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The following is an important public service announcement for all PlayStation baseball fans: THE PS3 PRE-RELEASE DOWNLOADABLE DEMO FOR MLB 09 THE SHOW IS NOW AVAILABLE ON PSN. If you are a baseball fan, you are strongly advised to drop everything and initiate the download. We now return you to the regularly scheduled programming.

Hey Everybody, this is Andrew Bracken from Sony’s San Diego Studios and MLB to talk about our audio features and additions for MLB 09 The Show. This year we have added a new set of features called Sounds of the Show, featuring a voice recorder that lets you become part of the crowd, as well as a music editor.

The Custom Chants and Yells feature allows you to record your own voice and hear it in the game, either as a fan yelling from the crowd or as a simulated crowd chant. All you need is a microphone or headset for the PS3 and you can go to town. You can use all sorts of mics such as ones from Rock Band, the PlayStation Eye, and bluetooth headsets, among others. These yells and chants can be added to any player in the Personalize tab, either as cheers or jeers, depending on whether the player is playing at home or away.

We have been having a lot of fun with it and we’re sure you guys will, too. So warm up those vocal chords and get ready to yell. But please try and be nice…unless you’re playing against the Yankees.

MLB 09 The Show Screenshot Sounds1

MLB 09 The Show Screenshot Sounds2

MLB 09 The Show Screenshot Sounds3

On the music side of things, last year we introduced My MLB Music which allows you to add your own songs to the MLB playlist. As you may have heard, this year we have added the ability to add your own music to players’ batter walk ups, home run celebrations, and relief pitcher entrances.

One thing we really felt was important was to not only allow you to be able to add your own music to the game, but also to let you choose what part of the song you wanted to hear. A lot of great songs have long intros and if you put those into games, you might never get to hear the part of the song that you really want to hear. So we developed the Music Editor that lets you add up to three marker points to each song to get the music to start exactly where you want it to in game. Like the custom chants and yells, you can then attach it to it to any player you want in the Personalize tab in the Edit Player or Create Player screen. The music editor is not only in the PS3 game but also the PSP as well.

I am definitely enjoying having my created player come up to bat while the chorus for Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon” is pumping out of the stadiums speakers….er…wait – did I say Culture Club? I meant Metallica.

MLB 09 The Show Screenshot Sounds4

MLB 09 The Show Screenshot Sounds5

We have also added a new audio option for the game called music mode. Music mode turns off the announcers and plays your music continuously through gameplay. You can also choose how you want to hear the music – through the PA speakers like you are at the stadium, or without reverb and play your music normally. One way I have been playing lately is with the announcers for the first few innings and the last, but turning on music mode for the middle innings to change up the audio experience.

One last thing – this year we have added support for AAC files for PS3, in addition to mp3 and wav, so you won’t need to change your music import settings on your PS3.

Thanks and we’re hoping you crank up the volume while playing MLB 09 The Show and have as much fun with these new features as we are.

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7 Author Replies

  • @abracken

    At least you aren’t a Royals fan like me. Yeah its sad….

  • Go Brewers!!! Need to show my team some love. lol

  • Wow, played the demo and as usual I suck big time @ baseball games. I swing at everything lol. But, I just wanted to say that this game looks AMAZING, baseball fans will have a blast playing this game. Everything looks so realistic, and after a few at bats I was actually starting to make contact and even hit a few singles lol.

  • “giggity Giggity Giggity GOO, ALRIGHT!” said Glen Quagmire.

  • I have followed this series since 07: The show, and being a huge baseball fan, I can honestly say there is nothing even remotely close to realism this series brings.

    I have been a lont time mariners fan. Griffey Jr, A Rod and many others all got their careers spinning at Qwest stadium.

    Just played the demo, and I love what you have done with the crowd. MUCH better than the cutouts of old. Will there be interaction between ther PSP version of the game and the PS3, so if I want to continue my career onvacation, I can pick ut up again when I get home? This is the feature I Long for.

  • Also, this is the only game that is better than watching the game on Sports Center.


  • @ 55.

    I think you mean Safeco Field. Qwest is where the Seahawks play. But A-Rod and Griffey both started when the M’s were in the Kingdome anyway.

  • I have some questions that may be a bit off topic. They regard online season leagues.

    Question 1: In the online leagues, will there be a waiting period like last year before we can start making leagues?

    Question 2: If I start a league and I have to drop someone, can I drop him and add a new player to fill his spot?

    Question 3: If I drop someone, will it take the league wins away from the standings so that we can add new members? They do this in some video games like NHL09. When you drop a guy, it takes away the wins and losses vs the dropped guy in the standings so that you can add another player.

    Question 4: Can I make more than one League?

    Question 5: Can I delete my league if it fails?

    Question 6: If there are going to be draft leagues, will there also be trades? If there is a draft, how will that work? Will it be like Madden?

    Please answer me if you can. THANKS!

    Im loving the demo

  • they better fix the online problems that they had with the last game.

  • Really nice looking game . BTW i had an issue with the demo…. when pressing the PS button and selecting quit while playing , my console totaly crashes , the screen turn black the console bip three times and jam there and the only way to fix it is to turn the main switch off and on again .

