PlayStation Store Update

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Hey, everyone. It’s time again for the weekly PlayStation Store update.


Qore Episode 08: January, 2009 ($2.99)
Episode 08 of Qore: Presented by the PlayStation Network travels to the Netherlands to go inside Guerrilla and get an exclusive look at one of the new year’s most anticipated games, Killzone 2.
File size: 1377 MB (HD)

Price Update

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames – Blow It Up Again DLC Pack ($1.99)

Rock Band tracks: “Are You Dead Yet,” “Hay Poco Rock n Roll,” “Ready, Set, Go!”, “The Real World,” “Tempted,” “Tutto E Possible” ($1.99)

Downloadable Games

Cuboid ($9.99)
A stunning 3D puzzle game in which players navigate ancient ruins and lush environments, maneuvering a rectangular block through mystical exits. Cuboid’s 66 twisted levels will bend your mind with their addictive puzzles, and engage the senses with amazing graphics and soothing music, immersing you in a surrealistic puzzle world.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 102 MB

Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom ($9.99)
The classic game comes to the PlayStation Network, combining the hottest features of Mahjong into a single game featuring a narrated story mode that whisks players away into a storybook adventure, revealing hand-illustrated ancient Chinese tales. Mahjong Tales delivers multiple game modes and features trophy support.
ESRB Rated E
File size: 262 MB

Add-on Game Content

NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM Pack 6 (free)
Download Storm Pack 6 and unleash legendary ninja Anko as your support character in battle. The Storm Pack 6 also contains new Ultimate Mission to engage!
File size: 100 KB

Tom Clancy’s EndWar Faction Elite Pack ($3.75)
Unlock the 3 most elite battalions and some of the most advanced unit upgrades of Tom Clancy’s EndWar. Exclusive battalions include the legendary JSF 15th Special Operations, Spetsnaz Alpha Brigade, and Enforcer Corps Battlegroup 1. This download also grants immediate access to 6 exclusive unit upgrades (2 per faction).
File size: 194 KB

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 Roster Update ($4.99)
Four New Superstars and Six Alternate Costumes! Download this pack and play as WWE Superstars Evan Bourne, Ted DiBiase, Super Crazy and Charlie Haas. Also includes a masked version of Kane, Kelly Kelly and Maria in Mrs. Claus outfits and alternate attire for Chris Jericho, MVP, Edge, Rey Mysterio. For song credits, please visit
File size: 627 MB

Guitar Hero World Tour
For all song credits please visit

  • “Por La Boca Vive El Pez” by Fito & Fitipaldis ($1.99)
  • “Johnny” by Di-Rect ($1.99)
  • “Degenerated” by Backyard Babies ($1.99)
  • European Track Pack 02 ($5.49) – Downloadable Track Pack for Guitar Hero World Tour featuring “Johnny” by Di-Rect, “Por La Boca Vive El Pez” by Fito & Fitipaldis, and “Degenerated” by Backyard Babies. Please Note: Many songs are available both as singles and as part of a Track Pack, so please carefully consider your purchases before downloading.

File sizes: 27 MB – 43 MB (singles), 104 MB (track pack)

Rock Band
Build your Rock Band library by purchasing these song game tracks. For song credits, visit

  • “Hymn 43” – Jethro Tull ($1.99)
  • “Space Truckin’” – Deep Purple ($1.99)
  • “Funk #49” – James Gang ($1.99)
  • “Take Back the City” – Snow Patrol ($1.99)

File sizes: 18 MB – 38 MB (singles)

Rock Revolution
For music credits, visit the Rock Revolution section of

  • “Cemetery Gates” ($1.50)
  • “Mouth For War” ($1.50)
  • “This Love” ($1.50)
  • “5 Minutes Alone” ($1.50)
  • “I’m Broken″ ($1.50)
  • Pantera Pack Track Pack ($5.50) – The “Pantera Pack” includes cover versions of “Cemetery Gates”, “Mouth for War”, “This Love”, “5 Minutes Alone”, and “I’m Broken” made famous by Pantera. Expand your Rock Revolution track library by purchasing this track pack.

