New inFamous info at NYC Press Event

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Hey there, World Wide Web-Heads. I’d thought I’d fill you in on what’s been happening on inFamous since my last post. In a word, “mega-creation-frenzy.” People in the studio have been pulling long hours to refine gameplay and polish the art. In other words, the coffee machine never sleeps. Which is great because last weekend in NYC we threw open the door to the press, letting a huge slew of folks get their hands on the game. I can’t wait to hear what people have to say about kicking ass in Empire City with electrical powers.

On top of the three missions we showcased in the Neon District, players will finally have a chance to see some of the dark, broken down streets of the Warren neighborhood. It’s a dangerous place ruled by the Dustmen gang. This squad of one-time homeless men now rule through the use of strong telekinetic powers. Clothed in bits of trash, they’re nearly invisible when hiding in the tangled alleys of the Warren. Strong in fight, their ranks are backed by huge superpowered comrades. Men outfitted in giant suits of torn metal and concrete, they crush police beneath their feet.

inFamous - Sucker Punch inFamous - Sucker Punch

This past weekend players had a chance to fight these goliaths while defending the Empire City jail from the Dustmen siege. Walls will be smashed in, guard towers toppled and many thugs will get a lightening bolt to the face.

inFamous - Sucker Punch

To help our hero Cole protect the jail, we’ve rolled out one of his new powers called Precision. Precision allows Cole to slow down time and zoom in on enemies. Perfect for hitting unsuspecting enemies at a distance. We’ll also be outfitting Cole with some upgrades to his superpowers. That’s right, as players go through the game their superpowers will continue to grow in strength taking their combat strategies in new directions.

inFamous - Sucker Punch

You can tell it was an exciting weekend in New York. Keep your ear to the ground for more inFamous news coming soon.

inFamous - Sucker Punch

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  • looking forward to it… I really want a release date though… give me some kind of idea so I know when I have to save my pennies :)

  • I seriously cannot wait for this game to launch. It looks great!

    Keep putting that polish on it!!!

  • look at 2:04 tht is pimp

  • Release date please. Must start saving for Day 1 purchase. This is my most wanted of 09.

  • Looks great, but PLEASE make sure the missions don’t get repetitive like most other open-world games.

  • Release date, please!!!!

  • I really love to support new Ip’s especially ps3 exclusives, but even though the game has a cool premise it reminds me a bit of force unleashed. I would love to play the demo to see how the developers seperate themselves form games like prototype and force. Regardless the hard work done for the game is prevalent. long live ps3

  • The game is really starting to look amazing.

    My only concern is how much variety is there going to be? Although today’s footage has impressed me. Some interesting creatures there… and there seems to be a lot of platforming. Good stuff.

    I’m looking forward to trying it out.

  • Please, don’t burry this amazing game with thw holiday titles. An early summer review will be great.

  • this game looks awesome, i’ll preorder it for sure

  • The game looks very promising. Hope it’s as good as it looks!

    Release date?

  • im not sure what to think about this game. Im not really into the hype of this game

  • there are far too many games coming out! im going to be broke thats one thing i know for sure. inFamous is at the top of my to buy list. cannot wait!


  • Sweet.

    Really looking forward to this game. Good to finally see some of the platforming.

    Is there really no HUD? No HUD is a good thing IMO, just surprised to see it in this game.

  • I am even more excited about this game now after seeing this gp video. Man keep up the good work and do the game justice. Are there gonna be any other powers he can use is my main question?

  • Another masterpiece from Sucker Punch. 360 fanatics must be crying in their corners right about now, they have no games this year LOL!

  • This looks good keep up the work and this might turn out a blockbuster

  • How long will it be? and when does it come out? Also, why am i asking these questions which obviously have been asked 150 times already? D:

  • EDIT: Sorry, forgot to mention how amazing this game looks. xD Cant wait guys.

  • Can’t wait for this game! Lookin’ good!

  • Cool.

    I’m seriously saving a $60 dollar gift card I got on Christmas for this game in case I don’t have the money.

  • My one complaint from watching the video would be about the lack of environmental sounds. That golem should be making huge stomping sounds and there should be loud impacts when those rocks land. Music seems to be missing as well so hopefully it’s all just because of the build.

    Well… some more color would be nice. I’m not asking for Ratchet or Sly Cooper levels of color but it’s just too grey right now.

    Otherwise, inFamous remains one of my most anticipated games of the first half of 2009 (sorry guys, God of War III is my most anticipated game of the year). It’s looking good.

