PSN Sign-in Coming to PlayStation.Blog Next Week

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You asked for it, we talked about it – the day is nearly at hand. We’ll be implementing PSN Sign-on for the PlayStation.Blog this coming Tuesday. Once again, we believe this will contribute to a better community experience, and more relevant discussion here on the Blog. As the PSN ID is now the connective tissue between PS3, PSP, and, this move also lays the groundwork for further enhancement to your user experience.

You’ve probably got some questions. We’ve got answers:

What changes are being made?
Starting on Tuesday of next week in order to comment on the PlayStation.Blog you will need to use a PlayStation Network ID.

Will my PS.Blog login still work?
No, starting Tuesday you will be asked to use your PSN ID to comment on the blog. If you have a PSN ID, then you’re ready. If you don’t have a PSN ID you should grab one now.

What happens to my old comments?
They’re still there, and in fact, when you log in for the first time using your PSN you will have the option to merge your PS.Blog account with your PSN so you retain your old comments.

What about my screenname?
When you merge your PS.Blog account and your PSN ID, all your past comments will now appear under your PSN ID.

What will happen to my avatar?
As much as we loved Gravatars, we’ll now be using the PSN avatar which can be selected through your PLAYSTATION 3.

What is this merge you speak of?
Starting Tuesday if you have an existing PS.Blog login you will be asked to merge that with your PSN ID. Once linked you’ll use your PSN ID for all comments.

What if I’ve never commented and don’t have an existing PS.Blog account?
What? You’ve never commented? Say something! Seriously though, go grab a PSN ID and you’ll be ready to go Tuesday.

Where can I get a PSN ID?
You can get one here.

What if I forgot my password for my PS.Blog account?
No worries, you can retrieve it when you’re merging it with your PSN account.

How long do I have to merge accounts?
We haven’t determined how long it will be available, but at least a month or two. If/when we determine to take down that function, we’ll let you know.

We’re very excited about these changes, and we hope the migration experience quick and painless – like death by ninja. The changes will be rolled out Tuesday morning (early or late, depending on when and where you wake up), so please try it out, grab a PSN ID if you haven’t already, and let us know you made it through unscathed!

Oh, and how do you like the comment-reply counter? Seems that nearly every post has some red replies these days, which is a good thing.

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  • you know what would go really nicely with this announcement.. in game skype for ps3.
    and the announcement that home functionality is manditory for games comming out in 2009. i mean common.. warhawk… you know everyone plays cod4 right? why still can’t we launch cod4 from home?

  • nooooooooooooooo I’m going to miss my gravatar.


  • Sounds like an excellent addition.

    Now someone needs to crack down on the PSN team to get us some more (a lot more) PSN Avatars so we can have a little individuality.

  • Excellente!, but I do have a tendancy to agree with the majority….or else every other post is going to be a picture of Drake or Kratos as tends to be the case on my friends list…… :-)

  • @51 make noise at Activision/Inf.Ward for the “wonderful”, PS3 support. :|

    And In game Skyping sounds a bit ridiculous to me.

  • haha, everyone wants avatars…What do you say Jeff?

  • Does this mean that you’ll need a psn account to rate the posts as well?

    Great idea, thanks.

  • nice work, but i’m with everyone on the avatar thing. we’ve been needing more 4 a long time now. everyone likes the uniqueness that comes with avatars so we’ll need more than 50 for the millions of PS3 owners and bloggers.

    i know your going to do something about it i have confidence in you guys.

  • Not that i really care at all about Avatars, but seems as though the only thing this is doing is taking away our ability to have custom avatars. Nobody here has a different name than their PSN names obviously… Ha, This is definitely cool though. Thanks Jeff! I just wish we could have custom avatars on PSN. If we can send pictures to people, and create our own themes there’s pretty much no reason why we cant have custom avatars. :/ Just saying. Most websites have custom avatars anyway.
    Still, thanks for this! I’ll definitely be posting more now that i’m signing in with my actual PSN ID. :D

  • Nice. Yay for added functionality of our PSN ID’s heheheheeh

  • To the guys saying bye bye to the annoying trolls, not so fast. Those guys can easily register a free PSN, so that doesn’t mean much. It’s not like we’re gonna have an icon that says “confirmed PS3 owner,” so nothing will prob change.

    Anyway this is great news, I can’t wait to display my PSN and hope we finally get online trophy displays too.

  • Oh I forgot….

    We seriously need an edit function, please?

  • Where are you Jeff? We need you on our side for these avatars. :-p

  • Finally, after 6 years I finally get to change it… LOL
    (tuesday). :D

  • This is great change, however, with the universal PSN avatars, I think it will be repetitive and some of us have identified ourselves with specific Gravatars, and some of those posters have posted so much that I instantly recognize who they are without looking at the name. But nonetheless, good change. CHANGE IS COMING(on tuesday).

