Phase 2.0!

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The new has officially launched!

While is still in beta, it’s open to the public and has many new features for SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation fans. There are a lot of changes to check out, so let’s get into it from top to bottom.

At the very top of the site is a scrolling ticker. It’s a live feed from My SOCOM, and it lists the top rated players in a variety of categories, number of players currently online, and even a feed of the titles of the latest blog posts. If you see something you like, click it to get more info!

Just below that is our new menu bar. Mousing over Community or My SOCOM reveals a couple of drop down menus. Community gives you direct access to the forums and the blog.

My SOCOM is pretty meaty. You can access My SOCOM itself, which is your gateway to the Leaderboards, your clan, profile, and many other options. If you need to check your mail, get the latest in clan updates, or compare your stats to a standout player, you can do that here. You can even recruit new clan members or view the manual for SOCOM: Confrontation.

To fully appreciate, you’re going to have to log in with your PSN ID. Use the same email address and password you use on your PLAYSTATION 3. By doing this, you can use your PSN ID on the forums and in My SOCOM. is in beta and we’ve got some cool new features coming your way in the near future. Stay tuned, and come on over and check us out.

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  • I hope the devs at Slant Six (and every other developer, for that matter) are paying attention to the backlash of releasing a game that is not even close to finished. SOCOM is an awesome game…when it works. To all devs: Stop releasing betas and finish the game before you try to sell us a $60 turd. It’s a trend that needs to go away NOW.

  • The gameplay in SOCOM: Confrontation is good, especially if you’ve enjoyed previous SOCOM games (1 and 2 in particular).

    The UI and menus are atrocious, though. The matchmaking is so awful it might as well not exist (who decided that the rooms needed a 30 second time limit to fill up or it kicks everyone out to the main menu… I mean, seriously? really?)

    The need to slowly scroll through your entire friend list to send an invite is equally as ridiculous.

    I want badly to play and enjoy this game, but the interface so often keeps me from ever getting to the gameplay.

    /6, if you ever develop another game (unlikely as it may be), take a cue from Warhawk. Let people PLAY THE GAME while they wait for people to join!

  • @SUPERGOOMAN187: Your right guinness is crap in a can thats why us Irish dont drink it from a can, And if you are trying to defend that muck of a game ‘SOCOM’ you need your head tested,, We’re were sold a lie,, Only for the headset i’d say some people might have taken this further.

  • I’m a fan a the Socom franchise, I was more than excited when I heard about Confrontation, and I’m truly dissapointed about the result.

    Instead of making a new updated website, you should fix for once all the Confrontation issues.

    I wanna play Socom!!!!!!

  • @Soopergooman187

    Sorry, I am not going to infect my PS3 with the garbage that is SOCOM. SOCOM is never seeing the inside of my PS3 again. Neither will any other Slant 6 developed game.

    Also, I have a life. Sorry that you don’t.

  • All of the bugs and glitches notwithstanding, I actually liked the strategy and teamwork elements of the game.

    What turned me off was the deluge of @ssholes that take it way too seriously, in ranked games at least.

    I understand it’s meant for the “hardcore” fans, but seriously, there is more to life, and gaming for that matter…

  • @DaxMontana

    Lair didn’t have a huge community and a franchise behind it. Yes, Lair flopped, but SOCOM is a bigger flop because Slant 6 only needed to go by the previous games. Fix the issues from those games, make the graphics great, and make it work. It was an opportunity to make a great game.

  • The only reason this game is still going is because of the community. If this was a brand new game, it would have been thrown aside just like HAZE was.

  • @1

    Nope! Nobody on my friends list is playing Socom after that disaster of a launch. They should just scrap this Socom and work on a real Socom project with a full single player campaign without crazy Trophies. Find another developer instead of Slant Six. Sony’s bluetooth headset was the only positing thing about that package.

  • When you play first party games for so long and see them step up to quickly fix free features like Home. Socom is as close to theft any Sony branded game has come.

  • @25

    I’ve said the same thing so many times.

  • This game isn’t worth the 10 dollars I spent for it, after playing in the beta I became more excited about the mic than the actual game. After about 2 weeks of playing the actual game I was quite upset I spent 10 dollars on the game and should of justbought the mic for the MSRP of $50, but what can you do. I really hope this was a lesson learnt for any developer….

    DO NOT RELEASE A GAME THAT IS NO WHERE NEAR COMPLETION, or doesn’t offer what was advertised.

  • Are the extra features such as Socom Messages, stats from the game and things like that, the reason why Socom has been really slow lately? If these new features are making the game slower, I would prefer them to just be disable.

  • LOL is anyone even playing this game? Sony and Slant 6 totally RUINED socom. The games a JOKE.

    Thank god I didn’t buy it (I was the absolute most hardcore SOCOM 1 and 2 fan around) but this version of socom is about another year off release in my opinion.

