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Cuboid 3

Cuboid is a stunning 3D puzzle game (available soon tomorrow for $9.99) in which players navigate ancient ruins and lush environments, maneuvering a rectangular block through mystical exits. Cuboid will bend your mind with its addictive puzzles and engage the senses with amazing graphics and soothing music, immersing you in a surrealistic puzzle world. We at Creat Studios and TikGames are pleased to offer players 66 twisted levels with premium packs coming soon that will include additional levels and a custom level creator.

Cuboid is set in three major mystical places, beginning on the roof of an ancient temple, transporting the player to the inside of a magnificent church and ending up in a mysterious chamber. Within each area are 22 distinct levels, increasing in difficulty and complexity, adding new gameplay mechanics like triggers and special tile types the deeper and deeper you go.

So, if you haven’t guessed by now, Cuboid is more than just rolling a block from one end of the screen to another. ;) It requires careful thought and planning to effectively use the environment tools at your disposal. I wanted to take the opportunity to talk a little bit about them and the thought we put into design. To start off, here’s a short list of some of the tools you’ll find throughout the game:

When the Cuboid either lies or stands on this kind of tile it triggers some action, like adding or removing tiles somewhere else on the level. Some changes are permanent, but some can be returned to the initial state by hitting the same switch again. How to tell what impact the switch will have? Hint: look for tiles of different materials or colors than the ones around them.


Vertical Switches
These tiles work almost the same as the ordinary switches, except that the Cuboid must stand on such a switch vertically to activate it. You’ll have to plan your approach carefully to activate these on your first try!

Weak Tiles
Think of them like thin ice – spread your weight around or you’ll break through. The Cuboid can only lay horizontally on two of such tiles; any attempts to stand the Cuboid vertically on one of these will drop you right back at the beginning. Oh, and the weak tiles will also reappear upon restart to challenge you again.

Cuboid 1
Splitter Teleports

After standing on a splitter-teleport tile, the Cuboid is split into two cubes. Both cubes are automatically moved to predefined tiles for each game level. Now they can be moved independently and you can select either of them at any time to activate other triggers or navigate obstacles throughout the level. Never fear, you’ll see your Cuboid again! If moved onto adjacent tiles, they automatically join together again to re-form the Cuboid.

Cuboid 2

All of these tools and the level designs themselves combine to form the world of Cuboid for you to enjoy. But, I must say, an exceptional level is hard to make with just tools alone; it requires a vision. Mike Kharlamov (Creat designer) was that vision for us. In fact, Mike also came up with the majority of the levels and designed the Level Editor that we plan to release in the coming months, allowing players to try their hands at designing the perfect Cuboid challenge themselves.

Just so you know, there isn’t one single solution for the levels we’ve designed; you’re free to explore and be as creative as you like. However, there is a master solution that we use to set the initial leaderboard high watermark, and you can always check out the online scoreboard to compare your time and number of moves taken with other players’ scores.

In a completely non-biased way, I think the game is very fun. ;) I can only play the Beginner levels, but the programmers love the Expert levels. My favorites have to be “Climacis” and “Muscipulae” – they appear early on in the game, but they have a neat, hidden catch to them. The bonus levels are pretty interesting as well, but I won’t spoil the surprise for you.

I’ll leave you with a piece of advice for playing Cuboid: Remember, there is a solution to every level, so take a moment to plan out your approach. If you ever get stuck, go back to the beginning and try other variations. Sometimes walking away from the game for a bit and giving your mind a rest is just what the doctor ordered!

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  • Looks interesting.

  • Looks cool! I thought I reconized the gameplay–thought it interesting on a video I saw for an iPhone version–now I get to play it WITH TROPHIES HAHAHAHAHAHA….ha.

    You know what’d be the perfect PSN update partner with this? More PSone games–yeah I know, unrelated, but I just bought Bloody Roar 2 from Play N Trade and forgot how beautiful that series is–practially didn’t age at all—either way tho back on subject I could probably spare 10 bucks for this—is there a time limit in the levels like Echochrome or are you allowed to expirament at your leisure? I hate time limits and want a puzzle game I can just kick back and spend time on instead of stressing whether or not I am going to finish.

    • Time doesn\’t run out, but time is important for the scoreboard and your own personal record.

      It took me a long time playing the game before a I was comfortable to go fast. So no worries you can play at your own speed. :)

  • Sorry but this video looks boring as hell. If you wanna blow my mind than beat Echochrome. I think Mahjong is more challenging than that. “Prepare to blow your mind”? Is that a suicide hint of a game?

