LocoRoco 2: “Ready to get LOCO?”

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With only a few days till the LocoRoco 2 launch, the LocoRoco celebration continues! Reviews have started pouring in and we couldn’t be happier. If IGN’s “9 out of 10” review score and recent “Editor’s Choice” Award is any indication, it looks like LocoRoco 2 is living up to the original! Check out the quote and the video review below:

“…just the kind of game you want in your pocket.” – IGN Score: 9/10 Editor’s Choice Award”

If you haven’t checked out the PlayStation Store yet, you will see we got more Free Loco goodies this week…and not just for PSP owners but for PS3 owners too! For the Loco-loving PS3 owner we have a special treat, a PS3 theme based on the Mui Mui house!

LocoRoco2 theme MuiMui house

Who doesn’t want to seet the Mui Mui’s dancing around on thier XMB?

LocoRoco 2 - retro1 LocoRoco 2 - retro2

LocoRoco 2 - retro3 LocoRoco 2 - retro4

If you are a PSP owner and weren’t satisfied with PSP wallpaper selection last week we got some slick “retro style” wallpapers this time you can try on for size! And the love doesn’t end there my friends! Stay tuned on the PS Blog and you just might see more opportunities to get Loco-Goodies that might help you squeeze the stress away in true Loco fashion. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long, we’ll be posting more details “write” away.

(Possibly on a Tuesday…when a certain game launches, maybe?)


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  • loved the demo, cant wait!!

  • I’ll be picking up my copy as soon as it hits the shelves.

    I can’t imagine anyone who owns a PSP not owning at least one of these Loco Roco games.

  • You guys should make a full $60 blu-ray version of LocoRoco.

    What do you say?

    • Wow…That would be one major Loco-Experience. Can you imagine the LocoRoco music in Full Surround Sound?

      That would be nuts!

      I\’ll definitely suggest it to the team.


  • going to get the demo

    off topic:

    (if sony actually advertised there games they would get nintendo numbers out of software, this game eats ds games alive when it comes to innovation)

  • im ready to go lo-co

  • LocoRoco is one of my favorite games on the PSP. I am going to have to come back Tues. to see what kind of swag you will be giving away.

  • That loco roco stress ball is awesome LOL

  • I don’t have a PSP, and I’m not sure I can afford one.. Isn’t there any chance you guys will release a PS3 version of the game? Or a future PS3-version of LocoRoco?

    • Haven\’t heard of any plans yet on that, but will let the team in Japan know you guys are hungry the game on PS3.

      Have you tried LocoRoco Cocorecho on the PSN yet?

  • just something about this game puts me off….seriously

  • On behalf of the millions of PSN Downloaders who buy games every week(or when you have them)Please make it available on PSN. I don’t care about physical copies anymore.Thanks

  • I have a question. Is the game coming only on UMD or will be able to download it from PSN when it is released?

    @9 ConvergeJack
    I believe there is loco roco for ps3 in PSN

    • LocoRoco Cocorecho is the only LocoRoco game on PSN for yor PS3 as far as i know.

      LocoRoco 2 is only available on UMD at the moment for $19.99 (MSRP).

  • I just got a PSP not too long ago and picked up LocoRoco along with it. Couldn’t be happier with the game. I love it. I’ll be picking up LocoRoco 2 day one. Also, they should make a LocoRoco game for PSN that plays similar to the PSP version, maybe using sixaxis instead of the shoulder buttons to tilt the world… just a thought.

  • OMG I’m in love with those retro pictures! Please bring them in HD :) LocoRoco rules ;)

  • And yes – we are all waiting for the full ps3’s LocoRoco game :)

  • I have been playing loco roco 2 for about a week now and its amazing, I love the house part but its quite annoying when you dont know were the parts are to upgrade your house. But I would give it 9/10 its a game I would never get bored of.

  • Thanks for the info.

  • Bring to ps3 :)

  • Will loco roco 2 be available to download via psn? I really like how in Japan Sony said it would offer psn downloads alongside all umd releases.

  • Why is this game not going to be available for download like it is on Europe. I guess I am not getting it.

  • locoroco is a sweet franchise, i like it alot :)

  • I lost interest in my PSP. How about making a sequel to the PS3 game?

