CES 2009: Who Won the Street Fighter IV Event?

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That’d be Team PlayStation, as represented by Joe C. (no relation to this guy) in the CES Street Fighter IV event.

Capcom threw one heck of an event: swank hotel suite, 4 PS3 Street Fighter setups with the official, upcoming Mad Catz arcade sticks and Fight Pads, and a bracket of fighters ready to whup each other up in Street Fighter IV.

Street Fighter IV Tournament Bracket

The last man standing was Joe C., who powered his way through the tourney with Sagat. He Tiger Uppercutted Major Nelson‘s representative, Josh (via E. Honda), in a dramatic title match, to claim the spoils (a limited edition Star Wars Battlefront PSP bundle), and defend PlayStation’s good name.

Joe C wins the Street Fighter IV Tournament

Joe then took on Justin Wong, one of the very best Street Fighter players in the world, who came out on the winning end with Chun Li.

Justin and Joe at the Street Fighter IV Tournament

On the, um, less competitive end of the spectrum, I managed to take my first round match with Guile, but went down 3-1 against Alex N. in the 3rd round. Got to let someone else win the prizes, right? ;-)

Thanks to everyone who came out (some from as far as Florida!!), thanks to Joe C. for donating his awesome skills to the cause, thanks to Justin M. for taking the pics (more here), and extra special thanks to Capcom, who have something else to announce: That wasn’t your last chance to get your hands on Street Fighter IV before its February 17th release date.

If you’re going to be in the San Francisco area this week, they’re holding an even bigger event on Friday night. Want to attend? Head over to Capcom Unity to find out the details.

Street Fighter Fight Club poster

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  • Winners, and STILL champions of the console gaming world……ladies and gentlemen…..the PlayStation community.

    Good job!!

  • @theHater

    lol looks like we both missed that one event. must not have been advertised much or something.

    So yeah Jeff bring on the NYC event and I’ll bring you a slice a cheesecake… that’s if you let me in … lol.

  • @jeff if you havent notice i been asking alot about the 3d tech.will there be a blog post on here explaining it more?

    • It was essentially a tech demo to show what is possible with the 3D technology. Sony also showed the national championship game (go Gators!) in 3D and showed some movie footage on the show floor.

  • That’s awesome to hear. I’m very glad team PlayStation won. :D

  • Aw, it was a… “good effort”, Jeff. Did they give you a little “Thanks for participating” trophy? XD

    Good stuff, and it seemed like I was pretty much ticked off at everyone last year, from Capcom to EA to Square, but now not only are they coming around to our way of thinking, but we got Tecmo on our side. I have to say, I’m feeling pretty damn good about this year (though that could be the Prozac talking :P ).

  • @ jeff about nyc event new york is one of the most powerful city in the world and we new yorker spend alot.
    @john d a new york event for resident evil 5 please !!!!

  • And that’s the way Sony’s gonna win the console war!

    Great omen for 2009:


    PS: SFIV’s gonna own, have the CE preodered.

  • @ John Diamonon


    1-how many street fighter characters in the final build of the game?

    2-Are you going to release I game spaces for Street Fighter 4 and resident evil 5 when they launch?

    3-is there any plans(i hope) that Dead Rising & monster hunter 3 will come to ps3?

  • Where is the love for Chicago? Get over here and do some events!

  • @ Jeff Rubenstein


    1-when can we expect the PSN sign-in be migrated in the blog?

    2-when can we expect the PlayStation broadcast to go live?

    • PSN Sign-on for the blog is in final QA now. Possibly this coming Monday. If so, we\’ll announce Friday.

      PlayStation Broadcast?

  • He won’t reply, he’s too busy playing Killzone 2!

  • Wow and I thought the Capcom rep was going to win, good job.

  • Fun event, Thanks for the invite jeff. Wish there would be more events like this here at Las Vegas

  • whoohooo big ups to the PlayStation team!

  • i wish i was there, too bad this is (US).playstation.com, i live in canada so theres never and gaming events here

    plus in only 16, so its not like i could have attended

  • When are you guys coming to Odessa, Texas? Huh? WHEN?!


    • I got a speeding ticket in the Midland-Odessa area once, and I\’m holding a grudge!

      OK, not really. (about the grudge – I did get the ticket)

  • hehe i wanted to say any instead of and…shows im 16:(

  • how about an event in Ohio!!? =\

  • Offtopic but it has to be done… E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

  • “He won’t reply, he’s too busy playing Killzone 2!”

    That bastard!!

    …then again, if I had it, I’d be doing the same thing. That game looks incredible!!

  • http://biz.yahoo.com/rb/090112/business_us_sony.html?.v=4

    I hope this won’t effect the great PS3 service we’re getting. :*(

  • @Jeff

    Hey thanks for the invite. It was my first time in these events. =D didn’t know what to expect and dang that Justin guy was hardcore. When me and Kenny came in we tried to match him but he is way too good. BEWARE OF JUSTIN WONG!!! Hope to see you all online when SF4 comes out. =D cuz i want rematch ;p

  • Just to let you know it says in the article:

    – “but went down 3-1 against Alex N. in the 3rd round.” –

    But on the sheet it says Alex M.
    I know you might be upset he beat you, but you don’t have to disgrace his name!