  • I think the game looks great and will get it.. I just want to see more games like PixelJunk Monsters… The Coop play in that game is great and my wife and I play it all the time… What are the chances to get more Coop games like that?

  • looks interesting and challenging and trophies. i’m sold, i’ll definitely pick it up. I love having games like this on my hdd to play here and there

  • Olga, the game looks beautiful and engaging. And beautiful work on the trophies, they look cool.

  • I might actually get this. Reminds me of Bloxorz (online flash game that I beat all 33 levels) and I really enjoyed that.

    I can definately see myself getting this and playing it. :)

  • Looks interesting. I’m glad you had a video of the game. Helped clarify things.

  • I played the Flash version of this game a while a go and really enjoyed it, it was actually quite addictive. So addictive in fact that I finished all the levels!

    I would gladly buy this game if it contained new levels or new gameplay elements, but looking at the clips on the video those featured appear to be HD recreations of the original Flash levels.

    Could you confirm if this version contains new levels exclusive to the PS3 version or if it’s just a HD remake of the (free) Flash game?

  • there are a lot of puzzle games for the PSN. on XBL? not so much. main reason? xbots have low IQ, they can’t even complete the tutorial levels.

    this game does look fun with excellent graphics, too

  • This game looks very interesting. I’m a big puzzle fan and the price is just right!!! Can we expect to see a demo? Most likely I’ll buy this anyways due to the $10 price.

  • @ 1

    We don’t have to worry about the Trophy support thing anymore. Started in January 2009 all games are required to have Trophies. ^_^ Wooop wwooooop!!!

  • bring on the puzzle games! there can never be too many of these. my g/f will probably make me buy this one for her… that and mahjong. great job guys.


  • Are you the guys behind the free web game “BLOXORZ”?
    Your game seems like an exact copy of “BLOXORZ”. I don’t think I’m going to buy this game anymore.

    Check out the link below people. “BLOXORZ” by Roboman.

  • Think you guys can push Sony to get those PSN cards out there everywhere? ;-] Games like this would do better if Sony knew how to get those cards out there.

  • Hey Jeff,

    I know this is off topic but I noticed that after I click the new ‘Replies’ button, it works fine except I can’t switch pages! So after I click the button, it takes me to the first reply on the first page but when I click page 2, nothing happens!

    Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

  • @shakoor_h

    Same or no, playing the game at the url you provided, make me want to buy this game.

    Privet Olga,

    Is there a way to turn off the background image and only display the puzzle? Two player option?

    Spasibo bol’shoe!

    • Privet,

      I\’m sorry there is no way to turn off the background image.. not sure why you would want to, personally i love the backgrounds they really help you get into the game.
      As for your other question keep an eye out for our add-on pack for two player support.

      Na Zdaroviah

  • Thanks Olga for your responses.

  • @67, how did you know she speaks? lol

    Privyet Olga, kak dila? Kharaso spaciba! Ya gavarit nimnoshka parooski.

    Dosvidanyia lol

  • Awesome. Strategy games are a plus. I wish there was a demo for this :(

    (leaves the blog and hops on the night train while avoiding a train robbery like Shanghai Noon)

  • I think I’ve played this before. Is it similar to Bloxorz?

  • I think I’ve played this before. Is it similar to Bloxorz? (If so, google it… the link won’t post).

  • I really like puzzle games, just wonder if this is a pick up and play type of game or not. sometimes I dont have much time to get into a game really but need something to kill the time. Is this game that type of game?

  • Wow, the game looks amazing. Can’t wait to get my hands on this tomorrow! :)

  • I like puzzle games and, in the past, they were costing the same price as other games which put me off.

    Now we have the amazing world of download games and I think puzzle games are perfect for that.

    I’ll definitely buy once it’s available for Europe.

  • Why would you pay for something that you can play for free on

  • Very nice, Keep em coming.

  • @ 76

    That’s the same thing that came to mind. I was very excited about this game until I found the original version on the web for free.

  • Guys it’s a new experience, look at those amazing awesome visuals and backgrounds. Oh yeah, trophies too lol It’s only $9.99, that’s lunch for some of us. Also Olga said they are launching more DLC and a build your own level add-on, that’s going to be cool.

  • ok look badass!
    i will purchase. i like games where you have to actually think

  • @ 79 DudeFX,

    Thanks for the info about the new levels and level editor. If that is the case then I will definitely pick up this game! Playing user created levels would be great, assuming the submission process includes the creator playing the level themselves first to register the target number of moves – I don’t want to be playing impossible levels!!!

