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Wow, looks like we read *a lot* this week. Lots of great post-CES impressions out there, lots of reasons (between nine and 50 million) to look forward to what 2009 has in store. Please share what you read and heard this week with us in the comments below.

And if you missed the news, starting Tuesday you’re going to need a free PSN ID to comment on the blog. Sign up for one here.

OK, the Eagles are kicking off!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of January 12, 2009)

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  • That’s… a LOT of articles. Good week. Not paying attention to the internet has brightened my outlook on PlayStation in general. You really seem to lose perspective of what’s important when the fanboys are shining a glaring light on every flaw. Loving Disgaea, and games are what it’s all about. :)

  • I fully agree with Jeigh. Too much negative articles out there lately and Jeff’s recap is a nice read on Sunday.

  • That’s definitely a lot of news posted this week. Thanks for posting like always because I sometimes miss stuff. :)

  • The blog is getting spammed again.

  • I look forward to the links every sunday,but I think you need to do something about the blog spammer.Banhammer perhaps?

  • Yes, please ban that freaking stupid cheap imitation of the one and only EvoAnubis . . . he’s making me look bad around here. I don’t want people thinking this tool is me.

    Then again, come Tuesday, it won’t matter.

    • Yet another benefit of switching over to the PSN sign in. Sorry if your good name was sullied for the week.

  • Go Eagles! 7-3 right now though. :(

  • Thanks for the great list Jeff.

    I must say that the Resistance Retribution demo has been my favorite thing this week. The fact that the demo allows your Resistance 2 and PS3 to infect it is rare for a demo. It does add to the demo and basically makes it 2 demos in one.

  • The guys over at Think With Portals posted a preview of some Ubisoft game called I Am Alive this week too. I didn’t know about it but it sounds sweet!

  • Go Pats! :D

  • nice list jeff.

    i have a couple questions for you though (at the very bottom):

    I have been trying to promote to you guys (or sony) what the most wanted features the community wants and features that are just plain.. needed for the PSN but arnt there.

    these are of course –
    1 PSN party system(xmb based)
    2 In/Cross game chat/invites.

    but now my 2 questions are:
    1) should i keep trying to promote these every post?-like we did to get in-game xmb?

    2:what is your take on these features, would you like to see them? what do you think?

    • If you like, you can – but these things have been heard quite clearly. But if bringing them up every week is your thing, you can continue to do so.

  • The major PS3 news this past week has of course been Killzone 2.

    The Xbots in the media are in desperation panic mode over what they thought would be their moment of glory in trashing the game every Xbot fears the most.

    Sony so far has done everything right with the Killzone 2 release and marketing that they completely screwed up with the first Killzone. The careful release of media over the past couple of years. The perfectly polished demo that has people who played it saying it is the greatest fps they’ve ever played. And of course so far keeping review copies out of the hardcore Xbots at review sites so far.

    It is too late now for one of the major Xbot ‘reviewers’ to rush out an early 6/10 ‘didn’t live up to teh Sony hype, Gears of War looks better’ type reviews where they hope to set the tone for other reviewers to latch on to.

    At worst Killzone 2 will have Xbots in the media doing their best to try to drive the review average down so they can at least feel some sort of victory. No matter how pathetic that ‘victory’ is.

  • Hey Jeff,
    Any chance you know how many Resistance Retribution demo codes are given to Gamestop? I pre-ordered online and was told that they ran out of them. Not happy about it, now I’m hesitant about pre-ordering Loco Roco with them.

    Thanks a bunch, looking forward to tuesday, the unification is at hand!!!!!!

    • Man, I thought you were channeling Dead Space there (Unitologists, etc).

      I don\’t know much about the Gamestop specifics, but I can email you if I find out.

  • Great news.

  • @outkast32

    I think you should continue. But to that list I would add custom soundtracks for all ps3 games past a certain date as was done with trophies or for all ps3 games period. The party system would be consistent with making 2D HOME stay in line with 3D HOME.

  • i can get enough of KZ2 news. it’s becoming an obsession. maybe it will stop once i get to play the demo early feb. or maybe, my obsession will turn into addiction.. haha.. j/k

    seriously, though, it’s hard waiting for KZ2

  • ok. Thanks Jeff for the reply!

    thats all i needed to know.. because if u guys have clearly heard it… u probably dont need to hear it again.. lol

    but im really really looking forward to whats in store for sony this year! im PUMPED!

  • Killzone 2 comes out in about 5-6 weeks. commercials should start hitting soon right? Sony should make an awesome commercial for the Superbowl. not into football at all but its in the beginning of February right? perfect time to start advertising

  • egales are getting killed right now

  • eagles are getting killed right now

  • btw jeff im sorry i forgot to add this in my previous comment.

    but is there a way i can fix the time. it shows the wrong time of the comments and posts and replys. how do i change it?

  • “Yet another benefit of switching over to the PSN sign in. Sorry if your good name was sullied for the week.”

    No worries; it’s all good. This is why the PSN log-in on Tuesday made me so happy. Can’t wait to link my accounts!

  • Why don’t you just release KZ2 already?
    Make me happy, I’m a costumer. :)

  • More Killzone fixes for everyone:

    Killzone 2 Multiplayer Interview

    Classic Helghast vs. The New School

    Killzone 2 demo Code Contest Goods

  • Jeff, can you please post some news about the following upcoming games for the PS3: Red Faction Guerilla, Fuel, Borderlands, M.A.G., Section 8 and Alpha Protocol?

