow on PSN

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I recently bought Flower on the PS Store and it’s a lot of fun. It’s the most interesting game I have ever played on the PS3. I love it.

Come to think of it, Noby Noby Boy will be released on Feb 19th, tomorrow! Well, my apologies for the delay to those who have waited the game. Matching the release date with other territories was tougher than we thought, but the good thing is that I could have some interesting experiences in the game.

With Noby Noby Boy, you can send a message to other players while playing without going to the XMB, and the received messages are displayed on the body of Boy. Checking the game spec, I sent a message requesting approval to add a friend and my request was accepted instantly, and I received a message. Below is an image of the message shown on Boy’s body.

Noby Noby Boy screenshot - PS3 message

Surprise! It says, “welcome to paradise.” It’s such a worn-out cliché, but I like it! Exchanging messages with people via online games has become nothing special, while I don’t play games much, let alone online, receiving this message really delighted me. It was even somewhat impressive because I didn’t expect it and of course it proved that the messaging function was working.

Oh, I almost forgot about the game. Yes, the concept is to stretch Boy. But with that said, there are many other ways to enjoy this game and they are totally up to you. Again, that is where the difficulty of describing the game lies. This game may let you run into something totally beyond your imagination or may not at all. You may totally hate the unexpected or you may love it as I did. I hope the players can find those unexpected elements fun. Now, let me show you a video that will help you understand the game a little better, lest you are getting more confused with the ambiguity.

This is Takahashi. Talk to you later.

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  • 1st. Looks good!

  • Definitely buying the game, though I hate the idea of nickel and diming DLC.

  • Buying this tomorrow! Make some more games like this!

  • Will there be a demo?

  • oh boy!!

  • Question : where you guys on drugs when you made the game.

    Its a game no doubt

    But im action adventure or fps or fighting kinda of gamer strategy and puzzle to a point of bejewel.

    But its looks good.

  • Ha, I can’t wait, especially for the $5 price tag, this is gonna be great

  • I dont get what your supposed to do?

  • it all makes sense now. im still buying

  • This may be getting old but: I STILL have no idea what the hell I just watched… I’m SERIOUSLY confused as to what this game is about… Might want to work on that, you know as a sort of selling point. Still, love the eccentricity. :)

  • I said it before and I’ll say it again: A 4-year-old’s trip on acid…

  • very very very excited, big fan of KD and i cant wait for this

    i’ll be stretching girl for all of us on the 19th

  • Day one…. tomorrow.
    im still amazed and delighted by your ideas Takahashi san.

  • I’m still just as confused, but I can’t wait! I have a lot of games to play (just picked up Street Fighter 4 today and I’m only halfway through Flower), but I’ll make some time for Noby Noby Boy. I love quirky Japanese titles like this. We need more of this and less of the current Americanization of Japanese gaming. I love it, you’ll have my support tomorrow, Takahashi-san! :)

  • idk…im so confused at least flower had a point

  • lol … what kind of games is it? im going to buy to buy it .. just because it got a good price and the need in knowing what game is it :P

  • So, basically, the day before the game is released, we still don’t have a clue about the game, other than stretching and eating to get longer.

    What’s with the pogo sticks?!?!

  • Now that Flower is already release I can safely say that Noby Noby Boy is my NEXT number 1 most anticipated game this generation.

    I can hardly wait until tomorrow.

  • This video leaves me with the same impression i had when i first watched 2001 : A Space Odyssey … WTF is that ??? I’ll give it a try tough , still look like a challenging game

  • “Will there be a demo?”

    do you really need a demo for a $5 game? I’m one of the cheapest people you’ll ever meet, and even I think asking for a demo is pushing it.

    Also, I don’t get why everyone’s saying they’re confused about the games premise. Seems pretty simple to me, you eat stuff, grow bigger, and report it to Girl in outer space. Sounds like Katamari meets Snake.

  • This has to be the weirdest game ever made.
    While watching the trailer all I can think of is ” WTF ” I will be buying it though lol.

  • I can’t wait to get this game!!!
    Can’t wait to see what DLC is to hit as well! =D
    Hope to see more funnily weird games from you Takahashi =D
    Loved KD, and im sure that i will love this!

  • Looking good!

  • In Game Messaging… im so buying this game.

  • wtf ? is this lol it looks wack

  • I’m buying this the instant it is available.

  • Thank you for this playground. :bow:

  • Me too. for $5 i’m definitely getting this. Flower last week and now this, psn rules!

  • Haha, that did not help me understand the game better at all! That sure isn’t going to keep me from buying it as soon as it’s available though.

  • I’m worried in case people walk past my PS3 whilst I’m playing this and think I’ve got insane LOL.

    Looking forward to getting my hands on this though. Buying it off EU store tomorrow.

  • I won’t lie, I still don’t know which character you play as :P

    Game looks..interesting ha

  • cant wait

  • i’m gonna pass on this, the only game i’m looking forward is Wheel of Fortune.

  • This is Joakim. Thanks for making this, it’s looking great.

  • i look forward to playing this

  • I’d buy anything made by the same minds as Katamari Damacy… can’t wait. Hope it supports 1080i/p output…NamcoBandai doesn’t have a good track record with PS3 users whose TVs don’t do 720p…

  • LMAO, im so getting this game

  • LOL I don’t know wtf is going on, but I’m buying it.

  • Takahashi-san, firstly I must thank you for gifting the PSN with another of your quirky game projects, my purchase was guaranteed as soon as I heard you were working on it.

    Secondly, I would like to ask you to kindly speak with Namco-Bandai higher ups about making your other game, Katamari, available on the PSN as well. Its absence is kind of odd since all other SONY platforms have a Katamari game.

    Thirdly, if you have any pull at all please explain to those same higher ups that if they are considering funding games to be made by foreign studios then please reconsider. Japanese developers need that money much more and the games they will make are going to be much more worth the while than anything made outside of Japan.


  • Demo???
    I don’t get what this game is about….
    Is like a game xbox will come out with..

  • A breath of fresh air in a sea of boring, rehashed crap this generation. Thanks for keeping the niche market alive. This looks beyond bizarre, but that’s not a bad thing :)

  • You’ve got yourself a deal!

  • I really like Flower and I think I’ll really like this. Bought!

  • Thanks for the update! I cant wait to play tomorrow night!

  • Huh.

    I am still utterly lost as to the point of this game, but maybe it is more like Flower and less of a game as much as an experience? Either way, I’m not sure how worth my monies it is right now, because of all the big titles coming out still and how I don’t really have much extra cash for games that I don’t trust. Best of luck to you guys and this game, and I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open for people’s opinion pieces on it!

  • A for sure buy for me! and that DLC that i have just heard about is an also buy! any news about a new katamari for the ps3? that would be an instant buy for me too!

    Hey Jeff are you going to pick up this game?

  • a lot of big posts today

  • This game is going to have an award called “STONERS Game Choice”

  • Still confused, I’ll have to wait and see what my friends say about it.

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