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Hi, Everyone –

By now, you’ve probably caught the TV spot for the PlayStation Network video delivery service and checked out the blockbuster movies and TV shows on PlayStation Store. We went into the holidays with some great movies including The Dark Knight, Tropic Thunder, Wall-E and your favorite TV shows including The Simpsons and Family Guy.

Some more new releases coming to PlayStation Network today include:

You’ll also want to check out the Monty Python Collection – there are 4 features, 7 specials and 3 TV seasons.


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  • pineapple express is a good movie!

  • Never heard of Disaster movie

  • cool, i guess i’m going to check out pineapple express

  • Pineapple Express AND Monty Python Collection.

    You guys are crazy! I like you but your crazy!


  • Monty Pyhton!!!!

    Of course, now the European users will really be upset they don’t have the video service yet.

    So, is there a one-time bundled cost for the collection or just inidividual titles/episodes?

  • Are the blog video store updates being moved to Tuesday now?

    Thanks for the info.

    • There\’s not a set date for everything, like the games section of the Store, but a lot of videos hit the PlayStation Store on Tuesdays (check the video tab).


    HD rent only options are a no go for me.

  • I’m getting jealous. Canadians are still waiting for the service. Any word on when Canada will get the video service?

  • Are the pricess ever going to be lowered? 14.99 for a one time download is a rip off.

    • If you purchase a movie (new releases are usually $14.99), you are able to watch that movie an unlimited number of times. It\’s the rentals that have limited playback. You have 14 days to start watching the movie. Once you start, you have 24 hours to watch it as many times as you want. New release HD rentals are typically $5.99.

  • Since we are grabbibg BBC programs now can we get Red Dwarf next?

    Then after that I think we need the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy mini-series, and then things like Fawlty Towers, Are You Being Served, Keeping up Appearances, etc. All the great Saturday evening PBS stuff from my teenage years.

  • If the price is 14.99, you are BUYING the actual movie, not just renting it. For some reason, a lot of the new releases are only available for purchase for the first couple of weeks they are out. After a while, they eventually become available for rent. I noticed this with The Dark Knight, Hancock, and a few others. Currently (10:50 CST), the new releases are not out yet.

  • Yes!

    (flies away in a jet while dodging RPG missiles)

  • @foolkiller79 YEAH! Are you being served has the most clever humor and is probly the best tv show ever made imo…

    Are you being served? FTW

  • When is the video rental subscription service going to get started? $14/month with unlimited rentals sounds fair to me.

  • Cool The Disaster Movie is great and so is Tropic Thunder and Dark Knight I’m in Europe for a while but when I come back it will be purchasing time! Also when is Playstation Home and The Game store going to be updated

  • Foolkiller79 – you are so right about those shows!

    I grew up in the UK, but live in the US now, and I do miss some of that stuff. Thank the Gods for PBS!

    BTW – I agree that the cost to download a movie is too high.

    The rental costs are OK, but the purchase price is way too high for a digital copy of the movie.

  • What about the delivery rate, Boss? It took at least 16 hours to download Superman Returns. 16 hours+ of tieing up my ps3 to watch a 2 hour move = Never ever doing that again.

  • Babylon AD is awesome, I am going to pick it up on Blu-Ray today.

  • I have a few suggestions for the video store which will make it almost perfect.

    1) Offer package deals on TV shows, ie. one price to buy an entire season of a show.

    2) Add a notification feature that will email us, or send us an PSN message when a new episode of a show we subscribe to is available.

    3) Try to add more networks and studios, more is always better. Convince those guys to sell/rent their stuff on PSN.

    4) (probably wont happen anytime soon) How about monthly fee streaming rentals a la Netflix.

  • Are any of these in HD? I don’t rent SD anymore.

  • omg u answerd me thats the 1st time ever and another Q4U2A how do u change your profime pic

  • You guys are the best Sony is the best PS3 is the best Wooooooooooooooo!!!

  • Grace Chen .. please at least try to answer the biggest question .. Us Canadians, when will be getting the video service?

  • @ Grace Chen

    If I purchase a new movie that I have physical owner ship of I can watch it as many times as I want and put it on any device I want, I don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting it and losing 14.99. The thing with that is I mainly want to put movies on the PSP and storage is an issue with the PSP so if something were to happen I wouldn’t be able to download it more than once, do you see where the issue of 14.99 for a 1 time download becomes a rip off? It has nothing to do with new movies or rentals for that I have netflix.

  • Are people outside the US ever going to get the video store?

  • paul rudd and judd apatow i love you guys!! Pineapple Express is finally going to be mine. i have been waiting for this for soooo long. i have to own it on blu ray though. but if anybody here hasn’t seen i suggest you either rent it and give it a chance or either buy it on the network or from your local store on blu ray. it comes highly recommended by this gamer!


  • Hey guys.

    I want to watch X’AMD Lost Memories, but I don’t want to rent it–I want to own episodes I buy–any chance of you guys offering HD purchases as an option soon? It appears to be the one anime you can’t buy! Also, any more anime coming soon? Like maybe the Street Fighter II The Movie anime to coincide with SF4’s release? That’d be AWESOME!

