PSN Sign-in Coming to PlayStation.Blog Next Week

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You asked for it, we talked about it – the day is nearly at hand. We’ll be implementing PSN Sign-on for the PlayStation.Blog this coming Tuesday. Once again, we believe this will contribute to a better community experience, and more relevant discussion here on the Blog. As the PSN ID is now the connective tissue between PS3, PSP, and, this move also lays the groundwork for further enhancement to your user experience.

You’ve probably got some questions. We’ve got answers:

What changes are being made?
Starting on Tuesday of next week in order to comment on the PlayStation.Blog you will need to use a PlayStation Network ID.

Will my PS.Blog login still work?
No, starting Tuesday you will be asked to use your PSN ID to comment on the blog. If you have a PSN ID, then you’re ready. If you don’t have a PSN ID you should grab one now.

What happens to my old comments?
They’re still there, and in fact, when you log in for the first time using your PSN you will have the option to merge your PS.Blog account with your PSN so you retain your old comments.

What about my screenname?
When you merge your PS.Blog account and your PSN ID, all your past comments will now appear under your PSN ID.

What will happen to my avatar?
As much as we loved Gravatars, we’ll now be using the PSN avatar which can be selected through your PLAYSTATION 3.

What is this merge you speak of?
Starting Tuesday if you have an existing PS.Blog login you will be asked to merge that with your PSN ID. Once linked you’ll use your PSN ID for all comments.

What if I’ve never commented and don’t have an existing PS.Blog account?
What? You’ve never commented? Say something! Seriously though, go grab a PSN ID and you’ll be ready to go Tuesday.

Where can I get a PSN ID?
You can get one here.

What if I forgot my password for my PS.Blog account?
No worries, you can retrieve it when you’re merging it with your PSN account.

How long do I have to merge accounts?
We haven’t determined how long it will be available, but at least a month or two. If/when we determine to take down that function, we’ll let you know.

We’re very excited about these changes, and we hope the migration experience quick and painless – like death by ninja. The changes will be rolled out Tuesday morning (early or late, depending on when and where you wake up), so please try it out, grab a PSN ID if you haven’t already, and let us know you made it through unscathed!

Oh, and how do you like the comment-reply counter? Seems that nearly every post has some red replies these days, which is a good thing.

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  • I’ll miss Miley. That is all. :'(

  • awesome! We’ll finally be able to see whether the trolls actually have a PS3 or not…

    and I am really liking the comment/reply thingy too. Makes it much easier to find.. ummm… the replies….. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Excellent news.I’ve been waiting for this feature for a long time. Love the red comment notice also. Thank all the folks for the hard work.

  • @ 2 lol i totally agree with you bye bye hater you can no longer comment here .

  • Any chance of new PSN avatars arriving alongside this? If not, every other post is probably going to have the same avatar.

    • This feature won\’t, in itself, bring more avatars, but you can expect more to become available before too long.

  • Aww, I’m gonna miss my Al Swearengen avatar. Deadwood FTW!

    The ones for IDs are so limited… we’re gonne see the same picture for hundreds of different people. :-(

    Oh, well. Still a nice improvement.

  • i’m both happy and mad. I like using my PSN ID for PS stuff, so that if people like my comment they could add me or something like that, but I think it’s all a ploy for sony to say they have more PSN users. which I don’t mind, the more the better, but when I say PSN and XB Live have the same number of people, it isn’ necessarily regarding the PS3

  • Any news on the upcoming PSN enhancments?

  • Yeah, when will more spyro titles for PSone.

    But I like this update, hopefully they’ll add it below the Playstation Store on the XMB

  • Wish the psn had more choices for avatars…

  • Congrats Jeff on this latest milestone.

    The blog has really grown into a wonderful community.

    Thank you for your dedication.

    Oh, and when are we gonna get better avatars, or custom avatars? Please?

  • so not that i’m not happy with the fact that the PS. Blog will finally have psn sign ins, BUT, avatars, seriously, NEW ONES ARE NEEDED, at least for all of the new games that have come out. i mean not a single LBP avatar in site, i may do something bad to myself.

  • No red comments from you guys on this post yet. I think that needs to be remedied :P

    Thanks for all the work you’ve put into this blog. I know I check it every day at home and at work! Look forward to a great year ahead for the PS.Blog and the PS3/PSP/PS2!

  • We need new avatars for PSN, like the one i have!

  • whats the point of this really? i dont care really because my PSN name is the same as this sites name. just wondering

    • It\’ll set the table for the blog to include PSN features (portable ID integration, perhaps), as well as make things consistent; your name will be the same here as on the boards, as online. Who doesn\’t want one less username/password to remember?