  • I bought the PSN version and thought it was pretty good, just the music drove me nuts. And the mini-games made me extremely mad because you have to spend 10 minutes just to get your guy over to the mini game spot, then you go in the mini game, and then you die right away because you suck and then you have to start back at the beginning of the game and have to spend another 10 minutes finding the mini game again, they were really fun too! I wish it was easier to access.

    errm. At least that’s how I remembered it going down. :)

    Is it different for this version?

    • Trust me, it won\’t take 10 Minutes this time around. :) Once you unlock the mini-games you\’ll be able to get to them pretty easily, and the new ones are super fun!

      Check out a couple posts back to see our producer break down some of them and get whooped on \”LocoRider\” the new Multiplayer Mini-game!

  • Looks cool, have the game on pre-order and also enjoying the demo until street. Fun crazy game, gonna be very useful on my long trans-atlantic flight next month. I still can’t believe it’s only $20, what a steal!

  • I am going to buy this for sure.

  • You Americans are missing out, This game came out in Europe last year, and it is amazing. If you loved the first, you will love this.

    Buy it!

    And yes, a PS3 version (proper version, not Cocoreccho) of LocoRoco would be awesome. I’d buy it!

  • im ready to go loco. looks fantastic and sounds like you guys have created another masterpiece! i agree with slayer, the PS3 could use a proper loco roco.


  • Aw, crap. Already!? Where did the time go!? Bring it back, I’m not ready yet! Wait! Waaaaaait! Aw, alright, back up the Loco-motive full of games.

    You guys should sell the soundtrack to this on PSN- I’d buy it. :)

  • I think I’ll wait for it to come out on the PSN as a download, seeing as I already got the first game as a download (curiously still more expensive).

    Just as well – LocoRoco is a HUGE game and it’ll take me a while before I even reach 50% completion!

  • Only 20 stages is a bit of a disappointment, but at least there’s mini-games and other stuff to keep me busy! :D

  • I hear the music……

  • I only have one question.

    Will this be released on both PSN and at retail? The PSP being a hand-held device it sucks when your games take up more space than your system…so if possible I prefer to get psp games as DL and put them on one or two mem sticks so they take up little or no extra physical space.

    And in case sony is listening/reading…the same logic does not follow for home consoles since space isn’t an issue I’d much rather have a physical media(which is why I will buy burnout retail instead of off the PSN)

    • LocoRoco 2 is only going to be available at retail on UMD for now.

      I understand your POV. Wish I could comment on PSN downloadable games, but alas that\’s not my dept. Sorry! :(

      We do pass comments and ideas on so thanks for sharing your opinion.

  • IGN needs someone else to do their voicework on video reviews. Sometimes it sounds like he’s having a puberty emergency and other times he sounds completely muffled.

    Gametrailers is a good example of how to do it right.

  • I’m already loco though :P
    Thanks for the details!

  • If this game comes to the PSN with trophies I will buy it.

  • I loved the original and I’m looking forward to this one. Would make a cool PS3 game as well.
    I hope the music is as catchy as the first. Just not as addictive as Patapon. I still can’t help singing pata-pata-pata-pon in my math class from time to time.

  • Hey! Look!

    I’m actually buying something that comes out on PHYSICAL MEDIA!

    Funny how that works, eh Sony?

    Please keep the physical media coming!

    As long as there is physical media, you have my pocketbook at the ready.

    PSN = instant refusal to buy anything.

    UMD FTW!

  • Where is the demo?

    I pre-ordered from Amazon on 1/14 and I’ve never got any demo info. I guess I don’t mind waiting for the final game to ship, but you did post this on the blog on 1/14:

    “Pre-order the game through one of our participating retailers like Amazon, GameCrazy or GameStop and you will be awarded a voucher you can redeem on the PlayStation Network for the LocoRoco 2 demo weeks before the game releases!”

    • That\’s weird. Amazon should have sent you a voucher for the demo once you pre-ordered. I know the game comes out in just a few days, but if you want your demo still, Amazon customer service should be able to take care of it as long as you have your pre-order info.

      If anything, thanks for the support with the pre-order, you will be playing LocoRoco soon enough!


    Sony form to the market. Right now the consumer base across the globe is a hybrid of people wanting both physical and digital media. PSP, and PS3 are both capable of reaching both kinds of consumer, don’t let your advantage get away.

    I will not buy another UMD, the format is to unsafe, and bulky. I do not need something else to forget, and loose during the day, PSN is the only way for PSP, for me.