  • this game really looks promising, it may be a first day buy if not a first week buy though first day its kinda hard for me to get so definitely some time the first week it comes out

  • I don’t suppose there’s a soundtrack in this game? :P

  • theres a few things i would like to ask before even thinking about picking this game up

    1. i know you will be able to upgrade your powers but will the powers change once you do so.. meaning will the weak looking fast lighting attack “seems to be the normal attack”
    become like bigger in size or just somehow look more powerful then rank 1 of that power?

    2. does the char jump really that floaty?

    3. are there more powers then what is seen so far?

    4.i heard that the game will be short but that doesnt mean it will not be worth the 60 bucks… what kind of extra gameplay will there be besides working my butt off for the trophies?

    if you cant answer them all thats understandable

    also the hover power is a very nice touch i really didnt see that coming


  • I really need a game like Jak and Daxter which is like a free roaming platformer. Jak 3 was PERFECT.

  • This game looks awesome, can’t wait for it to drop.

  • this game is looking amazing :D

  • this is an excusive? nice! looks like prototype but more stradegy to play this one.

  • I’m pretty psyched for this game. I do have one concern though. From this video, the AI looks incredibly dumb. Nate would throw those electricity bombs at them, and they would just stand there like they want their collective ass blown to pieces. I really hope this changes.

  • this game is looking better and better. Yes, it does remind me a little of the kind of gameplay we’ve seen from Prototype. Both games look good and I will probably eventually get both. While Prototype seems to be focusing on the dark setting and the gore inFamous seems like a better story. It’s easier to like Cole than Alex. As far as being able to identify with the hero my vote goes to inFamous. Glad to finally see some more details on this game. It’s been kind of a mystery so far.

  • Doesn’t seem as fun as I expected. Seems like just another 3rd person action more. And even though I really like that genre, this title does not seem promising to me.

  • hello this message is to anyone that can help me, I used to be able to use my phone to blog before we starting using our psn names, now ever since we did the change i have no access to it. it stops me @the log in page( i have a tch touch by sprint) please help

  • The game looks great. Thanks for the footage!

  • Man, this, Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 will make me a very happy hermit for 2009. University what? :D

    Thanks for keeping the information coming Nate. And since you have THE coolest name I’ve ever heard (nothing like a bit of sucking up :D) can you tell us if a Collectors Edition is on the cards? I’ve read that Sony is planning a very aggressive marketing campaign for inFAMOUS (yay!) and I think you guys could do a really awesome CE. The game really deserves it imo (and I was quite dissapointed that KZ2 isn’t getting one).

    One thing that you guys haven’t talked about much (or at all) is the soundtrack, is there any chance you can give us a little demo or a video insight into this part of the game? :)

    Keep up the good work guys!

  • If inFamous is any indication, Sly 4 is going to rock! Please tell me you are going to make Sly 4 next. Please!

  • Seems to take way too many hits to take out the bigger foes, As if he’s using static electricity instead of lightning.. And how come those bigger foes have rapid fire projectiles while your stuck throwing slow charging flash grenades?.. Gameplay got repetitive and boring even on a 2:43 video..

    From what I’ve seen, I wouldnt rent this..

  • this game looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

    TOO BAD I’m one of the hundreds of people to get the yellow ring of death on my PS3.. and since sony just wants MORE revenue instead of to fix their FAULTY PS3s It’ll be a while ’till I’ll be able to buy ANY GAMES AT ALL!!

  • Wow this game just keeps on getting better and better every time I see it, keep up the good work guys. Also I can’t wait to get this.

  • Looks perty kewl!

    Tho the jumping looks goofy. Kind of like a crouched levitation? idk lol

    And is it just electricity? I mean isnt he supposed to be “infamous?” lol! He should have like any power imaginable. Think, ‘Heroes’ style i guess. (Yeah, Nuclear Fusion would be awesome!)


  • This game looks super sick…
    I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

  • You people complaining about Cole only being able to use electricity are downright retarded and clearly have no idea what InFamous is about. How many times does Nate Fox have to explain to you that Cole is an electric hero? Cole will acquire many other powers as you progress through the game but they’ll all be electricity-based.

    At times it seems like it would be cool being a games developer but I’d be annoyed if I had to reply to you people that complain without knowing what the hell you’re talking about.

  • Theres alot more updates on the blog now. I find myself visiting it more than usual. Very good job guys.

  • question:

    when you upgrade your powers, are the new powers used with button combos? or do they replace older weaker powers.

  • I was excited when I heard Sucker Punch working on this and as I see more and more info coming in… I just can’t wait for it!

  • I cant wait for this game. Day one purchase for me.

  • Looks dope…especially the character’s parkour style….combat seems a bit repetitive though..but i bet it’s because it’s a short video…looks promising.

  • Go to Philly. Then we can talk.

  • Lookin’ good. What about custom music?

  • Why do you not reply to us Fox? Do you not like us or something :( J/K, but really, why no replies :(

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