Phase 2.0!

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The new has officially launched!

While is still in beta, it’s open to the public and has many new features for SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation fans. There are a lot of changes to check out, so let’s get into it from top to bottom.

At the very top of the site is a scrolling ticker. It’s a live feed from My SOCOM, and it lists the top rated players in a variety of categories, number of players currently online, and even a feed of the titles of the latest blog posts. If you see something you like, click it to get more info!

Just below that is our new menu bar. Mousing over Community or My SOCOM reveals a couple of drop down menus. Community gives you direct access to the forums and the blog.

My SOCOM is pretty meaty. You can access My SOCOM itself, which is your gateway to the Leaderboards, your clan, profile, and many other options. If you need to check your mail, get the latest in clan updates, or compare your stats to a standout player, you can do that here. You can even recruit new clan members or view the manual for SOCOM: Confrontation.

To fully appreciate, you’re going to have to log in with your PSN ID. Use the same email address and password you use on your PLAYSTATION 3. By doing this, you can use your PSN ID on the forums and in My SOCOM. is in beta and we’ve got some cool new features coming your way in the near future. Stay tuned, and come on over and check us out.

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  • Is anyone actually still playing this game?

  • no because its crap worse game than haze

  • i like my socom gd job guy nice work

  • Socom is a very great game so shut your mouth, if they can fix the little problem it will be even better

    and yes theres a lot of people still playing and its not even out in europe

  • Careful, the first link doesn’t work! ;)

  • give socom back to zipper

  • Neither do the other links that leave this blog.

  • I play socom everyday. Thanks guys for updating The opening page looks nice, but the rest is still in the same style.
    I wish i could go to this page while I’m still in the game.
    Any word on new videos hitting the ‘movie’ section in confrontation?
    Awsome Update guys. Now that this is out the way, when can we see new maps, weapons, etc.

  • SOCOM? Please stop wasting space here on the Playstation.Blog with stories related to SOCOM. I am pretty sure that nobody -and i truly mean- nobody on this planet is interested in the SOCOM franchise anymore. Hell, you have released a broken product at full price and taken you sweet time to fix the issues (they will never be fixed). Too late folks, KZ2 is just around the corner. In fact, i already have my copy.

    Oh and i have heard that you will be releasing SOCOM in Europe on March that a joke? I thought Europeans had SOCOM for months now..argh you truly have killed to SOCOM franchise.

  • One more thing, as a clan leader of [DOT] Defenders of Truth, this is awsome. I can reply and send message when not in socom the game.
    And it rates or leader boards my friends not just the whole world.
    Great work guys.

  • Fix the link. ;)

  • THANK FOR THE SUPPORT! I love being able to see my friends online playing while at work and sending them a message telling the clan when I will be on. I also am really liking the stat comparison. That is a great addition. If we could get those hit charts for each weapon to see where our bullets are hitting that would be great. Maybe some replay/screenshot features also.

    Regardless, you don’t have to be worrying about Bildo818 leaving SOCOM for Killzone…

  • Last thing, since we talking about socom.
    What and how do I/my clan earn officer credits?
    How does this work? And the ranking system seems to work better for some and not all.

  • i liked socom until i got resistance and soon to be killzone, nd whats with all the haze hate? i love me some haze

  • @1: Shut up man, go and play Socom for one minute and you’ll find way to many servers full of people enjoying this great game..

  • UMMMMM… How many days ago did this officially launch??? I guess the PS Blog is late to the party.

  • nice but its like 4 months late, should of been out on release along with all features that the box said was in it but wasnt. the party system they added is terrible. i dont like complaining but everyone who plays knows what i mean. this could of really be an amazing game if everything worked. this game should of been delayed. socom = ps2 game with better graphics.

  • I can’t do any Clan actions. Like I cant post a message. Or fill out the recruiting section. I typed two long detailed paragraphs and then it tells me ‘server timed out’.
    Damn, ill try back L8R

  • @16: I’ve played SOCOM for many many minutes. Ever since the first game. I WAS a huge fan and greatly looked forward to Confrontation. However, I have major issues supporting a product that was sold to me a something that it wasn’t. It would have been nice if the game was complete when it first released.

  • I have allot of friends that i met and still today talk to or meet up with from the original Socrack. Those days are long gone. After Socom 2 they ruined this game. I have tried to get my self to play it but it is horrible. Who knows if it will ever live up to the original again. I doubt it. I am looking forward to Killzone now for the PS3 otherwise COD5 should be around the corner.

  • Socom Con… is a great game and yes i still play it!

  • I wish I bought this SOCOM on disc instead of PS Store…. I would have returned a few months ago.

  • Seriously, anyone with anything negative to say about SOCOM needs to be quiet. You don’t speak for the regulars that play everyday. I’m just tired of hearing about it, while many of us just love to play the game. Move on if you have nothing positive to say.

    Thanks for the update the site works nicely, still hoping for that rumors DLC with a few old maps, and new ones.

  • Where do I start? 4 months after the game is released, we still have a broken game that still doesn’t have ALL OF THE FEATURES LISTED ON THE BOX AND IN THE MANUAL. How can people support this? We are being spoon-fed garbage by game developers and we are just taking it. This game was removed from my PS3 the day after the 1.3 update. After seeing 3 patches do almost nothing for the game’s stability, seeing the change log go from “the last remaining issue causing the lag hiccup” to “fixed one of the issues causing the lag hiccup” , seeing all the NEW problems the updates caused, AND seeing them implement a broken party system, SOCOM was removed from my PS3. My PS3 will never again be cursed by a game made by Slant 6. This game will never be fixed and will never contain all of the features that are listed on the box. I feel violated that I bought a broken, incomplete game for full price. This is unacceptable and both Slant 6 and Sony(for approving the release of the game) should be ashamed of themselves. Anybody who supports this game and *tries* to act like there are no problems is just a sheep who likes being spoon-fed this garbage.

