New inFamous info at NYC Press Event

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Hey there, World Wide Web-Heads. I’d thought I’d fill you in on what’s been happening on inFamous since my last post. In a word, “mega-creation-frenzy.” People in the studio have been pulling long hours to refine gameplay and polish the art. In other words, the coffee machine never sleeps. Which is great because last weekend in NYC we threw open the door to the press, letting a huge slew of folks get their hands on the game. I can’t wait to hear what people have to say about kicking ass in Empire City with electrical powers.

On top of the three missions we showcased in the Neon District, players will finally have a chance to see some of the dark, broken down streets of the Warren neighborhood. It’s a dangerous place ruled by the Dustmen gang. This squad of one-time homeless men now rule through the use of strong telekinetic powers. Clothed in bits of trash, they’re nearly invisible when hiding in the tangled alleys of the Warren. Strong in fight, their ranks are backed by huge superpowered comrades. Men outfitted in giant suits of torn metal and concrete, they crush police beneath their feet.

inFamous - Sucker Punch inFamous - Sucker Punch

This past weekend players had a chance to fight these goliaths while defending the Empire City jail from the Dustmen siege. Walls will be smashed in, guard towers toppled and many thugs will get a lightening bolt to the face.

inFamous - Sucker Punch

To help our hero Cole protect the jail, we’ve rolled out one of his new powers called Precision. Precision allows Cole to slow down time and zoom in on enemies. Perfect for hitting unsuspecting enemies at a distance. We’ll also be outfitting Cole with some upgrades to his superpowers. That’s right, as players go through the game their superpowers will continue to grow in strength taking their combat strategies in new directions.

inFamous - Sucker Punch

You can tell it was an exciting weekend in New York. Keep your ear to the ground for more inFamous news coming soon.

inFamous - Sucker Punch

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  • Sweet this game looks very promising.

  • Can we please have a release date for this game already?

  • Oh and I’m really liking the new posting like 5 stories a day on the blog much better than the 1 or 2 stories per day keep it up guys.

  • Second, will there be a demo for this game? I will be buying it, but I would like a demo to get use to the controls a little before the game come out.

  • I think that with each game-play video they have released it has looked better and better. Keep in mind that this video is apparently still from a pre-Alpha build.

    One thing that was revealed, which I thought looked cool, was that he can *fly*!

    They need to beef up the enemy AI. Once people have played Killzone 2 and its interesting AI, games will need to up the ante if they want their games and enemies to be taken seriously. Enemies waiting around to be blown up by energy bombs just isn’t cool.

    I think they will make more improvement and hopefully make the battle sequences more intense.

  • After how good Sly 1-3 were from Sucker Punch and how amazing this game looks from the gameplay footage and impressions of people who’ve played it, I really hope this game comes out when there aren’t any other of the massive number of AAA PS3 exclusives this year.

    Day 1 purchase.

  • Not my type of game but looks cool.

  • an interesting preview over @

    From reading the rest of that preview, it obviously needs more polish, and also needs a way to differentiate itself from Prototype.

    I look forward to the next videos where more cool stuff is highlighted and we really get a feel for what Sucker Punch has to offer.

  • Can’t wait for this game.

  • Sweet! Can’t wait for this game, it looks amazing. One question though, will this game have any sort of Online play? Kind of a dumb question but I might as well ask. Nevertheless, I’m still looking forward to pre-order :]

  • “Oh and I’m really liking the new posting like 5 stories a day on the blog much better than the 1 or 2 stories per day keep it up guys.”

    Yes, this is awesome. Hope it continues.

  • Looks great guys! I loved Sly Cooper (please tell me SC4 in the works!), so I am pretty confident the same quality will come through in this game. Looking forward to it!


  • Will this game have in-game access to music stored on the ps3’s hard drive?

  • Every time you guys announce something for inFAMOUS i get hyped more and more!!! =D
    I love this game, and can’t wait to see it in action in front of me!! =D

  • I don’t want more news! JUST GIVE ME THE GAME!! I WANT TO PLEH!!!!!!

    *laughs* Just kidding….kinda. I’m very much looking forward to this game, and I want it. SOON.

  • Ohh man, this game looks great! i hope you guys implement playstation home in this game, it seriously needs some content :p.

    Any news on if youll make more announcements at GDC?

  • I will be buying this for sure


  • cant wait for this game hopefully i can get it day one, if not soon thereafter..

  • Saving……………..Saving………….Saving……….Saving………oh and………..Saving………again!

  • Forget killzone this is my kinda game. Keep the info coming.

