This Week in Killzone 2 (and more demo codes)

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I hope those of you in the US are enjoying your President’s Day Holiday, (assuming you get the day off). When we get back into the office tomorrow, we’ll be amping up our Killzone 2 coverage, featuring a look inside the new, live chats with developer Guerrilla Games, and even a contest or two.

From reading the comments, we gathered that some of you weren’t able to track down a Helghast soldier in Home yesterday to request a Killzone 2 demo code. Fortunately, I was able to get ahold of a few (hundred) more to distribute via our PlayStation Twitter account.

If you’re already following our account, all you’ve got to do is send us an “@reply” and ask. We’ll direct message you the code when we get into the office tomorrow (Tuesday, Pacific time).

If you’re new to Twitter, or haven’t yet joined, I suppose we owe you a bit of an explanation. To get our attention, just type “@sonyplaystation” into a Tweet and ask for the demo (see pic below as an example).

PlayStation.Blog Twitter Account

You’ll also need to be following us, or we can’t send you a direct message with the demo code. This part’s easy – just click on “Follow” underneath our logo in the upper right corner of the page.

PlayStation.Blog Twitter Account

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

UPDATE: Thanks for all the KZ tweets, we’ve definitely gotten all that we can handle. Just about to start sending out codes. . .

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  • This is more strange marketing from Sony. From the mexican fuzzballs to this jumping-through-hoops to get a DEMO, it makes you wonder who is mishandling their advertising so badly.

    KZ2 demo, free, in Euro store for a week or so already, and there are over 1 million preorders. Does SCEE think this is a coincidence?

    Sometimes I really don’t get it. At all. Seems like running tv spots for this game would be job #1 for SCEE and SCEA to build hype and it would have started a month ago. I’ve heard rumors of a big print ad campaign in Europe but it happened last year.

    Oh well. I got the Euro demo, convinced me to preorder it here in the US, so that’s one sale. But it’s not thanks to fancy marketing, it’s thanks to Joystiq and other gaming sites.

  • you’ll probally see killzone2 ads like a month after it comes out.Is sony’s marketing team being run by 360 fanboys.

  • I like how Sony is giving out free codes, through Home and such, it’s indeed nice.

  • I Trully hop i get a code i need to see this game on my t.v. does it support 1080p?


  • Why is it that this demo is on the UK PSN store and everyone can DL it. But here in the US we have to go nuts for codes in home and now on tweeter?

  • honestly and really..
    The next time Sony has a high profile release such as Killzone 2….

    PLease release the demo to EVERYONE.
    This demo code crap..yes it does create a bit of awareness… but in the end alot of people get pissed…

    I got the demo from a european account…
    I mean..This isn’t what you guys want to happen right?

  • Why r u guys making it so difficult for US to get the codes? Europeans can just Download from PSN.

  • I got home this morning and there weren’t any troop at the central plaza or anywhere else that I could see. I asked around, and one guy said there was one there EARLIER this morning/yesterday morning but hasn’t been since.

    What’s this about EUROPE getting them off the network?

  • Going through so much for a demo that has been available for free on the UK Store? This is unquestionably a conspiracy SCE has farmed so that American users would feel obliged to create dummy UK PSN accounts, so that SCE would eventually later reveal a massive increase of PSN users around the world on this first quarter.

  • Sadly this great game comes out soon and my ps3 just broke today. :(

    Would there be a way were I get it back when it comes out?

  • hey jeff.
    can you confirm/deny if the KZ2 demo was the final build or a later build.
    ive herd lots of stories ranging from the demo is from the 2007 CES build and others saying its final code.

  • @ Elite_Mortal
    sorry to tell you this my friend.
    but when my ps3 broke last febuary just after the release of DMC4, it took 9 weeks for me to get it back.
    and alot of people ive worked with have had the same problem :(

  • just put the demo out. i’ve played it 100x over myself already (Euro store). let everyone get it already..instant sale.

  • Agreeing that the whole ‘lets make the demo hard to get’ approach that Sony is taking with this game is just really strange and messed up.

    Isn’t the basic purpose of a demo to get as many people playing and exposed to your game as possible? Shouldn’t you be making it almost a required download instead of making people sign up for yet another useless site with yet another ID and password to remember? If it was right on the Playstation Store I would download it….otherwise I’m a busy guy who doesn’t have the time or desire to play stupid games to play an advertisement for a game.

    I’m sure the final game will be great but the marketing of this game is really backwards as far as I’m concerned.

  • Where’s the demo love for the Facebook fans?

  • Thanks, this is great!

  • So i heard the game lets you choose your own music. I’ve got a 250 song playlist ranging from metal to harder metal ready for this.

    Isnt SFIV out today? Collectors edition like woah.

  • The demos is short but well worth it. I can’t wait for the retail release on the 27th.
    I hope to see lots of advertisement starting soon. This game deserves it.

  • SONY:

    Quit treating your customers like donkeys chasing carrots on a stick.

    It might work for hardcore fanatics (the types who have had KZ2 pictures in their sigs for over a year). But it just insults and angers the rest of us.

  • I played the DEMO, BORING. MEH

  • GOD OF WAR is what us “REAL GAMERS” are waiting for, not much else but that and ghostbusters later this year.

  • @Tailsthecat so you’re complaining that humans move at human speed instead of having cat-like mega reflexes?

