Wanna play Street Fighter IV? Shoryuken for Team PlayStation!

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Sure, who doesn’t want to get their hands on Street Fighter IV more than a month before it’ll be in stores? Well, Capcom is offering some PlayStation.Blog readers the chance to do just that, later this week in Las Vegas. Better yet, your Dragon Punches, Flash Kicks, and That-Thing-Vega-Does-Where-He-Jumps-Off-The-Edge-Of-The-Screen-And-Suplexes-Fools will count for Team PlayStation in a friendly bout vs the readers of Microsoft’s Major Nelson!

Here’s how it works: We’ll hold a tournament on the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Street Fighter IV to determine the best PlayStation player. This fantastic and charismatic individual will be awarded a Collector’s Edition Street Fighter IV, before taking on the Microsoft winner. This person will then be victorious, because they’re just that special. Capiche?


Do you think you’re that person? Well, if you’re 18 or older *and* will be in Las Vegas this Saturday (January 10th) *and* know how to pull off a Super, email iwannaplaystreetfighteriv@gmail.com with your name, PSN ID, and why you think you should have a chance to compete. I’ll be in touch.

Please keep in mind that only 20 players can compete on behalf of PlayStation, as room and time are limited. Each chosen competitor will be allowed to bring one guest to witness their moment in the sun. More details here.

If you can’t make it to Vegas, look for updates on Capcom’s Unity Blog, and right here on the PSB a week from today. Good luck, and remember: You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance!

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  • I took a look at the Major Nelson site and this PSB owns that site. Go PSB.

  • Dammit! I wish lived in Vegas right about now.

  • I don’t think defenders of a particular brand should be ashamed for doing what they do, sure call them fanboys, but if someone generally attacked games as a whole, would anyone in ‘love’ with games, sit idly by, and say nothing given half a chance… no way!… There is nothing in-human about standing up for what you love, trust, and/or respect, attackers on the other hand, are the ones that should be ashamed, they obviously do it out of jealousy, or unrest, over a particular subject.

    That aside, I’m a dedicated Sony fan, not because of any one reason either, I’ve continually paid attention to the industry as a whole, my entire life thus far, and my trust, and respect for Sony will not be shaken easily.

    That also aside, I feel the PlayStation controller completely destroys the 360’s, and I’m sure MS fans feel the exact opposite, it’s a complete mistake to hold a final bout’ on any one system, a coin toss would instantly determine a winner they wouldn’t even need to fight the match, It’s very unfair, and boils down to a 50%/50%, something both players are not that familiar with or equally familiar with is the only answer.

  • And whoever said not to take this contest seriously, needs to check their location, we here at Sony camp take everything about videogames very seriously, a competition is all about status and perseverance. It means a lot, don’t try to sell it short, and try to cheapen the effect. Capcom has done something brilliant with this competition in my opinion, I hope it’s an example that many games follow in the future, it’s nice to see fanboys of multiple devices in one place competing, no matter what the outcome.
    A new movement in gaming… I say “BRING IT! X-Bots!”

  • Sounds awesome. SF4 is my most expected game this year. And I must find a way to import a MadCatz Pad :3

  • Excellent idea!


    So lets say if i make the trip to vegas will i be able waltz in and spectate the match!?

    or is there some sort of fee!?

    • No, you\’ll have to email me and be selected, or be the guest of someone who is selected. There\’s very limited room.

      And again, big bouncers, I\’m told.

  • After the end of the Cold War, the world evolved to video gaming: PS3, and Xbox 360. This marks the beginning of the era called Console War.

    (Looks sideways, then tippy-toes to safety)

  • Hahaha! Team PSB will win obviously. How can you even haduken with an xbox controller?

  • Jeff Rubenstein vs Major Nelson in SFIV. Who else wants to see that happen?! I’m going to head over to Major’s page and try to set this up!!

  • Nice initiative from Capcom.
    Hey Jeff do you had a nice vacation ?

  • Man I hope the netcode for SFIV is near flawless.

  • props to who evers idea it was, great idea!! i think there should be alot more contests within the ps3 community, dont have to be against xbox all the time or have prizes, like the resistance one that anyone can join.

    anyways good luck ps3 players make us proud!! hope soemone records sopme good videos of the night and matches

  • Who ever competes and ends up being a winner you better kick some major, MAJOR xbox fanboy booty, or else you will disgrace us all and you shall retreat in shame to play the awesome collectors edition of Street Fighter IV you won.

    I am also with JohnnyMoses on this one,

    Jeff Rubenstein vs Major Nelson in SFIV.

  • it be so cool if we can see it in playstation home on the screen when thay battle it out that be so cool

  • “You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance!”

    Does he read Major Nelsons blog then?

  • Besides major bragging rights and geek cred, what does the Champ win? Do they get a ps3 and a 360 and a PC? Or do they get the coveted Arcade Cabinet to bring home? Is it MONEY that they win. Either way I KNOW that WE ARE GOING TO WIN! Sony gamers are more hardcore than any on the planet. Please for the love of Phil beat the proverbial pants of them guys/gals. Imagine if it’s a woman who wins and they’re from OUR TEAM, imagine the hasslin Microsoft fanboys will get…



    on a side note:
    Hey Jeff, whats the word on new avatars for psn icons? How about the winner get’s put into the street fighter game and also get’s their own Sackboy/Sackgirl costume of them in LBP. That would rock to be immortalized in THE game.

