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Busy week for us coming up – and we need your help. Over the next few days, Chris and I will be meeting with the people behind Patapon 2, Rag Doll Kung Fu, Watchmen, Fat Princess, and, yes, God of War III. What would you like us to ask them? Go ahead and ask in the comments section (no manifestos please!). We’ll try and incorporate the best questions in our interviews.

Oh, and by “best questions,” we mean think a little deeper than “Will this game have trophies/How many levels/What’s the release date?” Let’s get creative, people!

And here’s what we read this week. Are you excited about Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 yet? I think I know the answer…

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 2, 2009)

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  • Question for Rag Doll Kung Fu (media Molecule):

    Will there be any Rag Doll Kung Fu things coming to LittleBigPlanet? (like costumes and such?)

    Question for God of War 3:

    Will GoW3 be longer than the other GoW games?

  • please Jeff we really need an edit button we beg you, some times we don’t realise what we need to change until we read our comments, could you bring it into consideration?

  • For God of War III

    What input did David Jaffe and Corey Barlog have in the development?

    Any information on Boss fights in GOW?

    Any Connections to God of War Chains of olympus perhaps other than story?

  • Why don’t you guys cover stuff that is published on the SCEE sponsored site

  • I would ask them about:

    downloadable content

    support for psp remote play or psp port or a psn version for Patapon

    and if they could describe their games in one sentence

    and I’m interested in having a psp trophy or reward system for extraordinary achievements, would any developer want that as well?

  • we want a new ps3 exprience like the one in xbox 360,
    it would be better if you designed a new ps3 interface , and advertise for it in the upcoming E3 show
    guys if you agree with me copy and paste this agian :)

  • God of War III questions….
    1. Will the story be linear in nature or multi-branching?

    2. Will the gameplay allow multiple ways to complete an objective or take down a boss?

    3. The Killzone 2 demo had some impressive AI, will GoW3 makes use of the SPUs for better and more intelligent AI?


  • I have an idea !!!!!!!!!!
    why can’t you design the xpm so that a small pop up screen show us our offline messages, and how many they are

  • @amr_heikal : The Xbox 360’s so called New Experience is too garish and not classy enough to fit into the XMB aesthetic look and feel.

    I would rather Sony spent R&D time on improving the content and better games rather than the console’s user interface, which is already intuitive, simple, works and does not get in the way.

  • sorry not xpm



  • ok CartBlanche

    but we will lie ourselves if we said that the xmb is perfict, it needs more development, and it needs to be HOT when you look at it

  • I have a slightly off topic question, but I heard that Unreal 3 was going to be getting a huge update to bring it back to life on the ps3, was this a made up idea? Pipe dream? Or can any info be leaked about this?

  • jeff

    the home needs more new places, we need more game companies places like: EA Games, Ubisoft, And CapCom.
    will killzone2 have a place in the home

  • Question for the God of War team:

    What games have influenced God of War as a game and you as a developer?

  • So, seeing as some rather random questions have been answered I thought I’d give one I’ve had on my mind a go:

    Jeff, do you have any idea when we’ll be seeing the promised Valkyria Chronicles DLC? We were told early this year, and it was confirmed a few weeks ago to still be coming on a SEGA blog (who’s name escapes me at the moment), but do you have anything more specific you can share with us?


    • I\’d like to know this myself…

      I\’ve invited Sega onto the blog to make any further announcements on the game. I\’ll actually be visiting with the team there soon and reiterate that invitation…

  • For God of War 3!

    How much of the god of war 2 development team are working on God of War III?

    Could you explain some, if any, of the shared development assets between other game studios.

    Will God of War III level designs still be pretty linear?

    What are three things that you believe the game does or has that will make it a system seller?

    Dream Question- probably way to early to ask or the wrong people to ask but… Whats the likely hood of getting a god of war 3 bundle.
    One like the gunmetal PS3 except some god of war 3 styled PS3.

  • Patapon question…

    When will there be a PS3 version? I have no doubts that they are considering a PSN Patapon title. I can’t wait to play it in 1080p!

  • God Of War 3:

    Will we see Hercules?

    How is the team holding up after Cory Barlog left? Did more people leave, is the core team s till there? And since then have the team recruited experienced developers from other companies?

