This Week in Killzone 2 (and more demo codes)

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I hope those of you in the US are enjoying your President’s Day Holiday, (assuming you get the day off). When we get back into the office tomorrow, we’ll be amping up our Killzone 2 coverage, featuring a look inside the new, live chats with developer Guerrilla Games, and even a contest or two.

From reading the comments, we gathered that some of you weren’t able to track down a Helghast soldier in Home yesterday to request a Killzone 2 demo code. Fortunately, I was able to get ahold of a few (hundred) more to distribute via our PlayStation Twitter account.

If you’re already following our account, all you’ve got to do is send us an “@reply” and ask. We’ll direct message you the code when we get into the office tomorrow (Tuesday, Pacific time).

If you’re new to Twitter, or haven’t yet joined, I suppose we owe you a bit of an explanation. To get our attention, just type “@sonyplaystation” into a Tweet and ask for the demo (see pic below as an example).

PlayStation.Blog Twitter Account

You’ll also need to be following us, or we can’t send you a direct message with the demo code. This part’s easy – just click on “Follow” underneath our logo in the upper right corner of the page.

PlayStation.Blog Twitter Account

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend, and we’ll see you tomorrow!

UPDATE: Thanks for all the KZ tweets, we’ve definitely gotten all that we can handle. Just about to start sending out codes. . .

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  • Everything sounds great, can’t wait to finally get Killzone 2. It’s been a LONG time coming and it feels so good that the wait is almost over.

  • Nice job on actually using twitter for something useful Jeff.

    I’ve played the demo numerous times and it’s just as awesome each time, I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on this game.

    Yeah, Amazon offers street date shipping, it’s cool.

    @41 JohnALegend, all you have to do is log into twitter and on the very top it asks you what you are doing, here’s what you type…

    @sonyplaystation Can I get one of those KZ2 codes??

    Hit “Update” and you’re all set!!!

  • *chuckles* I’m sitting this one out. The LAST thing I need is to be signed up on yet another damned website.

    You guys enjoy, though; it’s worth it, just to see this game in motion on your TVs.

  • ty for the help!

  • I got a code from PSNation. It was quite awesome!

    Any word on getting codes for the Helghast PlayStation Home costume? You know, the one that you get from Amazon preorders.

  • The 10 sec AD is out… didnt you say we would see it here first? :)

  • The word is that you get one from preordering on amazon. And amazon won’t send out the codes until after the game ships.

  • I made a Twitter account just for you guys… hope I’m not too late!

  • the way Sony treats their first party titles
    is absolutely shameful.
    first motostorm pr the lbp and now the kill zone 2 launch.
    the game has gone gold a month ago, the demo was released weeks ago. 100’s of reviews have been out since the end of Jan. and the INTERNET hype peaked 2 weeks ago. and still 2 more weeks before the game launches shame on you Sony and your piss poor marketing job.

  • i replied but i dont get it how to do it :P

  • FINALLY! We regular people get the Killzone 2 MP Beta for FREE only with the typing of a few words.

  • Cant Wait for the Full Game :D

  • Jeff, you rock… Keep the good news coming

  • Are you guys still passing codes out?

  • im too lazy to email them can i have it now here ?

  • OHNO. Hope I’m not too late! We’ll have to wait and see muhaha… O_o

  • i think i did it right…idk tho =|

  • almost time to get killzowned

  • Killzone is trash, i can’t believe Sony wasted 5 years and money for this game… And its still not up their with Cod4 which took way less time to make.. get rid of gurilla, they failed Twice!!1

  • Go cry somewhere else.

  • Enough with the BS just put the damn demo on the store and let anyone who wants to play just down load it! One of the biggest games to come out and you make is jump through hoops just to get it? Ridiculous….

  • Good deal. I’ll make one so I can get my little brother a code.

  • Remember when demos were designed to convince potential customers that your product was worth buying? You should be trying to get this demo into the hands of jaded gamers like myself, who are skeptically thinking, “Oh great, another FPS, and a Gears of War ripoff to boot.” Instead you give “codes” to the diehard fanatics who will hype the game regardless of how good it is, who have the dedication to hit “Refresh” on the blog every ten minutes and are willing to sign up for a service that they never plan to use.

    As it stands now I am not going to buy Killzone, I bought my PS3 in the hopes of getting some of the RPG goodness that the PS2 was known for. If I want an FPS I’ll buy it for the PC with WASD and mouse so I have a chance of actually hitting something.

  • @66

    I respect your opinion, but you sir are trash. Have you even played the game, no! The demo does not count seeing how the demo is from E3 07/08. COD4 isn’t that great of a game, the story wasn’t that great, graphics were ok, voice acting was ok, the online is full of people who don’t know how to play. They grenade spam and camp. Guerrilla Games is one of the best video game companies/developers out there. I am a huge sony fanboy and Guerrilla Games fanboy. Diss either of them, then you have to come through me first. How about sony bets rid of you for being a jerk off. To the administrators sorry for flaming and my bad language.

  • @70

    What exactly is a “Gear of Wars” ripoff? If you are calling games ripoff, then every game is a ripoff from “Tennis for Two”. And, fps’s are ripoff from Duckhunt. If you don’t like ripoffs I don’t think that you should be playing games. If people rely on a demo for purchasing games is silly. Yes, it would be great if the demo is public, but just make a European account, and download the demo. Yes, sometimes demo’s are great for showcasing a game, but then again a demo for the game could’ve been made during the first stages of development. Remember the Uncharted and Burnout demo’s? They weren’t that great, but the full game was amazing. They released the MGS4 demo months after the game came out, and you complain about people having to acquire codes to get the demo from the US. If you want to play it do as I said before and get it from the Euro store.

