Show Off Your PlayStation Credit Card

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Due to the overwhelming response for the PlayStation credit card and its holiday introductory offer, we’ve decided to extend the PS3 hardware savings to those looking for added incentive to sign up for their very own branded plastic.

PlayStation Card

You have until the end of March to apply for your PlayStation Card here.

If you’re instantly approved, you’ll receive a credit of $100 on your next billing statement when you purchase a PS3 system. Not only are you getting a huge savings on the purchase of a PS3, but you now have direct access to Sony Rewards Points that are redeemable towards all the latest Sony and PlayStation products.

Every time you use the PlayStation Card to buy digital goods in PlayStation Network or for everyday purchases like clothes and groceries, you’re earning more points.

Showing off your PlayStation pride has never been easier.

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5 Author Replies

  • This is a sweet deal. I will see if I can get ahold on one of these sweet Credit Cards.

  • Probably not a good time for credit cards, but at least Sony is trying to help out.

  • I have a SonyCard the original now does buying goods on the PSN give me 1 point or 3 or I think it should be 5 points per dollar since it is a Sony store.

    BTW I love my SonyCard and the Sony Rewards program! I have earned tons of free stuff!

  • More debt for Americans, Enjoy!

    But the card does look cool. Now if only you guys can get those PSN cards out there, that be a whole lot better and affordable.

  • I just received my confirmation email and will be receiving a the card shortly. I apply when it was $150 off. I hope i will still get it at the price.

    • Yep, if you applied for the $150 promotion before the 12/31/08 deadline and used the link we provided then you should be receiving the original offer

  • I got two friends of mine (soon three) to get PS3s because of this deal. Plus cause my older model keeps breaking (60GB) and I have a lot of savings left over right now I got a new one to replace the old broken one and use the old one as a tinker toy for experiments etc.. :D (its blu-ray drive broke, not the system its self)

  • Yeah. Too bad that this “card” is only available to those with PERFECT CREDIT history. I tried to apply and they denied me very quick.

    Yes my credit is messed up some but that doesn’t seem to matter to Capital One which i have had a card with them for a few years now and got a nice limit on it.

  • The last time I tried this, they signed me up with the wrong promo code and I ended up not getting $150 at all. PASS.

  • I took advantage of the $150.00, last year, and purchase a second PS3 for the bedroom. Sony points/Sony Rewards are a great benefit. I’ve recently received my free Sony PS3 bluetooth head and got a free PSP core and 2gig stick, in the past.

    The only downside to the promotion is that the offer makes it sound like the account credit is given quickly after the purchase of a system from a Sony retailer. This is not the case. The e-mail first tells you it will take six to eight weeks to receive the account credit. The e-mail after you get the system tells you that a rebate has to be printed, mailed to the rebate center and then you wait six to eight weeks for the account credit.

  • This is a great deal.

    Bring it to Canada.

  • I need a job first…One that will work with my class schedule! :O

  • i’ll give it to sony, it is a fairly sweet deal, but honestly people, do you really need a card from the man. of the system, that you can rake up debt on (purchasing ps3 and psp products, of course), at a time when most americans are so deep in dept they can’t see anymore, it just seems like a bad idea…

  • I already have 2 PS3’s, but I want the PS card itself PLUS would like the benefits of the $100 credit…are there any other items that it could be applied to?

    Reading through the terms I hope so, as it looks to apply to any product or services totaling $299 or more (“Qualifying Purchase”) within the first 45 days the account is opened from either, & Sony Style stores.

    Can that be 100% confirmed here. If so, it’s as good as done…I only wish something like this would have been available when I bought my launch model PS3 back in 11/2006!

    • Wow! 2 PS3s? A man after my own heart…Yes, you can still qualify for the $100 credit if you buy products/services totaling $299 or more within the first 45 days the account is opened, etc.

  • You need to DROP the price of the ps3!! Another credit card to have during a recession is not a good idea.

  • Here’s a (possibly dumb) question: I already have a Sony credit card that I’d gotten 2 years ago when you guys did a similar promo and I used that to buy my PS3. Would it be possible to somehow change that Sony CC to a PlayStation CC and retain rewards points?

  • What’s the difference between a Sony Card and a PlayStation card? Do you earn the same amount of points and do they all go towards Sony Points?

    • Yes, you earn the same amount of points and they all go towards Sony Rewards. The cards just look different but it\’s way cooler to be PlayStation card member, don\’t you think?

  • hey i’ve gotta question for you Ms. Nguyen – ive got the Sony credit card and i was wondering if i get bonus points when i make purchases on the PSN? i know you get regular points on everyday purchases but since its a sony service is it the 5 bonus points instead of 3 or 1?


  • @#11

    Actually the scary thing about our country is that you DON’T need a job to get a credit card, in fact you don’t even need to be human!

  • @2
    You’re right. Credit Card = Debt = Very Bad. (Sory for sounding too pessimistic)

  • Dont know how old you kids are…but please read the APR….that is the first and often last thing I ever read in terms.
    Cool Card and awesome offer = READ APR if its variable and in the 20’s can bite you real fast.

  • LOL wish I could get a credit card right now–already have a PS3 tho–but love to show the PS love everywhere anyways!

  • Credit Cards! No thanks. I just buy what I need with my own money.
    “Thanks for the offer, but I’ll have to pass!” Specially when it’s a credit card. Borrowed money is not my style.

  • Chase bank?!

    forget it then.

    I opened an Amazon Visa card and it was managed by Chase bank.

    Worst. Experience. Ever.

    I will apply for this card when you stop using Chase bank.

