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Cuboid 3

Cuboid is a stunning 3D puzzle game (available soon tomorrow for $9.99) in which players navigate ancient ruins and lush environments, maneuvering a rectangular block through mystical exits. Cuboid will bend your mind with its addictive puzzles and engage the senses with amazing graphics and soothing music, immersing you in a surrealistic puzzle world. We at Creat Studios and TikGames are pleased to offer players 66 twisted levels with premium packs coming soon that will include additional levels and a custom level creator.

Cuboid is set in three major mystical places, beginning on the roof of an ancient temple, transporting the player to the inside of a magnificent church and ending up in a mysterious chamber. Within each area are 22 distinct levels, increasing in difficulty and complexity, adding new gameplay mechanics like triggers and special tile types the deeper and deeper you go.

So, if you haven’t guessed by now, Cuboid is more than just rolling a block from one end of the screen to another. ;) It requires careful thought and planning to effectively use the environment tools at your disposal. I wanted to take the opportunity to talk a little bit about them and the thought we put into design. To start off, here’s a short list of some of the tools you’ll find throughout the game:

When the Cuboid either lies or stands on this kind of tile it triggers some action, like adding or removing tiles somewhere else on the level. Some changes are permanent, but some can be returned to the initial state by hitting the same switch again. How to tell what impact the switch will have? Hint: look for tiles of different materials or colors than the ones around them.


Vertical Switches
These tiles work almost the same as the ordinary switches, except that the Cuboid must stand on such a switch vertically to activate it. You’ll have to plan your approach carefully to activate these on your first try!

Weak Tiles
Think of them like thin ice – spread your weight around or you’ll break through. The Cuboid can only lay horizontally on two of such tiles; any attempts to stand the Cuboid vertically on one of these will drop you right back at the beginning. Oh, and the weak tiles will also reappear upon restart to challenge you again.

Cuboid 1
Splitter Teleports

After standing on a splitter-teleport tile, the Cuboid is split into two cubes. Both cubes are automatically moved to predefined tiles for each game level. Now they can be moved independently and you can select either of them at any time to activate other triggers or navigate obstacles throughout the level. Never fear, you’ll see your Cuboid again! If moved onto adjacent tiles, they automatically join together again to re-form the Cuboid.

Cuboid 2

All of these tools and the level designs themselves combine to form the world of Cuboid for you to enjoy. But, I must say, an exceptional level is hard to make with just tools alone; it requires a vision. Mike Kharlamov (Creat designer) was that vision for us. In fact, Mike also came up with the majority of the levels and designed the Level Editor that we plan to release in the coming months, allowing players to try their hands at designing the perfect Cuboid challenge themselves.

Just so you know, there isn’t one single solution for the levels we’ve designed; you’re free to explore and be as creative as you like. However, there is a master solution that we use to set the initial leaderboard high watermark, and you can always check out the online scoreboard to compare your time and number of moves taken with other players’ scores.

In a completely non-biased way, I think the game is very fun. ;) I can only play the Beginner levels, but the programmers love the Expert levels. My favorites have to be “Climacis” and “Muscipulae” – they appear early on in the game, but they have a neat, hidden catch to them. The bonus levels are pretty interesting as well, but I won’t spoil the surprise for you.

I’ll leave you with a piece of advice for playing Cuboid: Remember, there is a solution to every level, so take a moment to plan out your approach. If you ever get stuck, go back to the beginning and try other variations. Sometimes walking away from the game for a bit and giving your mind a rest is just what the doctor ordered!

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  • Hmmmm, Sounds pretty interesting… A demo would probably send me over the hump, that and trophies.

    • I assure you that you will not be disappointed. We do have trophy support as someone already mentioned.

      Unfortunately, we do not have a demo for you. Did you get a chance to look at the video of game play? The video accurately depicts what you will see.

      Thanks for commenting

  • The backgrounds in each of those screenshots look similar to the backgrounds in GOD OF WAR 2… is that just a coicidence or what?

    • While we are flattered that you are comparing our backgrounds with GOD OF WAR 2. I can assure you that all the backgrounds were custom made in house by our artists.

      We wanted to give you the player a feeling of being on a mystical adventure. I think we achieved that with the background. Agreed?

  • Looks like a good puzzler! I’ll be checking it out but a demo will help!

  • Any chance you could say when “coming soon”‘s date is?

  • It’s released after 1/1/09 – so it will support trophies..

  • Like caliblue15 said, a demo would go a long way. If this game is half as good as IntelligentQube (from the PS1 days) was then color me interested. Are there trophies or plans to implement them?

    • As I responded above, we dont have a demo but the video portrays the game perfectly :)

      IntelligentQube was a fun game and our game is really fun too, but then again you will have to be the judge of that ;)

      Thanks for your comment and Happy Playing :)

  • Savage moon updates, NOW *whips*

  • Looks interesting.. A demo might just sell me this game…

  • Wow….looks like a great game and it’s under $10 which is great.

    Thanks Olga.

  • For all those wanting a demo, play the flash game, it’s the exact same gameplay. To those wanting to know about trophies, it doesn’t matter that it is released after 1/1/09; Sony said any game they approve after 1/1/09 will require trophies. Given the lack of information about them, and how close into ’09 it is, I’d guess that there are no trophies (but that shouldn’t stop anyone). The game is great, but $10 for a free flash game with PS3 wallpaper behind it is hard to swallow.