    I jest, I jest. ^.~

  • @myself

    Nevermind, I spotted the other guy! >.<

  • MS fanboys got there butt kich by a ps3 fanboy hahahahaha.

  • Awesome, was this the match against the M$ people?

  • congrats Joe i am also proud 2 b a ps3 & psp owner i wanna know how can we post our ideas not 2 jump off subject because i got a million of them!!!

  • Hope both Microsoft and SCE keep on doing these events. No fanboyism, egotistic crap… just friendly games. That’s how it should be. I myself is a proud owner of the best next gen consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 :D. Feel free to flame me as I prepare myself with the flame shield.

    Thanks for the news Jeff!

  • http://www.videogaming247.com/2009/01/08/god-of-war-3-and-uncharted-among-thieves-trailers-to-hit-psn-on-jan-22nd/

    “Sony plans to release a God War 3 trailer and Naughty Dog’s Uncharted Among Thieves trailer on PSN on the 22nd January.”

    So is this true? Rumor?

  • How about a Call Of Duty 4 or waw competition i would rock some people in that mp40 all the way

  • @ Jeff

    I totally wish I knew about that NYC event. How the heck did I miss it?

    Hope something happens in NYC again.

  • Just make sure that if yo do another one use some kind of screen caputer tool so you can post a video :)

  • I would love a Dallas event. Maybe some type of Killzone 2 themed tourney. That would be sweet, since it’s going to be the best FPS out this year.

  • Dope Jeff!!! Thanks for party man. This is the guy that was having issues with his name. I got my event stuff on my page,, check it out Jeff; http://www.thegamershow.com/blog/?p=1068

  • That picture with Joe C and the price in his hand, absolutely “priceless” :-D


    *Considering emigrating to the US, it sucks to be in Europe*

    Guys if you’ve got Twitter add me :-) Onna76_NL

  • Jeff,

    Great work at the tournament, everything was run very smoothly and it seemed everyone involved had a great time. Thanks for letting me come by to get some snaps of the event, I’m glad you were able to use them. See you at E3. :)


  • Jeff,
    Where do you get such cool T-shirts? It’s nice seeing you post so many replies and that feature under each news story is really handy.


  • Congrats Joe that psp is sweet. ( I have one too) Congrats to Team Sony for frackin some butt. This is what true gaming is all about. Smashing the rival console, no just kidding. These events are great and should happen more often. Maybe find the video of the last fight on YT or sumptin.
    Way to go Captain Jeff!

  • Nice, but lol, you used Mad Catz arcade sticks? I thought since Capcom pretty much, you know, wrote the book on fighting games that you’d know to use an actual good brand like Hori.

    Congrats to Joe though, thanks for defending the Playstations good name.

  • Major elson didn’t seem to have twitted about this… AT ALL.
    Fun stuff.

  • Respect to Joe C., you represented Sony fans well.

  • The Belt of America never gets to go to any of these cool events. Oh well, I guess we will just keep farming and sending the food to the coasts, so you guys can keep having these swanky, swag filled events…sigh!

  • When are you guys coming to Pittsburgh???? Huh, Jeff?


  • Hey, awesome. I’m also a Joe C. Go team!

  • Congratulations, Joe C.!!

    I had no doubt Team Playstation would win.

    I posted video of the two matches on PS3 Fanboy last night and I’ll post them here, too. They’re courtesy of ancientflounder on Youtube(I forgot to give him credit on the PS3FB post). It’s not the best quality, but at least he recorded them!



  • hey Jeff Rubenstein if u got super street fighter 2 hd remix ill play u in that along wit everyone else psn gdogg666 also ill be gettin sf4 when it comes out preordered it along wit ce version but a question though is Justin Wong allowed to play sf4 online jw? lol

  • OK I understand the whole Major Nelson thing was a stunt and was meant to be friendly gaming but rely now Sony did you have to post about it?

    Thats getting pretty petty if you ask me. First you refuse to lower the price on Blu-Ray discs and take forever to get good players out that can match the PS3, then you buy our your competitors, now your beating up your competitors in your games? Why not just go the extra mile and bunch the Xbox360 employees in the face and get it over with then?

    Oh yea thats right this is the same company that posted about a EU bash they had where they ate raw food out of a dead goat before they sent it off to the butcher!

    Also the lack of PSP news it totally getting on PSP fans nerves, and last but not least HOME still kicks people of PSN 24/7 and you still have not done anything about it!

    Good thing I don’t have my PS3 anymore as this company is just getting more and more violent soon they will be having an open street war in Japan with Microsoft developers.

    IMHO Sony needs to clean up it’s act! This is going over the line yet again!

  • Aye congrats Joe.C, nice one!!

    did no official record the event though? what happened to the videos, the youtube one is unwatchable

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