    Total Junk

  • God, the more I see of Socom, the more I want this game. I own and played the life out of every single one on the PS2 and I own the two for PSP (although didnt play them as much). Ive just been so busy with Resistance 2 and LittleBigPlanet and now or soon, KillZone 2……But ill still make you mine one day Socom!

  • I hate to say it but Slant 6 needs to focus more on their BROKEN game that they charged everyone top dollar for.-The online is terrible and inconsistent when it comes to lag/freezes.-The MENU, THE MENU of the game is boggy and slow performing-YOU CANT INVITE PEOPLE INTO YOUR OWN GAME

    Its just sad that NO one at sony has a SINGLE thing to say to explain to the community that purchased this game. THE GAME WAS SHIPPED WITHOUT FEATURES THAT WERE STATED ON THE BOX, is that not false advertisement? And Slant6 Nor sony has said anything. I’m going to repeat that NO REPRESENTATIVE FROM SONY OR SLANT6 has said anything in respect to the games severe problems. Look at games like Warhawk, AMAZING. Online is buttery smooth, the menus are fast as well.

  • Socom is the worst effort I’ve seen put into a ps3 title, and Sony really needs to step it up and offer some sort of refund or bonus to the people who bought this very much broken game.

    Concentrate on making the game work so people will actually care to visit the website. Its just ignoring the major problems to tryyy to pretend anyone gives a crap about some website that doesn’t matter because stats aren’t even accurately recorded.

    Huge socom fan, but severely upset at sony & slant6 for pushing such a garbage, and i do mean GARBAGE product.

    I do not want my comment to be deleted, I paid for the game. Im not being vulgar. Its just everyone is sick of this. Yes, I FORCE myself to play it because My friends and I DO like the game.

    I shouldn’t have to force myself to play it, and YOU should deliver on what was on the BOX before you make a website. Where is my money going?

  • I cannot fault the devs who worked real hard on trying to bring the classic feel of SOCOM back to the franchise. For the most part they have done this.

    My problem? The whole lobby design is awful. The menu system is so sluggish I lose all patience with the game before I even get into a room! Navigating the friends or clan list to send invites takes FOREVER.

    I understand this is Slant Six’s first attempt with a PS3 online only title, which they did fairly well. Aside from the major issues with the lobby system.

    Honestly with the little amount of time I have these days to play games, too much waiting involved in SOCOM. Typically 1 hour on the game, earns the player probably about 25-30 minutes of actual playing time – if you don’t end up in the dead room within the first 2 minutes.

    I’m not angry, just really disappointed.

    After the last 3 SOCOM titles, I will wait for reviews and friend opinions before buying. No more purchases on launch day with this game.

    Thanks SS for putting forth the immense amount of effort to developing this title. -no sarcasm, serious thank you. Unfortunately, just don’t think it suits me anymore.

  • WAY late, and why do ur mods keep deleting our posts in ur socom forum? u know were right but u still dont listen to the community :-( no wonder this game flopped.

  • David, I know your team tried but had limitations placed on them that couldn’t be avoided.

    Please don’t release the next game on a deadline. Its a shame for the community and a shame for /6.

  • What pisses me off the most is the developer video that released with QORE where multiple developers talked about how great the online was going to be and how “it will be the best multiplayer game ever”(yes, this was said). They talked about how great matchmaking was, how great clans were.

    Just a few quotes:

  • finishing my post from 71…..hit the wrong button early…


    “it’s a multiplayer only game. which allows us to only concentrate on the multiplayer, which means we can make the multiplayer 100% correct.”

    “we are going to offer you the best multiplayer ever, ever, any games”

  • As I’ve stated in previous SOCOM threads, SOCOM is the only game I’ve ever purchased where I felt I was deliberatly ripped off by the developer and publisher.

    They knew their games wasn’t ready for release, and yet they took my money anyway.

  • “what’s new to Confrontation is, a matchmaking system and a party system. and those two things mean, you can auto jump in a game and be ranked against players of your skill level and automatically pickup a really intense match with a bunch of people that are playing.”

    What game was he playing? Even the recently released patch that included match-making does not do that.

    “but the party system actually is my favorite, is really where a group of friends can band together for the evening or some chunk of time, hookup as a party, and then start traveling through games together.”

    I guess this is another feature that they completely changed for release.

  • …or just lied about.

  • when can europe have a piece of the cake?

  • Is this game still in the beta stage?

  • yes, it is very much still a beta. too bad you have to pay $60(or $40 without the headset) to get into this beta.

  • Great new site 2.0 really impressive etc.

    But the focus at this point really should be the game. You guys lost alot of fans and interest as a result of splotchy work. I’m sorry but its true. I plan to jump on when that long list of things that needs to be updated/fixed is actually accomplished. In the meantime I will be playing all of my other games. Definitely looking forward to Killzone 2!

  • All of this stuff should have been available at launch. Next time try releasing a game when it’s actually complete and working.

