CES 2009: Killzone 2 Interview

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By now, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the overwhelmingly positive impressions of Killzone 2 from the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. Shortly after his CES presentation, I tracked down Hermen Hulst, Managing Director and co-founder of KZ2 developer Guerrilla Games. We talked hit response physics, the unusual background of some of the KZ2 team, and that awesome video that was shown. Take a look:

Once again, Killzone 2 hits North American shores on February 27th. Preorder bonuses going on now.

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  • Hi Jeff
    Will there be a Collectors Edition?
    Even if you cannot give a definite answer I will accept a maybe or something equally ambiguous.

  • Jeff, if you’re not sure about the Collector’s Edition, would you be kind enough to get one of the guys from the marketing to let us know?

    Thanx a lot.

  • Will there be a collectors edition?

    Is Home launching already in the game?

    How is clan support for KZ2 Home launching? Are you able to have your clan hang out in your clubhouse and all jump into clan matches together and then come right back to the clubhouse?

    Will you be able to invite another clan over to your clan’s club house for matches and have both teams launch into KZ2 and return to the clubhouse?

    Are there going to be special Home items for the collectors edition if you preorder?

  • Great job on the interview Jeff. Now let’s talk business, let’s talk about the plans of a Limited/Collector’s edition for the game. Any info on this?


  • The question is def being ignored, so I am guessing it’s in the works and they are saving the announcement till Feb to keep momentum.
    Sneaky Sony ninjas…..

  • O supreme being please please please let Sony get the marketing for this one right. The game looks incredible.

  • I just cant wait for this game! it looks incredible and i know i wont be disappointed
    Great interview btw

  • Hey Jeff, I would have loved to have gone to CES however, nothing ever comes to my town that has to do with SONY.

    -Mr. Jacksonville, FL

  • “O supreme being please please please let Sony get the marketing for this one right. The game looks incredible.”

    So far so good. The reaction to the Ballet of Death video has been a mixture of cries of joy and utter disbelief that a FPS could actually be this good.

    They’ve carefully avoided letting the game fall into the more hardcore Xbots in the gaming media so far.

    There are still the inevitable 6/10 trashings of KZ2 coming from the Xbots at Edge and Eurogamer babbling about ‘hype’ or Halo killer’ or other garbage.

    A Superbowl Ad with the Ballet of Death type footage and the incredible EA Home Sports Complex for the PS3 would be insane but probably too much to hope for.

  • Great interview Jeff. Have you played much of Killzone 2 yet? I’m hoping we can catch you in an online match sometime after the launch.

  • jeff if you can let me know if there is a killzone event for new york that would be really cool.i miss the capcom event in nyc there was no press about tit

  • I agree, this game needs the hell marketed out of it, this game deserves to sell like nothing else before.
    As for the CE, looks like they’re remaining very tight-lipped about it, but I think it may be too late for them to announce one now

  • Wow that video chugged and chugged. It was seriously like a slideshow.
    I hope you put that up on PSN.

    Regardless I don’t need that video to buy KZ2. I’ll get it soon. I actually saved my Christmas money! :D

  • How can you get that amazon pre order deal in Canada because i really want those home outfits?

  • hopefully killzone2 has something really innovative. the cover system seems really cool but the game needs something really new and exciting. ill probably love this game no matter what. the bullet detection kicks ass. even if i dont like it more then resistance 2 ill use it as my PS3 show piece. really good game to show off my PS3

  • Man, I can’t wait for this game to drop. For the love of god Sony, you need to advertise this game as the second coming of Christ. We need Halo-esque marketing. I know you may report your first red quater in 14 years, but the Playstation brand needs to sell to help your bottom line. This has to be the PS3 year.

  • 2/5/09 cant come Fast enough for the Demo..

    I like that idea too about the Count down fro Killzone 2 :D

    Ill have to see this Video clip when I get home since work Blocks out these Videos :(

    some use to work.. then you guys changed the website you uploaded it to.

    Skater_Ricky 8)

  • What about a Collectors Edition?

  • i’m heated my PS3 DIED SUNDAY GRR… still a dayy one purchases…

  • Hopefully the U.S. gets a better bundle than Europe, a bundle that includes the system, the game, THE OFFICIAL BLUETOOTH HEADSET, and a dualshock 3.

  • can’t wait!. i was in the KZ2 Beta and it looks great!

  • Jef how about you answer the question everyone wants to know: Will there be a CE/LE for KILLZONE 2?
    Stop avoiding us!!!

  • Game looks fantastic!!! I want a collector’s edition!!! Is there going to be one??

  • ello!

    Nice interview, and a very nice demonstration..

