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A lot of interesting stories to read in the last week, not the least of which involve the God of War III Media preview. Many more have been written than the 3 I linked to here – but I think it’ll give you the gist, Kratos is getting up to something special (again!).

A little closer to release (12 days, actually), let’s not forget about Killzone 2. One of the more interesting things I read this week came from – wait for it – Planet Xbox 360 (!) Apparently undeniable quality is the cure for fanboyism. Let’s bottle it!

And finally, have you been playing Flower? So many awesome comments came in after the game hit PSN on Thursday that I’ll be bundling them up and putting them in front of Kellee, Jenova, and the rest of thatgamecompany. Read what your fellow gamers have to say – the game is really worth checking out.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 9, 2009)

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  • @11
    Thanks for the reply Jeff, but you’ll be eating that SMG along with one of my grenades!

  • Jeff pass this on tell them to let Christina Lee to host Qore And let the other chick host Pulse.

  • Awesome, loved the one about the xbot buying a ps3 for KZ2. Come on guys! Get the best of all the three consoles.

  • AWESOME news, thanks Jeff! :)

  • By the way, Flower is my favorite PSN game yet! I recommend it to everyone! (Just try it… it’s different, but amazing!)

  • Any news on Gran Turismo 5?
    The demo just doesnt cut it. I cant wait to mod the cars, as the quick tune is not good enough.

  • can you make it so we can get a email if people reply to our posts here?

  • Jeff,

    Here are my requested firmware update features- please pass them on:

    Blu-ray file-ripping for PSP. I’ve bought A LOT of BDVDs lately that I can only watch at home, and I’m very anxious to see this feature finally come through. A little reassuring news on it would be nice, at the very least…

    Ability to establish a “Primary” PS3 user w/ ability to lock individual (personally chosen or tagged) video, photo, game, and audio content from other “Secondary” users on the same system.

    Make custom soundtrack support mandatory for new releases.

    Enforce the January 1st, 2009 trophy mandate (I’m looking at you, Afro Samurai).

    Invisible PSN sign-in option.

    Option to send messages to PSN accounts via email.

    Option to attach larger files to PSN messages (including audio and video files) & audio and video message recording.

    More features & content accessible with in-game XMB.

    Longer character string on PSN comments (let us fill the word balloon, at least) and PSN messaging.

    More avatars. What’s the hold up?? We’ve been waiting far too long for these! We should be asking for ANOTHER avatar update by now… If you want, I can whip you up about 200 of these in a few hours.


  • Awesome game!
    I think I spend more than three hours playing the demo now. Yeah, it’s short, but it’s great. Had lots of fun with the first two sections of the game and the multiplayer-betà was a blast! Can’t wait for the game!

    I’m starting to notice that with each day passing by, friends buying a PS3, nice games coming out, my Xbox 360 stays untouched.

    I think I’ll sell it, eventually, if only the communication functionalities on the PS3/PSN would be a bit better! Heck, I’d even pay for it!

    Me and my friend all bought the official headset, so we can voicechat properly during online games. We noticed, however, that with Call of Duty: World at War the VOIP-quality was pretty bad.
    That’s weird, because in LittleBigPlanet it’s crystal clear. Is there some sort of limitation put on the ammount of KhZ in COD:WoW?

    Anyway, it does happen pretty often that (with the limited party and invite-functionality of some games) we want to chat through XMB, to discuss server-options, or just to talk about the weather… no matter what game we’re playing, or what website we’re visiting. Surely, the XMB and PS3 are powerful enough to do this! .. Right? I mean.. I hope so! :(

  • I also hope the Killzone 2 party/invite/join-system will be good, just like in LBP.
    Why don’t you guys create something that works the same in every game, through XMB, so we can invite/join people? Or make the one that is used in games like Soul Calibur IV and BattleField: BC mandatory. That works pretty well, because you can’t miss the messages.

    Speaking of messages, by the way: Could you add the option of a noticication-sound when receiving a message, please?

    I read in a reaction to a comment that you guys actually KNOW we want cross game-chat badly. That’s a relief!
    So, any word on when it’ll be available? If it ever will be.

    @ Jeff: Could you PLEASE be so kind to reply to my message(s)

  • cross game SKYPE!

  • omg if we get in game chat i will love you

  • I am a huge fan the GTA, i have GTA 1, GTA London, GTA 2(PS1)/ GTA3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas(PS2)/ GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories (PSP) and GTA4 (PS3).

    Any chance GTA 4: Lost and Damned for PS3?


  • What about PlayStation 2 Backwards Compatibility?

    I’m an RPG player, and there’s not many RPGs on the PlayStation 3 worth mentioning if you ask me. I usually don’t play shooters either, so Fallout is out of the question. (Though I loved Megaman Legends.) What kind of excuse is “Due to the extensive line-up of PS3 Titles” to NOT have Backwards Compatibility for so many good PlayStation 2 titles like Tales of the Abyss? Or maybe Kingdom Hearts?

    You seriously need to get your guyses heads into the game.

  • You know just like IanSempai said, what about ps2 backwards compatibility?

    I’ve been with sony since the beginning, but this time i’m close to deciding to go with the competition, i’ll say it again, we need a solution to ps2 B/C, this is the biggest issue with the ps3 to me, and to be honest, if it isn’t returned soon i doubt i’ll ever buy sony again, simply because if i wanted to be treated like a pawn microsoft is much better at it, i have to ask, how do you intend to get ps2 owners to upgrade to the ps3?
    You spit in our faces over this, then ignore us, perhaps we should go elsewhere?

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