LocoRoco 2: “Ready to get LOCO?”

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With only a few days till the LocoRoco 2 launch, the LocoRoco celebration continues! Reviews have started pouring in and we couldn’t be happier. If IGN’s “9 out of 10” review score and recent “Editor’s Choice” Award is any indication, it looks like LocoRoco 2 is living up to the original! Check out the quote and the video review below:

“…just the kind of game you want in your pocket.” – IGN Score: 9/10 Editor’s Choice Award”

If you haven’t checked out the PlayStation Store yet, you will see we got more Free Loco goodies this week…and not just for PSP owners but for PS3 owners too! For the Loco-loving PS3 owner we have a special treat, a PS3 theme based on the Mui Mui house!

LocoRoco2 theme MuiMui house

Who doesn’t want to seet the Mui Mui’s dancing around on thier XMB?

LocoRoco 2 - retro1 LocoRoco 2 - retro2

LocoRoco 2 - retro3 LocoRoco 2 - retro4

If you are a PSP owner and weren’t satisfied with PSP wallpaper selection last week we got some slick “retro style” wallpapers this time you can try on for size! And the love doesn’t end there my friends! Stay tuned on the PS Blog and you just might see more opportunities to get Loco-Goodies that might help you squeeze the stress away in true Loco fashion. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long, we’ll be posting more details “write” away.

(Possibly on a Tuesday…when a certain game launches, maybe?)


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  • @PullusPardusUS

    Now THERE’S an idea! Would be awesome! Some more costumes would be good too! A MuiMui, some of the enemies (I feel terrible, their name has completely slipped my mind!) etc!

    • That would be the Moja. :)

      Since I work on LBP too, I\’ll be happy to share that idea.

      Those LBP LocoRoco outfits were insane.

      I\’d love to see a MuiMui costume too.

  • First time commenting, but with this update, I just had to. To whomever made the LocoRoco theme, THANK YOU!!! I thought it was quite funny already, but my 17-month-old son absolutely loves the sound effects for the GUI. I actually planned to play Suikoden, but after I changed the theme, he stood in front of the television smiling, wondering who exactly was talking his strange little language. BTW, I spent the next hour and a half entering and exiting menus on the XMB as my son was nearly dying of laughter. Hilarious. Thanks again. :-)

  • Wow for once it’s great to be European, it’s been out here for a while now and not only that it’s available as a digital download from the PSN, awesome awesome game, only bought it a couple of days ago and i love it :D

  • Oh yeah and i have to say, i absolutely loved the first one, but it’s nothing compared to this, bravo!

  • @37
    Well,Wuggy that’s probably going to change since UMD isn’t really a great idea.

  • lol, i am so gonna wait for patapon 2 its awesome!

  • how come there isn’t a psp locoroco 2 theme can you make one please

  • UMD >>>>>>>>>>>>> PSN download

    physical media ftw

  • That stress ball looks awesome! I want one or three. :)

    I wish these games were going to the PS3.

  • Hi Chuck, I also preordered LocoRoco 2 on 1/14 from Amazon because of the Playstation Blog entry on the 14th “Get LocoRoco 2 for the Cost of Just Two Movie Tickets!”. So I was expecting to get a free demo with my Amazon Preorder, but after waiting weeks and contacting Amazon customer service this is what Amazon had to say:

    “…Thank you for writing to us at Amazon.com.

    I’m sorry, but it appears that your order’s did not meet all of the qualifications specified for these promotional offer’s.

    Specifically, please note that the pre-orders were to have been placed by January 12. …”

    So the Amazon preorder demo bonus was only good for preorders of LocoRoco2 if made before January 12th, which made me mad since why did the Playstation Blog entry announcing the preorder bonus on Jan 14th say you could get a free demo from Amazon and other stores. Anyways I am happy to be getting LocoRoco 2 but sad I didn’t get the demo and won’t ever from Amazon due to that error in the blog entry on 1/14.

    This might clear things up for others that had problems with their amazon preorders.

    • I will definitely look into this.

      Will update soon!

    • Okay! Got some info on this. When we posted about the pre-order program, we weren\’t informed that Amazon was going to close their program earlier than other retails. I was under the impression they were giving vouchers till close to launch.

      Guess I need to read the fine print.

      Sorry about that! Had no intention of misleading you all.

      We will be sure to clarify pre-order program dates per retailer next time.

  • Will you put the demo on the Playstation Store for download after the game comes out for those that didn’t get their preorder demos and for others to try out? Thanks for any info.

  • Thanks for the reply Chuck, thanks for taking the time to look into it and for responding to all of our questions.

    Maybe if the demo can be released for all at a later date on the Playstation Store then no harm, no foul. Since then, everyone can enjoy the demo and test out this exciting new game if they pre-ordered or not.

    I’m glad this will help your future posts in clarifying the preorder dates and things. At least this will help out future promotions hopefully. All the best, thanks again!

  • Did I miss something? What stress balls?

    Anyway, I think that you should put out some merchandise too. Make little beanie (plush)ones. Some shirts or something, too. Just like LBP should be doing. Market these cute little guys. Could you imagine a little singing LocoRoco on your desk? Make them able to sing together when grouped…lol!
    There are too many people who have never tried the original. This game is way too fun to be left out of any serious PSP library.

  • I’ll definitely be picking this one up as well! Loved the first game, but really didn’t enjoy the MuiMui house part of things. It sounds like there are a lot of improvements this time around, and I can’t wait to get started.

    I’m also psyched about the swag. Bring it on!

  • Loco Roco LBP levels,stickers, and costumes pack would be awesome!

  • Here is an idea I have for all PSP games, but would work for this:

    A cheap $2.99-$4.99 PSN add-on for the PS3 that allows play through the PS3 with the Sixaxis/DS3 on your TV, similar to what Resistance Retribution has.

    It would just be a tiny app that asks you to connect the PSP and start the game or whatever.

    I can see how this would not be ideal for games that intend to have their own separate PSN title, but any IP that is PSP-only would be awesome with something like this.

    If it requires something built-in to the PSP game then it should be an idea that is looked into down the road. It would be a way to get DLC-style microtransactions for PSP titles.

  • Bloody hell, I haven’t even gotten the first Loco Roco yet, and now the sequel is coming out? I guess I better hop to it and grab Loco Roco 1 when I can!

  • Is there going to be a strategy guide for this game? If I understand correctly, there was an online PDF guide for the first one so I was wondering if there was something similar planned for this one as well. Also, is there any way to get the guide for the first game?

  • where can i gat the demo?

  • Aw, here I was expecting Locoroco to be released here (Edmontont Alberta Canada) today, but it won’t be out till thursday. :(

  • I’m in San Francisco Bay area and can’t find LR2 on shelves anywhere (Feb 10 release date??). I’ll try again today.

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