    Killzone has always aimed to feel like a battle zone, not like a Quake II remake.

  • Absurdly random question, but are there any plans to make KILLZONE 2 figures?

  • this game has been in development for 4 years one of Sony’s biggest games of 09 if not the biggest title for the ps3 period and no home support. WTF Sony if your biggest title doesn’t support home then what good is home. once again another missed opportunity to showcase the new service.

  • ok……….i’ve been trying to get a code here and there, but all this code hunting is exhausting ps3 owners, whats the problem with just releasing the demo???? i know this is all sony probably testing some marketing tactic, but they need to realize this is not increasing the “want” for the game, i myself plan on getting kz2 on release day, and i was ready to grab it but this demo code hunting is making me feel kinda like “yea, whatever, i’ve seen trailers but still…..”

  • @116
    Speak for yourself. Real gamers,lol? Killzone 2 looks and plays great. Can’t wait for the MP to get up and running.

  • After running around the web like a jack ass for Little Big Planet codes (yes I did get one) I’m not so hot to be going coo coo bananas for a KZ2 demo code.

    Hey Sony, you want Average Joe like Spud here to be interested in your game, put a demo on the Playstation Store.

  • By the way, have you seen the economy lately? Tell the suits to lower the price on the PS3, then more people will buy it.

  • @ghamdhik

    custom in-game music, for real?

    that was the last thing i expect.. you’re lucky getting to play the game so soon..

  • KZ2 demo was an exclusive deal with pre-order of KZ2@GameStop. Helghast outfit was an exclusive deal with pre-order of KZ2 @ It was clearly a business decision to help increase pre-sales, as GS bases their orders on pre-sales. Should the demo be out there for anyone that registers with the PSN? I think so! Anyway, thanks for the codes, the game is TIGHT!

  • so i got a tweet that they’ve started sending out the codes…….100$ that i dont get a code….i tweeted soon after they posted in the blog…… we’ll see i guess,

  • O YEAH!! i think i played the KILLZONE 2 demo at least 50 times and counting. I LOVE THIS GAME, AND CANT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON IT AND FEED MY PS3 THE DISC ( LOL ) . thank u MY PSN: BreakerGun

  • wow i sent my @reply to sony playstation like 3 hours ago and still have yet to receive my demo codes..

    i even created a twitter account just for this reason..

    if i dont get a code i will be mad pissed

  • @Stingray1971
    if you didn’t really read what Jeff said, it says there are only a limited amount and this post was made yesterday… he also said that if you replied yesterday you would get one today. you Obviously aren’t going to get one if you just replied today.

  • Well…I have something I have been wanting to say for a long time now…I hear all this fuss about killzone 2…its insane…then I take a closer look at the game and realize that killzone 2 is nothing but a polished remake of other fps games…there is just…well…nothing special about it….and thats what kind of turns me off….it will be HARD to beat COD as far shooters go and even if it does it will merely be a COD copycat…following in the footsteps that are already well traveled by a hundred other fps games…

    nothing against it sure it will be an amazing game…fun and cool…but acting like it will be the second coming of jesus is getting a little old…..yeah its our exclusive shooter and we want it to do well but this is becoming lame…..people talk about it and then I ask them…what is so special about killzone 2? and sadly they are at a loss for words…..

    thats what MGS 4 did right…it was one of a kind….same with LittleBigPlanet…they stand alone in their genre are kings of their domain….Killzone 2 though, can be easily classified as another next gen shooter…of which we already have tons…

  • how are we receiving them though? Email, direct message on Twitter, PSN messages?

  • nvm just reread the article above, direct message ftw!!!

  • This whole KZ2 demo thing is such a circus. Pre-order here, create an account there, jump through this hoop on a twitter there.

    Come on guys the point of a Demo is to DEMONSTRATE the product. You can’t Demo a product if only certain people get ahold of it.

    No if you really want to make something happen Sony needs to get developers to provide demos that have incentives. For instance announce a campaign that the demo is releasing and everyone who completes the demo by a certain date gets an access key to exclusive downloadable content for the title in question. Get people excited about downloading free content that gets them free content for a game that they maybe on the fence about and they’ll flock.

  • @Kaze – the demo will be out when the game is released… this is just last minute beta invites before the beta closes in a week.

  • I still cant comprehend why was the 2 player split-screen taken out from this game! That’s lame!

  • I’m tired of hunting this Codes, always searching from here to there. I really don’t understand why Sony doesn’t release the DEMO to every one?

  • #140?


    Because Sony isn’t happy until you’re not happy.

  • I made a UK account and downloaded the demo, but no multiplayer ;(

  • thank you very much “Moosehole”, now i too have that demo!!!

  • Game Stop ran out of codes also will the demo be online multilayer? When the game comes out will you start the stats all over?

  • Well I wont get this game. Sony has been absolute @$$holes about giving out the demo to everyone with it I have now decided to move onto another game. Not sure what one yet but KZ2 will not exist to me ever now. They give out the demo to the UK and EU like its candy but here in NA, no we will make you suffer and squirm for it and maybe if you are lucky enough and we see you worthy enough we will give it to ya. No thanks.


    Yeah I know I can do that but why should I have to do that when Sony could have been cool and done the same for NA?

    Thanks for the idea though.

  • I think Sony really under-estimates just how much they piss people off with their ridiculous marketing tactics…and dumb decisions.

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