  • Sweet, i have always played the internet version but thanx to the ppl at Sony now i can do it in HD graphics and a more comfortable controller…

    Thanks guys

  • @rube203
    Of course this game has trophies. Here’s the list.

  • Dear Olga Sokolova,

    Does this game have in-game access to music, i.e. custom soundtracks? If not, when will it be patched into the game?

  • I must know – which came first, TikGames (Cuboid) or Tiki Games (NOVASTRIKE)?

    • We are partnered with TikGames.

      Tiki Games is an entirely different company and the game you are refering to came out in 08.

      As Howard said in the Mahjong blog TikGames came first by 5 years.

  • @001

    According to IGN it should be coming out tomorrow. This is extremely plausible see as the game is already available on the European PSN.

  • I would love to play a demo, i’m not really into puzzle types but would def be willing to give a demo a try.

  • Phantasmagoric!

    This game would be better suited for PSP for me – I would love to take it on car rides, but not sure I’ll sit down and be puzzled when I could be playing other things. Any chance for a demo?

    Also, is scoring based on number of moves or time completed or both?

    • Well my friend,

      I think playing a puzzle game is a great way to relax and unwind. You can\’t be saving the world from killer zombies all the time ;).

      This game tests your strategic skills as well as your quick moves. So to answer your question yes you need to have the shortest time and the smallest number of moves.

  • Thanks for lifting a puzzle game that’s freely available in flash form and selling it for $10 to us.

    A *much* better idea than selling us Intelligent Qube for $6.

    You guys know there is a Playstation One, right?

  • Interesting. Waiting for the demo.

  • another game to add to my list, thanks sony and sony keep the games coming.

  • Sounds like a fun puzzle game

  • Just do a web search for the flash game “bloxorz”… I had a lot of fun with it last year. Looks to be absolutely identical (even the switches and floors and such).

    Although the trophy inclusion may make it worth it… I’m always a sucker for trophies.

  • I’d rather see Intelligent Qube on the store. This doesn’t look bad, but I’ve played a million variations of this game for free.

    Granted, I played tower defense games for free as well, and Pixeljunk Monsters is fantastic, so I’ll withhold judgement.

    But seriously, guys. Intelligent Qube. Get on it.

  • Hey Olga,
    Tell your Website guys that they really need to sort out the site! There are loads of links that don’t go anywhere, which makes you guys look less professional and would make me think, if you can’t get something as simple as a website working, how buggy will you games be.

    Please sort it out.

    • We are actually in the process of completely redesigning our website. So if you could just bare with this one for a bit longer you will be pleasantly surprised by the amazing changes.

  • Shouldn’t the first sentence read:

    Cuboid is a stunning ripoff of a 3D puzzle game?

  • Had fun with the flash game a while back. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this one.

  • Will this game support 1080 output for TVs which only accept 480/1080 inputs?

    More details @


  • *Sony Please Read*

    Im sure the one thing all PSN users would love is a demo for every single game you and third parties release, this is one advantage that the 360 has over the PS3, so why dont you take that advantage away and give us all demos for each game released.

    It will help people make up their mind and no doubt incrrease your sales in the process.

  • looks like it wold put me to sleep..
    unless it has some pounding ElectroTech music from me in the game..
    PS3 safe Download.

  • A demo would help sell it to me,
    Thanks Sony keep the games coming!!!!

  • this sorta sucks since it was a flash game.

    So there’s no need for a demo. Its just a flash game called Bloxorz redone.

    :(its all gonna puzzle this thrusday if Savage Moon comes out too. I hope there’s some hidden gems and PS1 in there.


  • The fountain in the first image looks extremely familiar. Anyone else think so too? I think I’ve seen it in a different game, but you know how blue mana fountains all look the same…

  • looks interesting great looking game i might get it

  • I have actually been looking forward to this game. Thanks Olga.

  • Cool.. Looks pretty Puzzling :D

  • Testing out my Different Blog ID’s for the Change coming up soon :D

    I’m glade were getting more exclusives 8)

  • looks really hard

  • Sounds good. Trophies?

  • Just noticed pr1m3_5u5p3ct’s comment towards the top. I haven’t spent much time playing the God of War series, but it seems odd that we both find the background images familiar. Maybe they are using some third- party textures and objects?

  • Ooh, pretty. And I do love my puzzle games. Bring it on.

  • i think Sony charges way to much money for these games.

  • Thank you for everyone’s feedback. I am sorry that it has taken me this long to get to everyone’s comments. I will be responding shortly.

    Thank you for understanding.

  • it seems cool, i’ll try the flash but a demo will be cool, i’m wishing for a ps3 remake of the IntellingentQube with backgrounds and atturding sound effects…or at least a remake like the banjo-kazooie for xbla



  • GREAT!

    I played the flash game some time ago and loved it. It was a great surprise to see this is coming to PSN. And with trophies support it gets even better!

    I will get this one for sure. Good job!

  • Is it just me or is this game, exactly like this game

    But just better looking.

  • The lack of a demo makes me a sad panda. Will the game support me playing my own music?

  • I enjoyed the flash version of this but what is there to really separate this version from that other than the nice graphics?

  • Hi
    I live in England, UK

    Will this game be available on the European PSN store at the same time as the North American PSN store?
    Also, how much will the game cost in British Pounds?

    Many thanks! This looks an awesome game!
    I will definately buy this one!

  • If this has the production values of Mahjong, as the trailer suggests, then we are in for a treat. Is it coming to Europe on the same day like Mahjong? I’ll buy it as soon as you get it online.

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