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Busy week for us coming up – and we need your help. Over the next few days, Chris and I will be meeting with the people behind Patapon 2, Rag Doll Kung Fu, Watchmen, Fat Princess, and, yes, God of War III. What would you like us to ask them? Go ahead and ask in the comments section (no manifestos please!). We’ll try and incorporate the best questions in our interviews.

Oh, and by “best questions,” we mean think a little deeper than “Will this game have trophies/How many levels/What’s the release date?” Let’s get creative, people!

And here’s what we read this week. Are you excited about Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 yet? I think I know the answer…

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of February 2, 2009)

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  • will god of war have coop? will it have dlc?

  • Has anyone heard of the new release date for Godfather 2?

  • Beautiful list you’ve compiled there. Plenty of reasons to be psyched for the future. I know I’ve said this a number of times since I pre-ordered, and it may be getting old, but: Killzone 2!!! Can’t wait! Forgive my enthusiasm.

    • Forgiven! I\’ve played through the campaign, and you won\’t be disappointed. And I\’ll see you online!

  • 1up fails to mention that the current economic drought tends to grind technology development to a near stand still.

    Sony and its competitors are going to milk this generation until they are ready and financially prepared to go at it in a next gen war. Seeing how everyone, but Nintendo took major losses last year it is seeming unlikely that we will see new consoles until 2013 or later.

  • I’ve never played the previous God of War games. PS3 is my first console since the Atari days. So my question is how accessible is the story in terms of newcomers to the series? A good story is the thing I look for most in games. On a related note: How do developers view the use of professional writers in the process of game design? I’m thinking a lot goes into not only the plot but also the dialogue.

    • That\’s a good question, and I\’ll ask it. That being said, you owe it to yourself to track down and play through the first two games. They\’re quite incredible, and the apex, in my opinion, of the previous generation of consoles.

  • can you please tell me how to get patapon in the usa for psp. In the psn store all i can find is the demo.

  • Here’s a question for Jeff:

    How come you didn’t call in to PSNation’s 100th podcast last night? I was looking forward to hearing from Professor PlayStation ;)

    • I watched a bit of it, but decided they were doing just fine without me ;-)

      I\’m sure I\’ll be on again soon…

  • yes i am excited about KZ2 and Uncharted 2! i gotta ask though… when you say watchmen, do you mean watchmen the game or watchmen the movie/comic book?


  • Questions for GOW 3


    2:Muliplayer? how developed?

    3:We have been told Uncharted 2 will “at times use 100% of the ps3s power, same with killzone 2, will GOW 3 TOP both of these games use of power? Will it use all of the cores?

    4:We have seen that Sonys big titles each have fairly good home support.. will GOW3?

    PS: we were told by a killzone 2 dev at least 2 weeeks ago that “soon” we would see killzone 2 ads everywhere… well its really getting late.. sony needs to be advertising NOW like YESTERDAY..

    Please tell me you guys will show us some of the new ads here on the blog next week as they go live … next week? (we heard eu.. had a 2million pounds budget.. whats the USs?

  • i remember reading a blog (i think it was david jaffes blog) and it reveled a bunch of leaked info about god of war 3 mulitplayer, included a coop element and something called a ‘gladiator mode’ my question is can you ask them if they can confirm any of this? and if so can we get details? this, killzone and resident evil are must buys for me

  • I have two questions mainly because I think they’ll have interesting answers! (These are for everyone!)

    1.) Aside from the games you make, what are some of the games that you’ve been playing a lot of recently?


    2.) What were the biggest challenges you had to overcome while bringing this new game to the PS3/PSP/PSN? And what new features are you bringing to the game that haven’t really been done before in this genre/system?

    Those are my two main questions! I hope I get to hear some answers! (I like hearing about this kind of stuff from the developers of my favorite games…

    See ya!

  • My question for Fat Princess beside knowing when the game be release lol

    Would the game feature a level up class system to better your character’s power, strength, health and stuff like that?

    Also hearing about Fat Princess great online/Co-op would this game feature a story or would it be just straight online and no story?

  • GOW3 questions:

    1) How will the fighting system work exactly??
    what i mean by this is, will it be like PoP where the Prince already knows ALL the moves and we have to “unlock” them.

    2) When can we expect to see some good footage of the game that really shows us what you guys have accomplished so far??

    3) In the VERY first teaser for GoW3 …. Kratos looked kind of aged … exactly how long after part 2 is this game gonna take place.
    (and yes, he did look aged to me)

  • As per God of War III, my main question would be “how are you going about harnessing the processing power of the PS3 in a way that will make the game stand out against not only the (amazing) previous entries in the series, but against many other fantastic games already on the market?

    As per Rag Doll Kung Fu, What are the advantages of making a real time physics based fighter versus regular 2d style, and how long does each stage of making a game like that take? The answers can be as basic as they’d like, it’s just something I’m interested in.

    And for Patapon 2, when can I buy it, because I want it now. Like right now.

  • Dear all,
    Whatever happened to FOLKLORE PSP?