  • new avatars please. this can’t be that hard.

  • I think this is a great idea! Let’s hope the new avatar’s arrive soon. I love Kratos and everything….but, you know lol!

  • Great news, but I also think it is time to add a ton more avatars to the PSN (PS3).

  • I’ve already made up an account for the blog, I honestly don’t want to be hounded on my real PSN.

    • Don\’t count on being hounded. My PSN is out there, and I really don\’t get all that many messages.

      OK, not a *crazy* amount. Usually.

  • cool. this is how it should be :)

  • Oh and like many posts before me for the love of god add more avatars, the current selection sucks i’m using a sheep because there’s nothing else a flocking sheep! (get it?)

  • Finally! So when can we see a feature to view & compare trophies thru an official Sony site?

  • this is awsome

  • i’m okay with my avatar…but yes i agree with people…we need more avatars, maybe a sackboy or sackgirl…maybe nariko, kai, pr bohan as the raven king….give us more lol

  • I love the way how all the Network portals are coming under one login which is a good thing, but we seriously need the choice for choosing a custom avatars. I am a huge Ferrari fan and use the avatar in the blog but my PSN account uses the same from the PSN avatar and the pictures are a huge let down. Jeff if you can say something about this, it is very much appreciated.

  • custom avatars would require you to load all those images once you sign in, they would take ages If everyone had one and it would happen everytime you bring up the in-game xmb…unless the system could cache the custom avatars after the first logging, so they would only load at the beginning.

    the current selection its on the firmware, which is why they load so fast (unless Im wrong) so I dont have a problem with the limitation but I do agree that there should be a lot more avatars.

  • I have one word for Sony; PSP games with trophy support that is linked with our PSN ID. It can be done.

  • This is very, very good. Though my ID name won’t change here, just the same as it didn’t on This doesn’t necessarily mean that the trolls will be gone though, since they’ll now just register for PSN IDs. Shame there’s no way to block that. Oh, well.

    Now, since my avatar is going to be universal across all of the PlayStation ‘platforms,’ so to speak, can we get some better avatar selection? The amount that’s been added over the past two or so years is quite disappointing, though these developments are certainly going to make for useful catalysts for such a change. Here’s to the future of PlayStation. :)

  • Now, if only we had custom PSN pictures…. I’ve grown quite attached to my Gravatar. Evel though it’s not a Crimson Fox… And it’s arctic… ;)

  • more avatars then

  • lolz ok…

  • Yay! Integration lol. Jeff, you’ve come a long way. I remember this blog on day one… good job.
    I have to ask for more avatars, but that’s just me.

    Later! (I’m gonna -try- to enjoy my 3 day weekend)

  • Thanks for the info Jeff

  • That’s a very good move!
    And I’m sure a lot of other good stuff is planned as well.

  • I’m still completely against this idea. I want to stay anonymous here on the blog. What happens if we don’t merge the accounts?

    • Then you\’re starting over fresh, and your old comments will remain under Bender Rodriguez. However, your current login won\’t work anymore.

  • I agree with #9, PLEASE MORE SPYRO PS1 games. it’s all I ask at the moment, oh and maybe a bigger avater lineup.

  • Great news and can’t for Tuesday.

  • Any chances that we’ll see trophy integration with sites and our portable ID card? Are you doing something with this or it’s too hard to do for you?

  • Hey Jeff, please request Service Avatars like U.S. Marine Corps, Navy, Army, and others as well. Also, we should have flags as avatars too.

  • I think it’s a great idea! Been waiting for it.

    But like everyone else have already said, we need more avatars.

  • Sounds great. I can’t wait to start blogging with my PSN ID.

  • Can’t wait to start commenting with my PSN ID.

  • Cant wait to comment with my PSN ID.

  • @86. Jeff funny reply! :-)

    by the way any update on cross game voice comunications? This would be cool.


  • At last!

    Straight is the shortest way.

    I think it is an important step towards higher quality customer support for the ones who does not need anonimity.

    Single sign-in to reach everything: PS blog, PS online stores, other PS goodies! Excellent!

  • Yeah man give us some avatars!

    (although by “avatars” I mean “WipEout Pulse add-on packs”)

  • awesome :)
    you know what maybe a good thing to do to make up for the gravatars.. being able to upload our own avatars to the PS3?

  • We dont just want Avatars Jeff… we want a constant Avatar update, each week or every month with the latest Movies, Games, and Music. Just so we can personalize our profiles alittle more!

    What do you say about that? > Gater Chomp@

  • Honestly, there are far more important things to deal right now:

    1: Individual voice chat
    2: Cross-game invite
    3: Staying connected while watching DVDs and Blu-ray.

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