  • How do you use this Tweeter stuff, I don’t get it.

  • *crosses fingers*

    Doubt I’ll get in though.

    Damn you, job T_T

  • Uhh, I’ll just make an EU account. That’s a heck of a bother to download a demo… like getting into the LBP beta.

    Pitiful marketing ploy, though. Forcing people to pre-order the game to play a demo is the most absurd thing I’ve heard in this industry lately… isn’t a demo for people who aren’t guaranteed sales?

    On a related note, special thanks to Sony for allowing people in the US to make Euro / Japanese accounts (and the other way around, I’m sure). If only there was an English language option on the Japanese store…

  • i hope that 10 second trailer isnt real. i’ve seen user videos better than that.

    sony marketing is horrible.

    i’ve owned a ps3 since launch and honestly i play all multiplayer games on xbl. will psn ever be as good as xbl? or close to it?

  • Seriously the ads should be out, the Pro-bowl or Daytona would have been great timing to start releasing teaser ads/commercials….but wait thats gone. Let have it already. I hope I am blown away. I am off the 27th and plan on spending my entire day with the game……at some point I will have to work in some time for the wifey too….I suppose, I’ll try and work it in. busy busy busy

  • @66

    How did you get the full game which judging by your comments you supposedly must have it already. was multiplayer that bad.If you are judging it by a demo then you are the biggest idiot here. The uncharted and mgs4 demo were horrible yet the games turn out to be masterpieces.

  • I knew it. The PR group for Kill Zone 2 are just a bunch of clowns. The same thing that happened to LBP looks like it will happen to KZ2. Incredible game but the way it is being handled make me worry. Europe got the demo on their store without a hassle why can’t we over here in America. Also why is there no Home room for Killzone as yet. What is with all the baby stuff and the silly ways in which to get the codes. In daily life from time to time when i do come across a PS3 owner i ask if they know about the PS websites. They usually say no. Sony you are wasting money. Also Gamestop needs to advertise more stuff. GOW 3 ad really made a lot of us feel good like the old days and confident in the PS3 but thats just GOW 3. Sony needs to shape up with advertising.

    PSN ID: stennex
    GAP memeber


  • its nice that you gotta hold of those codes for us on here Jeff! would’ve been more practical if SCEA followed suit and just put the demo on the PSN. this way we could have all avoided this tiny lil fiasco. oh wells.


  • Jeff,

    I know this may not be the right post to mention this, but I downloaded the recent Qore episode and still have not received the syphon filter code in my email. Just wondering when they will be sent out.


  • Sweet hehe—to those of you who don’t get in—making a Euro account is easy too *wink wink*

    Man, I still haven’t gotten into Twitter but the PS Blog is making me really lean towards it LOL—just like I never got a credit card but that PS Card had me really closely considering it!

  • Killzone 2 is the best gaphical looking game out to date. Suck on this Microsoft!!!

  • Hey Jeff,

    This is a little off topic but what ever happened to the trophy room in home?

  • @55 me too so I hope not to be late, Jeff send me one code please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please.

    I don’t want to create a UK account!!!

  • oh well forget this…

    I am not going to waste my time and effort like a rat running through a maze trying to get a killzone demo …I can find much better use of the hard drive space anyway.

    I guess ill wait the few weeks and play it myself..

    just so you know ….the demos should be free to all….expose as many people to the game as you can, as soon as you can, and it will add to sales… making people jump through hoops is a little its some kind of exclusive group..

    like I said …oh well…. this is only making me lose interest in killzone even faster…if thats what you set out to do..mission accomplished!

  • I don’t understand how to tweet people on twitter, anyone wanna help me? Thanx

  • Jeff, any chance you could comment on this statement “I’m willing to bet that Sony is spending a lot of money marketing the demo codes when they can post it for free.” —

    I figure that distributing codes this way along with Home isn’t really that expensive a proposition. But I’d like to know the answer before I take the bet.

  • I made a twitter acount, but the latest headline that we can comment under to request the Killzone demo codes is the God of War 3 Q and A. Hopefully this is the right spot to comment in.

    I also noticed that a lot of people are just clicking the example picture which goes to the flickr website and commenting there. I actually did this too, but then soon realized my mistake.

  • Some GAMESTOP Retail Stores don’t have any more Voucher Cards??!!!

  • GameStop doesn’t have any codes? Imagine that! They told me that I was supposed to call them when the SOCOM vouchers were out after I reserved it six months ahead. They’re a pain in the rear!!

  • I don’t really care for the way they’ve handled the demo distribution for North America.

    The more silly scavenger hunts they come up with, the more irritated I get.

    Heck, they probably enjoy NA users creating a Euro account to boost their overall number of PSN accounts.

    I’m voting with my wallet and I’m going to divert my $60 elsewhere and I’ll catch KZ2 on the flipside.

  • Bleh, the demo should have been up in the store the same time EU had theirs up.

    I got my only due to pre-ordering, but I think it’s a dumb idea. Oh well, I suppose if someone wants it that bad they can just make an EU account fairly quickly.

  • One its about time!!!!! Two does Sony even care about its flagship titles? I mean they dropped the Ball IMO when they could’ve taken America by storm at the Superbowl (yes I will not let it go)Sorry but if Angels and Demon made the Superbowl why didn’t Sony make History with the First ever VG commercial after all it was a historical month after all…. who’s Sonys marketing team nowadays ex-microsft employees?

  • Jeff if your reading this what is your Playstation Network ID if you don’t mind. I would like to add you to my friend list so we can play some games together. :)

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