  • awesome. how about you fix the freaking game now

  • I have been trying to get into this game but every time I log on there is never a lot of players to play with. It seems like the disappointment of this game has drawn people away from playing. Maybe if more players would play it might be more fun but overall I haven’t enjoyed it.

  • @Darkos87

    “when can europe have a piece of the cake?”

    Believe me when I say this is cake that you don’t want, the cake went bad long before it’s shelf date was set to expire.

  • @Darkos87

    “the cake is a lie”.

  • mywhitenoise wtf is your problem dude? you got beef with me because I have extra time after work (9-5)to play my games (7-1)? who the F**** are you to call me a LOSER? You sir are the LOSER for saying that. Ever hear of PRO GAMERS??? They spen all day playin games, you gonna call them LOSERS also? I would love to be in your neighborhood and have you say that to my face. You’d get f’in worked. I love Socom and always will, unlike these POSERS (you included) that post on here for the FIRST time and think they are sooo important. Well you’re not so get over yourself. A H.


  • I’m done with you but don’t ever say anything to me again or you won’t have that job @ apple and the RIAA will be knocking on your door. How does a $2000 fine per song sound? Like music? I bet not.


  • Supergooman:

    May I suggest less game time, and more out-of-the-house interacting with people type activities?

    You’re a little tense.

  • @ 50,

    That was uncalled for. Everyone has their own life you know? Or you probably didn’t know that.

    Anyways, thanks for the update guys!

  • im so not playing socom no more
    it use to be fun
    it just sucks now
    warhawk is way better and fun

  • Cont…
    See this is the kind of people us Socomers have to deal with. Go play ur wii Ricky or go play some rockband, of which you suck at. Yeah I checked your stats there too, 24% is the highest you ever got on a song. YOU’RE A CHUMP! Have fun when those RIAA people come a knocking.
    hey DaxMontana , you’d be a little tense also if someone said that to you. Agree?

  • If you guys added cooperative “terrorist” hunts or just bot support with decent AI, you’d so a WHOLE bunch of new people buying this game. There’s people playing Left 4 Dead because of the cooperative campaign, there’s tons of people playing the Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 games (at least on the PC that I know of) because of cooperative play. Gears of War 1 and 2 because of that. There’s more games coming that offer this feature or people who love to play against the bots in UT3. Although not a shooter, Resident Evil 5 added this too, and there’s several other games I could list off that have it. I think it would be wise to add a coop or bot support option to this game so you can grab the attention of an entirely different audience that doesn’t want to play online with swearing little Jimmy, who just got his bluetooth headset for Christmas. Cooperative play has always been fun.

  • No Soopergooman, I wouldn’t. But then I’m an adult.

  • I’m not MAD anymore I’m just really really DISAPPOINTED!

    This could have been a GREAT game but ok I give it to Slant6 its their first time so ok…

    BUT when you release a half made game it’s NOT ACCEPTABLE!

    We still have issues months after release and all the features that ARE on the box or manual are still NOT PRESENT!

    What a waste of money in this game… What a waste of the SOCOM franchise.

    I’m moving on to KZ2… See you all there!

  • For all you haters crying about this game, you’re looking at it the wrong way.

    I paid $50 for it and it came with the official headset. So I bought a $50 bluetooth headset and it came with a game I played a few times. I can Ebay it sometime for $10.

    See? Look on the bright side guys.

  • Isn’t SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation still in BETA as well? Really SONY if you want to sink a franchise then keep releasing games while still in BETA. I still have issues with the latest patch not as bad as launch but still for my money I pay for games it should be MUCH better. I hope at least the first batch of DLC is FREE to HELP make up for this. At least have it FREE for the first week. I don’t have issues like this with other online games.

  • Instead of spending time improving the official site, how about working on the game first?

  • i love this game but there is alot of work that needs to be done to it, cant wait for some dlc but it does need to but free keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for the update SOCOM team. It’s good to see that this game is still getting some fixes of some kind.

    I have said this before and I will say it again. You guys are basically an in house sony owned company. I can’t understand why you don’t just ask Insomniac for some help on coding this game? If Insomniac can help out Guerrilla Games with Killzone 2, then I’m sure they can help you with this game. I mean they got their game running 60 players online lag free, and you guys cant get lag free games going at 8vs8.

    Why on earth dont you just get Insomniacs help? I’m pretty sure they can lend you guys some code that’s worthwhile that would work wonders on this game! I mean, you guys don’t even have to worry about a single player experience!

    And for petes sake, can you please reply to more posts on your blog? I know you guys are getting a lot of hate for selling SOCOM before it was ready, but still…. some of us want to know we are being heard, and if you don’t reply to us then we feel as if our questions are being ignored.

    Thanks again for the update, and here’s hoping that this game will get really fixed soon.

  • 100 comments and only 2 replies? knock knock Slant 6 is anyone home?

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