  • So will Kauffman Stadium (The Royal’s Stadium) be updated with the new LCD screen and design?

  • Ken Griffy Jr.!I must admit that it has been a long time sense I’ve watched my boy griffy slug that ball out of the park,but it’s time to return to the plate and crush anyone who play’s against me.

  • this sounds of the show addition looks absolutely incredible. im gonna make cheers and jeers for every single player…i cant wait for this game. once again, great freakin job, guys.

  • Is the Sounds Of The Show feature allowed to be used with your RTTS player?

  • Can you record your own sounds for any situation in the game. Like when soemone strikes out, you yell “Sit down you jerk” plays in the background.

  • i appreciate the reply jvilla! @65 that’d be cool… and funny.

  • In Mlb 09 the Show will we get to choose to play in the old yankees stadium and the mets old ballpark??


  • Holy cow this game is insane. I downloaded the Demo and have been playing it non-stop. This is such a tease! March 3rd can’t get here soon enough.

    I work for a pharmaceutical company, and I guarantee that on March 3rd our stock price will drop since nobody will be buying any Erectile Dysfunction pills anymore. MLB ’09: The Show will quite readily get anybody “up”.

  • Question, Im new to this. However, does the game update rosters over time. For instance, the yankees signed some big players this offseason…. are they on the team in the game?

  • awww man that demo freezed up my ps3!!! its no big deal though make sure you guys fix that in the full game to have less negative things, more positive things in reviews.

  • Hey, Andrew! Awesome new post. I’m psyched up for ’09 already, but these features really, really speak to my interests. I can’t wait until the street date!

    A few pertinent questions about the “Marks” for the walk-up music.

    Do the marks correspond directly to plate appearance cues?

    For example, does Mark 1 represent the first PA, Mark 2- the 2nd PA, and Mark 3- the 3rd PA?

    Or do the Marks play at random?

    Anyway, let’s take Derek Jeter for example. In real life, he has at least 4 plate appearance cues. Now, I know we don’t get to have 4 different songs per player per plate appearance.

    BUT… AHA!… on my computer, I can edit 3 different pieces of music, trim them precisely to what I need for my walk-ups, and paste them all into one file, then copy that over to my PS3.

    So that would leave me with, technically, one MP3 file, but I’ll get 3 different cues to play when I apply the Marks… IF I’M CORRECTLY COMPREHENDING WHAT THE “MARKS” ARE CAPABLE OF DOING!

    I know you’re a busy person, but please don’t leave me hanging on this.

    If I’m rambling incoherently, I’m sorry. I should be sleeping like 6 hours ago. I’ll gladly explain myself better if you need me to.


    • The marks are basically starting points for a song and you can set up to 3 for each song. After you set those, you can attach one of those to a particular player\’s situation- batter walk up, reliever entrance, home run… Yeah it\’s kinda tricky to explain.

  • I like the added chant/music feature. In 08 I never really set up like I wanted to as some music files did not work and it was over complicated. Thinking of the chants now. Fresh roasted peanute…..nawwwww…..Yankees S**k…now we’re talking.

    I will say that I am enjoying the demo, although I’m not seeing a lot of new stuff. A few cut scenes here and there and improved fielding. 08 was a ***** star game anyway!!!

  • Where can we report bugs seen in the demo? I found a few that were a little odd but wanted to share them with the development team.

  • i loved 08, now i cant wait for the new features in 09. hopefully it has better trophies than nba 09 to work for

  • neat article, Is Kaufmann Stadium updated?

    Give me love signed– small market team fan

  • I don’t even need to download the demo … I am buying this day one.

  • If you give me PS3/PSP cross-compatibility for season and franchise mode, I will buy both games. Pretty please with sugar on top?

    Go Tigers!!!

  • Can you guys provide the option of turning the fast play option off when in online mode? It helps speed up the game. Also, remove the flash “fire” look when the guess pitch window comes up. Overall, I’m looking forward to ’09.

  • Thank you so much for adding this feature!! This is the one thing that I really begged for this year and I got it. Very much appreciated and even though “The Show” was already the leader in baseball video games, this just widens the gap.

    With that being said, can we please have new announcers next year? Rex Hudler is very annoying and the commentary is the only depatrment in which the MLB2K series is probably ahead in.

    If not, can you just please replace Rex?

  • PS- I’m not saying that the other two announcers aren’t good, but after years of the same trio, it gets stale. To stay ahead of the game, commentary should really be changed every 3 years or so, in my opinion.

    Thanks again.

  • i dont have a problem with the announcers. then again i havent played any The show games… it would be a good idea to change the announcers though maybe the guys from MLB 2k8?

  • I can get annoyed with Skully and Vasgurgieon but be glad you have them instead of Joe Morgan and Jon Miller. Those guys are terrible. I can never watch Sunday Night Baseball on espn with the announcers on as they ruin the game of baseball for me with their idiot comments

  • I think The Show has THE best commentary I’ve ever heard, but yet again I haven’t played 2K’s baseball series. Am I right that they have Jon Miller and Joe Morgan? They are a great duo and my favourite baseball commentators by far, but I like Vasgersian (sp?), Hudler and Campbell so I have no complaints.

