Show Off Your PlayStation Credit Card

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Due to the overwhelming response for the PlayStation credit card and its holiday introductory offer, we’ve decided to extend the PS3 hardware savings to those looking for added incentive to sign up for their very own branded plastic.

PlayStation Card

You have until the end of March to apply for your PlayStation Card here.

If you’re instantly approved, you’ll receive a credit of $100 on your next billing statement when you purchase a PS3 system. Not only are you getting a huge savings on the purchase of a PS3, but you now have direct access to Sony Rewards Points that are redeemable towards all the latest Sony and PlayStation products.

Every time you use the PlayStation Card to buy digital goods in PlayStation Network or for everyday purchases like clothes and groceries, you’re earning more points.

Showing off your PlayStation pride has never been easier.

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5 Author Replies

  • When is this, if ever going to come to Canada?!

    I seriously doubt there’s that much red tape that everything is always subject to be exclusive to the U.S.

  • This worries me about the financial state of Sony…

  • I’ve applied… sadly i was denied.

  • Heck yeah, I will try to apply, but highly doubt I’d get it because I have horrible credit :(

  • That card is Expired, no deals for Mr. D. Barrett. LOL

  • @38
    Apply that same rule with a credit card. You’ll not only save the few dollars that the bank will leech you from numerous uses in a week (they are common when you live alone and you have a car) but they will also bring you some rewards, like point that you can exchange for games. Credit companies make profits out of people who are not smart customers. For smart customers, it costs 0$ for all the advantages. The only thing you have to do is pay your bill at the end of the month. If you were smart and didn’t buy more than you can afford, it won’t cost you a cent.

  • This is an EXCELLENT deal that all credit worthy gamers should take advantage of. (The fact that you qualify likely means you KNOW how to handle credit in the first place and can SEE the value of the deal).

    Also…using the card gives you an extra year warranty.

  • This country relies on too much credit. Try saving for a change.

  • I wish I could but my credit not good enough.. :(

  • I use my debit card online and where it matters (my bank is Wachovia by the way). I don’t get charged any fees cause I have a free student checking account. I’m currently between schools right now though…but anyways.

    Point is, until I actually need to build up credit I doubt I’ll go for a credit card. My debit card does all that for me. And of course it is difficult to have a credit card cause some people think it’s free money that they can pay back later. They forget to add on interest. A general rule of thumb is if you can’t pay the money back by the time you get the statement you might not want to buy the item.

  • @56 just because you got the card doesn’t mean that you know how to handle credit , my uncle sucks at handling credit but yet he has perfect credit.

  • awww man I wish this was international…
    I don;t really want the discount…but I want the Playstation VISA card! :(

  • @60….I said ‘likely’ to account for your uncle :P

  • im not going to be approved with the way the economy is but ill apply in about 2 weeks when i hit 18 lol. i know i have no chance of getting it but what the hell no reason not to try lol.

  • extra year warranty???? is that added on to for people who already have a system?

    or just when you buy a new ps3?

  • looks cool i want one

  • Haha PlayStation card does look very slick. I already have a Sony Card though. Thanks for the info Kim!

  • @37

    1. You can make purchases online with any Visa/MasterCard branded debit card.
    2. Some debit cards offer miles/points, such as the US Airways Visa Check Card from Bank of America or the Chase Continental Airlines Debit MasterCard.
    3. I don’t know of a single bank that charges you to use your debit card, in fact most banks encourage you to do so. They make money off each transaction.
    4. That’s true, but it takes years to truly establish credit-worthiness.

  • Can you apply for this if you live out side US ?

  • The only Sony Rewards I get are trophies… not in the market for a new card, but glad to hear these are keeping pace and there is a market for them. May want to edit your original post here and add that it is for buying at Sony Style. Otherwise, people might want to combine it with the $50 cheaper PS3 on Amazon.

  • Can I buy a PS3 here:

    and qualify for the discount?

    (I know nothing about the credibility of this site.)

  • When will Sony start supporting their own online game servers?

    Some of the Warhawk game servers have been messed up for months and there is no one we can ask for support. If you call Sony that area says they can’t help with game servers, try email. If you email Sony that area says they can’t help either, and there’s no one they can forward your request to. If you ask the forum moderators they say they can’t help either.

    Sony doesn’t allow anyone to tell them the servers are messed-up, there is no one you can send a bug/maintenance/outage report to, and they don’t give any support for them at all.

    People are still buying & playing this game, why can’t we get any support at all?

    See Incident #’s 090123-000769, 090125-001330, and

  • Credit,can’t help ya their.

  • You guys need to learn about what credit is and how your credit score is calculated. I can’t explain everything and don’t claim to know everything about it, but there are a couple things to know.

    Every time you apply for your credit card, loan, or a credit limit increase your score gets knocked down a little. After 3 months it comes back up.

