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LocoRoco 2 Event PAGE

Today LocoRoco 2 starts shipping to stores near you so it will be just a matter of days before you’ll be able to get this wonderful game on your PSP. As promised in last week’s post, we want to give you all a chance to get more great LocoRoco prizes. As part of our celebration, we are kicking off an online sweepstakes today to give everyone a chance to “Get Loco!” So what cool prizes can you score? For those of you who have been wanting to try out LocoRoco but don’t have a PSP, well here’s your chance to win one!

LocoRoco 2 PSP

A slick Piano Black PSP-3000 with all the new features no less (And we’ll include a copy of LocoRoco 2 of course!)! Did you know that you can get LocoRoco on your cell phone too? Yup! For those of you who accidentally leave your PSP at home, the new LocoRoco Hi game lets you can take the “tilt and roll” experience with you on your handset.

LocoRoco2 giveaway AT&T W760

LocoRoco 2 PSP Hi Logo

So we are giving you a chance to score a new Sony Ericsson w760 handset with the game already pre-loaded so you have no excuse to get more Loco in your life! If those prizes weren’t enough, we got these “one-of-a kind” LocoRoco items that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

LocoRoco 2 - pen with hand

LocoRoco 2 - pen

Now this pen won’t improve your handwriting, but watching your favorite LocoRoco character float from left to right as you tilt your pen will definitely put a smile on your face. And last but not least, my favorite item, the official LocoRoco Stress Reliever!

LocoRoco 2 - Stress Ball

100% biodegradable, too!

With less than 500 of these in existence, this irresistible item is a “must-have” to all LocoRoco fans out there. LocoRoco has always been one of those games that instantly make you happy – it makes total sense to have an item like this to hold on to on those crazy stressful days! So how do you enter?

Go to www.us.playstation.com/GetLoco or better yet, just click this link to get the sweeps page. It costs nothing to enter and you can enter once a day you if you want to increase your chances to win!

So good luck to everyone and stay on the PS Blog for an update on how the press feels about LocoRoco 2!

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7 Author Replies

  • Actually, Sony should issue a public apology to Canadians, and then have a separate contest (with the same prizes) for Canada.

  • @ Gumbydunzeeto: What’s wrong with both being options?

    Get used to digital downloads The DS2 and PSP2 are likely to both be download only.

  • Loved the first Loco Roco. Will be playing this one. Sweet prizes.

  • Beautiful not only an awesome game for my PSP but the chance to win some really cool gizmos. Marvelous!!!

  • The phone looks flippin sweet, and so is the pen!

  • thats cool, btw you know how you can play psp games on ps3? i havent tried it yet, but if you can do this with locoroco 2, is there sixaxis support?

  • But I’m in New Zealand.. I can’t enter! =,(

  • Must…Get…LocoRoco…Pen…

  • @52 – Physical media is superior every time.

    There’s been far too many times when there are games I’d like to play but won’t because they are digital downloads.

    I don’t need to “get used to it” – if people complain enough, Sony will (hopefully) wake up and realise that some of their customers don’t want DLC.

    And if the next PSP is download only, I won’t be buying it.

  • This is awesome :) Too bad I can’t join the contest :( I live in a US territory so why aren’t they eligible to enter the sweepstakes? Hope one of the mods can answer my question.

  • Canada always left out in the cold with contests. :(

  • @60/611 I have no doubt that the mods/producers will not bother to answer any questions about why the contest is U.S. only. I’m sure they feel perfectly justified in their prejudice.

  • I need a PSP, Sony!

    I would get one, but my money is going towards SF4 and KZ2.

  • Sorry Chuck, not a good enough excuse. SCEE can do contests for Europe, SCEJ can do contests for Japan.

    SCEA sells their games in Canada, no excuse for not including Canada in all contests.

    Those Canada only contests are way fewer and way too far between, and almost never as good.

    Get rid of Canada only promotions and include Canada in all SCEA contests already.

    No excuses, do it.

  • …and of course this is only for americans…when will prizes be available to both americans and canadians?

  • Dear Canadians…

    Are you upset that you pay $1.39 for McDonald’s 99 cent deals?

    Are you upset when you can’t participate in American Idol voting?

    Are you upset when you can’t get Amazon.com to ship to Canada?

    SCEA promotions are for the US. Done. Finished. Kapeesh?

    How about being happy that the PS3 and its PSN offerings are still being SOLD AT PAR when SONY really could/should pump the price up by 20% based on current exchange rates. Every time we buy a game we are paying 20% LESS than Americans are…I think that is a better deal than being able to partipate in a contest or too.