    PS, any chance of a United Kingdom release?

    If not does anyone know if I could pre-order the game so it gets to the UK for the 3rd of March or not?

  • Downloaded the demo over the weekend, this is looking really sharp. While I loaded up the playlist with custom tunes in ’08, definitely looking forward to custom cues and chants.

  • god gracious.. i dont get why people want to sim everything, i think if you guys put bathrooms on the stadium design people are going to complain if the tile pattern is not right, come on give this guys a break, i dont care if ivy grows on mid-may, im here to play baseball and not to play gardener, wanna c flowers grow? go Play Flower! lol! I just want the atmosphere to feel right and the game to play better :D

  • btw i know that ivy is not a flower! but i do not know of any game that emphasizes on the growing of plants lol

  • Re: Commentary by Vasgersian, Campbell, & Hudler:

    This, to me, is one of the game’s selling points. One of my first baseball games was another company’s offering on the PSP that included two well-known announcers, and as much as I enjoy their humor during a broadcast, the selection of commentary was so limited that you knew you were playing a video game.

    With the progressive commentary in MLB The Show, while there’s some repeats, every now and then, I hear a line I haven’t heard before. (Though the comments for steals seem to be the most limited in variety.)

  • please tweak the player tags so theyre better when the game is released. runner on 1st ball hit to second and second baseman waits for runner to reach him to tag then throw to first. runner safe at first. should have thrown to second then first to completel the double play.

  • they changed commentators for 2k9. its now gary thorne and steve phillips instead of joe morgan and jon miller. who cares tho they suck

    mlb 09 the show has better commentators!

  • Guys – The crowd and music features sound like they’ll be good additions, but will there be something real like expanding the rosters?

  • Also what about crossover from PS3 to PSP? Was that question answered? That would be REALLY be great!!!

  • will we be able to listen to music in our Hard Drive while we play? (in game XMB)

  • I’m looking forward to this game. I live for this.

  • 82. NEXTYEARNOW, well, that’s your opinion. Jon Miller and Joe Morgan is what makes Sunday Night Baseball for me. living in Northern California I feel fortunate to have Jon Miller and Mike Krukow as the Giant’s play by play and color commentators. but yes, even they can get stale, especially since it’s hard to capture the emotions of a live game in a sound room.

  • Well I’m sure the user recorder is a welcome addition for many, I could care less about it. great, lets give chumps more ammunition for unsportsmanlike conduct. that time could of been better spent elsewhere within the game.

  • I actually like jon miller, but joe morgan makes me angry when he makes really arrogant or annoying comments. Does anyone agree about joe morgan?

    Ill look for some quotes to find

    Lol I really wish you could have your announcers from your hometown team. Like if you pick the cubs, you could choose Len Kasper and bob brenly… Or if your the giants, you could choose thier announcers..

    That would be awesome

  • Boy Am i going to have fun with A ROID!

    Let the chants begin!

  • Will some players use Sounds of the Show to put in offensive and/or unsportsmanlike material into their game experience? Without a doubt.

    Does it mean it’s not a valid feature? Not at all. The ambience of the game is one of MLB The Show’s strongest points. I’d love to put in chants for my RTTS player, or even, as someone else suggested, calls for hot dogs and “Beer, COLD Beer!”

    I think the designers are doing a great job at balancing the mechanical aspects of the game – the numbers, the stats, the technical elements – with the soul of the game: the broadcast look-and-feel, the crowd noises, even follow-through touches like hearing the stadium announcer still going as the crowd files out after the game.

  • My friends always say I really appreciate a great play because I always stop the game to watch a replay from all the angles, slow mo, and regular speed. My problem would be watching the ball fly into the seats…you couldn’t do that in 07 because once the ball got to the fence the cursor came of the ball and you had to watch from afar guessing where it landed. I haven’t had a chance play 08 this year(sorry guys…I had to finish my career in 07 first lol)and I was wondering if you could actually watch a ball fly into the seats and maybe a fan catching one! One other thing if I start a career with a created player in one year can I transfer him over to the new year? I’d hate all my hard work to see all my hard work go to waste.

    I’d just want to thank you guys for making the best baseball simulation ever! Kudos to you guys for coming out of the pile a few years ago to #1 P.S. GO YANKS!

  • Yanks Boo! A’s are taking the pennant this year. Cubs will always be on the outside looking in, and where oh where is the HR Derby and the old-stadiums that were always ALWAYS in the PS2 versions of the game? Also, do I have the option of taking steroids in the game and then tearing the cover off the ball like Roy Hobbs did with his trusty “lightning” bat while knocking a HR into the lights and causing an electrical fireworks display. That would be incredibly awesome sans the banned substance part. Or maybe there could be after-game nightclub mishaps where players accidentally shoot themselves. Sorry, I’m just cynical from the lack of HR Derby and the lack of an explanation. I do love the game, and have much respect for all the pressure you guys are under to get the best product on the market out in a timely fasion. The Show is freakin’ rad and that’s the way you do it, you get your money for nothing and your chicks for free…I want my HRD!….please…

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