Warning: Helghast Invasion of Home imminent

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Killzone Helghast

In the upcoming (just 12 days away!) Killzone 2, the ISA forces lead an assault of the planet Helghan. But that doesn’t mean the Helghast are on the defensive. In fact, my intel tells me that the Helghast forces are en route to PlayStation Home today.

Fortunately, the Helghast won’t be armed with STA-52 Light Assault Rifles (per se), but with demo codes for Killzone 2.

So if you don’t already have access (by pre-ordering), just jump into Home tonight starting at about 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern) and keep an eye out for the Helghast soldiers. When you find one, work up the courage and… just ask. If they’ve got any left, they’ll direct message you with the demo key.

Then you can punch that code into the PlayStation Store (upper right corner), download the demo, and repay the Helghan emissary by… invading their planet. Oh well.

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  • As for the graphics, Killzone 2 looks fantastically better, plays faster and smoother and has much better physics and environment effects than any COD game, or anything else out on a console these days.

  • im with him give us leaderboards and make clothes free we payed 400-600 dollars for a ps3 so give us free clothes

  • Oh just to say this from my last comment It will have to be a Code that works for me first! I won’t give my Pain codes out on a say so from your end ok guys. Plus I won’t do this sign into my account and sign into yours stuff either. I have personal information in my account and in no way shape or form letting anyone sign into my account sorry. So if we do these trades for my Pain vochers it has to be a PSN Card or a voucher you have I don’t and we trade out the vouchers.

  • Home should definitely have more giveaways like this. If this was for a demo for a game like God of War III, the Home servers would have probably chashed. If you did not play the Killzone 2 demo yet, you are missing out on so much. Don’t wait till the 26th to play the demo. Get a UK PSN account which takes seconds to make and go online with. The UK PS store also has a demo of Resistance: Retribution for PSP which is not on the US PS store (it will transfer to an American PSP.)

  • I found 3 of them tonight.. Didn’t get codes from any

  • The chatter continues. I, for one, am glad to see good things like this happening in HOME. I was a little late to the party and I already have the demo, but still, GREAT JOB SONY!

    As gamers, it might help you to look around a bit before declaring this a “fail”. You know, like when you’re looking for things in GAMES. Just because you didn’t find them, doesn’t mean they’re not in there.

    No tv ads….so what?!? I’m still going to buy and enjoy KZ2!

    Some of you whiners sound like a little child who doesn’t get his way. Whaaaaaaaaa. Seriously, give it a rest and enjoy your PS3 like I do! You want costumes? Buy a doll or go to Cos-Play 09.

    Just saying.

  • I REALLY want one of those Helghast uniforms for Home. Can I have one please. I pre-ordered at Gamestop for the demo. But as it turns out, I never even used the voucher, I just got the demo from the EU store so I could give away the code. I still have it. If anyone wants to trade code for code, I’ll do it. demo for home costume. Message me on PSN if you’re interested. If you want to do it through sharing, that’s fine too, but I don’t let anyone into my accounts. I have a code for you. (I know I’m trust worthy, I don’t know YOU are, no offense, but I have money in my wallet. I don’t trust strangers that far)

  • i have a killzone 2 demo code. i just got it from the helghast soldiers today and wanted to tell u i already have thr demo and if u want my demo code u must trade me ur helghast clothes code or ur ps card code. thank you :)

  • That’s the most awesome way to hand out codes ever!!!
    I really think Sony should push this game more, with ads and stuff.

  • ill trade someone my killzone 2 demo code for a helghast outfit code. i got the demo code free from a helghast soldier

  • sweet idea!
    now whats this i hear about a syphon filter coming to ps3…. please make it good. because i love syphon filter as much as i love mgs.

  • Weird …I just downloaded ‘home’ early this morning! It’s like some sort of twisted joke. I’m friggen STUCK at work now though. I’m going to have to go check it out when I get home @ 9a.m., hope there’s still be someone there.

