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A lot of interesting stories to read in the last week, not the least of which involve the God of War III Media preview. Many more have been written than the 3 I linked to here – but I think it’ll give you the gist, Kratos is getting up to something special (again!).

A little closer to release (12 days, actually), let’s not forget about Killzone 2. One of the more interesting things I read this week came from – wait for it – Planet Xbox 360 (!) Apparently undeniable quality is the cure for fanboyism. Let’s bottle it!

And finally, have you been playing Flower? So many awesome comments came in after the game hit PSN on Thursday that I’ll be bundling them up and putting them in front of Kellee, Jenova, and the rest of thatgamecompany. Read what your fellow gamers have to say – the game is really worth checking out.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 9, 2009)

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  • Resistance 2 DLC :( Still not found. Get some news, or are they actually sleeping over there?

    Qore Syphon Filter code, do we really have to wait until march 31st?

  • Killzone 2 made me but a ps3?? Thats too funny! Thanks for the list of news its always nice to see if I missed anything!

  • Littbigplanet is king of course…more dlc for it I hope..

    killzone 2 is gonna be cool ….I just hope its as bloody as I had dreamed it would be…

  • I just finished flower.
    One of the best games on PS3.
    Hey Jeff, i saw that you have a flower on the credits. Thats pretty kick ass you know?

  • Thanks for the links Jeff, & i really can’t wait for GoW3!
    Is there any news on when the english version of White Knight Chronicles comes out? Can’t wait for that game either! I liked all of Level 5’s games.

  • any idea when the Killzone 2 ads are going to start? I know you guys will have it on here first, so tell me I am going to be impressed! Thanks!

    • You will be impressed. We\’ll let you see the ad before it starts airing, and you won\’t have to wait long.

  • Why is it that you don’t notice how much we want Cross Game Chat!?

  • Please Sony, advertise your games more. I’ve seen one PS3 commerical and that was at midnight. I mean, what the hell… You guys are almost as rich as Microsoft, cant you advertise more?

  • Perhaps Sony should start reading the NPD figures…

  • Some great news came out this past week for PS3 fans but some bad news for some of us in California. I can’t believe you are closing the PlayStation Store in the Metreon! I loved that store and always went everytime I traveled through San Francisco! C’mon Sony, bring it back!

  • Love the KZ2 article on the Xbox website.

    Will we be seeing you in the KZ world, Jeff?

    Thanks for the links

  • finally xbox owners can see what the PS3 is capable of with the release of KZ2. this game is the flagship title that sony needed! i couldn’t be more proud guys, great work. cannot wait, less than 2 weeks to go till we invade helghan!


  • lol, I read some of the comments on the Planet Xbox 360 article, and it seems as though some of them still think the PS3 is $600 :P

    Nice to see the PlayStation and Xbox worlds acknowledging each other in a good way though! :D

  • Any news on when White Knight Chronicles and Demon’s Souls are will be released stateside?

  • /6 needs more resources. They are making an embarrassment out of Socom.

  • Jeff,

    Good job with the blog. Its really coming together. Well you and everyone else responsible.

    (give me free stuff)

  • I know it’s probably to late but is there any way to get the demo now? I don’t have it and would love to play it!

  • Congratulations to Guerrilla Games (spelled it wrong probably) on making one of the best FPS games of all time. Seeing as how an Xbox fanboy is talking in length about it without any fanboyism towards it is an incredible achievement reached by few.

  • Another great week.

    Here’s to hoping for a US release of Demon Souls!

  • that’s a nice article on an xbox site, have to say that i respect the fact that they got over the fanboyism to review the massive goodness that kill zone 2 is going to be, JEFF i have a question. before you guys change the blog i used to be able to access it with my phone and now that we used the psn names i have not been able to log in with my phone (I can read it but i cant comment)is there a way to fix that, I used my phone to read the blog during the day and i want to comment like i used to, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Flower’s great! Favorite PSN game to date. So relaxing, so beautiful, well worth every dollar.

    Hey, do you know when we’ll get more information on MAG? We haven’t gotten anything for over a half a year.

  • Fix the friends list so friends request goes on top. We need better messaging system. One universal message box that has a number saying total unread message like any email inbox symbol. So that you know you got new messages instead of a little symbol beside each persons name. And when they go offline you don’t know you got a message. And Voice messages.

  • ehhh… oh god socom

  • Ps3 only games are great.

  • flower kicks ass. been playing in everyday since it came out. hate the one trophy though. hard to get to the city without gettin hit at the end of the level lol.

  • thank for all the info Jeff , God of War 3 will be EPIC no doubt about that, good to hear killzone2 ads are coming out soon but i’d love to see more info on Wardevil,Heavy rain, White knight chronicles, MAG , is Syphon filter 5 really coming to the ps3??? oh man i really hope so HUGE syphon filter fan here , do you have any idea when insomniac will be revealing Ratchet and clank future2?? we know the game its coming fall 09 , it would be a very good idea Jeff if you guys could make blogs everyweekend about all sony’s own studios and their games , i know its easy to google it but it would be a good idea to give a little more info here in the blog

  • Not sure where else I might get an answer for this… so I thought I may as well try here.

