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The following is an important public service announcement for all PlayStation baseball fans: THE PS3 PRE-RELEASE DOWNLOADABLE DEMO FOR MLB 09 THE SHOW IS NOW AVAILABLE ON PSN. If you are a baseball fan, you are strongly advised to drop everything and initiate the download. We now return you to the regularly scheduled programming.

Hey Everybody, this is Andrew Bracken from Sony’s San Diego Studios and MLB to talk about our audio features and additions for MLB 09 The Show. This year we have added a new set of features called Sounds of the Show, featuring a voice recorder that lets you become part of the crowd, as well as a music editor.

The Custom Chants and Yells feature allows you to record your own voice and hear it in the game, either as a fan yelling from the crowd or as a simulated crowd chant. All you need is a microphone or headset for the PS3 and you can go to town. You can use all sorts of mics such as ones from Rock Band, the PlayStation Eye, and bluetooth headsets, among others. These yells and chants can be added to any player in the Personalize tab, either as cheers or jeers, depending on whether the player is playing at home or away.

We have been having a lot of fun with it and we’re sure you guys will, too. So warm up those vocal chords and get ready to yell. But please try and be nice…unless you’re playing against the Yankees.

MLB 09 The Show Screenshot Sounds1

MLB 09 The Show Screenshot Sounds2

MLB 09 The Show Screenshot Sounds3

On the music side of things, last year we introduced My MLB Music which allows you to add your own songs to the MLB playlist. As you may have heard, this year we have added the ability to add your own music to players’ batter walk ups, home run celebrations, and relief pitcher entrances.

One thing we really felt was important was to not only allow you to be able to add your own music to the game, but also to let you choose what part of the song you wanted to hear. A lot of great songs have long intros and if you put those into games, you might never get to hear the part of the song that you really want to hear. So we developed the Music Editor that lets you add up to three marker points to each song to get the music to start exactly where you want it to in game. Like the custom chants and yells, you can then attach it to it to any player you want in the Personalize tab in the Edit Player or Create Player screen. The music editor is not only in the PS3 game but also the PSP as well.

I am definitely enjoying having my created player come up to bat while the chorus for Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon” is pumping out of the stadiums speakers….er…wait – did I say Culture Club? I meant Metallica.

MLB 09 The Show Screenshot Sounds4

MLB 09 The Show Screenshot Sounds5

We have also added a new audio option for the game called music mode. Music mode turns off the announcers and plays your music continuously through gameplay. You can also choose how you want to hear the music – through the PA speakers like you are at the stadium, or without reverb and play your music normally. One way I have been playing lately is with the announcers for the first few innings and the last, but turning on music mode for the middle innings to change up the audio experience.

One last thing – this year we have added support for AAC files for PS3, in addition to mp3 and wav, so you won’t need to change your music import settings on your PS3.

Thanks and we’re hoping you crank up the volume while playing MLB 09 The Show and have as much fun with these new features as we are.

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7 Author Replies

  • After playing the demo several times last night, I’ll be pre-ordering the game today.

    The improvement on the people in the stands is a nice addition.

  • Hopefully they start to add the ability to add your own music in other games. Sports games seem to really fit for this. I wish NHL 09 had it.

  • I just wish Sony would come to their senses and make custom music a system feature rather than a game by game feature.

    This game looks terrific!

    • DaxMontana, you\’ll be happy to know that this is a system feature for the PS3. Makes it a lot easier than writing it from scratch. Developer\’s still have to choose to utilize it.

  • I haven’t purchased a baseball game in several years now, but the more I read about this one, the more excited I get about it. The season can’t get here soon enough. Thanks for all the great updates – keep em comin’!

  • They can’, Microsoft has a patent on it and if Sony puts it it would be like a copyright infridgement or something. Hope Sony can find a hole so they can some how put it on the system.

    looking foward for this game!

  • ^

  • i still gotta get to the demo. i wanna see if its graphically superior to MLB 08. i know it has a ton more features that i am looking forward to, thats for sure.


  • It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a baseball game. This game really has me excited about buying a baseball game again. I love all the new features. I will be downloading the demo tonight.

  • Now I can put my unused Singstar Mics to good use!!

  • Ok! But enough of this, baseball is a american sport, there is a buch of readers here that dont care about this… change the subject please!

  • @4

    I’m right with you. I haven’t purchased a baseball game since MLB 06 on the PSP and I’ll be getting this one when it hits the shelves.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Come on guys, enough with the news. You release a demo, then release news twice this week?

    Do you have any idea how mean that is?

  • Wow, that’s an awesome feature. Downloading the demo now.

  • New Yankee Stadium (and new Mets stadium; thought I don’t care about the Mets) in this game? Just checked out a video and appears to be old Yankee Stadium. Don’t get me wrong, the new Yankee Stadium has nothing on the old Yankee Stadium, but to not be in the game?

  • Yes these features are pretty cool and nifty!

  • This is amazing. Way to keep improving what was already the best baseball game from last year.

  • A great game definitely going to get it.

  • @14
    I thought they said the new Yankee Stadium is in the game.

    “But please try and be nice…unless you’re playing against the Yankees.” No need to be jealous.

  • Never liked music in sports games. Always turned it off.

