The PlayStation Holiday Recap

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How many of you are dreading having to go back to school/work on Monday?

While I’ve definitely enjoyed the past 12 days or so away from the office (and the comparatively massive amount of gaming time it afforded me), I’m looking forward to heading out to CES next week to share what we’ll have at the positively massive Sony booth.

We hope you enjoyed Kristin’s How-To series; I know that for many of you power users, it’s old news, but hopefully the hundreds of thousands of news PS3 owners found that they got more than just an awesome Blu-ray and game-playing system.

Personally, I accomplished *most* of my holiday gaming goals, completing Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space, and clambering my way through most of the enjoyable Prince of Persia.

And apparently I did a fair amount of reading. Despite the Holidays being a slower than normal time, some interesting stuff was written over the past couple of weeks:

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Holiday Edition)

What did you read/play over the break?

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  • I didn’t play anything over the holidays. My PS3 got the YLOD :-(
    But I did get a lot quality family time in :-D

  • Welcome back Jeff!

    Just a quick question. Where do you guys stand on Socom:Confrontation? I mean it really seems like you guys have left this game to Slant Six to defend on their own, with all of the major issues it’s having. And the CONSTANT lag. Trust me, I love the game. I have well over 100 hrs played in the game, and honestly have really high hopes for this game. But honestly, it seems like you guys have left this game to fend for itself. Any kind of responds is greatly appreciated. I really hope this 1.3 patch is released very very soon.

  • Hi Jeff! The only thing I’ve been doing this holiday is searching for some of your guides attempting the following..

    “PS3 How To: Voice message a friend whilst in a game.”

    “PS3 How To: Bring up a smaller version of the XMB when the PS button is pushed. (bringing up the whole menu is pointless, as you can’t even use 90% of it)! Have a similar menu to the profile menu, and from then on have buttons to your message box, trophies etc. WITHOUT having to leave the game.”

    “PS3 How To: Load trophy images faster.”

    If you Sony could create videos explaining the above 3 points, much less frustration would be had figuring how to do so!

  • Nice to see you again Jeff, how did you like the craziness of John D’s last post? =P
    Hope you had a good time off and here is to this year to come, cheers!

  • I finished Wild Arms. And it only took me 10+ years!

  • Do you guys plan on releasing the skate. 2 demo on January 8th, because that’s when they’re releasing it on the 360.

  • I’ve been playing prince of persia non stop trying to get the platinum trophy, only need one more trophy til i get the platinum. Definately my second favorite game of 2008, my first being MGS4

  • Hay Jeff.
    Will Qore subscriber be getting the Killzone 2 demo? If we are, will be get it this Thursday?
    Any why didn’t you post the link to the first Killzone 2 review. It got a 5/5 :)
    Man I can’t wait for Killzone 2.

  • OMG TYPO!!!: “but hopefully the hundreds of thousands of news PS3 owners” ;)

    Anyways, had a successful Christmas here :)

    Came out with a new computer that I built myself :D

    (Antec 1000W PSU
    Evga 790i Ultra mobo
    Intel Core 2 Duo GPU (E8500)
    8GB DDR3 RAM (4 x 2GB)
    A Velociraptor 10,000 RPM SATA HDD
    An MSI GTX GeForce 260 graphics card… Oh yeah!)

    And a surround sound system for it taboot ;)

  • Oh, and my STEAM ID is the same as my PSN (which is the same as my name here) if anyone feels like adding me ;)

    Too bad I have no new games to play on it though… Just demos and old games. Old as in from 1998…

  • Dread going back to work? Not me. With how the economy is I’m happy to go back to work. It is nice to have a couple four day weekends though.

  • My gaming goal for my time off was to get platinum in Fallout 3… did so, kinda miss the game but it’s nice to see my fiancee again, lol.

    Not looking forward to going back to work, but work’s the only place I get any reading done so it’ll all work out. Besides, need to replenish the cash reserves for the 2009 gaming season!

  • PS3 needs a Hugh surprise this year since PS3 getting a few MMO’s coming soon. it wood be a hugh money maker and bring Warcraft to PS3.

  • @ Jeff’s response to my comments

    Yeah err me too!

  • venneer hey add me up on your ps3 same name as here

  • Christmas day I was happy to unwrap a copy of Grid, a copy of the new Motorstorm and Bioshock,
    I quickly fell in love with Motorstorm and Grid, deff’ on the list of my fav games this year, if you have a chance and love racing I’m saying you should grab a copy of both.

    I can’t wait to get back to work. I bought our office a PS3 for Chrismas!!

  • how’d you like that 20k blog post? lol

  • Jeff, I hope that Sony will be making a major announcement about M.A.G. at CES. I’m hoping that it will be released by the end of Holiday ’09 and also that it will include naval combat – especially submarines. Unfortunately naval combat is left out of most shooters and that trend needs to be reversed.

  • persona 4 has been keeping me really busy

  • No dread for us folks who go to the University of Illinois, we aren’t back until January 20th. :)

  • I played Dead Space over the Holiday and discovered my second favorite game of the year (my love-hate relationship with LBP is my #1). I’m really glad I didn’t miss that, truly amazing, incredible game. I’m running through Bioshock right now (almost done) before I get back to some LBP. Nice to play it on a real console for a switch, it really does look and sound a bit better…

  • OH YEAH!

    And I’m totally stoked for Skate 2 in a few weeks- and then SFIV and Resident Evil 5 in the months after. 2009 will also be awesome because I’ll have LBP to go back to when there’s nothing coming out I want to play, though Skate is going to keep me pretty busy!

  • I spent most of my christmas playing LBP with my daughter, other than that I failed many times in starting to play Bourne Conspiracy.

    Mainly the PS3 was used to watch through around 50 episodes of Naruto (subbed for purity) through the media server.

  • its good to c some of the goodies that come with the KZ2 pre-order. im waiting to c if they r gonna release a collector’s or special edition :).

    P.S. Jeff are you looking for people from Vegas to work at the booth for CES? cus I live in Vegas

  • No Monday post yet? Pft Vacation time over folks please give me something to read lol :-P

  • Hey Jeff
    I had a good/bad holiday gaming break.
    At the beginning, my ps3 crashed and I had to restart every game I had, luckily my trophies were saved. But I got LBP and SWTFU and I beat the story mode in both, now I need to buy the MGS4 LBP pack.

    BTW: Chance to win ps3 and pineapple express:

  • is there going to be a Monday post?

  • need… monday post… i’m a fiend for my PS news

  • no post today?

  • Need News cant wait till CES Vacation is over and we need our Playstation news!

  • I went to my local Gamestop and the guy working their new nothing about the Killzone 2 demo.
    For anyone curious the demo will be available to everyone after K2’s street date.

  • Yo Jeff,

    Good to see you are back. And to reply to your message, the games I completed over the holidays is Resistance 2, GH: World Tour, and I am nearly done with Dead Space.

    Can’t wait to see what PS3 has to offer this year!

  • im in vegas jeff what u got goin on

  • Oh yeah, after I am done with Dead Space, I’m going to collect my Fallout 3 trophies :)

    Not that anyone cares, but I just wanted to post something hehe…

    (quietly hops on to a helicopter and flies away)

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