  • I loved the PS3 game, it was so great!! But that was until I tried the PSP game… The PSP game is so much better… On the PS3 there is one massive level with 200 locos and you have to play the same level 5 times or so before you can unlock the entire level… anyways..

    I like the PSP version much better because there are a lots of levels and a lots of different levels to.. can’t you please consider transferring the psp games to the PSN as PS3 versions? or take both the games onto 1 (or 2 different if you have to :P) Blu-Ray or something? It would be awesome if you did that ;]

  • The theme looks awesome

  • I pre ordered my copy already, its gonna be fun! now patapon 2 :) any date set?

  • I’m really looking forward to Locoroco 2 on the PSP! But, I have a few concerns about Locoroco as a franchise…

    I think that there’s a TON of untapped potential with what we can do with Locoroco! I mean, it’s a beautiful and very catchy game, and the characters are obnoxiously lovable! I think that the world could use a lot more locoroco! So, I’ve thought up some suggestions for Locoroco as a franchise! (I’ll have to post it in another comment though… bear with me please…)

  • Okay, here it is:

    -Locoroco on the PS3! (A full blown locoroco game, with optional six-axis tilt control, etc…)

    -Locoroco 1 and 2 soundtrack available on Playstation Store! (I would pay money for this!)

    -Locoroco Playstation Home support, Including, but not limited to:
    *Locoroco T-Shirts
    *Locoroco and Mui Mui Plush toys for Home Spaces
    *A Locoroco Game Space
    *Locoroco Music in Listen@Home
    *Mui Mui House Purchasable Home Space
    *Locoroco Furniture (Locoroco bean-bag chair!)
    *Locoroco Arcade Cabinets in the Bowling Alley
    *Purchasable Locoroco Plush toys available in playstation home, once you purchase them, you get one in the Mail (in real life!)

    I really think that Locoroco has the potential for AWESOMENESS, and I hate to see potential go to waste! So please, I think I speak for all of us here on the Playstation Blog, take our suggestions! We, as a gaming community, can help broaden the horizons of one of our favorite franchises!

    Thanks for hearing me out!
    -Stephen ( MidgetguyII@yahoo.com )

    • WOW! Great list Midgetguy! Much appreciated! I\’m copying and pasting right now. We love the suggestions and encourage you and the rest of the community to share your ideas and thoughts. We do listen.

      Remember to stay tuned next week on the Blog for more Loco-Goodies!

  • Anyone else here on the Playstation Blog, go ahead and share your ideas on how you think Locoroco could expand as a franchise! I’m sure we all have GREAT creative ideas for the team! So have at it, and let your voice be heard!

  • I’ve spent a few hours with the full version of LR2 already and I have to say…FLOORED by how much content is packed in here. I mean, I loved the original and everything so my expectations were, at a minimum, hoping the team at least brought the same experience…

    …they did SO MUCH MORE!! Bravo Chuck, must be awesome to be APMM for such an awesome title.

    • Thanks SarshelYam. I am a very lucky dude to be on such a great franchise.

      Glad you scored your copy already. Are you abroad or did a retail store get excited?

      The \”Bravos\” go to the team for really stepping up and delivering a sequel fans deserve.

  • please release the game on PSN.

  • Typo , “thier XMB?” its their =D

  • I live in the UK, so have had this game already for a month or so. It’s absolutely fantastic! Best PSP game out there, easily!

    I too would absolutely love LocoRoco plush toys! Forget beanbag chairs! Also, LocoRoco stress toys would be great, especially when trying to tackle some levels for that last fruit!

    Also, a full PS3 version of LocoRoco would be absolutely awesome. Would definetly buy it!

    Great to see your supplying us with so many free goodies over the next few weeks! Any chance of some DLC for LR2?

    What can I say guys? You’ve done an awesome job! Just wish I could get ino Patapon like I can get into LocoRoco (I absolutely FAILED at the last one!)

    Question about the PS3 theme: Is the wallpaper animated? I doubt it will be, but it would be awesome if it was! There aren’t enough good themes on the store these days. Atleast I hope there are multiple backrounds, so it looks like the MuiMui have moved!

    • Animated Wallpaper would be soo awesome, especially with the LocoRoco art style!

      Alas we aren\’t there…yet! :)

      Hope you are keeping warm in the UK!

  • Oh yea ! i got a suggestion , Locoroco music on Little big planet! =]

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