LocoRoco 2: Don’t Worry, Get Loco! Sweepstakes

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LocoRoco 2 Event PAGE

Today LocoRoco 2 starts shipping to stores near you so it will be just a matter of days before you’ll be able to get this wonderful game on your PSP. As promised in last week’s post, we want to give you all a chance to get more great LocoRoco prizes. As part of our celebration, we are kicking off an online sweepstakes today to give everyone a chance to “Get Loco!” So what cool prizes can you score? For those of you who have been wanting to try out LocoRoco but don’t have a PSP, well here’s your chance to win one!

LocoRoco 2 PSP

A slick Piano Black PSP-3000 with all the new features no less (And we’ll include a copy of LocoRoco 2 of course!)! Did you know that you can get LocoRoco on your cell phone too? Yup! For those of you who accidentally leave your PSP at home, the new LocoRoco Hi game lets you can take the “tilt and roll” experience with you on your handset.

LocoRoco2 giveaway AT&T W760

LocoRoco 2 PSP Hi Logo

So we are giving you a chance to score a new Sony Ericsson w760 handset with the game already pre-loaded so you have no excuse to get more Loco in your life! If those prizes weren’t enough, we got these “one-of-a kind” LocoRoco items that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

LocoRoco 2 - pen with hand

LocoRoco 2 - pen

Now this pen won’t improve your handwriting, but watching your favorite LocoRoco character float from left to right as you tilt your pen will definitely put a smile on your face. And last but not least, my favorite item, the official LocoRoco Stress Reliever!

LocoRoco 2 - Stress Ball

100% biodegradable, too!

With less than 500 of these in existence, this irresistible item is a “must-have” to all LocoRoco fans out there. LocoRoco has always been one of those games that instantly make you happy – it makes total sense to have an item like this to hold on to on those crazy stressful days! So how do you enter?

Go to www.us.playstation.com/GetLoco or better yet, just click this link to get the sweeps page. It costs nothing to enter and you can enter once a day you if you want to increase your chances to win!

So good luck to everyone and stay on the PS Blog for an update on how the press feels about LocoRoco 2!

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7 Author Replies

  • I want one of the pens

  • I need a new phone!


  • Wow that’s alot a stuff! Can’t wait to get Loco!

  • sick! i hope i get something! this rocks i love locoroco :( too bad i cant get it till the weekend

  • Locoroco was so much fun , can’t wait to get my hands on Locoroco 2.

    And a contest to boot? Just awesome.

    Oh , and just to make sure you hear the requests when you read the praise. Integrate trophies into the site somehow , that would also be awesome… almost as awesome as giving me that phone ;)

  • Is Canada included?

  • Alright that’s what up. LocoRoco is super addictive So I have high expectations for LocoRoco 2.

  • Although I am not that into Loco Roco I am sure not turning down an opportunity of not winning anything (I have horrible luck).

  • @7, no the terms say US Residents only. Have you tried PlayStation.ca for Canadian offers? You should check it out.

  • Hope I win :)

  • This is seriously amazing :D Although I must admit Im actually looking forward to the stress locoroco the most, its just so cute :) Of course dont get me wrong, a new PSP would be awesome too :D <3

  • I want to win that PSP! I wanted one for a long time… Anyways good luck everyone!

  • thats sweet, and since im only 12th to post a replay hopefully i am one of the first to enter ;)

  • GO LOCO!!!!!!!!!!!! I def need a new phone so this sounds great…oh and a psp too! :)

  • I can’t wait to buy this game. I love LOCO ROCO. Have psp and psn versions, this and Patapon ROCK!

  • I like to Have a cell Phone due to i dont have one.. plus

    It would be awsome to get a PSP 3000 :D

    the Stress Ball is what i need for Work.. :D

    LOCO ROCO 2 Rocks !

  • I’m on it.

  • dang i put my wrong phone number :(

  • Canada wants in on the love :(

  • I want this game for the PS3

  • Happy LocoRoco everyone!

    LocoRoco 2 is finally out today! YAY!

    Trust me, this is a VERY addicting product.
    It still has me hooked, and I’m not even a hard core gamer.

    I just wanted to jump in and thank everyone who has been so supportive of this game, and to thank you all for your patience. I’m sure you will find this product for $19.99 is a steal, there’s just so much packed inside!

    Thanks again everyone!

  • Add Canada in this promotion please!!

  • next must have game, go to stores and get it now! :D

  • Never had much interest in a PSP but if I get one for free that’d be awesome.

  • Thanks for the info and the sweepstakes!

  • YES! I need a PSP and LocoRoco is awesome.
    Thanks for this!

  • Hope I win something :D

  • AWESOME! I originally purchased LocoRoco a while ago on UMD, but later after I had turned it in and realized it really was a fun game I didn’t spend enough time on, repurchased and downloaded it off the PSN so that I could not only copy it to my psp, but onto 4 psp’s my younger brothers own.

  • wow! sounds awesome! i just filled out the form! :D

  • I want one of those awesome pens! and the baloons too! and the ACTUAL game too! DANG I WANT IT ALL! and a ps3 version of the game.plz!

  • Just once I would like to see the same contest set up for Canadian PSN members as well. Would this really be so difficult to do through PlayStation Canada?

  • I really hope I get that phone. I need one of those really bad. And its Sony. How could I not want one? :D

  • I really need this PSP.
    Mine just broke today. It fell on a solid wood floor… :(

  • I hate that this sweepstakes are not available to people outside the US. It saddens me. :(

  • Please let Canada in on this! Pleaseeee….

    And by the way Jeff, you should make the ticker on the top of the blog like the one on the new Socom.com

  • I hope I win. : )

  • I want the stress ball :(

  • I want the PSP…Please!!!!!

  • Oh please let me win!!! I’ve wanted a PSP for so long and LocoRoco 2 looks so amazing!!! Please God, Please!!!!

  • Sorry for the second post, i just want the PSP and LocoRoco 2 so bad!!!

  • No Europe love? I guess I’ll have to by the stress toy from eBay…

  • I’m in it to win it!

  • Why do you hate Canada?

    Seriously, why do you choose not to do what’s needed to include Canada in your contests? It annoys me to no end when companies do this. They totally could include Canada if they wanted to, they just choose not to put forth the extra effort it would require.

    As for the game, I’m not liking the back tracking. I liked the fact that beating a level 100% on your first try was possible. In Locoroco 2 it isn’t, you learn abilities throughout the game and have to replay levels to get everything.

    I tried for a long time to swing from the branches in the demo but couldn’t because you dont learn how in the demo.

  • I’m still dissapointed in your decision to delay the release of a Downloadable version of the game. I cant think of any reason doing this would benefit you.

    Unless their’s this large number of people who buy the UMD version at launch then buy the downloadable version too when it comes out(and wouldn’t have bought the UMD version if the downloadable version was released at the same time).

    If this is true, please tell me who these people are so I can smack them. If this is not true, please tell me who made the decision to delay the downloadable release so I can smack them.

  • @7 – No. Canada is NOT included.

    Thanks for your xenophobic racism Sony!

    @42 – Please, please, please shut up.
    For *once* Sony got it right and put something out on physical media instead of the abomination that is digital download.

    They should be commended for doing the right thing for once.

    Except for being prejudiced against Canada.

    Thanks a lot you jerks!

  • @46 – Physical media is superior in every way, shape and form.

    DLC is for people who no concept of how games should be released.

    Sony – stop being prejudiced against Canada!

  • If this was on the PSP STORE, I would buy it in a heartbeat..

    in any case, that phone is awsome, especially the black and white one <3

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