    /rant from ‘rational’ Canadian

  • ‘contest or two’

  • This is awesome…. i remeber back in the day….. which it was probably a wed, i went to my walmart and they had a thing there for a launch for Star fox for the SNES and i got a pen that was just like the loco one…. this is too cool…

    how long is this contest going on for…??

  • Pretty Cool sweepstakes. I’d love to take part but as usual, Canadians are not allowed ;.;

    Oh well. At least I’ll still be able to enjoy the game!

  • @66 Except they aren’t sold at par.

    If you want to take it in the rear from Sony, that’s fine, but don’t speak for the rest of us.

  • @70

    I pay the same price in CDN dollars as US customers pay for PSN content and for games. Thus I’m getting them at a 20% discount vs the US.

    And you seriously consider having a contest restricted to the US as taking is ‘in the rear from Sony’? Seriously. I don’t recall ANY contract that came with my PS3 or PSP that said that I would be able to avail myself of all contests that SONY has. Did you get such notification when you bought your hardware? Didn’t think so so stop acting so freaking hard done by.

    And I didn’t say I was speaking for all Canadians…only the rational ones.

  • So many good prizes in this sweepstakes. I hope I at least manage to win the LocoRoco stress ball because this sweepstakes in going to be stressing me out. D:

  • I live in a major center and expected to go to a store to buy this game on the release date (feb10??). Can’t find it anywhere. When is the actual release date?

  • Personsaly I like physical media much more, so I can actualy see my collection grow on a shelf or something, and I like having an actual manual, as apossed to a digital one. (not that I even realy look at it) However, I still don’t see a reason to delay DLC from actual release date.

  • i wanted a psp since it realeased but never got one id love n hope i win one locoroco looks cool good luck to everyone

  • i realllllllllllllllllllllllly want a psp, but in these economic times i just cant afford one.(family payments you know)

  • I absolutely loved Locoroco for the psp. It’s so simple and fun.

    I hope I get one of those psp 3000

  • This game looks like fun!…It has a lot of goodies…can’t wait to see if I win!!

  • @ Chuck Lacson

    I live on Guam. I was kind of puzzled to why we’re not included when Guam was when I was signing up for my psn account last year. Sorry for the late reply. Guam’s time is a little bit ahead of US time. So basically I’m from the future LOL. If your having trouble looking for where Guam is we’re like four hours away from japan and you can try google to look it up. Thanks for replying Chuck and I hope you can still help me out here.

  • Just because we’re been getting a bit of a deal on the exchange rate for the past year(something that is likely to change soon considering I’m starting to see retailers charge 69.99 for PS3 games again) doesn’t make up for years of and continuing discrimination and poor treatment.

    Its not just the lack of Canada being included in all of SCEA’s contests.
    What about the lack of PSN cards in Canada? What about the lack of of Video download store in Canada?

    SCEA could include us in all contests, but they choose to not put forth the effort required to make that happen.

    SCEA could have had PSN cards out in Canada already but has chosen not to make that happen.

    SCEA could have had the Video Download Store available to Canadians at the same time they released the store in the US but they choose not to put forth the effort required to acquire a license from the CRTC to provide the content and acquire the rights for said content in Canada.

    Playstation.ca is a joke, the Canada specific content hasn’t been updated in over a month. “© 2008 Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. All rights reserved.” is plastered all over the site.

    *sigh* so many corporate silos.

  • Bought the grandkids PSP’s for Christmas and they won’t let me play.One of them did give me their old broken DS but I would much rather upgrade to a PSP.Fingers crossed!

  • wowie a sweepstakes!!! that locoroco 2 pen is awesome. can’t wait for the game or patapon 2

  • LOL Hafa Adai to you too Chuck :D and its good to know that an Associate Product Marketing Manager of SCEA knows about Guam. Thanks for the response and keep up the good job.

  • bleh! I mean “work” keep up the good work LOL

  • lol chamorro cookies are one of the things people wont forget once they leave this place. By the way do you know if Guam can be eligible for this sweepstakes? if not I just hope you guys can include us in future give a ways and sweepstakes.

  • Man Guam isnt included yet? Why no response yet Chuck?

  • I really love sweepstakes like this. Sure, the artistic/creative contests are nice, but the artistically challenged people like me aren’t able to participate. So I really much prefer regular sweepstakes like this, at least I can enter! :D Those prizes look great!

  • Darn, not Canada?

  • i love locoroco 2 great game i would pay 60 dollars for this you guys should come out with it on ps3 too. wow these prizes are really cool!

  • i can barely play this game i played it for maybe 4 hours wish i could play more but my little brother has been playing for 40 hours!

  • I wanna play!!!

  • What are you waiting for?!

  • the link doesnt work

  • Hey Chuck Larson – I’m still waiting for an equivalent contest for Canadians.

    Stop treating us like dirt!

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