Wanna play Street Fighter IV? Shoryuken for Team PlayStation!

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Sure, who doesn’t want to get their hands on Street Fighter IV more than a month before it’ll be in stores? Well, Capcom is offering some PlayStation.Blog readers the chance to do just that, later this week in Las Vegas. Better yet, your Dragon Punches, Flash Kicks, and That-Thing-Vega-Does-Where-He-Jumps-Off-The-Edge-Of-The-Screen-And-Suplexes-Fools will count for Team PlayStation in a friendly bout vs the readers of Microsoft’s Major Nelson!

Here’s how it works: We’ll hold a tournament on the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Street Fighter IV to determine the best PlayStation player. This fantastic and charismatic individual will be awarded a Collector’s Edition Street Fighter IV, before taking on the Microsoft winner. This person will then be victorious, because they’re just that special. Capiche?


Do you think you’re that person? Well, if you’re 18 or older *and* will be in Las Vegas this Saturday (January 10th) *and* know how to pull off a Super, email iwannaplaystreetfighteriv@gmail.com with your name, PSN ID, and why you think you should have a chance to compete. I’ll be in touch.

Please keep in mind that only 20 players can compete on behalf of PlayStation, as room and time are limited. Each chosen competitor will be allowed to bring one guest to witness their moment in the sun. More details here.

If you can’t make it to Vegas, look for updates on Capcom’s Unity Blog, and right here on the PSB a week from today. Good luck, and remember: You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance!

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  • The console war just got serious


  • Our controllers versus theirs?! No contest!

  • Too bad I won’t be in Vegas.

  • Wish I lived in Vegas.

  • So could this be cross platform online for 4? Problary not:(

    Give us some Savage Moon already…with a side order of Burn Zombie Burn:D

  • uh. Are you serious? Why oh why are you giving a chance for Xbox and Playstation fanboys to kick eachothers’ throats. Expect every blog and forum to be flamed like crazy. I think it’s a terrible idea. I want to emphasize TERRIBLE.

    • In my experience, the type of people that flame the boards behave completely differently in person. Or they stay home.

  • I do want to note that despite my strong stance against this battle, i’ll still be standing on Sony’s side. sigh.

  • I’ve been buggin ya for months it seems now Jeff, I wish I could go to Vegas this week with CES being on the go and all(any coverage of that on the blog this week?). If I somehow manage to rustle up the couple grand I need to make it to the comp, I will be there.
    Let ya know by Wednesday at the latest.

  • You guys should’ve done it in NYC. >_< Whoever is playing please make sure you pwned! DO NOT BRING SHAME TO THE PLAYSTATION BRAND! We already have it hard enough.

  • Wait so how does the final epic battle between Sony’s Street Fighter 4 vs the Microsoft Street Fighter 4 player what controllers will they use all on PS3???????

  • go sony

  • Why is it that NYC, The Capital of the World, is always been left out.

  • This and RE5 are in my “must buy” games this year.

  • If you are going to update the blog with lots of CES coverage I am guessing you guys have something else PS3 related to announce at CES?

  • In addition, I think YOU should play Major Nelson. :P
    Round 1 on PS3
    Round 2 on 360
    Round 3 on an Arcade cabinet

  • Not to get off topic or anything, but the mention of Capcom reminds me — anyone know what happened to Age of Booty trophies? Quite a strange sequence of events we had there….

  • @17 acerazer1
    Didn’t Capcom also mention trophies for all their other PSN titles this year? Hmmmm…I guess they must have misremember :)

  • DARN IIIIIIT IM NOT 18 :(!!!

  • I hate the 18+ rule. :( I would whoop people.

  • Jeff, on which console will the final battle for ultimate bragging rights be on? It seems to me that this fight could never be fair to either side unless played on both consoles or some how scored so that both players get to stay on thier respective consoles. Plus the PS3 has the best D-Pad ever made.

    Go Team Sony.

    • Like you said, a round on each. If it goes to 3 rounds, probably a coin flip.

      And yes, I\’m better with the DS3 D-Pad than an arcade joystick these days. It\’s that good!

  • Sounds like fun, but it probably will get ugly when one side beats the other. I can hear it now “PS3 sucks because a Xbox fan one” or vice versa. There is no such thing as “for fun” anymore…sadly.