  • Thank you for adding AAC support. I’ve been asking for it. :)

  • adding cheers and jeers to the game is a nice touch, nothing like a Phillies or Mets game when 50,000 people are all chanting a**hole, or b***shot, good times. I’ll be adding a few “beer, here” and “HOT DOGS” to my game.
    Well done

  • i suck at hitting :( i always swing to early :p

    oh well i got a month to get it down right?

  • In MLB 08, announcers had a habit of talking about no-hitters, which, as a baseball fan, we all know RUINS THE NO HITTER. So in my pitchers RTTS, I used to turn off the announcers after about the 3rd inning when they would start talking about the no-no. Good thing I’ll have something to listen to now.

    • cLoLe.. actually the announcers are the only ones that DO talk about it the no-hitter. Its the on field guys that keep it quiet. There was an interview with Vin Scully years ago where he was asked why he would talk about it knowing the superstition of the jinx and his reply was that it is the job of the announcers to inform the viewers of what is happening. Ever since I heard that interview, whenever I saw a game where there has been a chance for a no-hitter, the announcers have ALWAYS talked about it.

  • cool, this will make me try this game out

  • Liking the demo, surprised it was based on old code. Can’t imagine how good the final version plays.

  • yeah I played the demo, except for a few things, felt like I was playing ’08 but not that it matters, I’ve already preordered this game!

  • Sooooo when are you gonna release the trophy list?

  • Jeez….I wish I was into baseball, because this sounds like it’ll be a really good game.

    Yukes could take a lesson from you guys when they make the Smackdown games.

    Good job!

  • Is the demo resetting anyone elses PS3 after you try to quit?

  • i didn’t think the gameplay on the demo was all that different from 08, but it is a demo. The walkups and leaving the batter’s box was the same. Slightly better graphics, but not blown away. The crowd was better!!

    What happen to the wave thing?!?

    Don’t get me wrong, completely excited about this games’ release!!!

    Why is it so hard to get the HomeRun Derby in?!?

  • Please Eddy or Jeff can you tell me if this is getting an EU release? it looks amazng and I know alot off people in Europe would buy it, whats the chance of MLB team PSN avatars?

  • it is really hard 2 get a hit in this game,if i could learn how 2 i would buy this game

  • @ abracken

    Oh man a cubs fan I feel sorry for you!! Oh wait no I dont, cause im a member of CARDINAL NATION!!

  • Looking forword to using Sounds of the Show!

    I wish we could move the camera anywhere in the ballpark to watch replays. I’ve got season tickets for the Mariners (no wisecracks please!) I wish I could watch my RTTS replays from my actual seats. Or use the camera to see what the view is like from other parts of the ballpark. Anyway, LOVED ’08 can’t wait to get ’09!

  • I need an answer on the Homerun Derby please….not just that it is not in this years game???

    Any of you developers?

  • @ 33

    It’s baseball… 3/10 is great.

  • abracken – Thanks. My bad if I missed a posting that both were in the new game.

  • I can’t wait to play the Mets in this game. I can assure you that my chants towards them will be demeaning and expletive-filled.

    I’m also planning on making every Mets player’s walk-up music girly and stupid, LOL.


  • Andrew,

    I just want to thank you and the rest of the team for (from what I can clearly see) improving upon a game that was already contender for my favorite sports game of all time (and I am an NHL fan.

    Many companies are content with just slapping a new year on the outer casing and recycling the same product from the previous year. In this case it looks like you guys took a don’t try and fix what isn’t broken but improve upon and positively add to it approach.

    I didn’t think it was possible this game could look any better than last year (hell this looks better than KZ2 to me) but the demo proved me wrong and this is not even the final build. The gameplay as well was equal to the graphics.

    Can’t wait for the release

    ps. any chance of a MLB09SAVE5 coupon (;

  • To The MLB09 Team,

    I noticed in the demo that the frame rate drops from 60fps to 30fps during pitcher/batter sequences. Will this be gone in the retail build? It’s annoying =/

  • I love being able to listen to my own music in the game, but will there be an option to listen to the music AND have the announcers talk at the same time?

    • yeah, music mode just defaults to the announcers turned off, but you can turn them up and listen to music at the same time.

  • @ abracken 19

    Yeah…sadly im a Cubs fan….at least we can say that we’re not quitters…Still fans after soo long of not winning :-( Theres always next year hahahaha

  • Cubs Fan Here as well……..

  • I have never really been a sports game fan but after playing the demo I am really exited about this game. Its the best baseball game I have played in a while and it was just the demo!!!!:)

  • i am going to be preodering this weekend!!! count on it. *puts determined face on*

  • I like the custom sounds feature. My question is will progressive field in MLB 09 The Show be called progressive field and not jacobs field and will the home run police siren sound be in the game every time a indians player hits a home run?

  • I’m glad you guys added the New Yankee Stadium, I was worried about that too. Game is awesome, best baseball game ever. I know I’m getting ahead here, but I can’t image what 2010 will bring. Nice work.

  • >But please try and be nice…unless you’re playing against the Yankees

    Andrew, I don’t like that comment at all lol >_<


    As a Cubs fan I noticed that on the 08’version, Wrigley Field has ivy in April. In real life ivy starts to grow around mid-May. Will we see this difference in the game.

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