  • Im very hyped and all but I do have a few concerns. I know theyre probably nothing but i thought it would be nice to get them out in to the clear. A: I heard water kills nate, to me personally that reminds me of very last gen games, while it does make sense with his power and all, will water ALWAYS kill him even till the end of the game? Just seems like a real action killer eventually B: So far we really havent seen much in the ways of environment and powers. Will the final game do more than just upgrade already seen powers? cause so far there hasnt been much variety. Also, i know its a city, but will it always look roughly the same or are theyre some diversity in the environment as well? Clearly i dont want to spoil anything, but i would love it if you could put my worries at ease. Thank you Fox!! :)

  • This game looks so awesome, can’t wait to get my hands on it :D


  • It’s looking pretty wicked! :D

    I hope the city is massive, love lots to explore and keeps it interesting.

  • Sly who? jk, looks great – can’t wait.

  • You got a awesome name, Nate Fox! The game looks good also, of course.

  • Is this uncharted with super electric powers and creatures? -_- (Sounds fun?)

  • The game keeps looking better and better.

  • ive kept an eye on this game.. but there still seems to be a massive lack of info on this.. game. things i would really like to know about it are:

    1)How are the graphics? in comparison to killzone 2? how much power of the ps3 does it use?( i dont see why this kind of game shouldnt look phenomenal.. like uncharted or MGS4 etc..

    2) Is there a single player game to it.. within a sandbox type game? like GTA??

    3) is there online multiplaye or something? ( without multiplayer- games tend to lose massive amounts of numbers- its a standard now days..)

  • looks incredible

  • Oh my god, that video is just epic! I love the prospect of launching guys hundreds of feet into the air… you guys have really take the reigns off and made this game’s progression and experience up to the user, in ways other free-roaming games just aren’t able to do.

    And the electro-hover mechanic, a la Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man. Looks great!

    The only thing that was concenring me about this game was the ease of free-climbing objects in Empire City. i.e. If things are too hard to climb, or if the controls are too clunky, why will I want to perch on top of buildings and scale the city architecture at all? But I’ve heard in all previews that the climbing controls are great, very intuitive!

    Day one purchase for me, great work Sucker Punch!

  • Day 1.
    Sucker Punch, thank you :)

  • Awesome looking game!

  • This game looks good and all, and I do not want to diminish the work that you have put into it…I hope it does well.

    However, once you are done with this game, I’d love to see a new Sly Cooper on PS3. My feeling is that the PS3 has games like this already, however what it lacks is a 3-D Platformer…and Sly Cooper was the best series(in my opinion) on PS2. The art style, the story telling, the characters…Everything.

    My love for everything Sucker Punch so far is what has me excited for this game, but I miss the good ‘ole days!

  • Sooooo after this project wraps ( It looks amazing BTW ) Any chance on getting a next gen Sly??

  • OMG…. another event in NYC thats “PRESS ONLY”. what the hell!!! I didn’t hear anythign about this being in NYC but guess because it was “PRESS ONLY”.

    I will never understand DEVS. you want word of mouth to get out but yet all you mostly rely on is “PRESS”. there’s a lot of people out there who don’t believe most crap reviews that comes out of “PRESS” mouths’.

    Why do these DEVS not let any regular playstation players into these events to give out word of mouth. I’d take more reviews into consideration from actual players than i would over most “PRESS” reveiws. Most “PRESS” are so biasis cuz most are paid off in some way or another.

    an event like this is something where the GAP should come into play. PS players that are in GAP should get invites to these events IF they are living in the area. i still to this day never understood what GAP was really made for, since i think 01 when i joined.

  • this game looks kinda weak and stupid. I think i’ll just give it a rent.

  • forgot to mention….

    i made my mind up about getting this game when it was first announced. i just had to have my rant lol

  • I see you(whoever posted this story) isnt answering any questions…

    But ill ask anyways,

    How does the cover system work? Is it put a button and snap to it? or is it just run up to something and they will auto do it?

  • this game is assassin’s creed with lightning.. plus it’s not boring

  • Awesome gameplay video. Those metal suited goliaths look like a handful and I liked how he used his power to levitate for a brief moment when he was hopping from the metal supports sticking out of the building

    Thank you for taking the time to give us an update on the game. Keep up the good work!

  • Ive been keep my eye om this game for a awhile now

    Im loving it more and more everytime you post about it keep up the good ill be waiting until release

  • OMG This game just keeps gettin better and better….Infamous will be gettin a few awards for sure!

  • Very cool!

    I’m sure you guys can deliver! I have faith in you!

  • Hope I get time to play Infamous.. right now most of my time will be on Killzone 2 when it Hits Soon :D

  • For some reason the gameplay sort of reminds me of a Third Person Shooter with some kind of cover system….

    Looks cool though !

  • Only one power? lightning come on!
    That will get boring after 30 mins.

    Please tell me theres more powers, Like fire or Flying like Superman :)

  • Looks like most fun game this year

  • wow looking really good , can we have a released date already??? getting it day 1 for sure

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