    Thank you, and good day.

  • Will sackboy be in god of war 3? Also will future PSP games be able to be played threw PS3 like the new resistance with a PS3 controller? And Sony rocks!!!!

  • Thanks for the response to #2 Jeff. I guess Killzone 2 just got another sale.

  • I really hope with god of war III they stick to the story and don’t experiment with any type of multiplayer.

  • the one question i have for god of war III is this… the previous games have been immensely engrossing leaving you wanting more and more… besides the obvious improvements towards the graphics for the next gen console, what will this game offer towards the series that will set this game above the rest, and what are you doing to ensure that this experience is enjoyed by the diverse criticism on the market today?

    ps- ok i lied, do you also think that with games like MGS4, LBP, soon to be Killzone 2, do you think that this game will be a selling point for the ps3 system?

  • Will you guys have God of war 3 stuff on Feb10?

  • In terms of scope of story and setting, how does God of War III compare to the previous titles in the series? Second, can we expect the same calibur of integration of puzzle elements in this iteration? Also, is there any word on multiplayer options, even if it’s simply an arena type mode (doesn’t necessarily have to mean “online” ). Finally, how have the advancements in PS3 game development with games like Killzone 2, MGS4, and so on influenced the process used for making GoW3.

    In terms of customization, variety and breadth, how much can we expect from Rag Doll Kung-Fu? Is there a cast of primary characters, maybe a loosely integrated story, event battles, mini-games…? How over-the-top can we expect the fighting to be- for instance, what is one of the crazier attacks the player can pull off? Finally, what are some of the finer points on multiplayer, in other words, how many players can be on a single PS3, assuming there are online matches how many can participate, etc., etc..

    Will the Patapon 2 demo have a similar deal to the original where having a save file beforehand gets you a super-weapon of sorts? And… um… do… ah, I’ve got nothing. I’m sold on the game already.

  • to the Fat Princess team

    what made you go for the cartoony approach?

    Rag Doll Kung Fu team

    Whats the biggest addition to the PSN version that the orignal PC version dosent have?

    Santa Monica team

    Whats the polygon comparison between PS3 Kratos and PS2 Kratos.

  • God of War III:
    -Whats different with this version of GOW, how is it different from the previous 2 games? (I dont want to hear just “better graphics”)
    -Which greek god/goddess are you most like?

    Fat Princess:
    -How will you create an overall feeling of progression? I loved playing Crash Commando on PSN, but when I play online I feel like I am never progressing at all, aside from a few online trophies. It needs a ONLINE ranking/level-up system similar to COD4 (even if it doesn’t unlock anything, perhaps it could be used for better match making).

    -What original ideas are you putting into the game?
    -Is the storyline the same as the movie?

    Rag Doll Kung Fu:
    -How many levels are there to play on?

    Question for Rag Doll Kung Fu AND Fat Princess:
    -Will you be releasing any XMB themes for this game? I love the art styles of these 2 games and I really hope they make some themes for them.

    I currently am using the Pixel Junk Monsters theme, those guys make the BEST themes ever (if you ever get a chance, let the Pixel Junk team know we want more themes!)

  • Re: Watchmen

    I understand the game to be a prequel to the book, and am wondering what kind of challenges you guys are facing creating a back story to a novel that only alludes to what happened prior to its events?

    How are you trying to crush the old adage of crummy movie-game tie-ins?

  • Jeff,

    I know this isn’t necessarily the forum for this, but I was wondering when more PSOne classics will be available for download on the PS Store? I understand Japan has Resident Evil 2 and 3, as well as Metal Gear Solid. Can we expect to have these games released on the US PS Store any time soon? Or are there specific laws that pertain the US store that are preventing them from releasing?

  • How will god of war3 differ from the previous titles….the story behind most greek mythology seemed to have been covered thus far…if there is enough material to pull from the greek mythology this time how about for gow4…will we see it?

  • How long will God Of WAr 3 be in length, will they take advantage of Blu-ray and make the game twice as long as the previous God of war games because this is the last game?(The first two games were each only 9 hours long with no multiplayer)

  • Please let both the Savage Moon and Magic Ball devs that I absolutely LOVE their games. Both are my favorite downloadable games so far. Just please let them both know that I want expansions, and in-game music added to both. Both games are just SCREAMING for in-game music. I’ve never found myself looking forward to buying expansion, but for the first time I am looking forward to paying more for DLC on two different games. (though is MK vs DC gets DLC characters, I’m looking forward to those too).

    Please, PLEASE get word to both devs (for Magic Ball, and Savage Moon), I want DLC and in-game music for both as soon as humanly possible. Thanks.

  • What are some technical specs for God of War 3 so far? 720p 2xQuintux AA 60fps at least I hope.

    Are most of the same people who made two working on three? How many people is that and how long have they been working on this game?

    Will Rag doll kung fu have up to or more than 4 players on the same screen and online?

    Will Fat Princess have splitscreen?

  • Will GOW3 be released in 2009?

  • Persona 1 was announced for the PSP. Please Sony, let the game be released here in the US, without any cuts!