  • 1 question: when are we gonna see the same service for europe?…

  • I vote Yes on a video streaming service. Partner with Blockbuster (yes they are evil, but in-store exchanges were the deal maker for me!) since Netflix partnered with the devil (Micro$oft).

  • I just want to add that with Blu-Rays and Blockbuster on-line, there’s little reason for me to clog my gasping 40gb harddrive with video downloads!

  • I admit I made my first HD video rental.
    I also have to admit I am very unhappy with it.
    I rented the Dark Knight in so-called HD (720p) Wait; I thought I bought a PS3?
    That’s right I did, for 1080p HD
    Come on Sony show me the FULL HD you’re always talking about, give me some of that HDNA!
    Secondly the audio was in 2 channel stereo, it was a good stereo mix but still just stereo.
    Maybe I am asking too much or maybe Blu-ray has just spoiled me rotten.

    I just want 1080p videos with surround sound at the very least. If I could get DRM Free on purchased content, Sony would be my hero!

    Still waiting for HD video purchases but won’t purchase any until the above is met. I know Sony is working on purchasable HD content so thank you, for somewhat listening to us.

  • @9 Grace: I think he was talking about the fact that you cannot re-download purchased movies! I have that problem at least because I wanted to get a new hard drive but I purchased movies and I refuse to throw them out the window. Now I cannot buy more movies because I am running out of space. Thanks!

  • So is there going to be any discount for those of us buying all the Xam’d rentals off the purchasing of it when that is released? I love the series, but have been hoping you’d take pity on those of us who’ve spent $70-100 on the series already.

  • I’m european, and this is sooo teasing for me. Please, I beg of you, any word of a timeframe the video store arrives to Europe?

    Give me anything – i’m desperate.

  • @34 This is why video downloads are going to remain a niche market. Why would I, in my right mind, would I spend $70-100 on downloads of an anime series? I learned my lesson from buying VHS tapes back in the day.

  • Suggestion:

    Add a “Cartoons” category under Television -> TV Genres. :)

  • Props for releasing these movies onto the PSN the same day it’s released on DVD/Blu-Ray.

    HD movies probably aren’t available for purchase because of Blu-Ray.

    I’m still hoping for a service where we pay a monthly fee to download either 2-3 movies a week or something. Unlimited downloads would be sweet, although probably pricey.

  • Will you be bringing Gundam wings?

  • oh wow nice releases this week, I know what I’m watching this week.

  • are we every going to be able to buy entire seasons of shows and download them all at one time? I don’t mean buy a single episode and download them one at a time.

  • Come on Sony give us something to buy in HD ! What’s the hold up , I suspect alot of us owners have HD set’s and would love to use them .

  • It’s 2009 and Canada is still being treated like a third-world nation. This is insulting.

    Even if you cannot offer the service outside the U.S. for licensing reasons, at least acknowledge that there are countries outside of the U.S. and say something official about it.

  • Hi again. I want to thank you all once more for having this service on the PS3, and expanding the amount of time I spend with my investment. Currently I am a very active renter of content on the PS Video Store, but I am looking to expand my spending. So yet again here aree a few ideas to help that happen.

    1) For purchased content, I want to be able to download it to 5 differant active systems, and have the ability to download it as much as needed. Give me the same rights to this contnet that I have to all of the content on the Game side of the store. I understand that may be tough with Warner or Paramount, but SPE is the same company. Lead the way with SPE, and the profits will be insane, and the others will follow.

    2) As mentioned above, TV series need to be availible in both pakage, and per episode form.

    3) TV shows should not be 1.99. I would accept 1.99 on an HD episode, but not on SD. Why would I pay up to 52 dollars for a season on the store, for SD video when I can go to Bestbuy and pick up the Blu-ray set for the same or cheaper.

    4) Every movie should be rentable and downloadable. I don’t lways want to own every movie I watch.

  • so why dont you guys add the video store access directly to the psp?

  • @Grace Chen
    i’m pretty sure he is implying (or i’m just implying) what everyone complains about the PSN, the inability to re-download anything you purchase or just moving it (just about) anywhere you want to. I myself refuse to do anything but rent unless/until i get like a 500GB HD for my PS3 or something and pray it never breaks

  • Those complaining Canadians, with their beady little eyes and their flapping heads. Why so hot to download from a flawed video service? I bought a PS3 for Blu-Ray, not Sub-Ray

  • Will these movies be available for rental tonight? or will they only be purchasable?

  • To continue on my BBC programming thought:

    Top Gear. I know GT-TV has it, but a few years old episodes is not cool.

    In regard to the TV show episodes cost, I think that $1.99 for a good quality, hour-long episode is fine and matching competitor’s costs, but 30 minutes at $1.99 is a bit much. After the first three episodes of Watchmen I stopped buying them until I 1) put in a 320GB hard drive(I heard video files may copy over in the back up) 2) See if they will be available on Blu-Ray in a long series.

    Had it not been the combination of the DRM (why not the same as games?) and price I would have purchased them all by now.

    Right now the video store is basically an on-demand rental service, and if I decide to get the Play-On media server that will likely change too.

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