    I’m running a clubhouse for IGN members that frequent their message boards. There’s been an overwhelming demand for membership to it… but having only 31 spots is fairly limited and a lot of people had to be excluded. Are there any plans to expand how many members you can have? Or is there a good reason as to why it’s capped at 31?

  • any chance that tales of the world radiant mythology 2 heads our way,jeff? also do you have any info about any JRPGS that should come relatively soon to the ps3? i know we have disgaea 3 and valkirie chronicles but i think its time that the ps3 gets at least a couple of jrpgs!

    also do you know if any more arcade games will hit the pns?like i said in a previous post i am loving bejewled 2,pixeljunk monsters and super stardurstHD…i would love the pns to carry titles like dig dug,tetris,defender and old atari games like that. one just can dream,right

  • It’s more than half way through February, yet there has been no Killzone 2 TV Spots.. what’s going on with that?

  • Jeff could you guys also take notice that I would like to see a more in depth profile page for the XMB.

    GOW blew my mind this week thank you sony.

  • Hey Jeff man, congrats on the flower credits thing… always wanted my name on a rolling wall of text!

    Anyways, we can please have a dedicated post so we fans ask questions to the GOD OF WAR III devs?

  • *Checks calendar*

    Already that time a month eh? (KZ)

    Really came to ask about in-game xmb wasn’t there a phase 2/3 that was planned? Would that make it this year?

  • Yo Jeff?

    How was that SF4 launch party? I really wanted to hear your thoughts on it.

    Man . . . you guys need a damn podcast!

  • ha loved the link with the XBOTS saying that they have submitted to the PS3 because of killzone 2

  • I have heard that in some European theaters there were Killzone 2 trailers mixed in with movie trailers!

    Can we expect anything like this in the USA or other parts of the world :D

  • Can’t help but notice that Gamespot’s review of KZ2 is conspicuously absent from the bevy of other pre-release reviews. Considering the scores they’ve been doling out over the last several months for the PS3, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they had a less than flattering review to offer.

  • I´m with Jakinov and Frazz! @ #22 & 30

    Everyone would benefit with Cross Game chat,more detailed profiles(just look at one of the most active posts ever on the official PS3 forums called new PSN experience),cross game invites and a better and easier messaging system,how come we can´t just browse our messages with a L1/R1 buttons instead of Canceling,pressing up then open a new one?

    Other than that,thanks Sony for this great console,keep supporting with these features and you have yourself a winner ;)

  • @Jeigh

    Have you not seen their impressions? Aside from the 360 fanboy who in the end completely did a 180 and got really excited about playing it with the other 2 GameSpot staff members, they seemingly loved it so far.

  • @ xenorevlis

    As I’ve seen it in the past, they suck up to developers and build hopes in previews. What they really think doesn’t usually come up until the final review, though you can garner clues about their gripes from key phrases in their previews. If I were a betting man (and actually had money to bet with) I’d say they were aiming between 7.5 and 8.5. MAYBE a 9, but I’m doubting a 9.5 or even 10 since reviews like that are okayed to be released well in advance. Scores below a certain number, if I understand it correctly, are forced to wait until a certain timeframe within the release.

  • Im loving the PS3 more and more every single time!!! =D
    Great news Jeff, and looking forward to what you guys have in store for us this week!! =D

  • By the way, while we’re talking about “a certain timeframe within the release,” don’t SCEA think that it’s about time the world felt some of the heat from flames of Killzone 2? You know, something to let them know that the fire is coming soon enough that they can prepare to bottle it, take it home and set it loose in their systems? If ever there was justification for massive advertising, I think this is it.

  • Jeff is it possible for SCEA to have a site where we can have gamercards that we don’t have to update manually. If the XBOX can do it we surely can, I am sure every gamer that has trophies will agree we need a site. Updating trophies manually on sites like playfire sucks because anyone can lie about what trophies they truly have.

    Please make this happen, Jeff your our voice make us be heard!

  • I can’t wait jeff to take u on in kz2, I think sony servers will be work over time on feb 27 ps3 owners prepare to be killzoned.

  • read that GDC article which also linked to an article about the PS3 being to artsy for its own good. Interesting read, and I have to agree with the premise that the PS3 has become rather artsy (flOw, flOwer, Eden, Monsters, LBP, Linger in Shadows, etc). I like that though. :)

    Random question Jeff, do you know if Incog is working on anything new? Are they still around? Haven’t heard from them since the last Warhawk update.

  • So yeah, how about that Street Fighter IV…. only a few more days away!

  • PSP sells 50 million yet there is no indication that Sony is actually supporting it.

    And no mention of NPD numbers? For the first time, Sony didn’t even make a statement. Obviously the fact that only Sony products saw a decrease while the others saw an increase probably has something to do with the silence.

    I guess not even Sony’s might PR can spin those numbers.

  • @ Jeigh

    Everyone who had been given preview code, review builds, etc. were bound by contract to only release reviews a month in advance.

    It has nothing to do with bias or the actual score. GiantBomb (one of my favorite sites) is also holding off on their review.

  • @ 47

    As I understand it, if a score is particularly high, with Sony’s permission they can release the review early. It’s not bias- it’s business.

  • jeff can we get a post about prinny can i really be the hero? come on man let show some love to a psp. let not forget to get capcom on the blog for for a sf4 post .

  • man, im so pumped up for taste of chaos and kz2!!!!!!

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