  • Will there be a video uploaded to show how easy it was for Team Playstation to win?

  • My eyes literally HURT when I tried reading that MajorNelson’s site… So freaking white.

    Best of luck to whoever goes at it! (though you better not need any luck and just flat-out mop the floor with the poor soul that comes out on the 360 side…)

  • @ 49 sound like a really sad life if someone is taking from the tournament , lol am so gald i do not understand fanboys to use this event to show why there console the best is sad lol well i guess they dont have anything better to do except to go and have a good time . whom ever console win still dont solve the second and third place in console sell.

  • ARGH! If I wasn’t moving in a few weeks, I’d totally make the trip to Vegas just for this.

  • FANBOYS!!!!! For Life!

  • Its all about Playstation! Baby!

  • I also think pitting console against console is a TERRIBLE idea. Way to fuel the “console war” mentality guys/gals.

    Every day I lose more and more respect for Sony this generation.

  • this makes the “hated” console war looks fun
    Playstation FTW

  • Dang wish I was in Vegas…

  • #74 (TristanMike)

    If you haven’t figured it out yet, Sony and Microsoft do everything in their power to fuel the “console war”. It helps generate interest in their products, and it ultimately sells more consoles.

    If you seriously think that a friendly SFIV competition is a terrible idea, well, you really need to find some perspective in your life.

    Gaming is about having fun, socializing, and competing against other people. It’s not about how much you treasure your silly little gaming machine (or hate someone else’s).

    In my books, any venue designed for competition between gamers is a GREAT idea (whichever console they happen to prefer).

  • will they have videos of the competition? cuz i would luv to see it.

  • ROFLMAO! What an awesome blog entry Jeff! I will be cheering for the Sony side and support them in spirit :D

  • Which console will the PS and Xbox Winners be competing on?

    If the competition doesn’t involve both consoles, then one player will obviously have an advantage.

    I guess the best thing would be to have the two console winners compete on an Arcade cabinet…

  • death to the xbots!!!!!!!

  • Best idea ever. I won’t be suprised if John Diamonond from Capcom is also behind this project :)

    I’ll be an ocean away from Vegas, but i’ll pray to church for Team PS Blog !

  • im in the u,k who ever makes it wish you all the best luck make sure you f(inish) them up
    ill be praying with my akuma beads

  • i hope i can get still get in. it sucks when your girlfriends wants to go hiking the day of a competition.

  • This is a pretty cool idea and kudos to Capcom for coming up with it.

    I just wanted to comment on the idea of one round on each console followed by a coin flip to determine which console will be used for round 3.

    I think round 3 (if necessary) should be on an arcade unit. I can just imagine the whining that will ensue by the losing console’s fans. No doubt the blame will be placed on the final round being played on that console.

    Just a thought. I’m sure Capcom can arrange for a few arcade units to be on site (and it’s probably good advertising anyway).

    PS – What happened to John? Is he banned from blog posting? :D

  • I’m not anywhere near Vegas… and not a really good Street Fighter player.. so you wont be seeing me there..

    Cant wait for the Game to Come out! :D

  • my thing is, how would that work. how can you get a ps3 and 360 fighters to take on each other. what console? integrated controllers?

  • I’m not sure your average XBOT has the capacity to win this bout, as all they ever play is Halo 3 and Gears 2.

    Shooter skills dont come handy when it comes to performing a shinryuken, hadouken, shoroyu ken or the dreaded awesome Shin Goku Satsu. Unlike Xbots we play all kinds of games.

  • Well here’s MS in action for you. I posted a comment over on their blog saying I figured the PlayStation players will have a better chance at winning since the PS controller is better for fighting games.

    Rather than let me share my opinion (which I think was a fair one at that) they chose to delete my comment. Nice of them.

    I guess that explains why they have 12 comments and we have 89 over here. Go figure.

  • I think Andre the Giant would have problems with that MS controller.

  • w00t!

    Battle of the titans!!!

    Did the Wii refuse to enter and scamper off?

  • PS Team must win.


  • cool if i could go to vegas i would, i have the ultimate experience in street fighter, been playing since fighting street.

    O H YEAH!
    I can not w8 2 see this-HATE THE 18+ RULE!

  • I do hope that Sony and Microsoft become just a little more collabrative in the gaming industry (cross-console/platform gaming, anyone?). Though competition is always important too… Since truth is, while these fanboys heavily worship their own consoles, what they don’t realize is that if any one company dominated the other (Microsoft OR Sony) in the gaming industry, then they would be free to raise prices all they want with little motivation to deliver quality games what with a lack of competition. This is called a MONOPOLY (and not the fun kind with the easy $200). So basically, 2 competing companys = both trying to out-do the other = win for us. 1 company with no competition and no need to spend money to make customers happy = bad for us.

  • Wow…this is pretty cool…too bad none of the good Sony events ever happen in Houston

  • I’ll be reppin PSN for this comp :) If anyone is on SF HDR you can check out my record, 268/50 win loss. My tag is the same as here, chunbelievable. I should be able to offer a decent showing.

  • I guess if we haven’t heard back by now, we’re not representing PSN?

  • Look at the Twitter update! WE WON!!

  • I got a chance to check out this event today…. I got images and a video on this page if you guys are interested of the awesome event…

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