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Hi, Everyone –

By now, you’ve probably caught the TV spot for the PlayStation Network video delivery service and checked out the blockbuster movies and TV shows on PlayStation Store. We went into the holidays with some great movies including The Dark Knight, Tropic Thunder, Wall-E and your favorite TV shows including The Simpsons and Family Guy.

Some more new releases coming to PlayStation Network today include:

You’ll also want to check out the Monty Python Collection – there are 4 features, 7 specials and 3 TV seasons.


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  • I also agree like many others that there should be a solution for retrieving a purchased movie if its accidentally lost.

    We should be able to either back them up to an external drive or at least re-download them. I vote more for the latter, since its more secure on the servers, but being able to back them up would be really helpful when upgrading to larger drives.

  • Movie PSN Store for Europe Please??? :(

  • @52

    All you non-US users need to go to your regional PS for that. Movies and TV shows are very regional and the producers of each Movie/show dictate where/when/how their content is available.

    Most of the US content providers are more open to digital downloads then in the rest of the world. Sony may just be tangled up in legal issues with overseas producers, it will come eventually but it all depends on the content owners not Sony.

    And I’d suggest also forgetting about the idea of getting access to US content from any non-US PSN store when available. Not even iTunes does that.

  • @Sony
    It’s a bit off topic but… DivX 7 has just been released. Do you plan on putting it in the next firmware update ?

  • It would be really great if Sony became another Netflix. This would help because Netflix rentals really trumping any video rental store online and in-store. Sony needs to get with that program maybe team up with Blockbuster. Not offering Netflix on the PS3 and many HD downloads for movies keeps blu-ray in play. Sony just join Blockbuster they have been supportive of blu-ray from day 1. Anyway enough babbing i going to go rent Pineapple Express from Netflix its falls under one monthly price for renting dics plus streaming.

  • Movies still not available yet…

  • Q: im upgradin my HDD so wat happens to my movie downloads i’ve bought all the watchmen since on videos u can only download it once unlike on games(up to 5)

  • The skater kid at the local Blockbuster video rips and sells any movie you want for $1.75 (as long as the manager is sleeping in the back of the store) wich he always is…
    I don’t see how Sony can compete with Viacoms employees… i hope att the downloads are a dollar..
    I feel bad for the Canadian people on here who think Canada is being left out… Perhaps Sony knows Canadians are not stupid enough to buy things they can easaly download from about a hundred torrent sites for free or buy direct burns from video store employees… plus who wants to pay for something that’s gone forever if you accidentaly delete it..??

  • sigh. Also in Canada. It sucks to be left out, it sucks more to be in the dark. Communicate with me, Sony. Just tell me what you’re up to; if it’s even on the to-do list. Man I can’t wait till Killzone 2 (rather off-topic).

  • All these great new films and TV shows weekly, but still no sign of anything like this for the UK?

    Quite disappointing.

  • Movies need subtitle options and at least the ability to play the movie in its original language, I think the DRM in the movies is ridiculous, but I was gonna rent City of Men because my blockbuster didn’t have it in store until I saw that the only language available was English…

  • Chris,
    As I wrote to Sony when the service was announced, and when it came out.
    I will NEVER, EVER, rent, or buy ANY standard/Blu Ray movies, because I can rent the movies cheaper at my local Blockbuster.
    -If I don’t watch the rental from the PS Store in alloted time, the movie is removed from my account and I can no longer watch it.
    -I can rent a new release from Blockbuster and I have 48 hours to watch it. IF I don’t watch it in 48 hour window, I can STILL hold onto that movie for up to 5, maybe 6 days with ZERO PENALTY at all
    3- Finally, when I rent or buy from Blockbuster, I get EVERYTHING. I get the main DVD, AND in some cases, I also get the EXTRA DVD which includes the “deleted scenes”, alternate endings, making of specials, Director Commentary, and more, ALL for the same exact price of their rental.

    Chris, in the PS Store, WHAT do we get with the movie? The movie., THAT IS IT! No extras, no deleted scenes, NOTHING, yet yo want us to pay in some cases, the same exact price, if not a little more money then what Blockbuster charges.
    Until you FIX that issue, you will continually lose MILLIONS as I am not the only one who feels this way.
    That’s it! We get nothing else, are on a 48 hour time frame or else

  • Well I was going to watch Pineapple Express tonight, but its still not on the Video Store yet. And knowing my luck, it’ll only be available to purchase. I really wish we could get some clarification on the whole “only buy” situation.

  • @63

    It’s in the PSN Store, but it’s not under new releases, go figure….just search for Pineapple Express or go to Studio -> Sony -> Pineapple Express, but yes it’s only for purchase….

  • You should offer coupons for the video rental store. Price still too high for it to be anything other than novelty, IMO.

  • I think Sony would be better off selling hard copies of films directly to your custys.

    I dont think people are stupid enough to throw money away at nothing.. in these unsure financial times havind a DVD or blue ray copy of a purchase is the only way smart people spend money.

    I have sold well over eight thousand copies of my albums in the past ten years making music… but if I tried to sell my music the way you want to sell your movies my fans worldwide would just laugh at the idea..

  • Oooh, the first 4 seasons of Stargate Atlantis appeared on the PSN; I’m gonna guess some exclusivity agreement expired end of last year. Whatever the reason, glad to see it, and bring on the SG-1 as well :)

  • NILES CRANE!!!!!!

    wait what did your post say??

  • when will canadians be able to buy/rent movies via playstation store? i keep getting the update for all these movies i can’t get.

    p.s. i’m sure i speak for all canadians here

  • I think that the movies and T.V. shows are a great idea, but when are they going to send that to Canada??? i’ve been waiting so long and still nothing. They would probably double the sales if they expanded the market up here.

  • The video service can be improved by:

    1. All HD RENTALS SHOULD BE 5.1. If I purchase the same movie on direct tv in hd, it will certainly have DD 5.1. I can’t believe I paid money for such bad audio quality from Sony. AAC 256kbps…it also sounded like a bad downmix for the master. Come On Sony!!!

    2. Allow you to watch the movie for the rental length of 14 days. I was watching the movie and it just stopped in between my session and said expired.The DRM could have at least waited until I hit stop. Gosh…it is really that critical that you stop people from watching they movie they just paid for.

    3. Increase the bandwidth in which you allow people to download the movie.(Your upload of course) It took about 8 hours to finish downloading T. Thunder.I wanted to start watching the movie immediately. No one wants to wait that long before they start watching it. I understand that it’s a progressive download, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to watch the movie without it starting to buffer…watch… you get the point.

    Thanks for reading Sony. Or please forward this to the proper personnel

  • I’m also VERY frustrated that I can’t access video content from overseas. I bought a U.S. PS3 while in the states, took it back overseas with me, and discovered that it has all kinds of limitations regarding video… all of them resolvable by Sony, if they would do it.

    1. The U.S. version of the PS3 will not play PAL-encoded DVDs, even if they are all-region. This angers me, as I can’t play any of my locally-purchased region-free DVDs, which is half the reason I bought this machine. This could be fixed through a firmware update, if Sony would do it, as they have already done for Hong Kong versions of the PS3.

    2. I cannot access video content online from overseas, despite the fact that I am a U.S. citizen, have a U.S. billing address and credit card, and own a U.S. version of the PS3.

    So, I lose both ways. I can’t play my PAL-encoded all-region DVDs because I bought a U.S. version of the PS3, and yet also can’t access non-PAL (i.e., NTSC) video content online because I live overseas.

    I’m very angry and frustrated about this, as it substantially limits my enjoyment and use of my PS3 as a “media center.”

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