  • add more avatars to psn or your gonna see the same avatar every five posts

  • I don’t I guess for some it matters but for others it doesn’t.

    If I had a pick I’d say

    DBZ Shin Budokai

    DBZ Shin Budokai: New Road

    Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters

    Spyro 2-4

    Megaman 1-9x Psone

    And chat area for PSN

  • yesss!!!been waitin for this since 07

  • Can we get, you know, a decent selection of avatars? I mean, 90% of the ones right now have been there for years, and it seems like every month or so a new one gets added. We should have a ton of MGS, Killzone, SOCOM, LittleBigPlanet, etc. avatars! I don’t get why you don’t update the avatars! Now that you’re merging our blog accounts, we need variation more than ever. I don’t [DELETED] get it. :(


  • This really isn’t fair to the Xbots pretending to be PS3 owners.

    How are they going to make up fake stories about their PS3s dying now?

  • Hey Jeff!

    Can you please please get Sony to update the god awful avatars on the PS3? Most of them make no sense and 90% don’t have anything to do with games.

  • Cool, nice to see the progress. Can’t wait…

    Now all we need are some more avatars. Give us all of the first party stuff at the least. I don’t understand what the issue is with getting us some fresh images. Can you comment as to why it’s taking so long to update?


  • nice..

    but like everyone else..

    needs more cowbell!

    er.. i mean more avatars or let us do custom ones! :)

  • @19

    lol you make it seem like it’s been forever since ps3 was out…it only came out late 06

  • ONE question.

    I log into using my email and password.

    Can I use that to log into Playstation blog.

  • Cool! I love the comment-reply counter by the way. Keep up the great work and I’ll keeping being an admitted/unrepentant SONY fanboy.

  • Also, custom avatars would be nice and the ability to edit a comment would be cool too.

  • Gravitar > PSN Avatar

    I’m sorry but the PSN avatars blow. Small selection, no custom icon, lacks a time machine …… Well you get the idea.

  • Sweet! I’m loving more and more the whole and PSN integration. Now, if only we could check and compare trophies online…

  • Great! Sadly gravatars won’t be used and unfortunately PSN avatars are very outdated. Curious as to when those will be updated…I know you guys have nothing to do with that.

    Suggestion: It would be great to have some type of way to view users comment history? Click on a users name shows all their recent comments.

    • Hmm, an interesting suggestion function. We have that in the back end (helps to ID trolls, etc), so I\’d have to see if that\’s possible to make public.

      Again, this is why we\’re doing the PSN integration – to lay the foundation for future functionality.

  • Wow this is great. I love that is becoming more involved with the PSN. I was wondering are we going to be able to queue downloads through soon?

  • :D It wouldn’t be much of a change for me seeing how my Blog ID is the same as my PSN ID, but i’m looking forward to what the future holds for the Blog and hopefully we’ll see more features added soon.

  • I heard awhile back something about will offer you your full friends list and messaging from your computer. Now I know gives you your friends list and there status, but what about the feature of messaging from your computer to your friends on PSN?

  • I’m glad it will be soon. So far I have Killzone, Littlebigworkshop,Playstation forums all linked together. I can’t wait, as it also cuts down on my passwords that I will have to remember.

  • “we believe this will contribute to a better community experience”

    I believe that having your first party games working online before the 3-6 months and 3-4 patches will contribute to a better community experience.

  • great news…but please Sony we need more avatars on the PSN….all the ppl on my friends list have the same avatar


  • 大家好 我是邓春辉。。。

  • Yay! Now, as others have stated, please give us a crapton of new avatars. With our PSN avatar being used to represent us so much now, we need some more diversity.

  • Will their be new avatars anytime soon? I’ve had Kratos for such a long time now. Don’t charge for them please.

  • Finally getting one login for all PSN content… Sounds like you guys been working for Apple. ha ha ha ha …

  • Any chance you’ll make it super easy for those who use the same email for both sign ins? :)

  • Custom Avatars are a must. Also we should ve some access to trophys via and also have singnature options.

  • heck sackboy is the new mascot and he dosent have an avatar…

    All Sony IPs should have an avatar on the PSN parappa,nariko, the GT logo, SotC more uncharted characters…etc

  • Awesome, I’m definitely happy. :D

  • @1
    what is the point of that.

  • Ah hat means I can’t advertise my favorite hot sauce ever, Tapatio!?

  • Still moving forward! Good news! Though yeah we’ll all miss Miley!

  • Well I won’t care anymore because I love the fact that my PSN will be integrated onto here! Yessss!!!!

  • This all good and well, but I will say that PSN needs new avatars really really bad. It has been far too long since there was an update.

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