  • @Grassroots

    Without us, there would not have been the 1.2 or 1.3 patches(which didn’t fix much). Without the people pointing out the flaws in this horrible game(and there are plenty), Slant 6 wouldn’t fix the issues(or try).

    So run along with your “negative comments should just be quiet”. I PAID FOR THIS GAME. I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE UPSET THAT I WAS SOLD A BROKEN, INCOMPLETE GAME.

  • Links are broken just like the game. Can you guys do anything right?

  • At 1, you mustn’t be a player otherwise you wouldn’t say that. I play Socom Confrontation EVERY SINGLE DAY. I play for about 6 hours at a time, sure there is lag but really how many games out there are completely lag free? Offline games are and thats it. Get over it.
    I just would like to see a few maps added to the mix. The maps I and alot of the Socom Community would like to see added are:

    Chain Reaction
    Killing Fields
    Blackwoods (jungle maps ROCK!!)
    and any other maps you’d like to add

    Don’t forget thedy have to be FREE to make up for all the hangups we’ve experienced, like stats resetting on their own, Major Lag at times. Please fix the latency monitor so that those who choose to use “LAG SWITCHES” get booted from the room. Also I can’t find Socom in the Store anymore as I would like to buy it for a friend whose bluray has died. Me I have YLOD but my roommate has a ps3 also so we take turns playing socom. He only started two weeks ago and he’s gotten quite good at it.
    I am part of Clan UNF: The UNFORGIVEN.

  • @Soopergooman187

    So you say that lag shouldn’t be complained about…..yet you expect FREE DLC because of the lag.

    So which is it? If it’s a problem, then it should be complained about. If it’s not a problem, then you shouldn’t be getting FREE stuff because of it.

  • what would i play killzone 2 or a half a game?

  • cool new features man! always find these pleasurable. i still need to get socom for my PS3 and im currently eyeing the ones at circuit city hoping they’ll drop more than 30% off it.


  • I dont think this will make the game good.

  • yeah i am eropean and i am not going to buy this broken game, it is a joke to sell incomplete game SONY it is a fcuking joke!!!.
    i am not going to support this game for the sake of rules!!!.
    now K2 is around the corner and other good games as well so it is pointless to release this crap, no one is going to buy it!!!, thats what i wish you Sony and Slant 6!!!

  • The links in the article don’t work – is appended to the end of the current URL. I am going to the site to check it out though. I’ve never been a huge SOCOM fan, but I totally would buy the game if I had more time. I really would like to support the developer since they are responding to the community’s wishes – I’m just short on cash and time right now. Maybe in the future!

  • All you haters of this game go home and quit complaining already. It’s obvious that you people just weren’t that good at the game, and couldn’t take getting your butts kicked on the regular. Maybe you’ll feel more at home with kz2 where you can set it on EZ and have your AI buddies do all the work for you while you sit on the psblog and complain about games you don’t play anymore. boo-urns to you all

  • I play Socom when my friends are on, even though I pretty much agree with most of the negative things said here.

    Can the website and put all those resources into the game, where it’s wanted and needed.

  • Yeah the website is sweet. This game brings out all the haters /6. Keep workin, we need a map pack!

  • i wasnt fan of the series back in the days( ps2 era) confrontation is my first socom game but i love it even though it has a few technical problems but i completely love the tactical aspect of the game , very addictive game i must say

  • socom is broken and was a huge failure. I will be playing killzone 2 here soon and never have to touch this game again.

  • The Major Lag I was reffering to was back at launch, if you could read properly you would see that. There is lag now but is only minor. I don’t want stuff for free because of lag. I want the free stuff because MY STATS RESET EVERY DAY! That and the fact that most of the maps are tiny. That is what I meant. FOOL!

    Come meet me in America VS Europe any night of the week. I’ll take you on and OWN you in ever round.

  • Socom is complete crap.. Waste of money..

  • a little late but still nice.. still waitin for socom to get where it needs to be so i let a friend check it out.. i played it a few weeks ago and its alot better than where it was at launch/beta but i couldnt get into it due to the fact that i was on R2 on a day to day basis..

    and all that other [DELETED] needs to stop about how this is worse than haze i own both and thier great games… just way too over-looked.. people are so martha-stewartish about games these days… i mean we’ve acknowledged the fact that the game screwed up when it came out months ago … let it drop already and go play another game .. damn people

  • Guinness is complete crap in a can. waste of money also…

  • Is there anywhere on your new BETA website where I can request a refund for the pre-BETA game you sold me?

  • Can the game come outta beta? it is still plagued with problems and is a damn shame. I hope next time Slant Six will do better on a game or Zipper takes the Franchise back.

  • This game was horrible, and sold it only a day after I bought it. Kept the headset though :)

    An online game that didn’t function online. Seriously, how did you guys get away with releasing this crap.?

  • Easily the biggest disappointment of a game in many years.

  • …other than LAIR of course.

  • @47

    dont get me started on lair! It was an awesome game, only people who cant make up their own mind said that it was bad because they only read reviews saying omg i cant handle the control, i suck and blah blah blah

  • SUPERGOOMAN187, you play 6 hours a day EVERY day? I know this is a gaming blog, but damn dude…you are a LOSER.
    I hardly have 6 hours to eat, feed my dog, spend time with my girlfriend, shower, and play a little bit of games after I get home from work.

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