  • Hey Jeff, please make sure to give the winner of the PS3 challenge some good pointers. I was also wondering, what system do the two winners from both consoles play on to see whos the best? I think it should be 3 outta 7 on each console, what do you think?

    • I am absolutely positive that whomever wins the PS3 challenge will be far, far better than I…

      At least they\’d better be!


  • May the best man win.

  • Kind of an unfair advantage for PS3 gamers, D-Pad on the X360 blows. Say that from experience, I don’t know why anyone buys a fighting game for the X360 for that reason alone.

    Anyway good luck to anyone who’s going I’m stuck in Florida for this show.

  • Man, I love Sakura I want to play this game bad.

  • The Playstation guy’s pretty much guaranteed a victory since the 360 guy’s forced to use their awful d-pad.

  • I played it on the arcade machine somewhere in Toronto. Not many people are playing that actually at that time.

  • Cool, how is the Playstation and Xbox user going to play each other? via each other’s consoles controller or a traditional Street Fight IV arcade joystick and buttons?

  • Don’t let us down guys please!!!! They’ll be flaming us for years if we loose :(


  • Ps3 all day Baby!!

  • OMG do you have any idea of what you unleashed

  • Can’t wait for CES 2009, glad you’re liveblogging it. Thanks ahead of time. Do you guys have your own trailers? ;)

  • Wow I live in Vegas but too bad I suck @ Street Fighter

  • Go PS Team!!

  • I would love to play the console version. Too bad I can’t make the trip to las vegas. Hopefully sometime in the future you guys will hold tournaments on psn to compete with people within sony.

  • The final round should be on the arcade machine!

  • Just want to say that big support from me for doing it in Las Vegas, my hometown! I’m a huge Playstation ‘fanboy’ and a hardcore gamer but I’m clueless when it comes to SFIV. Last time I played SF was SF2.

    What is the best game to practice for SFIV since the game isn’t released yet?

    Good luck to the PS3 team!

  • hahahaha. This is such an awesome idea and for people talking about Flame Wars. Why cant we each like our own system and still be human to each other? Jesus, its a past time, not defending your countries honor.

    So train up PS fan or you shall be downgraded to a PS1!

  • Jeff interestingly enough will there be video coverage of the final bout between the Xbox Winner and PS3 Winner Match? I am instead to see what kind of smack talk will go down and if you will have edit that out you know what I am saying ;).

    It’s a good contest for this and gets both fractions involved in a unique style. Now all we need is the COD:WAW contest too.

  • Let’s hope the Team Sony wins this, or we’ll never hear the end of it. I think all the fighting should be done an arcade sticks. A round on a DS3 the a round with the 360 pad and a coin flip??? What is that lol? Sony Team wins DS3 match, 360 Team wins 360 pad match, who ever wins coin flip wins the third match.

  • i wouldnt be able to make it to vegas
    so good luck for those who compete

  • Maaaan :-( Sucks when situations like this come up and people like me live outside of areas like LA or Las Vegas :-(……

    Still, kick their @$$e$…..


    I already have the special edition of SF4 paid off—I am VERY excited for this game!

    BTW speaking of fighters—the local Play N Trade had PSone games 50% off so I got Bloody Roar 2 today….awesomeness—

    but yeah–can’t wait SF4 goodness—now, with that out of the way, I hope Capcom makes Street Fighter Alpha 4–that’d be a dream come true!

  • lol its just a friendly game between a 360 player and a ps3 player , if anyone take this tournament that serious need to get there head check or something . let get all the crazy talk out of the way before the tournament start . this event have nothing to do with your dumb ps3 vs 360 console war there is no war for second place let it go. this is a win win for sony and ms great idea guys and two thumbs up for capcom if you coming to see it chill and enjoy the show and chap for the winner who every he or she may be.

  • well jeff can you cnfirm the rumor that you urself will go take on major nelson in sf4?If so can we get a video show that match off lol

  • Sony will definitely will win this one that Box can’t stand a chance..no way besides the PS3 version of this game will look really amazing in the box it will only look like another game on 480i….

  • @ chriscowboyd

    You don’t understand fanboys. Which ever team wins, those fanboys are going to rub it in the other team’s face.

  • I won’t be in Vegas but I’m here to give moral support from Atlanta. GO TEAM PSB!

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