File sizes: 33 MB – 55 MB (singles) 212 MB (track pack)

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  • and home is cool but why is the mercs2 patch pay for play, its been up for like two weeks for free, how did the development cost go up, after it’s been published

  • Decent update, could have asked for better Rock Band Tracks. Maybe more 30 Seconds to Mars for starters.

    Kind of spoiled us with two PS1 games back to back hoping to see more of that.

    BTW Jeff or Grace can you pass on to PS Store team that there is a bug in the Video section of the store where the icons don’t always display themselves. I’ll be browsing say the A’s in Movies I’ll see 57 entries (example) and only see 7 of the icons display. If I scroll down the icons appear briefly until I stop scrolling. Kind of a quick fade in and fade out. It’s really annoying as I have to keep checking the total for the section and select each square individually. This never happens for games.

  • Where is the Skate 2 demo? hmm not a very good update to start off the year…

  • Not even a single video? I’m quite surprised at that.

    I’m currently not sure which of the PSN games I’m going to get. I didn’t realize they were coming out the same week. I may have to drop the $20 on it, but I’m excited about the Cubiod, and my sister’s up for the Mahjong Tales – both with Trophies.

    Well I won’t be home for another 4½ hours, so I have time to decide. $9.99 or $19.98.

  • Off topic

    Does anybody on here knows if Puzzle Quest will be patched with Trophies? I’m interested in buying it but not without knowing whether it will be patched in the very near future. And yes Trophies does matter specially at the $15 price point.

    Thanks guys!

  • Crap, are you telling me I actually have to turn on my 360 just to play the Skate demo (when PS3 is the lead platform)? That’s not cool… :(

  • I’m sorry but it seems kind of bland.
    Still, Mahjong and cuboid look good.

  • Too bad there is no demo for cuboid.

  • this is a let down no psp context?
    where the ces videos that show be up?

  • FYI: G4 says we’ll get the Skate 2 demo on the 15th, but that’ll be too late for me! Anyway, Skate fans, my new Skate themes are up on and and are coming soon to and Check them out!

    Skate 2 by DK PS3 Theme
    Proskater by DK PS3 Theme

  • Seriously? After 2 weeks we get just a bunch of craptastic stuff. What about the so called Skate 2 demo today? there have been so many better updates in the past. not a great way to start off the new year.

    I’m not mad, i’m just VERY disapointed.

  • Ghostm:

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. I wish it would get trophies but I really doubt it will. As someone who owns the game though I can tell you its lots of fun and worth the price. It’s the entire game plus the expansion pack. $15 is actually a pretty good deal.

  • what happed to the blog update?
    what about demos? and new trailer for psp and ps3 games that coming out in feb.

  • where is my LBP costume?

  • Really weak update after two weeks and considering it is a new year! You know I was expecting more in this new update. Hopefully next week it will be different (having more stuff).

  • I had higher hopes for this week

  • I’ll pick up the 2 psn titles but there’s no demos and no ps1 classics???? kinda weak for a 2 week update

  • So I’ve tried and tried, but am I led to believe that I cannot purchase an Annual Subscription to Qore at all?

  • After a full 2 weeks, this is all you have for us?

  • Fast update today, thanks Grace. My gf loves Mahjong, I might have to pick that up even though I’m pretty terrible at it.

    Also, I see there are a lot of haters on the Blog today, haha.

  • now that you played us on the lack of interesting content, can u give us CROSS GAME CHAT now?

  • @ 59

    That’s too bad. I’ve been reading a lot good things about this game. I find it extremely hard to invest my money on a game that doesn’t support Trophies. Then again, the full game and the updates is still a great deal. Guess I just wont buy it. Maybe it will go on sale one of these days.

  • I’ll refrain from elaborating to avoid sounding like an a-hole, but I was definitely expecting more.

  • Grace, I’m very disappointed with this PS update! There should have been some videos of upcoming games such as Dark Void, Red Faction Guerilla, Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, Earth No More, and Fuel.