    So I’m just gonna throw my question out without any further waiting.. Will it be possible to play it like that? – I mean, Uncharted: Drake’s fortune, had all kinds of awesome things you could put on/off, once you beat the game..

    It looks amazing in slow motion, I wouldn’t mind if it would be possible to play around with that after I had driven the filthy Helghast to oblivion!

  • Man, release day can’t come fast enough. I haven’t been this hyped for a game since Oblivion. I was in the beta and it was enough to make my jaw drop, from the gameplay and the graphics. Any beta that can have me playing it more then all the 20+ games I bought in the fall for ps3/psp is worthy of praise in my book. I can’t wait! I hope this sells well too! It will be nice to rub it in to all the hating xbots…

  • Oh and another question I have for you. What will the Gamestop demo be? Single player or Multiplayer? (or both!!)

  • What’s the deal with NA only getting the demo through a pre-order from GameStop, to me that’s horrible PR. SCEA has had horrible PR for sometime now, so many missed opporunities with certain titles that should of done a whole poop load better for being supposed AAA titles. But what do I know i’ve only been playing/buying PlayStation products since they first came out I wouldn’t know anything about this from being a consumer for 14 years. There’s a saying any PR is good PR right? A demo is good PR.

    Personally I don’t care if a demo comes out or not since I will be purchasing this but there are those out there that could use a demo to convince them on whether to purchase this or not.

  • Game is looking terrific, pre-ordered my copy last week.

  • I didn’t think much else could interest me more than Call of Duty 4 and then I started seeing Killzone 2 in action. I’m there day one buying this game.

  • Sooo awesome.

    But please, God, seriously — any word on a collectors edition? WTB collectors edition! :D

  • How soon till you guys ship the game out and 7-eleven breaks the street date so I can pick it up :P



    Honestly I’m speechless. The only thing thats holding me from pre-ordering this game is that I’m holding out for a collector’s edition!

    Jeff, tells us there is one!

  • @C-h-a-o-s

    The demo will be available to anyone, whether or not they placed a pre-order, immediately following the official release of the game. The GameStop pre-order offer gives access to the demo before the official release date.

  • Will this game even function OL at launch?
    The first party single player games have always been outstanding. It seems as though we have to wait for multiple patches to have an actual functional OL experience. Someone at Sony needs to step up and say this games servers are ready to handle the loads. No more due to high demand BS. Sales of this game and systems depend on this.

  • @ EvoAnub1s

    Why should people have to wait until after the games release to try the game where is the sense in that.



    They sold out to GameStop when they could of let everyone try the game, tsk tsk.

  • I see you’re ignoring all comments on the Collector’s Edition, lol.

    We all know it’s coming, but there’s only a month and a half left until release. You guys are really pushing it waiting so long to announce it!

  • @WHAT: The game was pretty smooth during the beta, which is far more than can be said about Warhawk or Socom. I wouldn’t worry too much about the online. It’ll probably be running perfectly no later than when you finish the singleplayer. :P

  • Hey Jeff

    I think, keyword “think” , i can speak for most of the eager gamers here is there going to be a collector’s edition of the game? Please answer :)

  • I simply cannot wait for this game. I don’t think I’ve been as excited about this game since MGS4.

    It looks so amazing and I can only hope that it’s fun and gameplay quality match the visual quality, cause if so, this is going to be one amazing experience.

  • *about a game since MGS4

  • Any news on a Collector’s Edition or Limited Edition for this game? Thanks in advance.

  • wait is there 1080i for this game? just seen an interview and it sounded like he said only 720P. i hope thats not true. i really didnt want to play this game in 480. guess im outta luck til i can get a newer TV

  • Yup, NewYork214. KZ2 natively supports 1080i

  • Two months before the release of the game, and yet we are seeing all sorts of footage and there are apparently numerous FINISHED copies floating out there. Is Sony not as worried about overexposure as I am? The honeymoon’ll be over before the game releases if my fears are confirmed…

    Just hope Sony’s thought this one through…

  • This might be the best game EVER!

  • OMG…. I CAN’T WAAAAAAIIIIIIT!!!!!!! Killzone 2’s power is over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Jeff, btw, did Tom Cruise play this game??? Your reply got me confused when you said “I LOVE THIS GAME!/Tom Cruise”

  • PSB I’m sorry for flooding your comments but,

    I am also amongst the tens of thousands that want a Collectors Edition!

  • Hey Jeff,
    Maybe next time instead of embedding the full 81.5mb 1280×720 mp4 youtube video, could you just link to the high-def version and embed the normal scaled-down version? My internet connection isn’t THAT fast :( Thanks

    • That can work. I used teh h4xorz for the best quality stream – but I suppose that\’s not best for everyone.

  • it just looks so amazing. Thanks Jeff

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