  • For those of you comparing this to BLOXORZ, you have not uncovered a mass comspiracy where Sony have tried to secretly rip off a Flash game hoping no one will notice! This is clearly a remake of the Flash game – flOw was a Flash game but that didn’t stop people buying it!

    The guy that made the Flash game did so for free, probably in the hope it would lead to bigger and better things – it has now lead to that and he now has a major PS3 game release under his belt.

    Now I don’t know if Sony paid for the rights outright or if the guy who made BLOXORZ did some kind of profit-share deal with Sony. But given that the Flash game has not been removed from the web by Sony lawyers I’m guessing it is the latter, in which case fans of the Flash game should consider paying for the PS3 version so the guy that put all the effort into this great game gets financially rewarded for it!

    There’s probably a lot of people that have never played the Flash game or know it exists, and they will get to enjoy this brilliant puzzle game for the first time too.

  • No demo, no sale for me. Watching a video is not the same as a demo. A game can look great and play terribly. Sony should really do what MS does and mandate demo’s for all PSN games – it’s smart marketing (demos are one of the reasons Live! marketplace did over $1 billion in business last year).

  • I’ve played a flash game exactly like this before called “Bloxorz” o.0

  • A demo would be welcomed, many times creators claimed you can invest 9,99$ for this increadible game and at the beginning I’ve been disapointed, Novastrike, Calling all cars…, and play to the game 2-3 times and forget it.

    Probably Cuboid is an excellent game, but I prefer play by myself with a demo.

    Thanks man for giving games to PSN :)

  • Looks kind of fun. Too bad you won’t be making a demo, that would make me buy it. I would never buy this kind of game without a demo, I think you guys would really profit from a demo if you made one.

  • The production values seem to be very good, but I won’t buy it if this is priced above 5.99. Please reduce the price!

  • well no need for a demo here since the game can be accessed on the web for free as a flash game. I can’t imagine that the control scheme will change at all.

  • I’m disappointed. Why? The game isn’t out in Europe :(

  • This looks great!

  • It’s games like this that make the PSN worth what it is. I would rather spend money on games that are unique, than to get something that I can get on PC for free. I wonder if the creators have anymore puzzle games for PSN in the near future?

  • Yeah I’ve tryed the flash version : Bloxorz

    so for 4,99$ like elefunk, probably, but not for 9,99$!

  • No demo but after watching the eye & mind-blowing video, this looks like a great game!

    Quick question though–When playing online and/or multiplayer, can you talk to others, ie online chat support?

    • VOIP is a remarkable feature. However, we only implement it into games that require active cooperation during the multiplayer functionality. Cuboid is a game that tests the individual player’s ability to solve the puzzles and then compares their skills to those of other players.

      Later on, players will be able to play levels that other people created.

  • When will it be available in the eu store (the Netherlands)?

  • Would be nice to get some information regarding how this is related to Bloxorz since it is pretty much a complete ripoff.

  • @Olga Sokolova

    The backgrounds are quite nice, but they’re a distraction.

    Gripe: Why does the clock keep running for three seconds after the puzzle has been solved? You’re making me look slow.

    Enhancement request: Occasionally I have to sleep; let me continue the game from where I left off. Let me rotate the puzzle around its horizontal axis. A puzzle shouldn’t be challenging just because you can’t see it.
    Joystick support?

    Congratulations all around. It’s a very good game.


    • Timing issue : The timer actually stops once the block is fully through the gate.

      Thanks for the suggestions for improvements we really do appreciate it. We will keep this all in mind and perhaps you might even see it in implemented. :)

      Thanks again

  • Hi Everyone,

    For all of you in the EU territory we did not forget about you look for Cuboid in your PlayStation Store by the end of the month.

    Sorry for any inconvenience .


  • Guess I’m the only one annoyed with the timer not stopping just as you finish the level? I mean right after the puzzle is finished the timer still counts for 2-3 seconds more for no apparent reason and I can’t get “lightning” at all for some levels.

    I bought both of your games and I’m a little dissapointed with the bugs I encounter.

  • Just gotta recommend this game for everyone, even my girlfriend loves this amazing puzzle game! We take turns and are currently 64% in :) Thanks again and cant believe this is only 10$.

  • I thought this game had custom in-game music? Not that the music is bad but reading that Mahjong had it, why not Cuboid? BTW, I saw a flash game exactly like this…bloxorz, just different graphics/music and a few new additions. Did TikGames buy it from the author?

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