  • Good idea. Yes, please do this more often with other products. And remember to do this world-wide, so EU doesn’t get left out.

  • Come on Sony!!!! Almost everyone has played the demo, and I’m sure almost everyone thinks its amazing but

    Sony WHERE ARE THE COMMERCIALS???????????????????


  • Some people are actually idiots on here LOL! If you went to pre-order at Gamestop!? why!? you can downlaod the demo free on the Europe Playstaion Store and still get the Home clothes by pre-ordering at Amazon. Two for one deal my friend … :D

  • Too bad it’ll probably feel like playing Clayfighter through quicksand.

  • So why you guys delete all my comments looks like you hate to hear the truth. you lie to us 24/7 and I say some truth and you delete my comments be MEN and tell me why!

  • What the heck!

  • i’ve already got the demo its available in the Aussie PS Store without the need for a demo code, great game btw

  • Limiting a Demo that its sole purpose [as with all demos] to give a player the experiance and test of a game to hopefully entice one to purchase it, is well.. extremely retarded, even if it will finally be publically available 1 day before release.

  • Awesome game!
    I think I spend more than three hours playing the demo now. Yeah, it’s short, but it’s great. Had lots of fun with the first two sections of the game and the multiplayer-betà was a blast! Can’t wait for the game!

    I’m starting to notice that with each day passing by, friends buying a PS3, nice games coming out, my Xbox 360 stays untouched.

    I think I’ll sell it, eventually, if only the communication functionalities on the PS3/PSN would be a bit better! Heck, I’d even pay for it!

    Me and my friend all bought the official headset, so we can voicechat properly during online games. We noticed, however, that with Call of Duty: World at War the VOIP-quality was pretty bad.
    That’s weird, because in LittleBigPlanet it’s crystal clear. Is there some sort of limitation put on the ammount of KhZ in COD:WoW?

    Anyway, it does happen pretty often that (with the limited party and invite-functionality of some games) we want to chat through XMB, to discuss server-options, or just to talk about the weather… no matter what game we’re playing, or what website we’re visiting. Surely, the XMB and PS3 are powerful enough to do this! .. Right? I mean.. I hope so! :(

  • I also hope the Killzone 2 party/invite/join-system will be good, just like in LBP.
    Why don’t you guys create something that works the same in every game, through XMB, so we can invite/join people? Or make the one that is used in games like Soul Calibur IV and BattleField: BC mandatory. That works pretty well, because you can’t miss the messages.

    Speaking of messages, by the way: Could you add the option of a noticication-sound when receiving a message, please?

    I read in a reaction to a comment that you guys actually KNOW we want cross game-chat badly. That’s a relief!
    So, any word on when it’ll be available? If it ever will be.

    @ Jeff: Could you PLEASE be so kind to reply to my message(s)

  • This makes Home fun! I have the demo though and the Helghast and ISA Home uniforms. Can’t wait!

  • wow its been what two weeks and there still people out there crying that they dont have k2 demo . you can do 3 things 1 pre order the game from game stop 2 make a U K account or 3 just keep posting and crying on all the blog about how sony mess up the k2 demo . you have to be dumb , lazy or just plan broke if you dont have the k2 demo now so stop bloging and blaming sony its a you problem . also please stop commenting on home if you dont know the facts please stop saying things that are just not true if home is so bad and no one there why its making alot of money ? last month it made a over a million dollar lol if you cant tell the truth dont say nothing at all .

  • I think everyone downloaded the demo, they opened a free EU PSN account.

  • @ 9:00pm.

    Look like I’m login at HOME to get a code ^^

  • Played the demo its amazing, the graphics are amazing. Its zone of killing lol

  • They should do this every night leading up to the night before the game officially releases.
    People would share them, and the Home community would benefit from the comradere.
    Imagine that…

  • I got my code!

    i was in the lounge at about 930 eastern. and there were two soldiers in there.

  • Good way to get people into Home, but I think this demo should be made available to everyone on the PSN Store. Either way, I’ll prolly be wandering around Home for the code.