    Also, I’m a big Warhawk fan & I have not heard any news from Dylan Jobe from Incognito about a Warhawk sequel or more DLC. Please try to have Dylan post some news on the Playstation Blog.

  • Woot.

    Eagles leading by 1, They caught up nicely.

  • “Also, I’m a big Warhawk fan & I have not heard any news from Dylan Jobe from Incognito about a Warhawk sequel or more DLC. Please try to have Dylan post some news on the Playstation Blog.”

    Gonna go ahead and second that. I NEED Warhawk 2! And I want dropships, jetpacks, and APCs on the same damn map!!

  • I really hope Sony give KILLZONE 2 a HUGE marketing campaign. It’s probably the most impressive game I’ve ever seen. You guys really need to show gameplay footage on TV as much as possible, it would convince a lot of people to buy a PS3, and really show people what the system can do.

    Plus it’s my favorite online game ever so I hope it sells really well. And hopefully MS wont outdo Sony when they market Halo Wars.

  • Someone should do a story on the great games being released in the last weeks. Cuboid,Magic Ball,GTI,etc. Sony has really been pulling ahead in the downloadable space.

  • Thanks for giving me my fix Jeff, i love these news blogs.

  • Jeff I like that second link, I found some intresting facts about our voice actor.

  • I’m glad to see that there is a plethora of positive and supportive PS3/Sony stories as well. It bothers me, even angers me to read some of these negative stories; written by people who seem to have an axe to grind and bias against the PS3. Sony will have a fantastic 2009; Killzone 2, MLB ’09: The Show, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, White Knight Chronicles, Ratchet & Clank Future 2, InFamous and perhaps Gran Turismo 5 will all be PS3 exclusives that will see release, PlayStation Home will continue to evolve and PSN will see plenty of exclusive downloadable games.

  • I would think Sony is aware of how they’re doing in sales. There’s really no need to post it here.

  • Thanks for the heads up guys, although I always Google News Playstation 3 everyday :P

  • I guess 66CAN is my malicious double’s alter ego. He can be banned as well.

  • Yep pretty much..Get em again Jeff!

  • Hey, Jeff
    I beleive I can speak for the PlayStation community about the friends, message sound notification. A sound something similar too the Trophy Aquired sound should be played when a friend logs online, and a message is received. This would help ensure that a player is informed when he/she has a friend logon or receives a message.

    Is there anyway you can let the hire ups know about this Jeff? or even give us a confirmation that its in the bag?


  • This is the reason why PSN id is needed.

  • Quit the circus talk. This comedy of fanatics pretending to be analysts is stale as year old bread. Give it a rest.

  • “However, how many alter egos are there? How much is it going to take just to go after one person? But I’m flattered that you find me to be such a threat that so many resources need to marshalled to get rid of me. You’re right EvoAnubis, I am that powerful.”

    And people call me pretentious.

    Besides, if you need a bazillion alter-egos to say what you have to say, I personally find that pathetic. Everything I’ve had to say for the last 4 years, I’ve said under one name and one name only.

    “This is the reason why PSN id is needed.”


  • Evo, can’t wait until Tues. ;)

  • “Evo, can’t wait until Tues. ;)”

    Could not possibly agree more.

    And as for my multi-named fake-ass alter-ego, I’m done dealing with you. You have a comparable I.Q. to an average houseplant, and if you truly just wanted to “spread truth” you would not have to take on a modification of MY name to do so.

  • @ 10 just in case you didnt read mine reply to your comment
    you can call me backward or whatever name you come up with but i been on this blog for over 2 years and in game chat subject have been talk about on erver topic . what you dont understand is that the majority of ps3 owner do not care about this feature only a few want this.
    sony have not talk about bring this feature to the ps3 and there not going to step on there own toes since home is doing so well.
    home is a replacement to in game chat .
    am so sorry if this upset you but people sometimes get upset with the truth . please please please if you think am wrong then go find any article , or anyone from sony to help with your matter but please do not take it out on me am just the messenger and by the way sony is not turning the ps3 into a 360 1.o . if i had a say i would allow in game chat on some games to test it out if more will buy into it but its not mine call have a great day sir.

  • Thanks Jeff, appreciate the feedback if you can find anything.

  • I don’t mean to rain on your parade EvoAnubis or those of you who think PSN sign in will solve trolls but creating a PSN account is just as easy as creating one for this blog.

    If PSN ID’s could only be created by owning either a PSP or a PS# then it would be a whole different story but sadly it isn’t.

  • Who is this 66CAN individual and what’s his problem?

    This is what’s wrong with the Internet. These people who just want to stir up trouble wherever they go are ruining it foe everybody.

  • @54 true…

    but they wont be able to change avatars unless they own a PSP or PS3, you will clearly see them with the default grey face.

    anyways trolls are sad people with nothing better to do, dont waste your time on them.

  • Yeah, about the trolls. I guess even they know their console isn’t as great as they thought it was hyped up to be. Having to bring up stories from “reputable” sources is a real sign of desperation.

  • heck yeah that’s a lot of reading i gotta catch up on! hope every1 enjoyed your weekend. can’t wait for tuesday to roll around.


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