Warning: Helghast Invasion of Home imminent

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Killzone Helghast

In the upcoming (just 12 days away!) Killzone 2, the ISA forces lead an assault of the planet Helghan. But that doesn’t mean the Helghast are on the defensive. In fact, my intel tells me that the Helghast forces are en route to PlayStation Home today.

Fortunately, the Helghast won’t be armed with STA-52 Light Assault Rifles (per se), but with demo codes for Killzone 2.

So if you don’t already have access (by pre-ordering), just jump into Home tonight starting at about 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern) and keep an eye out for the Helghast soldiers. When you find one, work up the courage and… just ask. If they’ve got any left, they’ll direct message you with the demo key.

Then you can punch that code into the PlayStation Store (upper right corner), download the demo, and repay the Helghan emissary by… invading their planet. Oh well.

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  • I didn’t even bother with the Killzone 2 demo and either this Home invasion maining because my internet super slow and would have more 2 hours to download a demo that was over 500 MB. I am assuming most PS3 demos are over 1 GB so yeah I rather wait until I can purchase this game with PayPal…

    I will buy killzone 2 because I really enjoyed KZ1 especially the during trailer that reminded me of World War 2 and Hitler

  • @ALL

    Thinks for the update Jeff but you no what i don’t need these codas because i already have the game, i got it today from my local store

    note : i live in Saudi Arabia

    i really feel sorry for you gays that you have to wait for 11 days to get your hands on this jem any way her some of the cool staff the you can expect from the game when you get your copy.

    * 1 player.

    *HDD:52MB Minimum.

    *Sixaxis Motion sensitive.

    *Dual Shock 3 Vibration Function.

    *HD 720P.

    *Network Players:2-32

    *in game custom sound track.


    *In-game internet browser:KILLZONE.COM

  • Can we expect to see a teaser ad for the US like the UK campaign?

  • Great idea, I hope you guys do more Home functions like this.

  • hallo! [DELETED] why do we have to pre order it for a [DELETED] costume damn

  • Heck yes, we need more things like this guys on PlayStation Home :)

  • That’s what I been wondering myself. It’s ridiculous that this game is coming out next week and not one single advert yet.

  • Ive been running around since 9pm Eastern and haven’t seen not one Helghast. Are they really hard to find or something?

  • Love the Demo hate the way Sony is marketing the game…..still buying the game

  • Sweet! Another hoop to jump through to play a demo! This is the way to market a game- make it hard for the consumer to test it.

  • can’t wait to try the demo i already reserved at gamestop!!!

  • i am on the last level, this game is sooo worth the wait. The demo is NOTHING, ABOSLUTLY nothing compared to the full game, you guys will see, btw if you dont believe i have the game check this out:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8Gwji6vYns

  • Man, I played in Home for one and a half hours and walked around the whole time but still didn’t see any Helghast soldiers. That makes me sad, since I missed them last time, too, and also missed the Twitter thing by a day.

  • Thats a great Idea guys.

  • I cant wait till friday, im gonna be in front of my damn tv the entire day because of this game!

  • i got a demo code from a helghast soldier! im happy now

  • Great Game

  • love the game..!!! whooooaa!!!!!!!!!

  • re5 re5 re5 re5 re5 re5 rrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee55

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