    The more credit you have the higher you score can be, unless you got some other messed up stuff.

    Example, if you have 3 credit cards with $5,000 limit and your balance on them is only $100 per card, then you have $14,700 of credit available so you will have a good score.

    If you have a $4,000 balance on each card then you only have $3,000 of available credit and your score will be lower because you are using 80% of your available credit.

    So even if you get a Sony/PS Card you can just use it to buy the PS3 and pay it off in 20 days, and never use it again to keep your score good. You don’t have to close the account down and it’s better to keep it open so your score stays good.

  • Whats with Sony’s negligence on Canada.
    PSN card’s not being sold here is still not solved, now another theres the credit card. What gives!

  • How long does it take for them to Send you a message if your credit is good or bad?

  • My buddy just got the card about 2 1/2 wks ago and got the 160GB Uncharted Drake’s Fortune Bundle. He has since beaten Drakes and collected all treasures and the Hidden Relic! I told him about this deal and he quickly proceeded to upgrade from his PS 2. Nice promo.

  • birdwalk18, you know immediately if you are approved and for how much.

  • Though I am tempted to apply for one, in today’s economy, I think I’m just going to stick with the cards that I have at the moment. This year, I’ll be on a spending lockdown.

  • SWEET!!!!!The only thing Better is having nike make Playstation air force one and air max 97 PS3 edition can we get a pair of playstation jordans!!!!!

  • Is this card available in Canada???

  • Oh this is so cool

  • A Playstation credit card sounds cool! But not to be off topic but i would like PSN cards in Canada

  • is this gonna come to Canada?

  • If I get this Sony credit card, can I use that $100 toward the $150 youre making me pay because of YOUR Yellow Light of Death issue… three weeks TO THE DAY after the warranty went out… I guess thats why its the 13 month YLoD… ANyway Id be really interested if I COULD use it… and would I get my free $100? email me at

  • On the advertisement it says instant approval but after completing the form it says you will be contacted within 30 days. Whats that about?

  • Just want to ask, why only U.S can apply for Sony card….?

  • Why can’t us canadians apply for the card, it seems to me that you can only get this card if you are an american.

    Can someone helpme on that?

  • err i dont trust cc whats the intrste rate on this if its someting very high i will juist stick with the psn gift card

  • Yup, Forest — you NEED that card.

    Worse comes to worse, you can always use the card to jimmy open the lock on your house after your failed bank forecloses on your over-mortgaged house and the sheriff dept. slaps an orange sticker on your front window. Heck, bring an extension cord and you can charge your PSP with the neighbor’s outside socket, next to his hose spigot (aka, your shower).

    What am I talking about. I got a PS36ii and a DSP slim/lite (and one phat for back up).

  • i, like my fellow Canucks, agree, this must be brought to Canada!

  • i have a ps card its great but whats better is using cash insted of credit. use card for emergencies. so what i put on it i make sure i pay it off before the next billing date no intrest that way

  • very good news, but we should have to pay them back or what after we apply for the sonycard !

  • sony why is this ONLY american deal please
    i am from mexico and this will be a sweet deal for buying stuff in the ps store.
    i cant buy nothing, the only way for me to
    buy something is going to US and buy a psn card.

    come on you are losing so much in this territories that why ANOTHER game companys are selling more as you most know.

    so i ask why, please at least give us psn card in mexico and you will see.

    i know that the credit card can be dificult
    but come on give us PSN CARD

    whatever i am enjoying my ps3 but i want to buy so many things from the store and is realy anoying.

  • I was just reading the terms and conditions, and I wanted to verify if you HAD TO purchase the PS3 from, or Sony Style stores. As long as I purchase a PS3 for over $299 on the Playstation Card (say from Amazon, Dell, etc.), do I still receive the $100 credit?

  • + freddurst116

    This is also the same question that I needed clarification on. I would much rather get mine at best buy or target as long as it shows up as being purchased as a sony purchase. Do we really have to order it only from sonystyle or sonyrewards?

  • sony is great

  • wow great offer! maybe i’ll get one of those.

    by the way, any words on when the next batch of ps3 greatest hits coming?

  • I recently registered for this deal and was instantly approved. When I went to register at the sony rewards website, however, it said that they do not have my account. I called the number they gave me and they told me to wait a day. I called two days later and they told me they couldn’t bring up my account. What gives?

  • This blog post is a little misleading. You place a link at the end of the sentence: “If you’re instantly approved, you’ll receive a credit of $100 on your next billing statement when you purchase a PS3 system” which brings you to the website. When you go to buy the system from this website it directs you to a list of 9 authorized retailers of sony products. After acquiring my card, but before purchasing the PS3 – I contacted sony rewards who informed me that I would only be able to buy the ps3 from, which is not on this list.

    Is it true that you can only purchase the ps3 through or can you purchase it through one of the 9 sony authorized retailers?

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