    Will we see some of the lost levels of God Of War 2 that were featured on the bonus disc?

    Will we see some more crazy weapons?

    Do you (Santa Monica Team) intend to evolve the combat a bit more? Maybe something along the lines of more acrobatic moves.

    What games have the team been playing and what games are they looking forward too?

  • No to the NXE thing! I don’t agree with that and can’t believe someone just said XMB should be more like NXE! The NXE is a terrible interface and a big reason to why I won’t get another 3.6.0.

  • Is God of War III seriously the last game in the franchise?

  • Here are some questions for the Fat Princess Team:

    – What are the differences in the gameplay that were made to balance out the different classes? Does any class move faster through the map or have different camera angles? Is there any kind of rock-paper-scissors mechanics?

    – Are there going to be class specific trophies? (I assume there will be trophies!!!) Please choose reasonable challenges. Stupid tasks make people play the game in strange ways to obtain the trophies and ruin the overall experience.

  • -GOW III-

    1. Will there be any PSP – PS3 interaction if you have a GOW: COO save?

    2. Any details of some of the bosses?

    3. Will there be any features with Home?

  • Welcome back Jeff!

    Can’t wait for mighty Killzone 2! Lock up your wife and children! The Helghast are coming…

  • About how long will God of War III be? Will there be a collectors edition? Will the graphics be as good as David Jaffe says? Will it stick to the formula of the first 3? (let’s hope so!!) Will it be the most awesome game ever like I’m hoping!? AHHH!!! I want this game so bad!!!!

  • We launched a Yakuza 3 petition and I hope to show it to Sega when I get around to it (aka more signatures). We launched it like 12 hours ago and is already over 200 sigs:

    For fans that would like to support we would appreciate it.

    Jeff, I hope Sega does make an announcement for Valkyria Chronicles.

    I had a different questions, you know Outrun Live Arcade is for both PSN/XBLA in Europe but in America it is only for XBLA. Did the game not get approved by Sony for PSN release in America?

  • I would like to know around what time work begun on God Of War 3. I been a huge fan of the series and it is one that i would repurchase a new PS3 if i needed to. It and the MGS series are my top 2 franchises of all times. Will the game incorporate any type of online features.

  • When you’re talking to the Patapon developer, please ask again about the possibility of a PS3 version of the game on PSN.
    Just imagine the colorful graphics in glorious HD and the Patapons chanting in beautiful 5.1 surround sound.

    As for Fat Princess I’d like to know if the game will be censored for some regions because it seems to be quite bloody. Also it would be a fun question if they expect any backlash (like the one with the feminist blogger) once the game gets more press because of the title and the subject matter.

  • can you you guys bring the video store to canada??

  • OK seriously Jeff why do u neglect me and my questions, do you have a personal problem? let me know so i won’t post here again!

  • this is for patapon 2

    will i have to beat the first one to understand the story for the second?

  • Here are some questions for you Jeff:

    To the GOW III team;

    1- What will set this game apart from the previous games?

    2- In GOW we gain powers from the gods. In GOW II we lose them and then gain powers from the Titans. Anything you can offer us in terms of what will happen with the titan powers on GOW III?

    For the Patapon devss;

    1- Where did you draw inspiration from for the patapon world?
    2- Any rewards in Patapon 2 for those with saved files from the first one?

    That’s what I got so far. I’ll think of something for the others

  • When I saw some of the later screens for Fat Princess and saw the cute colors/sprites/etc., it struck me as an amusing, yet odd, combination with the amount of blood I saw on the same screenshot, kind of like the first time I actually paid any attention to South Park. I know the developers got a lot of noise from the overweight population at first, but have they had any setbacks from other groups about the deceptively youth-oriented appearance? If so, exactly what became of the situation?

    …that sounds so negative…perhaps you could ask in a nicer way…just can’t think of one at the moment…sorry…

  • For God of War III
    – Will there be any kind of multiplier. ie bring Kratos’ brother into t he story so the game can have co-op?
    – Will it support the in-game music? (I want to play some Back Streets Boys while I chop things into pecies.

