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Wow, looks like we read *a lot* this week. Lots of great post-CES impressions out there, lots of reasons (between nine and 50 million) to look forward to what 2009 has in store. Please share what you read and heard this week with us in the comments below.

And if you missed the news, starting Tuesday you’re going to need a free PSN ID to comment on the blog. Sign up for one here.

OK, the Eagles are kicking off!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of January 12, 2009)

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  • lol. I just clicked on page two and 9 spamming comments were deleted (leaving me on page one. I’m like: “wth?? I just read this”. :P) Awesome job with the moderating guys!

    OT: thanks for the reading list and keep up the good work with the blog. Also, I know a few people mentioned it already, but a new firmware update soon would be greatly appreciated….

  • Thanks, Jeff. BTW, hopefully my icon will appear soon. I also have Sly Cooper as an avatar. Love Sly Cooper and I can’t wait for InFamous!

  • Harmonix’s boss craving a new Amplitude on PS3?

    Sony make it happen!!!

  • Thats a lot of news for this week. Maybe things will pick up now.

  • Hey Jeff,

    When will we be hearing more about Flower? I noticed you posted a Flower pic on the PS Blog’s Flickr page.

  • @ 11

    PSN parties and in-game cross over chat…that would make the PS3 just like the 3fixme. Except that. We actually have games worth playing. omgz! LOLOLOL

  • i really liked this week’s list. keep it up, jeff. Also, i think the 3D idea should be seriously considered.

  • Analyst Pachter Alters PlayStation 3 Price Cut Prediction. Patchter has never been right about anything Sony. Could this year be different?

    Here is a price cut from dell.

    PS3 80GB Console – $340
    PS3 160GB Console w/Uncharted – $425
    Been going on all week. Don’t know how long it will last.

    @11 Keep asking for what you want. I think the PS3 is starting to turn. Instead of running into the iceberg.

  • Any online web site that reviews KZ2 before waiting to see how the online of this game holds up when the million different versions of PS3’s hit it is doing there readers a disservice.

  • The ONLY thing I care about at this point in a new firmware update is the ability to upscale to 1080p/i. 95% of LCD HDTVs have a significant amount of lag, and running the PS3 in the televisions PC Mode reduces that lag to a mere un-noticeable 10ms or under. The only problem is that PC Mode on LCDs only works whan a 1080p signal is being sent to the television… removing the option to GREATLY reduce gaming lag in 720p only titles. The other issue this presents is that the PS3 downscales everything to 420p for people with older HDTVs that do not support 720p.

    This are PS3 issues & Sony are well aware of them & have even stated that ithey would be fixed, but have done absolutely nothing about it. The 360 can do it, and there’s no reason the PS3 cannot.

    All it would take is a simple firmware update. When do we get what was promsed to be fixed way back in November of 2006?!?!?!?!

    GIVE US OUR 1080i / 1080p UPSCALING FOR PS3 GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff, could you answer a question I’ve had… and listen to a suggestion.. :D

    I’ve been wondering.. Just how extensively is Killzone 2 going to be advertised?

    And I’m pretty sure you already know this, but I hope you don’t try vague ads. LBP ads got good air time, but the create mode was barely advertised at all! No one in my area knew what the game was about, but then I got them hooked on create mode, but not everyone’s going to have an LBP fan to tell them about that. Albeit a shooter can be a bit more vague about features, but try and show off some awesome cinematics. :)

  • Killzone 2 Super bowl ad pl0x.

  • Scratch that. Now that I think of it, the “Ballet of Death” video or whatever it was called might be enough to help push Killzone 2 ad-wise. XD

    You’d be surprised how many people over at GameTrailers want that video to be a commercial.

  • @ 55 i think sony want features that the majority of ps3 owner want and will use also please dont get upset with me but home is what in game chat is to the 360.
    there no one from sony talking about this subject and i dont think sony is going to turn there ps3 into 360 1.o
    if i had a say in it i would allow in but you would have to paid for this service .
    home is a replacement to in game chat and as long as it grow and make money the in game chat subject for ps3 is dead.
    i have both systems and i like how there different but i never use in game chat on the 360.

  • Reading that Sega will be bringing out DLC for Valkyria Chronicles is cool.

    I hope Sega also expands on the features of the game in at least one free update. Though I always love the addition of trophies, the game sorely needs a multiplayer mode, even if only local mp. VC is the best game of chess I’ve ever played and its a pity I can’t pit my squad versus a friend’s.

  • Jeff, as a matter of fact:

    David Kaye who voiced Nathan Hale and Clank also voiced Megatron in 4 different Transformers series. He voiced Optimus Prime in Transformers: animated. He also voiced Sesshomaru in Inuyasha, Trieze in Gundam Wings, and Soun Tendo in Ranma 1/2. Thought this might intrest you.

  • Also for the Japanese dub of Uncharted. Nathan Drake is voiced by Hiroki Touchi, this person voiced Abel Nightroad in Trinity Blood (yeah, I’m a anime fan but I like to tell you this because any anime fan want to know this). Sully is voiced by Shigeru Chiba who voiced a lot of good anime characters.

  • I loved the “Characters You Never Knew Had the Same Voice Actor” article. I recently preordered Akira on Blu-ray (it releases in March, people! :) ) and had been thinking about how much I missed Cam Clarke’s dub work as Kaneda. The newer translation is more accurate and easier to understand overall, but I miss having that connection between one of my favorite childhood properties (TMNT) and what is probably the most important and best Anime film of all time. Also, I had no idea he voiced He-Man! Forget Kevin Bacon, how about a game of 6 degrees of Cam Clarke??

  • They should realy work on downloadable content for games like OBLIVION and Far Cry 2 because a lot of people are switching just for the downloadeable content for those games!

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