  • Too bad that Sony’s support on Mexico sucks pretty bad, so no Credit Card over here (and many other stuff missing, adding to the excesive prices from Sony Mexico)

    Also is really sad to see some dumb choices like removing PS2 Backwards Compatibility from the PS3.

  • Would love one…in Canada! :-(

  • LOL, BUY THE PS3 and cut it up (to small pices)… That is what I would do. And A PS3 price drop is coming soon any way… I don’t coment on rumors though..

  • My only question is what is the incentive for people who already own a PS3? I recently started building up my credit and having one more card couldn’t hurt and this would offer rewards my other card doesn’t. I would just feel jipped if I signed up now though and got nothing in return while others are getting 100 back.

    Got any smooth talkin’ to convince me to sign up for this bad boy even though I already own a PS3(launch box mind you)?

    • You mean being one of the few card-carrying PlayStation members isn\’t enough?

      You can still get $100 credit if your qualifying purchases total $299 or more within 45 days of opening your account (check out the fine print on the application). So, sign up for the card and go buy some games.

  • I love this! Great idea Sony! I’m getting one!

  • Sadly my mom has a bad credit report so I won’t be getting one :/.

  • @ 14 technically not a recession. A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative gdp. that has not happened yet. and actually credit cards during a recession is a good idea, for the cc company at least they make money and lots of it off of them even if people go bankrupt and don’t pay, the ones who do more then make up for it at rates of 20% apr.

  • Two things… first of all, the form for linking accounts is broken here. I just signed in under my PSN ID for the first time and I couldn’t remember my old password. So I tried to use the forgot password button and the form kept giving an error because the ID and password were empty… if I knew the password, I would have been using the top part.

    Fortunately I was able to remember my password, but you should really fix that.

    As for the main reason I was going to post, credit cards by themselves aren’t bad. If you have 1% cash back for example, that makes everything you buy 1% cheaper as long as you pay it off right away. It’s irresponsibility that makes credit bad.

  • Maxxy you mom having bad credit has nothing to do with your credit. Relatives credit history has nothing to do with yours? please you all google and read common myths and facts about credit, this is why people go into debt..not researching.

  • Thanks a lot. :) I still definitely want one of these cards.

  • Nice… but

    Canada please

  • I want to get this card, but I’m a year away from being eligible.

  • I really wish I could get this card but unfortunately I don’t have a SSN :(. If only Chase offer playstation skin to their visa cards.

  • @31 Lol as of right now my mom’s credit has to do with me, as im only 16 at the moment, and she takes care of me now in 2 years ill be getting this card if it ever gets released again.

  • @21

    I guess there’s something you didn’t understand about credit card. You must not take it as someone else’s money. Take it as your money, and there’s only pros, no cons.

    1. You can buy stuff online, unlike with your debit card.
    2. You get points for rewards, unlike with your debit card.
    3. With most banks, if you use your debit card multiple times in a week, you’ll pay a fee. It’s a very small fee, but 2-3$ per month is still over 20$ that should be in your pockets by the end of the year.
    4. You make yourself a good credit record, which will be good for your when you will be buying an house, unless you want to pay it cash…..

    If you pay your credit card every months, they are TOTALLY FREE. If you are smart and don’t buy what you don’t have the money for, then you should get a credit card as soon as possible.

  • i have no credit card and it’s staying that way, can’t afford it, then you can’t have it! can’t ever go wrong with that rule. try saving up, it might surprise you.

  • Does the Playstation card count as a Sony card on Wheel of Fortune? :D

  • Will I will be able with this card to buy stuff at EU PSN store?

  • Unfortunitly the way the economy is I did not get approved for there credit card. I hope they will be price cutting systems.

  • Wow this is really cool nice to know that Playstation is thinking about the consumers during these tough economic times. Also when I get one can I also use this for things non playstation related or can I use it to shop?

  • Just to add to my comment, I don’t leave in any needed registered PAL territory so I can’t get stuff from EU PSN store, like add ons for LBP, will I will be able to do it with this card?

  • Is this available in canada too?

  • we dont need this we need cards so you can put monny on and buy it at a store

  • PSN cards are out there I’ve seen the min local Gamestop stores and also at Block buster

  • @37

    Thanks for the advice buddy, but I know how it all works. When you use moneys where you have to pay it back in a certain amount of time. It’s borrowed dollars! I You basically get 30 days (depending on your cycle) to pay the loan back without interest. Or you can take the dirty route. Pay small increments with interest. I do have cards, I just choose not to use then unless its absolutely necessary. There are other options when it comes to building good credit.

  • It should be noted that you MUST PAY FULL PRICE for your PS3. That is to say that if you want to use gift cards or find a deal similar to Amazon’s recent deal of the day where the PS3 80G system was only $350, YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK. I went round and round with the Sony Rewards people on this as I had a $200 Amazon gift card and wanted to use it to offset the purchase price. They said no dice – you have to pay full price or you don’t get the card credit. I ended up just caving in cause I had built up my hopes of getting one anyway (and the Sony Card offer I got included 0% on purchases over $299), but this pissed me off to no end. I nearly filed a complaint with the State Attorney General as this is a rather misleading and deceptive offer. I talked to them and they said it was definitely something they would pursue, but ended up not filing since I caved and bought it anyway. Just saying know what you are getting yourself into.

  • I am tempted to apply for the card, but I don’t want to ding my credit for a bonus that won’t do anything for me (cheaper PS 3, I already have one). Are there any plans for future bonus offers with the card for applying or just for having it?

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