CES 2009: Killzone 2 Interview

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By now, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the overwhelmingly positive impressions of Killzone 2 from the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. Shortly after his CES presentation, I tracked down Hermen Hulst, Managing Director and co-founder of KZ2 developer Guerrilla Games. We talked hit response physics, the unusual background of some of the KZ2 team, and that awesome video that was shown. Take a look:

Once again, Killzone 2 hits North American shores on February 27th. Preorder bonuses going on now.

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  • Awesome! I’m getting this day one!

    I love the Helghan Propoganda being heard in some videos… Really sets the mood. Great idea to include that. Wouldn’t you agree?

    I hope that they update it every once in a while, so the propoganda isn’t the same in multiplayer.

  • This is going to be the most EPIC game ever. I can not wait until the 27th. Or the 5th (demo) for that matter.

  • Will there be a mid-night release for this game?

  • One month until the greatest FPS in history is here. Hard to believe.

    From the incredible original E3 trailer.

    To the gaming site that edited the Killzone trailer over a Sony exec confirming Resistance was running realtime to try to make it look like ‘teh Sony lies!!!’

    To the cries of terror and pain from the Xbots when the first real time Killzone 2 demo matched the ‘impossible until the PS4 trailer’

    To the unveiling of the incredible multiplayer job system and clan betting of valor points.

    Congrats Sony and GG, you took on the hate,venom, and rage of the Xbot dominated gaming media AND DELIVERED.

    Never has a game so totally owned the fanboys of another console as Killzone 2.

  • When is the Collector’s Edition going to be announced?

    There is going to be one right?

    Thanx, reply please.

    • There is no collector\’s edition slated for Killzone 2. Guerrilla Games has put all of their effort into creating this masterpiece of a game, so we didn\’t actively pursue a CE.


  • this game better be worth it

  • I cannot wait for this game!

  • this game is going to make me lose my job, and possibly my wife and family.

  • Oh, yeah, if there was a Collecter’s Edition, I’d buy it, as long as the content was good. And I’ve only bought the CE of one game before…

    I am psyched.

  • This is going to be an awesome game.

    Thanks for another great interview Jeff.

  • Please tell us about the Collector’s Edition, I’m holding my pre-order just for that :(


  • Hope this doesn’t fail like Socom…

  • Please tell us your doing a Collectors Edition for this gem :)

  • @13

    This game has single player and multiplayer Socom only has Multiplayer and no offline options.

  • “I’m Jeff Rubenstein from the PlayStation Blog”

    No you’re not! You’re a phony! A big fat phony! Hey you know who does these video interviews!? A great big phony! That’s right a phony does these interviews!


    Sorry had to get that out of me just cause the video stopped & started buffering after you said that line, hope you got the reference where its from ;D

    *hides from ban hammer lol*

    Oh and looking foward to KZ2, thanks for the interview! (Hey had to keep it on topic lol)

  • @ 13 no one was hypeing socom but socom fan killzone 2 will sell a million easy in under 7 days. i played the beta and its a great game and all ready game of the year of 09.

  • I hope there’s a collector’s edition, I’d buy!!

    Awesome interview and I love the work you are doing on this game.

    Can’t wait for release

  • This game is just really grabbing my attention, I wasnt all that hyped for it untl the OPM review, then I was like ok the PLAYSTATION magazine gave it a 10.. But then I saw the videos, and my jaw dropped.

    Hopefully you can answer this, JEFF have you PLAYED killzone 2? If so, how good is it?

    • I have (haven\’t beaten it yet, I\’m savoring it as I go). It really does live up to the hype.

      Of course I work for Sony, etc, but I think the reviews, the impressions from CES, and your experiences will bear that out.

      I LOVE THIS GAME! /Tom Cruise

  • The “Hit Response” system is what makes KZ2 look so much fun to me. Without it, it would just look like another great looking FPS. You guys really need to show it off to the public when it comes to marketing the game.

    It really sets KZ2 apart and makes the gunplay look so satisfying. So many other devs havn’t done anything in this regard, they just polish visuals and that’s it, forgetting about the most important aspect of a shooter… the shooting!

    Props to Guerrilla they’ve done a great job and I will be there day 1 for the Collectors Edition! (hopefully?)