    For Fat Princess
    – Will there be stats tracking?
    – What is the max level for your character?
    – Wil there be voice communication available?

  • God of War III Questions

    1. Will Kratos have hair in 3?

    2. Will Kratos wear a shirt in 3?

    3. Will Kratos not scream in every cutscene?

    4. Will Kratos grow a moustache and maybe wear an eyepatch and a bandanna?

  • @80 EmperorKorea

    loll at question 4, mgs 5! XD

  • God of War 3 questions

    Will GOW3 have any loose ends that could be spawn into sequels or spin offs or will the story be completed?

    How epic will the bosses be this time around compared to the last two?

    Will GOW3 story focus or hint on some of the unlockable footage on the first game, such as his brother? if not then what was the point of them? spinoffs?

    Please consider these questions

  • Nice that we have the chance to ask questions. Here are some of mine.

    Is there DLC planned for God of War 3?

    God of War 2 shipped as a two-disc set making it by default a “special edition.” Of course with the power of Blu-ray God of War 3 does not be a two-disc set, but is it planned to be more like a “special edition” in the standard release?

    Is there any news on a God of War movie?

    Would you consider releasing the God of War 3 soundtrack on the Playstation Store? Free downloads are nice. ;)

  • i would like to know if there is going to be any type of coop in the game (GOW3). oh and off topic but do you know if there is going to be any kind of headset shipping with killzone 2 because that would help with the quite community.(back on topic) what new gameplay elements are going to be introduced in god of war 3 like new combat system,weapons,powers,etc………….
    and what has changed with the team since the 2nd god of war. srry for long comment i barely post comments on the blog but i read every day.

  • Do you know why David Jaffe left the God of War development team?

    Where’s the computer [PS.Blog] to console [PS3] text chat?

    Or PSN ID to PSN ID text chat via web browser?

  • For the Patapon 2 crew:

    With so many new classes of patapon in the sequel how did you stray from getting to repetitive with class design/gameplay? Speaking of classes will different patapons get different perks?

  • Please Jeff ask them when are we getting Fat Princess, and do they plan to support the game after release….I NEED THAT GAME

  • Will there be custom soundtracks in God Of War 3?

  • For the God of War team.
    There must be a lot of pressure for the entire team in making a game better, newer and fresh, than the previous two games. How are you guys dealing with the pressure?

  • Who is directing god of war 3 and what did s/he do on the previous games?

    Will the game start out just as crazy as the previous games? (hydra and colossus really kicked ass)

    and hopefully its just as gory as the first 2.

  • on a side note, the Killzone 2 demo is amazing. I wish it was a bit longer, but thats how most demos end up, right? :)

    If you don’t want to pre-order from gamestop, just create a UK PSN account and download it.
    Then pre-order from Amazon so you can get the Home costumes :)

  • What kind of engine are you using for the game? How powerful is it?

  • How about a demo for ” GOD OF WAR 3 “?

    Just in general how about a few more demos on the PSN??? Microsoft (360) has a demo for every game & some times 2 or 3 as the game while in the progress of being finished. I reallyhate the XBOX 360 & everything that has to do with it but they seem to be getting better then we all are & it is not fair. but then again i always hear ” LIFE AIN’T FAIR ” .. well SONY i know you could make OUR lives fair by kicking the XBOX’s ass & let them know that WE ARE THE BEST system in the world.. cuz we are right??????

  • could you ask them if this GOD OF WAR is going to be a longer game play then the others and what is this story line going to be like? I LOVE ALL THE GOD OF WARS & OWN THEM ALL. I might have missed the story line on here so thats why i asked.

  • God Of War 3? :o
    I can’t wait!
    I’m getting the Gameinformer (subscriber), so I’m cool. :D

    Question for GOW 3:
    How far are you pushing the PS3?
    An example would be that you have X amount of this on the PS2 and X amount on the PS3.

    Thanks and I really like God Of War, as you can tell by my PSN name. :D

  • OK so here is a little of topic comment, i have 85 friends (not bragging) 15 of them live near me(Houston) and 9 of them were not sure about killzone2 and since i have the demo i invited all to my place, next thing i know is that they all preorder the game the same day,(i went with them) so i think that you should do the same!!!!1

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