  • You are kidding right?! Where are the demos and all that fun stuff?
    It really is sad after more than 2 weeks… you would think something really amazing since it is the first store update of 2009. Please don’t let this be a sign of the rest of the year. ;)

  • @50: If you don’t think those are good Rock Band tracks, you’ve got some problems, kid.

    Anyway, developers really need to start offering demos of their game. Why buy Cuboid blind when I have Lumines? Think, devs. THINK.

    Decent update… wish Rock Band got Pantera instead of Rock Revolution, which nobody owns, but whatever.

  • Bad update, two weeks and what a lackluster update.

  • When are you guys going to give us a special price on SOCOM, WipEout, or Warhawk. :(

  • Any word when Fat Princess will be released?

  • I have never seen so many winey lil babies dame
    be happy with what you get yall dont appreciate s**t!!!
    so annoying.
    do you guys really that would change things by crying shut up already

  • Hey! Where’s Wheel of Fortune? no news or anything… You guys are one frustrating company to support.

  • I wanted Savage Moon :(

  • eh…unlike a lot of people i expected this to be a slow week for the store. that makes more sense to me anyway. i don’t know why people expect the first update of the year (or EVERY UPDATE for some people) to be historically incredible. lol. there are slow weeks that make those incredible weeks so much more exciting.

    anyway…glad to see some info on Heavy Rain in Qore. Killzone 2 is becoming a must buy for me too.

    aside from that i may check out Cuboid. welcome back and Happy 2009 Sony. Peace.


  • It’s not that this is a bad update, in fact it’s quite nice, but it would be nice if there was better information about hotly anticipated games like Savage Moon. It was very clear that a lot of people were expecting it to come out today. I’m just saying that if you let people know beforehand about that games like that aren’t coming out today, that would help avoid a lot of frustration from Sony fans when this updates happen.

  • After weeks we got an average update, although I was interested in the Mahjong game before hand when the blog posted about it. Just real disappointed that I couldn’t subscribe to Qore for an Annual Subscription. Guess Sony doesn’t want my money and that’s fine by now. I guess it’s all for the better as I still believe Qore is a waste of time and money.

  • No demos? :(
    Not a good way to kick off the Store for ’09.

  • No update last week and this is all we get this week?

  • Dont you think you owe annual Qore subscribers an appology?

    Several Qore subscribers(including me) did not recieve Home beta code invites till 2 days before home went public. A full 5 weeks after were were promised invites.

    Meanwhile inbetween when we were promised codes and when we finaly recieved them tens of thousands(possibly even hundreds of thousands) unsolicited invites went out to random PSN users.

    That is completely unacceptable.

  • I was hoping for savage moon too, i thought it was supposed to be release before 2009 in NA

  • This wasnt much, but thanks anyway.

  • To be honest I thought there wasnt going to be anything but there is something.

  • So, nothing for PSP this week then? Kind of lame.

  • I just rented Mercs 2 again today and DLed that pack in the afternoon for free. That was sure close.

    You people asking for demos what is it you want demos for exactly? (Other than skate. 2 wich you’ll get next week) Hotel for Dogs? Cause that’s the only new game.

    I might have to go buy Rock Revolution now. It’s down to $20.

  • Still no Savage Moon? It was suppose to be here weeks ago… i’ll pick up Cuboid I guess.

  • @80 krae_man
    What about people such as myself that didn’t receive our Resistance 2 VIP beta invites. I myself also got the HOME beta invites 2 days before it went public.

  • Tad disappointing, but I have games to play. I don’t have time to be downloading a whole bunch of stuff. So I’m sorta relieved.

  • i could’ve sworn there was gonna be a lot for 2 weeks of no update o well hope next one is even better

  • Terrible update considering we haven’t had one in two weeks. Not to mention CES week…no LBP free content or CES demos?

  • @80 krae_man
    I guess you really are that Stoopid.
    People who were in the closed beta (even just 2 days before), got to go into all of the stores in the mall and get everything from them for free, instead of paying full price. Esentually everything was about $20 worth of Home items. If you missed out on that it’s your own fault. Sony was giving you that $20 worth of stuff instead of you paying, not to get into the beta before everyone else.

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