  • i keep saying this but SONY PLEASE ADVERTISE THE HECK OUT OF KILLZONE 2!! i want to see this game do well…we all know this game is gonna be awesome but you guys cant depend on word of mouth and one commercial to help the sales of killzone 2….show everyone what the ps3 can do and show people what killzone 2 is all about…please sony ADVERTISE KILLZONE 2…perfect opportunity to advertise is SUPERBOWL…take advantage of it…so again i repeat SONY PLEASE ADVERTISE KILLZONE 2

  • Excellent, great, fantastic, etc. etc.

  • great interview jeff , but wheres the collector’s edition ???
    at joel the only two playstation 3 exclusives that have gotten 5/5 from the official playstation magazine are mgs4,lbp , i think they are pretty harsh in their reviews when it comes to ps3

  • Collector’s edition. Toss us a bone. There are special editions for every piece of drivel available out there and in regards to this, nothing. You’re killing me Smalls.

  • exclusives

  • thanks jeff. If there is one. You bet I will be there :)

  • i heard that there will be K2 PS3 bundle on europe, is that right?

  • @ Jeff,

    Can someone ask Hermen Hulst if there is anyway to get the demo up before 02/05/09?

    I have the pre-order card sitting right here in front of my face, and it is killing me. Please get it up on the PSN this Thursday.

  • @Jeff
    Come on Jeff, you don’t know? We hand the chat about if you guys will be having a Playstation Blog even in NYC :)
    I live in NYC. I was at the Playstation 3 mid-night launch and MGS4 launch event. Hope there is a Killzone 2 one so I can be there for that one too :)

  • I hope there’s a collectors edition, a bundle, and a sweet marketing campaign for this one!

  • Great interview.

    GOTY Conternder incoming!

    Now how about that Collector’s Edition to REALLY bring in those sales?

  • Are you guys going to release a collectors edition? I REALLY WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY RIGHT NOW

  • Will there be a bundle coming to the US just like there is one “rumored” to be coming to europe?

    It will be a big mistake on Sony if doesnt

  • Yep, still waiting for collectors edition confirmation before preordering.

  • Will there be a Collector’s Edition?

    Also, what are your plans for marketing this game, because it really deserves to have an excellent marketing strategy.
    From my experience in the beta, i can easily see this game taking 1. place in FPS genre in 2009.
    Day 1 of course.

  • arg… the videos very laggy for some reason, odd that its from youtube, ohh well…

    i hope the CE comes with killzone remastered, i never played the first one and i remember MotherH doing a thread about ‘what you would like to see in the killzone CE’ and one of the options that was listed was ‘killzone remastered’ i hope it won

  • I saw you playing Killzone 2 last night Jeff. Did you get the full version? And why no collectors edition?

  • how about a Houston release Jeff, come on answer me for once!!!

  • for the people that cant get this video running, heres a URL to the youtube page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSW0kEInJxE

  • cant wait for this legendary game jeff guerrilla games you rock hope theres a midnight launch party in nyc

  • Hi I am from Canada, is there any bonus/incentive for preordering this game, maybe a promotion from EB Games Canada that I haven’t heard of?

  • cant wait for killzone, you guys should have a count down clock on here.

  • Hi Jeff and crew, there seems to be some kind of trend in here about a… “cooollectoooor’s ediiition”, whatever that is. I wonder if you noticed! ;)

  • Hey Jeff Rubenstein. How does it feel to be so awesome?

  • im into the games but im still on the edge of buying mainly what im wondering are the controls? can you give me a link or desribe the controls to me because im very used to call of duty controls Thanks jeff

  • LOL at all the GAFers on here ;)
    Anyway KZ2 looks beyond amazing, but do you know of any special pre-order deals in Europe? This is the only thing that’s keeping me from pre-ordering right now.

  • @jeff, you should throw this up on the twitter.

  • Whenever I watch youtube vids in HD, it’s always very, very laggy :( Oh well, I can’t wait for this game!

  • come on Jeff why don’t i ever get an answer from you? should i change my name to whitecat so you can answer my questions I’ve been here since the beginning of the blog and never got an answer from you.

  • Great interview as usual, Jeff!

    Wish there was a collector’s edition, though. :P

    Also, you’re so lucky that you have an almost complete version!

    (BTW, if you ever find some room on your friend’s list, add me! I’d love to go 1v1 with you in Killzone 2! (Or maybe 2v2, you and Chris versus my clan member and I!) Either way, it’d be cool to be able to play with either you, or Chris. (though, I’m sure I’d get crushed) Anyways, if either of you ever find the room to add me, please do. PSN: Appo


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