    The same for Growlanser. Atlus needs all the support it can get.

  • I hope God of War 3 has nothing new in it. The first to games were amoung my favorites of this gen, and I don’t want some gimic like Co-op or multiplayer added to such a great single player experiance. With that said here are a few questions I have for the team;

    -The first two God of War games were amazing 8 – 10 hour experiances, but it seems the scope of three is much larger than that of one or two. Will God of War 3 be a bit longer, and allow us to really get to know the Gods we must defeat?

    -Very few developers have taken any advantage of the sixaxis. What plans if/any do you have for motion in God of War 3? (I think it would be great for ripping limbs off enemies. Twist, twist, jerk)

    -God of War is known for its epic scale. Will God of War 3 continue this legacy?

  • PLEASE JEFF, ask Sony to put more Spyro PS1 games in the Playstation Store. I’ve been waiting TWO years for the next two original Spyro games to come out on the PS STORE.

  • Any word on Yakuza 3 comming to the States?

    or does it got subtitles in english or something?

  • Patapon Devs: i really do enjoy the patapon series, have you ever thought about a ps3 or PSN version of the game?

    Rag doll kung-fu: concerning the story of the game, is there really a story or is it just about knocking the socks out of each other :D

    watchmen: is it true that it is in eposodic form? how much episodes will there be? what will be the price of each? and also will they be bundled if they are episodic?

  • Will ”gow” still have mini games with the ladies?? like the other ones, i hope so, also any sixaxis features, with weapons or anything like that??

  • fat princess: is it true that the blood was taken out of the game?

    GOW3: will there be any sort of co-op/online?

    off topic:okay so i played almost all of the first GOW on my brothers ps2 until he sold it, and me being stupid had bought a 40gb. will there ever be a time where a ps2 game willl become available on the psn?

  • Nice Sweet Finally a Killzone 2 Commercial @9

  • lol I was about to ask something like When are you releasing Fat Princess but you seem to want a more deep question so lets say hmmm
    How is the upgrading system works? like i think you can level your class but are you upgrading it as a team or its each their own and when you die, i guess you wont lose a level? and how much time a game can take, i know it depends on the teams but is it like 15 mins or it can be 1-2 hours. Sorry if its not that clear for the 1st question lol i didnt know how to ask it really and i didnt hear much about how its going to work

  • News on Team ICO soon!?

    We are all getting impatient over at TeamICOGamers group at

    And for Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2, I have them bought already in my mind.

    For God of War III (I assume this will be aimed at Stig himself, if not nevermind):

    1) What do you think you/Stig Asmussen brings to the table that previous director’s Cory Barlog and David Jaffe have not?

    2) When will we see some gameplay in motion?!

    3) Clearly you are on Gaia’s back in the trailer. Are you doing the same kind of thing they did in Shadow of the Colossus, or is it all QTE?

  • Nice to hear that god of war 3 is going have an update this week.
    One Question? Why isnt there a killzone 2 collectors edition.
    Please you guys ask david jaffe on the twisted metal project.

  • Any word on when White Knight and Demon’s Souls will be coming stateside?

    Please, say soon! :(

  • And when will Yakuza 3 come stateside, too!?!

  • Are you staying close to the vision of God of War, especially in terms of storyline and script writing?

    In my opinion, God of War was the stronger of the two in terms of story, while God of war 2 had the story EXPLAINED to you in the first 30 min, ok kratos the gods killed ya, but it’s alright you can get back at them, just need to get back all your powers, go back in time etc etc. Then from time to time, Kratos will go ‘ARRGHHH ANGRY!!!’

    God of War 2 was so much better that God of War 1 in graphics, and gameplay, but please, get back to Jaffe’s vision of the franchise in terms of plot.

  • For GOW 3. How much more have you pushed the PS3 that you were not able to with the PS2?
    I’ve heard that you plan to get better voice over actors for Kratos is there any truth to this?
    When do you plan on giving us real gameplay?
    (month is ok an exact date is not needed but will be appreciated.)
    How many hours of gameplay do you think we will be able to get out of the game?
    Have you incorporated any new features into the game to make it more interactive to the gamer? for example sixaxis, etc.

    Thanks for listening

  • 1 question, why no online for the killzone demo? they said u get a demo to play while you wait for the game to release. thats longer than a month and they expext you to play half of a caimpagn mission for a month?
    definently gets boring i wanna get my skills up before the game releases please get online unblocked on the demo thanks

  • What would you chances be of Kratos and Nairko having some sort of cross over into each others games? Heavenly Sword, although as short as it was, I still think is one of the best if not the best presented games on my platform. Can we we expect this quality from GOW3 and also when will we ever see Nairko again in her own element?

  • *any platform that is. . .

  • hey Jeff here are my questions for the GoW III since the release of GoW II have you guys change anything game wise? and if you remember the media as well as the costumer input towards the the GoW II saying that it was too close to call GoW, game play wise have you change anything? since WoW:CoO. have u decided to do another PSP game? thanks Jeff

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