  • Please release the Demo this thursday, please please please please please!!!!

  • can’t wait for killzone to come out :D

  • I’m wondering where my email for the free warhawk and socom vouchers for being one of the first in the meeting at the new Home space last Thursday. I talked to Cyd when she came in. So where is it? I would like to get those today please. Also KZ2 is okay, I played the demo but wasn’t really impressed. I guess I’ll try the actual game but for me the game that really sticks out right now in my mind is FEAR2(bought it on Saturday), those guys got it perfectly right. Imagine me playing a FPS, Who’da thunk it?

  • to all the US gamers out there: why don’t you guys download the killzone 2 demo from the EU store? it’s already been out for 2 weeks or so..

  • Just wondering, why is your pic. Sly Cooper?
    So there is coming a Sly 4?

  • @176 i agree with you everyone who know this have been telling them this for two weeks . like i said before you have to be dumb, lazy not to know this . the time it take for them to comment on every blog they could have already download k2 from the u k playstation for those who still crying and complain and still do not know this all i can say is here your sign .

  • I’ll be runing away from them!!! SCARRY

    (plus I have Demo) LOL

  • Limited codes… that’s so stupid… they should just give unlimited codes in order to draw more people into home. That’s the only reason I’ll be logging in. LOL.

  • I have the Killzone 2 Demo, so I’ll pass on that challenge.

  • so when is europe getting the killzone costumes anyway?
    it is a european game you know.

  • Home, the last safe place on PSN. Oh crap, now we need weapons to defend ourselves!

    Haha! I love it, great idea! I’ve played the KZ2 demo like 5 times already, now I’m replaying KZ Liberation to keep me sated until KZ-day.

    Keep it coming!

  • I`ve been excited about this game for a long whle. I happy to see the is finally almost over! I was curious as to what xbox fans had to say. No surprise that while concede killzone 2 is a great game many still gripe about the cost of the PS3. Well I`ve been a fan of Sony since PSOne. The reason, they have never let me down. Sure the 1st year of launch was hard. Many Sony exclusive franchise jumped to xbox360. Yet Sony knows that consoles can`t depend on one group of games. It has to strive for the next great game. Killzone 2 is such a game. Xbox 360 fans might play our old 3rdd party hits like Final fantasy. They will never have Killzone 2, God of war 3, or Uncharted. With home and other great surprises awaiting us in the months and years to come.

  • I already got a demo code from the PSnation
    I would go check this out, but deleted HOME off my HDD because all it was doing was taking space up.

  • Sony, PLEASE start advertising this game in a BIG way, this IS the best AND the biggest game on the PS3 by far.

  • Can it be done?

    Think Rainbow Six: Vegas’ Terrorist Hunt, Gears of War 2 Horde mode, or CoD: World at War Nazi Zombies.

    Is it remotely possible to add some form of co-op (with DLC) where friends can get online and battle together against wave after endless wave of Helgans? With the option of bots in the online multiplayer, would it be possible for a couple friends to team up against an AI team?

  • This is so stupid. Why does sony treat demos as some sort of special treat? Here’s an idea- you want me to do you a service and buy your game? Give me a demo that is easy to find and download. If I like your game I’ll buy it.

    Like I’m going to log into home (a service I haven’t used since the day it was released) and search all around for someone to give me a code that I then have to write down and enter in order to download the demo. Why not just put it up on the store? You want me to buy your game, right?

    And the same issue exists with quore. I’m not going to buy your crappy news service when sites like kotaku are updated by the minute for free, so you give people who do purchase it free demo access? This just creates a “us and them” mentality and screws the publisher from more people getting to test, and therefore possibly buy, their games.

    this sux! I wont be home! *cries*

  • @187 (kyo sumthin)

    awwwwwww… Is someone needing a nap?

  • @189 (138 sumthin)

    No, I’m good. Have a valid point? The purpose of a demo is to try something out before you buy it. It should be easy to obtain. I could be wrong though.

    No wait, I’m not.

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